Facebook is "basically" all the oligarchs of Eastern Europe

And Twoetter is "basically" all the oligarchs of Western Europe.

Go ahead and consolidate.

For the public records: I no longer travel with anyone who carries Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of Meta Platforms Inc. products.

Facebook has no personality.
Twitter has no personality.
Salesforce has no personality.
Instagram has no personality.

The thing about fundraisers

with the above-noted entities is that you are not actually doing fundraisers for the humans you want to help. You are entrenching the human user(s) in the fascist node.

Always, always, always are there at least 4 middlemen companies, usually more, who each get to profit from and on people in mourning or crisis.

The dominant channels have death ingrained into the headlines. I don't care which one of these companies you trust with your life story or death story, I do not.

Simulating the feeling of appreciation "giving" too much inflated money -- that must be one of the most profitable things about FB and how it grew so large so fast.

Twitter is more like Instagram in that people who trust it are more narcissistic, less patient, and all the celebs have way too much colonizer cash and no creative ideas.

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The Internet that inspired me to pursue my technical paths is an endangered species.

Like the woolly mammoth once was, before it went extinct.

<AD BY HACKERESS CREATIVE STUDIO>4G/5G, it don't matter! Our mesh networks older, smarter, and faster than all RCT. Your option to try "retry" expired 9533295644 years ago, Zuck, and there are three more people in front of you in the line now. You are not my customer or friend. You cannot use your "pharma" friends to cut in line any more!

Get back _away_ from the Diné people! Stay away from Wabanaki. You were never invited to Ne'ween So'Ko'Pa camp, and your fascist towtruck story cannot be recycled as "production expense" from the last time you did that to me in EPA, breaking into the parking garage of the residents on OKEEFE STREET. Your corporate entities had my car towed before.

YOU STEAL MY OLDEST BLOGGER PROFILE CODE NOTE, murder my SO's daughters for reactions and profit while he and I are trying to protect the endangered Paiute people? Your wife "certainly will" find another husband, a better man who would never in a zillion years call me a "stupid bitch" or anything like that.</AD>

Checkmate on facebook's fascist fabrics.

Anarchists who are anarchists because they want to be able kidnap and hold native people hostage are not my friends.

Technical Writers WIthout Borders

S 2 0.31E(({0 === null is moqo is no ;; }))

allow interrupt if

¨"Decolonization Protocols

(The logic
why is not costless;)

Anywhere and everywhere a facebook fascist fabric wants "intersect" indigenous networking population(s), say ¨NO.¨

Regardless of the context, situation, fake emergency by people claiming colonizer cash-obtained privilege, badge rights or authority, say again; and repeat after the Wabanki, who know¨MOQO¨.

As the IndigenoUS Census investigation(S)# of < ("fewer than") 2010_RCT proved, the cartels of coloniZer companies cannot count indigenous correctly!

Map data from: "unlinkable in the Mastodon UI" source Kolektiva, decolonialatlas

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Technical Writers Without Borders -- Prologue to absolute set theory

discussion_template for anonymous.indians part of : E$#$ (/r/loren epson dolem \\\

"Because Central Americans are not from Spain?"

"Will be interesting to see how the indigenoUS wakes up, especially now that the RCMP of Twoetter has been shut down too."

"That Musk was able to spend 44 Billion dollars to shut down the Charlottes? With the fascistbook gone too, is it basically like both sides of the Berlin wall came down! The filters she prepared should be able to work better soon; relative to the shrinkage of his $META MC; if only the natives could get those colonizer-cash-paid reporters to shut up long enough to hear..."

~~~>>> woosh woosh woosh <<<~~~

We supposed to turn OFF remote gated subdivisions, chevrons, (Chevron too), all golf-related purveyors; and we MUST MELT DOWN ALL RAZOR WIRES fashioned to protect those DEFUNCT and DEPRECATED yacht clubs and its associate Realtors who wanna "escape" to a vacation spot with $//((known.malicious_inflated_cap.mqe//) RCL;

which is currently murdering indigenous fish off the coast of Houston so those ranchers can keep torturing ocelots.

~~~>>>woosh woosh woosh<<<~~~

"She took on the problems that were too hard for the machines. Two-leggeds using technology to hurt each other was accelerating a little too .... uh, _problematically under Zuck's dictatorship. But all of his ideas have to be overwritten and he has no role in the actual series and should be convicted of Treason."

"All admired evolution will be characterized by early divergement from his practices. The way eldership in the technology community has always worked; a younger male CANNOT OVERRIDE AN ELDER FEMALE, and no fascistbook app-wielding entity of any age can take that. Pretend mommy powers are for those stuck in ABC (Disneyland ($//((known.malicious_inflated_cap.mqe//)DIS;"

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Remap for the indigenoUS, not RCMP or ICE

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any white dudes as a "Chief" Executive Officer. Get out of here and fix the problems plaguing Europe before trying to kill the indigenoUS Earth.

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