It's possible to click through the posts about this topic and see the outlook progression going from bad to worse. The areas in red are where the latest new floods are happening.

While I haven't been watching any cable television programs, some independent channel forecasters have shown concern over the significant warm-up expected this week.

21+ degrees above normal in some places. See also: "What if US State boundaries were defined by watershed:

If this summer is anything like the last, dry areas going to get evaporated quickly, and flooded areas are going to have more severe effects from any tropical waves or hurricanes. Hurricane season is not far away.

Reading about the Bayou:

"The Chitimacha subsisted on maize, potatoes, and wild game. They preferred deer, alligator, and aquatic species. Hunting and fishing were accomplished with the aid of bone, stone, or garfish scale pointed arrows, or through the use of blow guns and wooden darts, as well as, nets and traps for fishing. The Chitimacha were prolific ceramics producers until about 200 years ago when those techniques were lost to history, however the designs are said to have been similar to those employed in basketry.

The crown jewel of the Chitimacha cultural tradition is river cane basketry, both single and double woven. According to tribal legend, basketry was taught to the Chitimacha by a deity and has been practiced by tribal families for thousands of years. There are at least 50 different design elements, which can be combined to create hundreds of different basket designs.

At the time of contact with European explorers and other non-indigenous populations, the Chitimacha were known as the most powerful tribe between Texas and Florida. Iberville, an early French explorer, encountered the Chitimacha and one of their subdivisions, the Washa along the shores of the Mississippi River in 1699. In 1706, as a response to slave raids and French aggressions, a group of killed St. Cosme, a priest and slave owner, and several members of his party, who were missionaries to the Natchez Tribe. Bienville responded to this by convincing other tribes to help them make war on the Chitimacha. This war lasted until 1718 when a Chitimacha Chief met Bienville in the fledgling city of New Orleans. A treaty establishing peace was signed and a ceremony was held, which ended the long war in which the majority of the tribal members were annihilated. In the twelve years of conflict, many Chitimacha were forced into slavery and were the most enslaved of any population in Louisiana during that time period."

"Solidarity Not Charity"

"Solidarity can be material, including organizing temporary support to address a crisis or building long-term infrastructure for necessities like food, clothing, shelter, medicine. It can also be ... building human and non-human connections, emotional and cultural. When addressing social and ecological struggles, solidarity always means action.

We’ve been practicing mutual aid long before anarchists decided it was a necessary principle for just social relations."

From "End" _Plight Of The Redman_ by XIT

"The Indian has been out there on the ghetto of the reservation for a long long time

We have existed without adequate food, clothing, shelter, or medicine, to name but a few

In their place we have been given malnutrition, poverty, disease, suicide, and bureaucratic promises of a better tomorrow

Your America has not been the land of your proclaimed liberty and justice for all

May your God forgive you

The treatment of our people has been a national tragedy and disgrace

The time has come to put an end to that disgrace"

The of Concerned Scientists[1] has something to say about the spring flood outlook.

NOAA's predicted spring flood outlook areas include several areas with severity, the illustrations below are extrapolated out to include newer data.

TL;DR is: 23 states and 128 million population affected.

"Researchers with the Union of Concerned Scientists compared coronavirus projection models from Columbia University with NOAA's most recent spring flood forecast and came to some startling conclusions about which communities are most likely to be hit with both the global pandemic and spring flooding between now and May 31."

Much earlier than the start of hurricane season, this is already what is looking likely.

With any (any at all) significant snow or rain or storm surge events, affected areas could be much larger.

While there's always a potential threat from COVID or something from any one of the "10 million viruses in a lick of seawater", be sure to update your evacuation plans accordingly, should you happen to find yourself needing to flee a different kind of disaster. [1]

Some people have been hearing the calls to overthrow oligarchs, fascism, REITs, dictators, HOAs, totalitarians, landlords, tyrants, and every other related colonist garbage entity for a very long time.

"While we're disrupted, let's fix the economy"[1] is a idea from Mark Charles. It will work.

Put sane people in charge, and things work.

"Repatriation with Representation" means acknowledging the PERPETRATORS correctly to give the oppressed voices their rightful spaces. Both colonial forms of government in the US and Canada have done insane and irreparable damage to the Arctic people and lands. The colonial form of government in Russia has been exploiting longer, so it's a glimpse of what is to come for anyone unwilling to change.

If you haven't heard yet, another perpetrator is illegally trying to set up an "industrial mining district in Bristol Bay."[2]

Are the Bristol Urban apartment complexes in Portland ready to acknowledge who the real landowners are? Its rent-collectors already failed the compost test, and they really DO NOT recycle properly, either. [3]




Insecure SSL certs running some garbage on the page.

Check number 154 is headed your way, Oregon capitol capitalists, in the mail.

Credit card coercion discovered on the Oregon Secretary of State's site this morning, as we are attempting to renew our regs.

A second attempt has blocked out all other payment options entirely.

"Free website debugging" is not part of our business model, sorry.

Expired: Maximizing profits for colonized shareholders.

Wired: Maximizing immunity from anything diseased and colonized.

Inspired: Removing diseased Realtors' signs; adding permanent and irrevocable Land Acknowledgements of the region.

These are not sweet sugar-coated things.

[1] The KKK is who funded that guy named G. Borglum to work on that atrocity of what settlers call "Mount Rushmore".

[2] Sand Creek Massacre: 500 Arapaho and Cheyenne men, women, children, and babies brutally killed (some were mutilated) by crazed settlers looking for more ways to make themselves and the kyriarchy (KKK rich) by westward expansion.

[3] Abraham Lincoln unleashed "some of the most brutal acts of genocide and destruction against indigenous peoples" because he was caught between the proverbial (or maybe not so much proverbial) rock and a hard place. The only way to gain favor among enslaved black settlers was to "value" them more than indigenous peoples... and this 3/5ths of a citizen is why he wanted his legacy to be civil rights. The real truth is much darker.

There's nothing here to be debated. If you LISTEN to the words of survivors, you can learn some important things ...

When things get hard, if/when you become "desperate", don't be like G Borglum or hold to the delusion that money will be your ticket out of the tough spots.

Realize that the 20 or 30-something "prepper" who uses reddit religiously to antagonize or incite divisiveness among PoC ... that is the modern KKK doing exactly what LIncoln did. They're very active on Facistbook and Twitter too. Nothing scares these guys more than the idea of calling them on their bullshit.

Force your Senators and Reps to their delusions. Make them listen to you, and when they won't, bring in the mental health professionals.

NOAA should use millimeters on its mappings. Since it doesn't, I've adapted some of its data for a more precise picture of America's dire and impending "underwater" situation.

Trump's plan to inject trillions into mortgage-backed securities to "save the economy", eh? That has been played before over a decade ago, and it fails dreadfully.

Don't go overvaluing an unsustainable, toxic, sinking ship.

In 2020, "serving your country" means staying open and eschewing anything that racist old dudes thought was a good idea.

"Throughout our history the United States of America has used the separation of families as a means of controlling people of color. Whether during Indian removal, the slave trade, Western Expansion, Internment Camps, Indian boarding schools or in immigration detention centers today - the U.S. government has been stealing babies from their mother’s breasts for nearly 250 years.

But it's not who we have to be.

The first step towards change is acknowledging we have a problem. So while this may be who we are, it is not who we have to continue to be. But that is a decision we have to make together, both intentionally and collectively. Our systemic injustice, racism, and implicit bias of white supremacy are not partisan problems. It's a collective problem."

iNaturalist has an algorithm-based tool that kind of works (and sometimes it really doesn't work) for identifying some species based on things like leaf shape, location, flower petals, color, etc. But it only works if something has been identified before and exists in the database. If you have a less-than-ideal image capture, or is something it doesn't already know about it
doesn't work as well, either. It can help narrow results.

If the "suggested" species that it tries to identify
something as doesn't look right, people sometimes help out with their suggestions, too.

Not always, though. Sometimes when there are two (or more than two), like

the UI doesn't quite accommodate categorization.

Another downside is that it uses primarily the Euro-centric 'Latin' names of plants, which are not what we called them pre-Columbus. The native words of a locally-indigenous plant and IDs can be more
tricky, but not impossible. There's a place called Tualatin Valley Wildlife Refuge that
has -- get this -- cutouts of the Atfalat'i people with literal "footnotes" by their feet. Apparently there was some consultation back-in-the-day. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for them who modern settlers are still trying to write-off as footnotes?

White settlers cannot stand it when the narrative spins out of their control.

Both of these tribes were acknowledged by name at the MarkCharles2020 event in E Portland.

Related tangent:

The visitor center also has some info on invasive species of the region, which is how I knew that the scoparius "scotch broom" my bruh and I removed from a forest in the Grand Ronde region is, indeed, invasive.

iNaturalist doesn't explain any of this, and also sometimes can't tell an insect from a monkey.


The murals behind these ladies are awesome!

If you haven't heard yet, Arizona is yet another US state that has been experiencing flooding recently.

A friendly reminder that any attempts to stop the public from their rights of assembly ... any attempt at all to stop people from gathering is in direct violation of the Constitution.

"Your rights. Your rights are strongest in what are known as “traditional public forums,” such as streets, sidewalks, and parks. You also likely have the right to speak out on other public property, like plazas in front of government buildings"[1]

Mesh networks dynamically self-organize and self-configure, which can reduce the need to use far-flung global resources.

Technical networking schemas are one way of illustrating how a mesh network can do "resource allocation" among various "compute resources"; and there are other less obvious ways (code / diagram / map) to illustrate how to keep information systems alive when adjusting to circumstances in an environment.

Dynamic distribution of "workloads", for example, particularly in the event a few nodes fail, happens more efficiently among healthy ecosystems. This remains true, even for small ecosystems. CS people like to use the term "nodes", though it doesn't quite capture the idea.

The states were on a much better path in 2014, when the leader of the free world talked about holding criminals accountable. Read the transcript of Obama's speech to Lakota and Dakota peoples ... it is such a contrast to who the Republikkkans elected to speak for them.

First Nations have been robbed of so many of their gathering places, but their voices can't be extinguished.



If you thought things were bad in 2015 when this illustration was put together, have a look at the expanded territory of plundering today, with stats regarding the oligarchs' mining companies poisoning Earth systems.

Measurement amount is Sulfur Dioxide in the concentration of "799 micrograms per cubic meter"

69.51° N, 87.71° E✕

125° @ 11 km/h

799.10 µg/m3

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We stand with Wet'suwet'en. Decolonize your thinking: "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the most valuable asset you can have as the world continues to sink deeper into the chaos and destruction of broken, inequitable, and faulty colonial systems that value money over Earth's many forms of life. We encourage you to join us on a better path as we build and participate in an Ecological Democracy that includes #AllThePeople as envisioned by a Navajo Nation member running as an Independent candidate for President. #LivingWalls, not border walls. And please keep boycotting Home Depot!