Of all the things that are way too fragile to disrupt, disturb, let alone move?

Indigenous elders (the carbon bodies) in their homes and with their people should never be prompted to move. Speculative bodies seeking to exploit them for rare and valuable material in them or on their land ... should stay away.

It shortens lifespans to be PHYSICALLY moved! All disruptions are distressful to elders.

Elder 4-legged care is only slightly more difficult than 2-legged care*, which is why indie had to throw more logic at ... "Professionals" in linked networks with people she might have worked before with on large logic problems.

Indie does not believe in jetsetting! When you understand how badly the problem of jetfuels are affecting the surface-dwelling and flying and crawling beings on the planet, is best do avoid jetsetting, and those trying to coerce you into jetsetting as a job requirement.

Brain damage of the industrialists on the Euro/ Atlantic side became really bad; flying half-empty jets? On the Pacific side, wishfully-authoritative US military operations doing nothing but encapsulating explosive materials and flushing fuel into indigenous people's water!

Meanwhile Redditors who downvoted my Navajo friends to appease the oligarchs? America does not need another platform to amplify angry white dudes! Downvoters are getting SO EXCITED ABOUT AN IPO. Does the market really believe in reward for censoring people protesting Trump on Twitter 6+ years ago? Nope!
Colonialist cash dollars always gonna be worthless where the filters are the best.

Twoetters so good at showing loyalty to the Euro-centric imperialists because, apparently, BTC is last hope?

Such hypocrites perpetuating ongoing destruction of vital Earth systems! Lithium-dependent games of cruelty, and torture does not make hero.

[*] Indie never did any jetsetting to help teams she worked with at Intel.

$DIS, $FB, $AAPL, $CRM and $PBI are distrusted "malicious_inflated_caps"

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