"But you made such a big deal of deleting everything to do with your Facebook account on Indigenous Peoples' Day of Rage last year. How did you never have it on your phone?"

I never allowed it on any phone or mobile device I carry, nor was I naive enough to share any personal details I would not have put on something like LinkedIn.

If you do not like or trust what las niñas call gringos, nothing maintained by the FB network is good to put on your phone.

Connection to his network does not make you "safer" or give you any sort of protection against fascism AT ALL. Your video documentation will not get attention it deserves, as you maybe need to learn the hard way.

BAD IDEA TO BELIEVE OR TRUST IN ANY government OR corporation that asks you to route communications through it.

FUD is a well-known tactic used by bullies online, and the fascists want that to leak out into the real world. More on this topic coming soon.


"This video has HUGE implications for net neutrality. And that seems like an awful lot of murders of talented forensic scientists."

"Who do you think has incentive to cover this up?"

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"Let the forensic accountants help the remote crime scene reporters."


// Tahoe walks to quantum .mqe: machine and begins inputting dimensions:://

1. Facebook never had the skill, talent, or aptitude to host infinite video and games from everyone forever.

2. Video w/ gore & dead bodies require the Facebook network purchase time-sensitive $GPU$ and load balancers and compute that is very very expensive its rent-controlled HQ in East Palo Alto, CA.

3. The billionaires of $FB and $EQR (Sam Zell) had already coordinated attack on the Spanish-speaking tenants' union in East Palo Alto (EPA) around RCT 2011-2012, when indie lived there. From what she remembers, $FB used its $REALTOR_NETWORKS$ to impose MONOPOLY on the dilapidated apartment buildings around the former campus of Sun Microsystems.

EPA used to be the most racially diverse area of the region; after Zuck stalked indie there, she left.

4. Acceleration of evictions and gentrification are the FACTUAL history of everywhere it tries to set up "shop".

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"So the guy that had an 11 billion colonialist cash dollar paycheck for one day? His "literally insane" piles of of money and tax obligations should not be the concern of PoC."

"it is right to container him from dragging anyone else into WASTING their lives on his oligarch shit and luxury problems."

"Probably, most people do not understand that FB has been running sadistic experiments on $USER scenarios since it was funded by George W. Bush pharma and insecticide. Fragile settlers who banked on the pharmaceutical ... experiments finally backfiring! No wonder it got so. damn. ugly."

"Explains WHY in the video, the folks stuck in hatebook's cartel experients broadcasted $USD bounty and prices on individual indigenous lives."

"Did not understand it was stalking at the time. She did not understand the harassment as it was directed at her, only as it took place within the larger context of what was happening to the neighborhood. "


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