Russia, YouTube, uspol, media 

I feel like Russia left YouTube open so people there can see the bullshit peddled by, like, CBS and ABC. I'm not saying Russian media is any less biased (wish I knew Russian so I could know for sure), but wow, I watched some clips from CBS that were clownish, but also terrifying in that people could actually believe any of it. Like, literally the entire 3 mins was just obvious lie after lie; George Orwell's jaw would have dropped to the floor.


Russia, YouTube, uspol, media 

There so few options for technical talent from these regions where dictatorships, authoritarianism, imperialist, and nationalist regimes wanna reign.

Have seen some YT channels that are compilations of climate disaster that are apparently put up by technical talent from the region mentioned in CW.

Yes, climate disasters and drama can seem sensationalist to the ivory tower, but for folks on the ground the realities are prescient.


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