So glad that people like me (old school developers who never did fall for the app-based hype) had the foresight and good will to build things like ecosteader for the homeless people who do not want to have a phone number can still have something to communicate with other living, breathing humans. If you survived the first homeless crisis without begging for money on social media, you can probably do it long-term.

Explaining patiently to someone for the umpteenth time that yeah,since Signal app's governance board was infiltrated by entity whose employment, salary, and stock options were once decided by FACEBOOK, app is significantly compromised, less trustworthy place to share details. Explaining patiently to my significant other that no, we not gonna finish any of our scripts -- romantic or otherwise there; makes too much sense that the hatebook gonna try more plagiarism and sabotage to try 'n save its Lithium-addicted founders' faces.

Would the Facebookers profile, stalk, and murder the hotel maids, hitchhikers, slave laborers to whom she gave decals as a gift meant for appreciation?

Would it do that to "save" its own face? The more I dug into its history of its corporate terrorism, the more sure I was. 900 was such a small number. Would it terrorize or attack them with imported disease, pharmaceuticals (using the style of the founder of Facebook's founder's parental unity employment industry of manufactured pharmaceuticals) AKA Instagram AKA Meta Platforms, Inc's style? Absolutely. Nobody needs to cover up reality more than the people most unable to deal with it. (Evident by the change to a VR co and all.)

What I saw at Winnemucca ... my testimony is "Yes, it does murder and cover up murders.. and it would murder again."

My relationships with the indigenous elders precedes ALL Facebook apps and websites and its racially-biased algorithms.

"How far does it precede?"

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