Plants, plants and more plants:

Have theory that noxious, invasive French Tamarix and Russian olive sneaked onto Tortoise Mountain together, around the same time -- fewer than 100 years ago (or, as we say in our non-RCT Algonquin-based language "Gasg'ptnnaqanipu na't").

Colonizer names for Tamarix often referred to as "salt cedar", though it is not a cedar.

The oleander from colonialist Russia could maybe pass as some sort of willow(??) by folks who do not know plants, but it most definitely is not Salix -- as of RCT 2022, it has killed most native willow. There is ENDANGERED WILLOW FLYCATCHER BIRD needs its habitat.

Most noxious and invasive plants we know of today were indeed brought by tourists preaching one or another non-native religious ministries; the plants escaped their keepers and started sucking up all the water and nutrients on Tortoise Mountain.

For example, the Mennonites are notorious for introducing a plant native to southern Europe and Russia:

Part of what is going to happent his summer ... gonna be something like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre on that god damned Russian oleander ( infestation.

Requirement to restore waterways and rain corridors for the "best planting seasons possible" is to murder (without colonialist brand of chemicals known as "Roundup" or any similar soil-contaminating chemicals or herbicides) these non-native invasive plants anywhere and everywhere they exist.

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