Of all the things that are way too fragile to disrupt, disturb, let alone move?

Indigenous elders (the carbon bodies) in their homes and with their people should never be prompted to move. Speculative bodies seeking to exploit them for rare and valuable material in them or on their land ... should stay away.

It shortens lifespans to be PHYSICALLY moved! All disruptions are distressful to elders.

Elder 4-legged care is only slightly more difficult than 2-legged care*, which is why indie had to throw more logic at ... "Professionals" in linked networks with people she might have worked before with on large logic problems.

Indie does not believe in jetsetting! When you understand how badly the problem of jetfuels are affecting the surface-dwelling and flying and crawling beings on the planet, is best do avoid jetsetting, and those trying to coerce you into jetsetting as a job requirement.

Brain damage of the industrialists on the Euro/ Atlantic side became really bad; flying half-empty jets? On the Pacific side, wishfully-authoritative US military operations doing nothing but encapsulating explosive materials and flushing fuel into indigenous people's water!

Meanwhile Redditors who downvoted my Navajo friends to appease the oligarchs? America does not need another platform to amplify angry white dudes! Downvoters are getting SO EXCITED ABOUT AN IPO. Does the market really believe in reward for censoring people protesting Trump on Twitter 6+ years ago? Nope!
Colonialist cash dollars always gonna be worthless where the filters are the best.

Twoetters so good at showing loyalty to the Euro-centric imperialists because, apparently, BTC is last hope?

Such hypocrites perpetuating ongoing destruction of vital Earth systems! Lithium-dependent games of cruelty, and torture does not make hero.

[*] Indie never did any jetsetting to help teams she worked with at Intel.

$DIS, $FB, $AAPL, $CRM and $PBI are distrusted "malicious_inflated_caps"

Made some more patterns and a new logo for indigenous peoples ONLY to meditate upon, copy, print, share, do group exploit against our oppressor.


Is free to delete your attention from fascist drama; you actually get paid in sanity health; get focus and attention back.

Not even kidding.

Authorship will accept tips in gitcoin (QR code here is because cryptocurrency seems to be having a bad day?)

Bonus documentation updates far more beautiful and functional than anything a colonialist dollar could buy.

Indie knows her enemies are full of poison, hate, rage and spite... the fact that money cannot buy what they want most...

Are you aware of the indigenous elder who has been wrongfully imprisoned 45 years?

Leonard Peltier is both a hostage and a political prisoner since 1977.

In 1978, the hypocritical* government of the "United States of America" finally stopped making it "illegal" for native peoples to pray the way Creator taught them to pray[1].

However old or young you are, 44 years is likely a significant portion of time.

Take a minute or two, close your eyes, and imagine the 40+ years as he has probably experienced it:

Cold slab-floor rooms, stale, poorly-ventilated air, heavy with grief and helplessness, small cramped spaces, bland prison food and almost no genuine human contact.

No US president yet has given the indigenous elder the pardon he deserves. Unacceptable.

Time does not seem to make colonialists smarter... in my experience, is it just not possible to "give" logic to people who have none; failing to understand that It is not "primitive" or savage for native peoples defending their land.

AIM is organizing a walk for him this fall (poster details included).

In the meantime, it would be even better if the current US president (who served alongside the first black president!) would realize what needs to happen sooner rather than later.

* Endnote: White people had tried to use European laws and governance systems to stop indigenous methods of prayers since 1884.

(BONUS: Transcript from person making the right steps in decolonization):

"Nobody in the Wašíču MORMON RELIGION ever taught about suppression of indigenous prayer by the government! Presumably because they all wanna work for it?"

"Yeah, and make BIG MONEY and GREAT BENEFITS to buy more mansions, houses, and units to landlord over enslave renters with demands for CREDIT CHECKS and BACKGROUND CHECKS and INSURANCE scams and all the other colonist bullshit your COLONIST CASH SCAMS are putting more and more homeless people on the streets."

Elders in Winnemucca are not the only ones being targeted for eviction recently.

Wrote earlier[2] about an area shared by Halkomelam and peoples on two sides of an artificial colonialist-imposed border. Area recently experienced flooding due to extremes in weather, and is home to many tribal members:

[1]¨The timing of the evictions, Galanda said, comes amid “historic circumstances” – during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, amid a surging COVID-19 pandemic, just months after historic flooding and days after record-breaking winter weather.

The family that had its eviction delayed because of weather has been on “pins and needles,” he said, expecting to be forced from their home by tribal police because they “did not and will not vacate.”

In recent days, Galanda said people, including a drum group, have gathered in solidarity at the homes of some of the families facing evictions.¨


Regarding ¨evictions¨ probably is important to remember that anywhere an eviction is based on something written or codified by Gregorian calendar is 100 percent wrong; all those colonist cops / other ¨uniformed¨ service men and women whose brains are forever broken on Meta programming from the fascistbook really need to stop clocking in for clocks that do not belong on Turtle Island.

[1]: indiancountrytoday.com/news/hi

[2]: ecosteader.com/@indie/10732776

Math / stats / comparing data:

Exponential Omicron spikes across two large portions of Turtle Island; surge in cases seems to be heavy in what the graphs describe as ¨United States¨ and ¨Canada¨ regions. Contrast with no significant surges (yet?) for Mexico southward.

Appears to be moving southward.

As the icecaps continue to bleed and cry as they defend against extremes delusions of companies valuing themselves so much larger than the lifespan of the entire Universe, prob. is wise and (more importantly) quite

LOGICAL to not rule out possibility that any supposedly ¨eradicated¨ pandemics, plagues, other deadly insects / viral materials trapped in permafrost and icecaps of the planet will emerge.

Noting this because when under attack is ESSENTIAL to understand as much as possible about vectors* of attack, especially for planetary-sensitive systems.

Other ways to support the efforts?

Below is compilation of fliers sent to us and/or scraped from the colonizer cop's media on Twoetter and fascistbook ... several groups trying to raise funds to travel, get supplies, and spread "awareness" of what is going on.

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Dr. Paulette Steeves made a database of all the church-run "schools" (Indian "Residential Schools" or "Boarding Schools") in so-called Canada, 1620 -present:


Is not about which side of artificial border is worse.

NEITHER Canadian nor the so-called US colonial governments should be "excused" from REALITY of 400+ year-long broken programming

still putting native, nomadic people into cages.

Enslaving behind razor fence, concrete barricades.

Any imposition of control can never be achieved by colonist cash; invasive species eradicated -- need eradicated as soon as before possible.

Diverse languages (language fams) too close to obliterated by white supremacy (first wave of genocide) and the Mormon churches, whose 2nd-4th waves of genocide being accelerated by things like Facebook's most malicious GANNs.

ALREADY ENOUGH EVIDENCE ALL churches on both sides of the artificial borders of Turtle Island are corrupt.

Can understand why seeming "beneficial" to modern LDS to keep all those colonization records wishfully "secret".

Databases full o' Census records proving OTI ancestry and exact dates and regions colonizers advanced despite broken treaties...?

CONSEQUENCES. That be hurting cases for why so many OTI should be allowed to stay anywhere near Turtle Island when EARTH is not 80 percent white people. All your corrupt apartment management companies do is entrap, enslave, harass labor workers, cause commute disasters and carbon-heavy inflation!

How that for your illegal implementation of Farmworld?

Young minds being indoctrinated via the "Facebook Classroom"? Fairy-tale of "Provinces" for royalty. Examine closely fascistbook's founder's parent's profession entangled in both advertising for cash and deadly pharma wars.

How much energy demanded to increase fascistbook's "market cap" from 10 billion to 31 billion? What date in RCT did that happen, and what it bragging about being worth now?

Unfolding extreme weather events

Energy of the storms.

Tornadoes (as in many) spun up by the MASS of compression and frontal boundary that squalled across the SE part of this map overnight...

1500+ miles long front is a big storm.

Drone video: youtube.com/watch?v=vEbUhcX4AT


Now with its prevalence of non-BTC cryptocurrencies*,

electricity exchange ¨"markets"¨

are containing better plot lines (real and imagined)

with openings for ¨talented writers¨ and ¨academic-type mathematicians¨ to ...

🔲 logically refuse work from both public and private clients that do not have ethical boundaries! :blob_cat_sip:

🔲 HELP underpaid / exploited workers (including data scientists) UNIONIZE to collect all accumulated portions of group-based compensation earned but still locked up in GIANT EVIL MEGACORPS (malicious_inflated_caps.mqe);

🔲 unlock "takedown" of the most corrupt mfers ; who ? ask others, WHY THE HELL DOES every CEO, software engineer (LOL), and other ACTOR go around valuing themselves (oh, so much)



{{ secretary / scribe / assistant / note-taker / journalist / author /
writer / tech / tech writer / shorthand / accountant / cashier / janitor / hotel maid / food service worker / }}

pennies not comparable with dudes who think into the trillions.


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; ;; || ;; ;


Levels: ᓴᓕᑎᑭᖃᑎ
Cost: free

Authorship tip: NWU.org needs a better logo!

Hint: Assume $BTC --> $USD always the most corrupt direction (verifying such block chain transactions are CARBON-HEAVY, and NOT efficient; anyone freaked out about USD<--> is probably a colonialist);

Blockchains are heavy, heavy. They are not a masterful cryptocurrency. (Quantum l&p gravity and string theory ~~~ chain-stitch patterns.)

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Follow up given the atmospheric river of moisture upon the PNW, creating flooding and problems all over the region, and especially for the colonist construct known as B.C.

Semá:th Lake and what was part of a larger Nooksack and Halkomelam territory is what existed before lake ¨was drained in the 1920s to create and irrigate new farmland in the Fraser Valley¨[1], making Sumas, B.C..

¨British Columbia¨ as the fascist colonist mapmakers would have you believe ... is under control of some British entity and its incredibly deluded RCMP? Despite not being attached to the continent where all the British-speaking dialects originate?

Meanwhile on the southern side of Nooksack people's territory ... a people coerced, intimidated, and attacked. Still unresolved land disputes over centuries of colonial oppression. Be not surprised how recently targeted for disenrollment.[2]

This attack vector is known by many First Nations people who have had to fight and defend not just one but TWO DIFFERENT colonial forces claiming federal authority over our BEING on Turtle Island.

Centuries of tests, and In every experiment thus far, the colonist recipe for land-use management yields disaster.

Yet still ... still no colonist learning? Stupidity is rebuilding colonial structures[4]. The plan that has no stops to assess or retrospect?

Disaster w/ increasing levels of embarrassment to the colonial logicians! Unsustainable agricultural ecosystem over what is supposed to be floodplain for lake is not a good use of energy[4],

Christian church-run genocides? Probably we did not survive them for nothing.


1: globalnews.ca/news/8385289/sum

2: stopdisenrollment.com/post/190

3: ecosteader.com/@indie/10692573),

4: vancouversun.com/news/local-ne

Edit - copy-paste laggard

Some visuals of what happened late last week with .

More updates coming soon.

In the meantime, please follow @Dinemanred and thank him for his camera work and documentary efforts:


Posting on this already-started thread for the Diné.

Since visiting ~ (T’á̜á̜tsoh, ᓴᑎᑲ.ᓗᖑᓴᑐ) another whose family and friends are asking for some help in locating missing relative, Ella Mae Begay:


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Not fiction.

The aggressor is conglomerate of corporations that really does not respect the rights of Turtle Island's indigenous elders.

Aggressor has layers of ¨business entities¨ and RCT-dated contracts apparently, paying (angry, hostile enablers of the patriarchy) to intimidate and coerce our already centuries-long oppressed peoples!

Moqo. Is not okay.

Remember it was the mentally ill colonists (textbook mass murderers seeking bounties) with completely insane approaches to dealing with the indigenous bodies. That Turtle Island's borders have been periodically open to those who escaped such insanity must mean something.

The aggressor bringing industrial-sized aggression against a rare and misunderstood elemental people is not okay.

¨Record of how long it been since that?¨


༓.DNN.༓ ???


Format expect:: :

< output_nonrct_nesupe'j >


¨Cease investment in all colonizer maps; tourism

¨Acknowledged efforts of previous revolutions!

¨ ¨ [ leave space for undisgraced efforts ]

¨ "" ¨


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