Take a good, long look at this splotch map of "known" massacres against indigenous peoples by corporate terrorists, RCT 1539-1890. Keep in mind many many more other massacre sites are likely undocumented, covered up by greedy Realtor companies bulldozing endangered language keepers and whatnot.

Image description: Each site where some "mission" or group of corporate terrorists successfully murdered IRL 200+ indigenous people is marked with a large dot. Each site where a corporate terrorist's invasions resulted in 100-199 murders is marked by a slightly smaller dot, and massacre sites where fewer than 100 bodies could be recovered are noted with a still smaller dot.

Each splotch is also color-coded by time frame; for example the maps shows a region where corporate terrorists have been aggressively murdering tribes for nearly 5 centuries contains maroon, red, green, and blue dots of many sizes (Diné Bikéyah, Oozéí Bikéyah, Yootó Hahoodzoh, etc.)

Is a pretty good map with one mistake (00-99 fatalities) but a precursor of what to expect as the map needs updated badly.

Supplemental info: Map is courtesy of "Decolonial Atlas" Mastodon account on our sister site @ ... for some reason Decolonial Atlas does not show up with all the other posts on the Fediverse, or would link/post to the post directly.

The Realtors' invasion mean these numbers are much more dire. Corporate colonist cash-driven terrorism across the so-called US is still resulting in way too many dead natives.

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