Are you aware of the indigenous elder who has been wrongfully imprisoned 45 years?

Leonard Peltier is both a hostage and a political prisoner since 1977.

In 1978, the hypocritical* government of the "United States of America" finally stopped making it "illegal" for native peoples to pray the way Creator taught them to pray[1].

However old or young you are, 44 years is likely a significant portion of time.

Take a minute or two, close your eyes, and imagine the 40+ years as he has probably experienced it:

Cold slab-floor rooms, stale, poorly-ventilated air, heavy with grief and helplessness, small cramped spaces, bland prison food and almost no genuine human contact.

No US president yet has given the indigenous elder the pardon he deserves. Unacceptable.

Time does not seem to make colonialists smarter... in my experience, is it just not possible to "give" logic to people who have none; failing to understand that It is not "primitive" or savage for native peoples defending their land.

AIM is organizing a walk for him this fall (poster details included).

In the meantime, it would be even better if the current US president (who served alongside the first black president!) would realize what needs to happen sooner rather than later.

* Endnote: White people had tried to use European laws and governance systems to stop indigenous methods of prayers since 1884.

(BONUS: Transcript from person making the right steps in decolonization):

"Nobody in the Wašíču MORMON RELIGION ever taught about suppression of indigenous prayer by the government! Presumably because they all wanna work for it?"

"Yeah, and make BIG MONEY and GREAT BENEFITS to buy more mansions, houses, and units to landlord over enslave renters with demands for CREDIT CHECKS and BACKGROUND CHECKS and INSURANCE scams and all the other colonist bullshit your COLONIST CASH SCAMS are putting more and more homeless people on the streets."

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