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One or another of the over 1040 reasons indie didn't become a CPA:

~2006 RCT: "Easiest way to identify colonialist entity is lifetime of USD cash earnings -- how quickly did it exceed the population of dying natives locally, regionally, globally? If graph is still fuzzy, add the lifetime colonialist cash dollar earnings of his parents and grandparents. Genocide in that non-native money systemically oppressing factual accounting in education -- for multiple generations."

"Corrupt billionaires tryin' to buy all the channels -- "

" -- besides excesses of colonialist cash investors, what do telemarketers, pharma partners and software engineers have in common?"

"Don't worry my child. All the generations of rapists, incestuous inbreeders, serial killers, and mass murderers are locked up in Harvard."

<fastforward RCT 2014++:0:00.mqe>


"Harvard is still worst offender accelerating genocide -- its weapons customized to take down the strongest natives with lies about Christianity. Taxation should have worked to slow corruption, but the IRS wants to attack tax brackets instead of Realtors, hoteliers and landlords demanding deposits, fees, rents."

"With correct data, MACHINE LEARNING really can and does the best at catching the worst offenders. Humans have too much bias and self-interest. In fact, there are many jobs that angry humans inserting their bias into makes an otherwise functional system less efficient."


<fastforward RCT 2018++:0:00.mqe>


"Salesforce $CRM and Facebook $FB have siphoned energy from vital Earth systems for 'reactions' and price negotiations."

<rewind RCT 2010++:0:00.mqe>

"Dear friendly host of ICT 2022: No such thing as a "Sustainability Accelerator"; never trust anyone whose lifetime of colonialist cash dollar earnings computes out to the equivalent of murdering every indigenous person on Earth for 17 trillion light years! You have been coerced into his oppressed, enslaved fantasy. Do you know he is USING you to exacerbate oppressed people into scrolling more fascist plotted newsfeeds! Facebook AI is not a cutesy joke. Natives dying at rates MANY DEVIATIONS AWAY FROM THE NORM of alcoholism, diabetes, rotting in prisons, and he wants you to play with his Oculus!"

"Oh, wow. It must be bad if he pivoted to the ticker namechange for a VR and has pushed enough buttons to make his favorite French ally, British Petroleum, 4X profit (in billions) " [source)

"Are we gonna get any CAPE buffalo*?


"Remind the man whose locus-f(illed) dust is waning o'er the Sahara: you cannot mess with a native tech and get away with it. Expect the most severe consequences where men like Ted Turner try to buy ranch-sized land ."

"Storms of angry GANN-weighted coRpsE of Salesforce?

Each time the $CRM? reports it "beat expectations"? Oh, that just means its cops used more violence than necessary to destroy the ABIPOC story. 'Whatever it takes' Marc Benioff says, "so I can keep cashing out according to the plan that will increase my pay ... forever!!"

"Carriers of the FB app, unfortunately, are stars of their own Truman Show -- must always remember the threat of $PLTR accounting for its greed-based exploits."

NOTE: DISALLOW photograph or record anyone who deleted their facebook account. Anyone who remains active on the site is tracked and profiled and stalked via Truman Show --


[endnote] CAPE buffalo bonus: @indie/102336972548493266

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It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized Farmworld and Cafeworld development in "blocks" of colonialist infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for a white male "Chief" Executive Officer. Fix the problems plaguing Europe before testing your ideas here.

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