The way we show Mother Earth we love her in capitalsm is by turning all the stocks RED, as in they are all failing.

Except for some obscure, micro to " nano" caps, only people whose ONLY POSSIBLE LIFE COURSE is to be a writer? If you drop a few nickels in there, you are doing them good.

All capitalist entities trading for increased demands in $USD, feel the weight of 90X acceleration on your death. If your fam's stock is trading higher prices today than yesterday, you done missed ur Ponce De Leon

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Each day you have a range of prices that goes up and down over time. Big hops and bigger hops until you -- God Damned Facebook Stock Holder are so drunk on your hops going from dreams of one billion to 599 of them before your seconds alive are not even a fathomable multiple of that.

So your eyes get big and greedy and you buy warehouses, islands, airplanes and women.

You can put on uglier fake faces and fake names, but you cannot fool the fearless auditors and IRS folk who -- like _this_ indie have found all the most obvious corruption where you share all the corruption with Mormon bishops who invest any monies in their wishes for redemption.

The 60 Minutes broadcast had 1.1M views last I checked,

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SEC reporting under Biden actually works.

It was temporarily broken under Trump, which is why ecosteader is under financial attack today. People like Zuck and their investment firms like Vanguard Group, Blackrock who have no talent want the government to subsidize their lazy lifestyle stealing from people like me. Not gonna happen. I, unlike those disgusting suits, made real friends with actual

The best way to audit San Francisco and Silicon Valley was as an educated, two-degree'd homeless person who'd passed all of the Oregon real estate tests. I knew the corruption was there somewhere.

What were they doing amid the first housing bubble? Inflating rents. Denying educated and qualified people jobs working for the U.S. Census Bureau.

That book is in the FHC in the parking lot of the Menlo Park building managed by the LDS wards and its stake does indeed contain data science put together in the 1790's census that a Mr.George Washington himself undertook.

The other thing about this parking lot that holds a building with computers and servers linked up to that bigger on in so-called Salt Lake CIty

Menlo Park building managed by bishops in that place everybody thinks is called CALIFORNIA? Building is right beside a GIANT UGLY VATICAN-WORSHIPPING CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Building itself is ugly; the landscaping -- where it has been returned to coast tribes is not ugly.

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.

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