For Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage, indie finally deleted facebook forever. Not to "blow shit up" like with drama, explosions and theatrics (the whtiemanz planet has enough emergencies already going on), but to show the Universe she is not reliant upon whitemanz or his drama... not reliant upon him for anything.

He and his Ivy-league born and bred websites and phone apps are ugly, hateful things that made the world an uglier place, and it will continue to do so as long as it is allowed to exist.

The trillion-dollar company's courtroom concessions to "agree" to be regulated by the existing framework of the U.S. Constitution is not concession at all; it is asking permission to keep getting away with fossil fuel funded crimes; it has done since 2006.

Go slow and dismantle things in the _real_ world. For digital empires, all it takes is stop taking direction from the patriarchy.


589 days since I quit.

Did you make it? Do you want to?

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.

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