The today is mourning stormy troughs of sadness for our missing and murdered Indigenous.

Our people are mourning the loss of some beautiful and way too young to die two-leggeds where the storm is heading.

Notice this racist hotel owner using the fascistbook to promote racism did not make ¨national¨ or ¨international¨ news when it happened?

Boozing, gun violence, the societal warfare of Facebook programming indigenous communities with ... what essentially is vacuum chambers where they can shout as loud as they want before and expiring their life force fighting each other, instead of the enemy.

Depression, suicide, the mental warfare of Instagram programming young women into comparing themselves to the alien invaders´ paid-for standards of beauty.

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.

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