Elders in Winnemucca are not the only ones being targeted for eviction recently.

Wrote earlier[2] about an area shared by Halkomelam and peoples on two sides of an artificial colonialist-imposed border. Area recently experienced flooding due to extremes in weather, and is home to many tribal members:

[1]¨The timing of the evictions, Galanda said, comes amid “historic circumstances” – during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, amid a surging COVID-19 pandemic, just months after historic flooding and days after record-breaking winter weather.

The family that had its eviction delayed because of weather has been on “pins and needles,” he said, expecting to be forced from their home by tribal police because they “did not and will not vacate.”

In recent days, Galanda said people, including a drum group, have gathered in solidarity at the homes of some of the families facing evictions.¨


Regarding ¨evictions¨ probably is important to remember that anywhere an eviction is based on something written or codified by Gregorian calendar is 100 percent wrong; all those colonist cops / other ¨uniformed¨ service men and women whose brains are forever broken on Meta programming from the fascistbook really need to stop clocking in for clocks that do not belong on Turtle Island.

[1]: indiancountrytoday.com/news/hi

[2]: ecosteader.com/@indie/10732776


Oh, note / ref on the census is because apparently the subset of tribal members being targeted for eviction is ... a purportedly-missing colonialist census record?

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P.S.A.: Physical presence of an aboriginal body is not implied consent to abide by foreign or colonialist time, numbering or counting of bodies.

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72 years of RCT is previously-documented ( known) historical max on some... interesting and some not good things.

Be careful around friends susceptible to coercion in group settings. Is a ¨known¨ that Meta programming from the fascistbook is PERPETUATING group insanity for large groups of vulnerable populations.

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