Political surveying tools are a dime a dozen, ask any Ph.D. who understands data science.

Taking a TPU online this week...

Auditing tools are not cheap. If Google, Facebook, Amazon, or the US Census Bureau had funded a woman like me in RCT_2007 instead of Mark Zuckerberg, we'd have EONS of fewer MMIWs.

Inflationary money is colonization is murder.

Mark Zuck is a lousy millionaire,

Dear RCT_2010::: : Do not give him million dollars. Do not allow him to reach a billion before 2025.

"If only I could get her drunk again, and back on the streets! I could just disappear her into my facebook of statistics," he says.

Political surveying tools like the ones Zuck stole and bought are designed to extract as much exploitable information as possible from you.

YOU ARE THE USER IN ZUCK'S WORLD. But this description is wrong. He is the user.

Never trust data from an unreliable source.

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Fascists just hate it when they hit a CPU lane
gates they cannot buy or
routes they cannot control.

(Note: "gates" in this context is never "William Gates" Jr or Sr.

The neat thing about the AI/ML documentation
Leona wrote

for the Intel nGraph Library

is that it explicitly states that we -- the "smarter than Zuck" CPU people like the ones at Intel, $INDI, and $NSAV

DO love and want individual humans to keep
"Keep all your intellectual properties" where all will be valued and more valuable than anywhere he has your CNS up to his Fentynl machine to sell more cheezeburgers in not-funny Yiddish.

Ashkenazi Jewish
is not an "ethnicity", Internet translators!

THE REALITY IS THESE ARE THE SAME people who think it is their right to hop a continent and perpetuate genocide. This is like skipping your place in line, not allowed.

Yiddish not holy.

Zuck is an inbred German-leaning fascist whose ancestors raided New York City with pre-Realtor types like Trump in the RCT_1920's

Others of MSNBColoniZerberg Disney party went to Africa to steal diamonds and start genocide over incorrect translations about dirt, rocks, plants, names, and bush-living people.

Zuck, Benioff, and Gates,ALL OF THE APPLE SHAREHOLDERS vote the same, have the same goal of hiding the real and actual egregious exploitation of native and indigenous peoples in a fantasy.

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When sisters talk IRL and learn what their mothers really ran away from ....


Everybody who programmed Zuck to go move faster and break more dolls as the biggest bull trapped in his OWN CHINA SHOP

probably needs to spend some significant time removing invasive non-indigenous plants from major waterways, picking up glass and microplastics this year.

Not trying to be mean about the inbred part; genetic studies widely available and scrutinized by specialists got it summarized like: Zuckerberg's line is not prime genetic material.


"denominators" sometimes refer to:

"least common denominator", like two rare instances of a native plant being wiped out by the same invasive vector.

Common "denominations" are not denominators; both or either can be COLLAPSED with no effect on the uncommon difference. The weight lessens.

As was saying: when SO MANY of the same kinds guys bite even 3 or 4 million more than they can chew, each gets their own
money-heavy tick-ridden dogs to drag them down.

So the result is a "total summation of MC" COLLAPSED in value to make more efficiency. Jupiter is for guys like Zuck to think bigger and break as much dust as they want before being smashed into smithereens,
his "counts_to_wait" before that drip which indicates hope water...


Things that Ecosteader will release when $META MC is below 303 "B"

++ ___ ________ ___ _______ __ ______!

++ "_________________ _____ ______." 🔑

++ ___________ ____ ___________ "not a pin, pen, pinny or penny"

✔️ Hologram decal #000 signed by me

"A real Ecosteader would never cash her signature; he might cache her a lot of goodwill to move those ripples that the founder of the Ripple exchange currency emailed her on one of those accounts Google made her break so she would have to ask them who is her real attempted canceller? "

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.

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