All elevations from "Surface" to 700 to 850 remain above 5000 Joules / kg for this particular area of disturbance.

The piece people miss is that CAPE stands for _Atmospheric_ CAPE; that is Atmospheric Convective AVAILABLE Potential Energy. This is the equivalent of weather dynamite, all bundled up and concentrated over a huge area.

I don't know why ANYBODY on reddit would be downvoting this observation. If you could know 48 hours ahead of time that tornadoes and deadly hail were headed your way, would you not want to know and prepare?

5918 Joules of energy per 1000 grams of atmospheric moisture seems astoundingly dangerous.

Massive instability predicted over this area near the Dakotas during the next couple of days...

5215 Joules per kg is F5 tornado weather.

Thread on Reddit (where I accidentally borked an upload of screenshot)

Sunrise walk spotted a great heron this morning. Bonus MP4 with birdsong and a beaver, too. Beavers can teach us a lot about how to care for areas.

DBC Renewal is done! In the name of transparent accounting for our B Corp. for "Public Benefit", here's the receipt.

I'm not really a fan of the fact that they make you summarize your "business activity" in 250 chars; though, I guess that's what the world is coming to when we have lousy vocabulary users like Donald Trump trying to run a government.

The lawsuit against Realtors and Landlords is finally happening!

Many acronyms; here are the quick references:

NAR = National Association of Realtors; it is a CARTEL like the MOB that colludes to perpetuate the lies flagrantly spouted by those wealthy few sellers at the top. If you want to make a "living" selling houses, you have to join the REALTOR MOB and pay them dues. In return, they require you fix prices and steal from homebuyers, sellers, and renters.

MLS = Multiple Listing Service, the "online" database that is controlled by REALTORS who have pledged to put the REALTOR CARTEL's interests above homeowners right to negotiate their own contracts. The MLS is also being used increasingly to set "rents" for an area. If your rent has skyrocketed, the MLS is almost certainly is why.

NOTE: Although this post is US-centric, it's important to realize that in AUSTRALIA, something called "negative gearing" is essentially doing the same. Home prices in Melbourne, for example, have become impossible for the majority of workers due to a similar phenomenon.

Yes, Realtors and landlords are one in the same: their agenda is the same: to STEAL the savings and equity of Americans who WORK.


Big Think has some great articles with some solid scientific research behind them.

is what happens when the humans' ability to predict what is going to happen with the weather _decelerates_. Unpredictability of a previously thought-to-be-understood "model" increases because too many variables are changing at once.

Increasing unpredictability means greater _variance_ between expected and actual results, implies less preparedness on the human side.

For example, consider the factual _acceleration_ of melting happening in Greenland: [Source]

More H20, and more water vapor (yes, you have to include both!) in the system with an impaired ability to reflect damaging rays.

"Frozen white ice reflects most sunlight back into the sky. But melting ice turns into darker colors, which absorb more light and heat."

The first crappy week o'work I've had in a loooong time has come to an end; for that I am grateful. To a better week next, I hope. 🙏

Some dahlia Kogane fubuki popping today, happy clarkia elegans behind it.

Hummingbirds can have iridescence, too.

This site has been spectacular for helping me (start to) organize all the and (?) I've been collecting over the years. Here's one from last year.

Photo credit:

Another news item they tried to censor; putting it back here.

Following another


Maybe someone you know might perchance like to join to be a mod of /r/PortlandMetro?

I originally built v0.5 of Ecosteader to be local themed, but since promotional efforts aren't my thing, and since Silicon Valley hates me -- Twitter did everything it could to stop ecosteader-minded messages from being seen -- earlier iterations stalled before I could smooth out details.

Today, out of respect for the global nature of the Earth's inhabitants, Ecosteader has a more focused mission.

Anyway, glad to find another lady of the trees. ϕ

Here's a photo of a memorable encounter with a rare and beautiful beauty the feline and I spotted on a stop during a road trip a few years ago.

Some taxologists use the antennae of the critters to classify, though sometimes it's better to not examine too intrusively...

The biosphere does not belong to humans.

Photo credit: @indie Friday, May 2, 2014

Reposting to fix typos:

Brought home a Prunus Virginiana (AKA "Chokecherry") to honor Northern ancestors, planted it bonsai-style; and like I usually do with new plant friends, started researching how nuances of microclimate might help in its acclimation.

It is natively widespread in Canada and the northernmost US states. Its berries were used as part of a suet/pemmican ( by native tribes who would mix them with cooked bison fat and meat; early explorers would take the on expeditions to cold, remote places in the Arctic.

So what of the moths?

It seems, the shrubbish-tree has many species of moths that feed on it exclusively. So started reading about moths; saw a few last season, but none with these vibrant green; almost peacock colors. There are so many kinds of moths! Far more than the kind of mothball infamy.

They are expressive little creatures. Found a photo on Flickr of one I really liked with a lupine leaf (grow lupines too because of Fender's Blue!), but the photographer had kind of a rude tone in his bio and (since I always attribute sources), got the impression he'd throw a tantrum, even if I did attribute.

The best photographers make judicious use of the freedoms. Here's two photos from copyleft-friendlies (credit on photo description)

Should you care about the Puffin? Alaska was where I attended kindergarten 33 years ago; it is a place very dear to my heart.

I most certainly do care about the gentle Puffin, so this was some difficult news to read... 😢

The Puffin population in Alaska are starving to death over the warming Bering Sea.

"It wasn't hard to work out the likely cause behind such an unusual surge in deaths. Necropsies on several of the bodies confirmed they were emaciated, with severe loss of mass in their wing muscles.

Ruling out various toxins and illnesses, it was fair to say the birds simply starved to death."

"More than half the population living around the local islands may have died. And, if the higher estimates are accurate, it's possible nearly all of the puffins died in this single event."


Image Source:

My day job is writing documentation for developers who work in what is perhaps the most hyped buzz phrase industry today: Artificial Intelligence.

Those who work in AI know that really, it is just a fancy way of saying math. Computers can do math astoundingly fast (this is AKA Machine Learning), which means they can distinguish patterns astoundingly fast. The application of a "known" pattern to a new scenario to achieve a predictable and desired result is the gist of what most AI does.

Conversely, nature has what is more aptly described as "Natural" Intelligence. Every single plant that bursts with seed pods has inherent engineering to maximize success for that plant's "known" pattern ... it rallies and sometimes flocks with others of its kind to further ensure that its cycle can repeat itself and sustain its unique imprint of and on life.

Of course, we can honor their efforts with more

This one is for my pals 🤟

So in July of 1974, the "old-timey hippie" generation (my parents' generation) was in their mid 20's to mid 30-ish. Those hippies had just barely just convinced the world that it probably wasn't the best idea to go on with the catastrophic pollution crisis which Mother Jones so bluntly captured here:

They were pioneers of their own right, showing that those toxic chemicals were a poor replacement for the natural energy of the sun, which can be used to meet all of our human needs for energy in one form or another.

From the magazine featured below, they shared a design of a . It's based on the concept of a Fresnel Lens, a sort of "grooved" lens that is specifically designed to concentrate rays into a high-heat situation to cook food or make an oven!

Just goes to show that high-tech does not need to be elite-tech.

Happy Memorial Day to the generation that knew we didn't need GUNS to make peace.

For places that get more rain than sun during the coldest time of the year (all of PNW), power is often a better option than .

"One type of heat generating windmill converts rotational energy directly into heat by generating friction in water, using a so-called “water brake” or “Joule Machine”. A heat generator based on this principle is basically a wind-powered mixer or impeller installed into an insulated tank filled with water. Due to friction among molecules of the water, mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. The heated water can be pumped into a building for heating or washing, and the same concept could be applied to industrial processes in a factory that require relatively low temperatures.

The Joule Machine was originally conceived as a measuring apparatus. James Joule built it in the 1840s for his famous measurement of the mechanical equivalent of heat: one calorie equals the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 cubic centimeter of water by 1 degree Celsius."


Tulip windmill photo credit: Me (taken in Iowa 2012)


Brilliant research from A. James School of Engineering at the University of Maryland.

Simple, common Hydrogen Peroxide can strengthen the cellular structure of wood used for engineering building materials.

"Reducing human reliance on energy-inefficient cooling methods such as air
conditioning would have a large impact on the global energy landscape... we developed a structural
material with a mechanical strength of 404.3 MPa, more than 8X that of natural wood. The cellulose nanofibers in our engineered material backscatter solar radiation and emit strongly in mid-infrared wavelengths, resulting in continuous subambient cooling during both day and night. We model the potential impact of our cooling wood and find energy savings 20-60%, most pronounced in hot and dry climates."

"We developed a multi-functional, passive radiative cooling material composed of wood that can be fabricated by using a scalable bulk process to engineer its spectral response. The cooling wood exhibits superior whiteness, which originates from the low optical loss of the cellulose fibers and the material’s disordered photonic structure. The energy emitted within the infra-red range of the cooling wood overwhelms the amount of solar energy received."

Attributed sources found on:

, defined as "inherent love for nature", is gaining ground in modern sustainable design. Incorporating the outside indoors, it's a very ecosteader-friendly practice.

Ideas for a , both indoor and outdoor spaces:


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