Got harassed by Drumpfsters today.

The only flag anyone should be waving is a non-colonial flag. But the settler towns still don't get it.

Did what any Earth-respecting warrior would do: showed them the way to their dead end (they were already standing under that disgusting flagpole) and reminded them they are visitors on Native Land.

In other news... take a peek into the quantum novel:

(On the @indie github _ qmec)

When the kind of world you'd want (your nieces/nephews/progeny/grandkids/etc) to live in doesn't exist, only those truly decolonized from ws media can access ...

We were invited recently to Paul Rollins' anarchist permaculture garden. We dubbed it "anarchist" because it mostly lets the plants decide for themselves how to grow with and around each other. It also doesn't require most of the typical "work" associated with gardening, such as weeding and troweling. It literally uses every space available to produce food. If you live in a place that doesn't get much water, it's great because it doesn't even require watering! It also produces an incredible yield. It can fit a lot of food into even a small space.

Any open yard space or empty lot can do; his is in the front yard of a house he's renting.

Of the many ways to adopt concepts that increase Community Wealth and make an ecostead, this one would be effective for ending food apartheid. (@emsenn probably will enjoy this)

1. Mow down the grass or weeds.

2. Cover the ground with cardboard or several layers of craft paper ... plastic can be used as well. Anything that can hinder undergrowth works.

3. Add a layer of straw. How thick this layer need be depends on many things: one is the amount of rain you get. More rain = more straw. The straw will eventually act like a sponge, helping the garden share and re-circulate the moisture underground.

4. Add a thick layer of compost, or compost / dirt blend. This is where anarchy thrives best, among all the decomposing ruins of a system.

5. Toss a seed blend (cover crop) over the whole thing. Cover with another light layer of straw and compost... water and walk away.

6. (optional) Plant large sunscreen-type crops (sunflowers and corn) near your indoor windows for extra air conditioning power in hot climates.

Since so much of the West is on fire now, many people are in crisis mode. Found this great doc on how climage change crisises can help us simultaneously DISMANTLE colonial systems, and build something even better.

The sky out there is hazy and some news people are saying that air quality in Oregon is currently worst on planet. Several towns have been almost entirely wiped out, and evacuees in the region are seeking food, clothes, shelter.

This is NOT a time to waste breath talking about money. Landlords and Realtors everywhere should be more generous than they have ever been in their refunds.

(Repost from something that @emsenn linked here a while back... and deleted. illustration by Pete Railand)

Analyze all the charts! Probably, when you've made it your mission to explain eco-sustainability, it sometimes makes sense to also provide an example of something UNSUSTAINABLE.

Newscasters saying something like it has been 120 years since the last big megafire season in Oregon, and this year we have already six megafires. California and Washington have had a rough start of season, too.

Tangentially, the corrupted colonist money system wants the world to think it's doing just great.

Let's watch in awe how devastating the drop will be, as that unsustainable system leans into the burning hot wires... Read the caption for extra analysis of the , further details, etc.

Winds knocked down a teepee-shaped !!! branch today. Gorgeous but large mass that would likely have caught loose end to badly damage or destroy old structure.

ICU tree pic upload got borked yesterday.
Corruption is everywhere when there are Realtor and rental signs in the neighborhood. Is mistake to underestimate their detest toward us, and their desperation to control something ... way too much money combined with hatred for beings indigenous to the land has been a lethal combination more than 70 years. The NAR isn't old and it isn't to be trusted.

At least two RMLS are way too close to the Ecostead. Is probably why several of the baby trees died recently ...

As a side note, TIL Ecosteader on Firefox mobile devices preserves my custom code and functions correctly.

Yá’át’ééh from the in the Grove ...

As the colonists' monetary system collapses (no need to cry; all broken and badly aged systems eventually need replaced), we should meditate and take care to iterate intelligently on what comes next. Here's a few of our bonsai trees to help. Other photo is of baby tree in ICU care.

"Mu ni'n nenuaqapnaq pitu'nugumijaq ... "

Means roughly ~ "I did not know my great-grandmother."

Her daughter, my maternal grandmother, passed away in 1972, a little over seven years before I was born. While the US Censuses[1] were taken during the 1800's, at least one of my great grandmothers was not counted as a living, breathing human by colonist standards. Colonists whose ships landed on the East coast may have been fleeing oppression in their initial waves of arrival, but they brought with them insanities of Christianity and capitalism[2], which soon after arrival, they smashed together into a racist government [screenshot 2 describes the 1790 Census taken by George Washington's administration sought to count the numbers of "Whites" with a capital W.]

As a result, the waves of white settlers got bigger and the more people who showed up, the harder it was for them to see the humans who lived here as humans... they saw only the land and each other and invented the first denomination of what has come to be excessive colonial money ... desperate to claim some form of entitlement.

1790 was the first year of the first US Census[3]. It was not a mistake or neglect that failed to count her household as humans ... it was white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated society with deliberate intent to exclude non-white, AKA non-European (English and French) language speakers.

Map has several First Nations and unceded territories, peoples, place names on an undefined border between what is present-day US and Canada (the so-called US of A and KKKanada).

[2] Both English and Spanish are Colonial languages; it has been said that "Spanish is the language of commerce and the Catholic church.

Foundational improvements continue to be underway at the project in Forest Grove.

The tu'sati[1] includes our rebuilt mud/laundry/utility room. Yay better place for all the extra work needed for the sanitation, cleaning, and quarantine precautions necessary today.

Colonization is so quick to dismiss the intent and efforts of previous generations. Gotta look back much further than 100, 300, even 500 years to get the vibe of a space, gatherings of energies, etc:

:hacker_h: Honoring the ancient,

:hacker_a: acknowledging the native,

:hacker_c: confronting the wasicu[3],

:hacker_k: knocking out colonialism,

:hacker_e: expressing art elementals,

:hacker_r: revitalizing soil-based ecosystems.

[1] see screenshot of definition from mi'gmaq dict
[3] ... wasicu are those who sneered at the offer to upcycle (help get upcycled!) our donated remnants of local old growth forest ... because they couldn't be bothered to take out a few old nails! Indie alone removed well over 1000 nails, but she cannot remove all the nails.

In the west, California's burning because of drought, hollywood egotism, climate change, and a mismanaged water crisis fueled by Silicon Valley "ball and chain" of inflated tech stocks making everything worse... .

In the Gulf of Mexico, Cat 4 Hurricane Laura is set to land between Houston and New Orleans... 4' - 7' storm surge putting everybody knee-deep in "uncontainable" losses spread around as thin as oil can... that's the truly "unfortunate" thing about that industry; toxic oil-drilling contaminates spread far and wide, and they cannot be isolated to the industry that much deeper underwater ...

So "of course" the finanical markets are cashing out as wannabe tech elites cash out at the peak of their own deluded insanity. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Indigenous TEK plant healing from K’omoks First Nation and speakers of the ɬəʔamɛn Language family:

Stinging nettle as a superfood and dandelion with all the good everything ...

Made two new friends the other day on the road back from Olympia. Gave Nate and Ben a ride back to and 3 of the "Decolonize" issue decals ... there are only 450 of these in the world. The ones with salmon coloring are the most rare. ;)

Safe travels, friends!

Yeah, I was force-fed the settler delusion about endless free land for the taking and hardy pioneers ... they did this to all the kids in my younger elementary and middle school days.

"The issue I had with Oregon Trail is that it always put Native people in relation to settlers,” said Anishinaabe, Métis video game designer Elizabeth LaPensée, who teaches at Michigan State University. “The game is all about colonization.” - Native News Online

Fast forward about 40 years, and LaPensée and a team of writers and artists have remixed the tired old Oregon Trail into the Indigenous-focused “When Rivers Were Trails.”"

Some of the salvaged wood products from the deconstruction phases @ the ecostead.

Saturday's event was mostly quiet, until some driveby harassment(s) from somebody who wouldn't even exit their vehicle (all the while it was polluting fossil fuels) while idling on the street and shouting dumb questions at the worker in the yard.

Subsequent phases of the "build and finish" layers will use and donate some of these wood and salvage pieces.

Spotted in downtown St Johns yesterday, a small local-led corner improvement project:

Apparently there will be an indigenous land acknowledgement next weekend (yeah, we asked!)

Facebook is measured in colonist dollars. THIS is why it will always fail:

It inflated itself with 71 Billion dollars since this time last month.

Such extravagance is not a new "recipe", and it contains nothing interesting or worthwhile.

The rapists are really afraid of losing face, aren't they?

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Melg'puguasit, we stand with Wet'suwet'en. Decolonize: "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the only thing that can help humans as a colonized planet continues to sink deeper into the chaos and destruction of broken, inequitable, and faulty systems that value money over Earth's many forms of life. European place names, words and languages and accounting systems don't belong on Turtle Island. . #LivingWalls, not border walls.