Plants, plants and more plants:

Have theory that noxious, invasive French Tamarix and Russian olive sneaked onto Tortoise Mountain together, around the same time -- fewer than 100 years ago (or, as we say in our non-RCT Algonquin-based language "Gasg'ptnnaqanipu na't").

Colonizer names for Tamarix often referred to as "salt cedar", though it is not a cedar.

The oleander from colonialist Russia could maybe pass as some sort of willow(??) by folks who do not know plants, but it most definitely is not Salix -- as of RCT 2022, it has killed most native willow. There is ENDANGERED WILLOW FLYCATCHER BIRD needs its habitat.

Most noxious and invasive plants we know of today were indeed brought by tourists preaching one or another non-native religious ministries; the plants escaped their keepers and started sucking up all the water and nutrients on Tortoise Mountain.

For example, the Mennonites are notorious for introducing a plant native to southern Europe and Russia:

Part of what is going to happent his summer ... gonna be something like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre on that god damned Russian oleander ( infestation.

Requirement to restore waterways and rain corridors for the "best planting seasons possible" is to murder (without colonialist brand of chemicals known as "Roundup" or any similar soil-contaminating chemicals or herbicides) these non-native invasive plants anywhere and everywhere they exist.

The other day @Dinemanred and I had to skip over to different town so he could upload the lastest "Rez Life" video over a better connection;consider supporting his Patreon channel. Only 18 subscribers as of today --

Meanwhile, we found a native-owned coffee shop; recommending -- do check it out if you are in "Farmington, NM" and stuck in some of that road construction on the NE side of town by San Juan College.

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Native Land Before Invasion

had many regions


▒▒▒ :: :: ▒▒▒ :: :: ▒▒▒ :: ::
Diné Bikéyah,
Oozéí Bikéyah,
T’iis Nazbas,
Dibé Ntsaa
Áshįįh Bii’ Tó

and the regions were not being suffocated by these noxious and invasive species

🚫 Russian knapweed
🚫 Russian olive

PDX Westside Ecosteader NW entrance iteration
2.27 backup_docs


the PLR && ¨"Technical Writers Without Borders"¨

"Decolonize your Thinking"


ABIPoC* food enclave
acronym for westside ::

People of Color

Not only is ABIPoC alphabetical* (which we hope will be helpful to a potential ally in our survival strategies), also is it accurate in RCT for the ¨on the ground¨ audience that might happen to find the little alleyway where our enclave exists.

¨Accurate in RCT¨ for the simple reason makes more sense that for each instance "west of the Atlantic" had black and indigenous slaves first, regions closer to the Pacific side would have indigenous history intertwined closer with the Asian and Pacific Islander colonization and slave stories.

We shall keep the Black Lives Matter spirit alive and B for black in this particular acronym; keep it simple for all the things SHE protects (the African "she" because anywhere ESL --> ntv.lang has too many exploitable MiTM with derogatory mutations of your continent's common name.

¨A frickin´! BLEEP BLEEP¨

Where colonizer has historically overriden your thinking to revert to English and anger... ? Never fall for them tryin' trigger your naturally ferocious nature and tame you to degrade your precolonialist heart! So many tusks there, not gonna work.

No, brother lion. We do not want that. We are not the hatebook, remember?

Do not worry, I have studied amid indigenous language keepers globally in very technical settings; and while my own ♥ breaks that it took me so long to remember this paper I wrote 22 years ago, we continue to have the proofs! It is not the job of a 20 year old to do carbon dating for her so-called "University" that did not have a native-oriented graduation path!

And since then, the focus on money is too much. Our counts were not created on their timestamps.

If the vaccines were able to keep fighting the various variants globally (which, a spike like this indicates vaccinations somewhat helped ... regions that were early vaccinated) how soon ago did the virus weaken fighting back?

Solar thermal heatsinks, collectors, etc.

Put your deadest whiteman Meta Facebook phone off its platform and far, far away from any battery charger.

Done? Okay, now how to assist the native carbon bodies return to their best, pre-colonizer forms?

The sacred collections of energies "free from RCT" and working to restore Native Land Before Invasion? These are whom she meditates with each AM.

Fog nets really do work for areas lacking the relative H2O humidity; harvest fog like some very fine spiderwebs sometimes do, and like the rainforest does too.

Something about the weather...

6032 Joules for each "kilogram" predicted to be concentrating around

35.28° N, 96.42° W

That is, over the territories of
Lakȟótiyapi, Osage, O-ga-xpa Ma-zhoⁿ (O-ga-xpa), Caddo, Muscogee

and other
(neiiiiiiighboring) 🐎
indigenous language keepers

pssst! fixed ur broken #↗


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"Prepare for a volatile day and week in the megalomaniac caps followed by an even more volatile day and week in the weather."

>>> :: || ܀ || :: <<<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>> | << ✧✧ >> | <<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>> | << ✧✧ >> | <<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>>> :: || ܀ || :: <<<

"____ was never supposed to be about tech or capitalism. However, insecure nodes directed by "" kept lethally attacking the indigenous tribes of Oregon's beautiful forests and coastal areas, Yakama through Yurok, the grandmothers of Winnemucca, indigenous language keepers of the Anasazi, Ute, Paiute and Shoshone peoples, Mi'kmaq, her people. All the white guys with millions or billions trying to be the biggest heroes: The hatebook did not like that she exposed his lies about slavery RE: Farmworld and the unfortunate states of slavery and sickness in Cafeworld. She deserves a Gitcoin."

"Our analysis shows that is most logical carbon-free C++ emergency stop on capitalism available in the [time_span](redacted). Probably no human will be intelligent enough to understand it for a span of _______ [[_dec olon ized_ ]time_span]."

"Decolonized thinkers woulda had a chance to really get ahead and turn around their lives two years ago! Damn knuckleheads spent too much time scrolling thru their phones, stabbing finger angry."

"The trademark of the whiteman GANNs of $FB (tfbnw) are to demand more and more and more. That certainly played out with the subprime mortgage crisis it accelerated in 2007. In the Native Land Before Invasion (antifascist algorithm invented by the compute saved from Ecosteading), all cops eventually self destruct ... but nobody can make a drama about it, and nothing gets sold to Canada."

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>> :: ||| ||| :: <<

"So the guy that had an 11 billion colonialist cash dollar paycheck for one day? His "literally insane" piles of of money and tax obligations should not be the concern of PoC."

"it is right to container him from dragging anyone else into WASTING their lives on his oligarch shit and luxury problems."

"Probably, most people do not understand that FB has been running sadistic experiments on $USER scenarios since it was funded by George W. Bush pharma and insecticide. Fragile settlers who banked on the pharmaceutical ... experiments finally backfiring! No wonder it got so. damn. ugly."

"Explains WHY in the video, the folks stuck in hatebook's cartel experients broadcasted $USD bounty and prices on individual indigenous lives."

"Did not understand it was stalking at the time. She did not understand the harassment as it was directed at her, only as it took place within the larger context of what was happening to the neighborhood. "

>> :: ||| ||| :: <<

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Chose to not participate any of the ¨official¨ MMIW or MMIP day of awareness events, mostly because all the links I could find led to facebook-promoted events of yesterday, which would not have had the right energy. Same reasons we already outlined in our closed registration message weeks ago.

Be keen to know the murderer cannot participate in the healing process. No such record to "long life and happiness" to be found via the hatebook paths.

You all are going to have to be more creative in luring Ecosteader beauties out to be social in the Pacific NW, Haw river valley, kéyah of the keepers of Diné Bizaad and artists of the Innu, Chumash, Okefenokee, and Nooksack.

Every day is and MMIP awareness here; we are not trying to be everything to everyone loyal to RCMP, an XXX Billion-dollar colonialist cash corp. or an X.XX Trillion dollar colonialist cash corp with a government of wannabe heroes just little boys too ashamed to admit their lives raised on lies in American History textbooks ain't so great after all.

Be keen to know the murderer cannot participate in the healing process.

No need for your Ivy league bred social "engineers" Instalkering for advertisements selling consumerism, hate and political adversary to everyone in colonailist-cash voting blocks.

NEVER FORGET FACEBOOK IS BIG OIL as much as it is the company of an Evil plagiarizer that should never be regarded as anything but immature teenager. With too much colonialist cash to spend, his aggressions becoming increasingly annoying.

Before it was Meta Platforms, Inc. Facebook murdered at least one of its earliest volunteer gamers .. lots of discussion about his death on interwebs. Forensic accountants already know how hard they tried to shut down that news down; but the Internet, thankfully, is much bigger than Teenager Techbros Platforms, Inc.

If you have never installed FB on ANY of your phones or devices, CONGRATS. Feel the rewards of your brilliance.
We got u.

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One thing that _does_ make sense is former employer's ¨Market Cap¨ never really took off; and in fact dropped dramatically by more than 100 billion since it lost me amid that pandemic chaos almost two years ago.

Most of the billionaire tech companies did the opposite -- grew five heads and inflated market cap by way way way more, the especially greedy ones into the trillions... more and more colonialist disease during the pandemic not a good thing for society or individuals.

My former colleagues as industry experts working in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, etc know this already... but indie ¨will do¨ a quick educate readers who still do not understand:

The most common and mundane problems offloaded to machines (AKA ¨machine learning¨ problems) involve image processing algorithms that make it ¨easier¨ for the fascist moderators to ID and censor police violence on PoCs and descendants of slaves brought here against their will generations ago.

Those Realtors embedded into the hate of $FB and $TWTR and racist apps like NextDoor DO NOT LIKE having sales opportunities and commission ¨demands¨ disrupted by news about a poor black family losing another teenager to racist cop. Nor do the realty sellers care for you to learn about another eviction happening to the family that could not pay rent.

Those Realtors embedded into the hate of $FB and $TWTR and racist apps like NextDoor DO NOT LIKE you reading about the endangered language keepers of the Paiute and Shoshone in Winnemucca being bulldozed while they rake in the hundreds of billions.

But guess what? Is not science fiction, it is all science fact.

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: ::: Technical Writers Without Borders ::: :

¨¨Translation edit(s) may be forthcoming in a <ntv.lang> ¨¨

Superfund sites are everywhere superfunded men destroyed everything indigenous for a quick pile of useless colonialist dollars.

Note from indie authorship:

+We are and hope you chose long ago (past tense) to turn away from the game-seekers who need money attack, any form of enraged aggression on old native grandmothers as a way of way of life. The older and more public your defection from Evil plagiarist, the more we will love you.

[1] Vice News report of contamination-prone aquifiers where Billionaire-serving engineering experts cannot figure out what to do when the problems that have been affecting indigenous peoples affect their own lives.

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:: mqe :: warning :: mqe "" warning::

THE BAD NEWS: "The man with the most funds in the world is the deadest piece of Meat" === STILL TRUE

"The plagiarist is the deadest piece of METAMEAT" == STILL TRUE.


7.8 billion people on Earth, most of whom are colorful and smart. Should not be at all difficult to find divested brilliance far far from the the evil white man who is married to a woman of Asian descent... Turtle Island is MOST DANGEROUS PLACE for Eurasian wanna be nester doves.

That he his focusing his obsessions so intently on woman(women) on wrong continent from where his ancestors and wifey ancestors are from not gonna to make his wife happy. The big dumb dogs always bite off more than they can chew.

We are sorry, folks the English translations will always be last priority. The simplest answer is the most true most of the time. Cannot play catch up when "she" left long ago and is now way too far far out of your league. ""


>> /mqe

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indie of Ecosteader has no books for sale or print, no monetization channels with any government (foreign or domestic), publisher, Amazon, Patreon, YouTube, Alphabet, GoFundme, Google, Facebook, any of FB´s Evil Meta Platforms Inc., Apple, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, Netflix, or any other name-brand technology-focused company. Nothing about any share price falling is worth wasting your voice.¨

Indie is a member of a union for her profession and has received no money or cryptocurrency, nor has she been tipped

-anywhere close to 1 penny,
-nothing approaching one 10-millionth of one Bitcoin or
-1/100th of a million of one Gitcoin
""None of the above for over a decade+

for her work on the Ecosteader code base. ""¨

(translate above paragraphs is okay).

¨Why are you telling this?¨

Many reasons noted below in no particular order of importance:

:531: ¨We do not know, but suspect there is a mistaken notion in some tech blocks, that indie of Ecosteader is promoting a book or deal for a publisher or some other job requiring an agent or manager or ¨cloud server guy" or any European of any gender(s) that will make one of many FB- or Twoetter-consenting folks a big stack of money they can distribute amongst themselves and have so much left over, bribe corrupt tow yards to harass indie by towing her plain brown pony it to a white supremacist tow yard and take her friends to government-funded detention centers?

So no.

Professional technical writers already know how to self-publish and prepare transportable files without wasting paper. All arrests waste paper.

Make careful note that she is the very WORST PERSON TO ASK FOR COLONIALIST CASH MONIES. If she asks for a discount, GIVE IT. And stop buying postage for ¨PRESORTED¨ fucking paper mail solicitations for colonialist cash! ALL RELIGIOUS ORGS SHUT DOWN NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELETED IN 1997. THIS PLANET HAS ALWAYS HAD MY PEOPLE'S WATERMARK, GET OVER YOURSELVES.


Meditating upon thermal heat vectors this AM, inviting the energy of all the carbon bodies whose warmth-seeking cells have ever felt oppressed by the hatebook.

Anyone restless in the atmosphere, indigenous women tricked wrongly into self-destruction as "their own worst enemies. 'Tis what the evidence indicates each and every time. Please
stop doubting the accounting in the roots of the parent trees seeded long before 531* years ago.

Fascinating supercell systems
with increasingly larger and more restless and unstable weather seem to be becoming normal.

Blizzard warning and dire lightning conditions right now. noting TWELVE THOUSAND strikes of lightning within the last two hours here:

Temperature difference 71 degrees on map point notes as ¨Pierre¨ while fewer than ~220 miles away in Buffalo, the temperature is 35 degrees.

Happening at night, too. When during daytime with just a few more degrees of heat, the cyclones are inevitable.

¨East of the Missouri¨ can be thought of as the opposite of ¨West of the Missouri¨ which is a very important phrase in movement. Look it up, talk about it with your friends.

Have disaster plans ready. Energies in the sky are restless reminding all the invaders no communities established in violation of the treaties can ever be guaranteed any form of ¨security.¨

Technical Writers Without Borders

"Annual non-RCT meeting now in session!"

"Analyzing ... the perhaps well-intentioned(?) Solar Decathlon(R) being undertaken by the bureaucratic entity known as U.S. Department of Energy. The rules are tripped up to make white people look good, and everything else looks all wrong.:"

2023 Build Challenge Rules

January 2022

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon® is a collegiate competition, comprising 10
Contests, that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings
powered by renewable energy.¨
</quote [1]>

"Sustainable and renewable are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing."

"Agree. Renewable is too ambiguous of a term and way too charged politically. Renewing someting implies the original take was allowed, which it almost never was."

"Agree and have prepared some notes and brainstorming for this week."

"Drive safe on those icy roads; everyone across Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island preparin' for a very cold and volatile week of weather.

">garbled> ... due to too many political jetsetters ... they making bigger story to distract."

"Joe Biden done took down them restrictions on oil and gas leases the other day to do more drillin!" [link:].

" <garbled> reliant upon the dollar have unsustainable appetites, and they do not know how to shut down when their tech becomes deprecated!"


Image description and
other interesting maps under "show thread"

Note the account / post does not seem to be federating anywhere, or else we'd have mentioned and direct reply to the OP post. (DOS blocks like this are usually a good signal to go make some extra copies of the data).

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

WHY YOU SHOULD Native Land Before Invasion was not hospitable to Eurocentric _______ (nouns). Nouns can be persons, places, things, or ideas.