Abuse is not acceptable in any time _____ or at any place.

The people trying to be the government of the United States of Hatebook -- politicians concerned only with their own self and other two-leggeds of similar ilk -- sick, sick sick in the head.

The hatebook owns all the womanbeater storylines -- and indie is simply not interested. She just not into "like" for your corporate works. She seen how you leave things on her mother.

Besides, your corp had over a decade to stop perpetuating abuse all over the sacred kéyah -- and as soon ago as today, all evidence you keep doing the opposite.

Nothing about your missions or philiosphies are amusing nor acceptable.

No Zuck, we do not subscribe to that here -- and you cannot either. Women traumatized by your decade of hate shall not be subjected to any further abuse. The indigenous women elders have spoken and worked wtih the best technical translators available.

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

WHY YOU SHOULD -- the hatebook is accelerating genocide on PoC. Native Land Before Invasion was not hospitable to Eurocentric _______ (nouns). Nouns can be persons, places, things, or ideas.

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