Now with its prevalence of non-BTC cryptocurrencies*,

electricity exchange ¨"markets"¨

are containing better plot lines (real and imagined)

with openings for ¨talented writers¨ and ¨academic-type mathematicians¨ to ...

🔲 logically refuse work from both public and private clients that do not have ethical boundaries! :blob_cat_sip:

🔲 HELP underpaid / exploited workers (including data scientists) UNIONIZE to collect all accumulated portions of group-based compensation earned but still locked up in GIANT EVIL MEGACORPS (malicious_inflated_caps.mqe);

🔲 unlock "takedown" of the most corrupt mfers ; who ? ask others, WHY THE HELL DOES every CEO, software engineer (LOL), and other ACTOR go around valuing themselves (oh, so much)



{{ secretary / scribe / assistant / note-taker / journalist / author /
writer / tech / tech writer / shorthand / accountant / cashier / janitor / hotel maid / food service worker / }}

pennies not comparable with dudes who think into the trillions.


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Levels: ᓴᓕᑎᑭᖃᑎ
Cost: free

Authorship tip: NWU.org needs a better logo!

Hint: Assume $BTC --> $USD always the most corrupt direction (verifying such block chain transactions are CARBON-HEAVY, and NOT efficient; anyone freaked out about USD<--> is probably a colonialist);

Blockchains are heavy, heavy. They are not a masterful cryptocurrency. (Quantum l&p gravity and string theory ~~~ chain-stitch patterns.)

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One thing that _does_ make sense is former employer's ¨Market Cap¨ never really took off; and in fact dropped dramatically by more than 100 billion since it lost me amid that pandemic chaos almost two years ago.

Most of the billionaire tech companies did the opposite -- grew five heads and inflated market cap by way way way more, the especially greedy ones into the trillions... more and more colonialist disease during the pandemic not a good thing for society or individuals.

My former colleagues as industry experts working in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, etc know this already... but indie ¨will do¨ a quick educate readers who still do not understand:

The most common and mundane problems offloaded to machines (AKA ¨machine learning¨ problems) involve image processing algorithms that make it ¨easier¨ for the fascist moderators to ID and censor police violence on PoCs and descendants of slaves brought here against their will generations ago.

Those Realtors embedded into the hate of $FB and $TWTR and racist apps like NextDoor DO NOT LIKE having sales opportunities and commission ¨demands¨ disrupted by news about a poor black family losing another teenager to racist cop. Nor do the realty sellers care for you to learn about another eviction happening to the family that could not pay rent.

Those Realtors embedded into the hate of $FB and $TWTR and racist apps like NextDoor DO NOT LIKE you reading about the endangered language keepers of the Paiute and Shoshone in Winnemucca being bulldozed while they rake in the hundreds of billions.

But guess what? Is not science fiction, it is all science fact.


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