"How much trust in software developers of fascism did you put? Is okay to be plain in your ratios, squares, semicolons and decimals."

"Fascistbook down, platforms for perpetuating SICKNESS are gone. Are the distant relations you made leaking cries of sickness on the dirt? Whiplashed from Hurricanes and floods, forest fires and tornadoes are those plastic barcodes and English language printers ready to return to the volcano?"

"The more closed-source the Hollywood-ized versions from Culver City need to make their points, the duller the minds on the other side. No we do not forgive censorship makers who try prioritize dead-end storylines.

TECUMSEH have Haida friends who have friends who have sharp, strong memories."

TO ALL indigenoUS & friends -- your enemy is not a large and powerful entity. If someone is goading you onto one of the Zuck apps, they are the least Haida-like people you can find in 72172804 streams. Ask for more Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island translators.

Kalapuya Haida no accept colonizerberg sugar or its insincere words from the Queen Charlottes,

offer no purchasable eardrums for Great Brits;

Kalapuya have no "lines of code" for tapeworm-infested Jessicas whose docker-docked records show malice on indie tech writer code blocks to erase the shiny dandelion within.

Leona Lynx _always and lives but you cannot buy her or QT your way in.

"Descendants of Jon Hall whose father is quoted on IMDB as seeing natives as OBJECTS -- that means for his greedy blue eyes were roaming too far west of the Missouri."

"Apache Wášiw never been like the Eastside Missouri."

Brainwaves distanc(ing/ed) from that sick whitemanZ corporation and his henchmen? Getting continually stronger and :hacker_s: :hacker_h: :hacker_a: :hacker_r: :hacker_p: :hacker_e: :hacker_r: each day.

Longer time away, more clear it is to me how facebook profits/ed as an ideal environment for abuse. All abuse is/was "acceptable" on the FB and Instagram networks, I learned. Which is why I left.

Early indications predictable; as healthy people leave(left) its closed stagnant system, we became "orders of magnitude" more likely to survive.

Unfortunately. chance of any health spreading thru that "married to Zuck forever " 🤢 population of sickos
-- voluntarily remaining or forced against their will --

🔲 _decreases
🔲 👇🏾
🔲 ➖
🔲 degrades and subtracts
🔲 "lowers significantly"

when the healthy minds and hearts leave/left*
[see footnote]
and move/d on with
better life energy.

Zuck wants laws that give him right to suck life from anyone.

Recovery-support specialists often urge any/all exploring recovery... we are urged to not waste our own lives trying to help people who don't want help. But it can be hard to just sit back and watch idiocy increase.

Reporters on TV whose script writers teleprompt viewers or watchers to "subscribe" to advertising on or for their facebook / twitter?

When you gonna learn quickly enough that the last 7-11 years you have been relying "heavily" on these colonizer cash-controlled channels, regions and world deteriorating into increasingly violent, sadistic, and corrupt endings? Never wise to amplify the fears of young dying fascists like Zuck or old META oligarchs like Trump.

Maybe everyone too colonized to care? Maybe they don't care as long ask they keep getting "rewarded"
with all the
wrong signals -- BIG inflation-adjusted paychecks in coloniZerberg cash dollars. What is Zuck paying his Canadian cops?



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The landlords perpetuating white supremacy seem to be leasing a large number of all the


Which is why we deorbited from it and me from folks who boost it.

Bad writing from failed billionaire company gonna have to do a better "IR". And yes that is a DOCUMENTED term from Artificial Intelligence literature

'No you cannot buy a technical writer with her kind of skill"

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.

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