Since all the words ever written in UPPERCASE on should never be spoken in English (and should never be spoken in English first )

<ntv_lang.mqe> UPPERCASE translated into spoken English containing any sort of European dialect or accent must open their passport and reveal who signed off on their border crossing</ntv_lang.mqe>

Zuck being the cop who pulls over the native rez-looking car, asking for licence, registration, insurance. And while you're at it give him your credit card, so he can run a credit check on you too.

With his big pile of data and RCT projections, he plans to murder every strong native his algos predict would side with the indie from the East coast. He wants those natives isolated to his hell.

asking for ID is another genocidal move in his genocidal game of

"But people were having so much fun sitting in their fossil-fueled air conditioned cars on tar roads, waiting in line to be served cow meat, dairy from depressed factory cows."

McDonalds (malicious inflated cap? YES :powerup: $MCD corporation was deforesting the AMAZON RAIN FOREST AND RAINFORESTS in the RCT_1990's should not have ever been allowed to "extend" its life via more franchises. Does Zuck love that McD's uses his platforms to reach sick and diabetic natives?)

McDonalds being malicious inflated cap (yes, even with free wifi or RMD Houses for so-called philanthrophy you are not ever supposed to buy commercials to brag about on TV!)

The inflation of MCD's is direct result of fast food commercialism showed as Adspace on all those prime time TV slots, product placement in big screen dramas and sadist-directed teen horror movies and big budget firey explosion fantasies that need to start publishing PRECISE DATA OF HOW MUCH TRASH PRODUCED, WASTEBINS ON SET, AND FUEL YOU BURNED TO MAKE THAT MOVIE. WHO WORKED THE HARDEST TO MAKE SURE FOOD AND OTHER MATERIAL GOT RECYCLED OR COMPOSTED PROPERLY? WHO PICKED UP THEIR OWN MESS.

Meanwhile, is usually obvious who demanded the biggest paycheck to jet around burning fuel atrociously.

Locking down people's phones to get them isolated or MORE addicted to bad things is the definition of malicious, and that <> or whatever it was Installing facebook on someone's phone without their permission is malicious, TMobile.

Is why you never again have access to my cellular phone. You must have volunteered to be the biggest ally of Zuck perpetuating indigenous genocide, and we know he has many allies doing that.

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I have spent the last 18 years telling Google how many and which companies I don't want trying to put ads on my work.
It kind of worked, but the corp would have done with a motto like:

"All corporations eventually decay into evil, let ours be slow"

See, I knew that 18 years ago, and there are huge trail of evidence all over the Internet that proves I have been saying the same thing to smaller audiences.

You can give all the Charlotte jokes back to RCT, none of the colonizations of Charlotte, NC or Charlottetown in so-called providence something where KKKanadian police try to control the flow of natives on their own territory. Everything that is wrong can be stopped and should be stopped.

People whose maximum technical aptitude involves poking things on a screen or pushing buttons should not be locked out of making their own privacy priority, and you know that. What makes the Internet awesome and amazing is that things like Google help people learn.

But what turns out to be most valuable on the Internet is not "who is searching for what", but "who is searching for whom".

Zuck cannot go back in time and erase how many Realtors, Brokers in the NAR, so-called "property management companies" and other real estate barons his companies programatically accepted money from to inflate rents and perpetuate his hell to continue making genocide on elderly, Asian, Black, Indigenous, and all mixed-race PoC.

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.

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