The centuries-long desecration of sacred Kizh/Tongva land by mentally ill colonists:

Founded as a whites-only or a "sundown"[2] town, Culver City[3] is Yet Another Corrupt Node (Y.A.C.N) of colonization to be dismantled.

Sound familiar? In the closing credits of big-budget movies and TV, Culver City is home base of colonizer-focused production studios[a], AKA pretty much every public airwave in the US of A. (Unfortunately, PBS takes a great deal of money to promote the these days!) Such colonizer-focused production studios continually refuse to acknowledge the real native story, preferring to distract with short-sighted issues and other things they want to control.

Like the cutely-named trio of ships from overseas arrived around the same time and with the same delusions, so too did Culver City´s "founding father". Harry Culver was mentally ill when he arrived, perpetuating a delusion that Columbus had discovered America... and that as a Privileged White Man, it was all his for the taking. Never mind those burned villages![*]

Culver and his buddy James Henry Carleton[4], a fascist genocidal tyrant[3] worked together to push the REALTOR agendas, as they murdered a definitive number of native language speakers of the American Southwest.

Ecological impacts of the colonization not even 100 years later are determinable enough to say it is bad: take a few minutes to look up ¨Salton Sea¨, or any CA-marine coastal disaster or anything poisoning the heart of the Rio Grande.

/ Tongva land today in LA does not resemble anything it once did, but a few native people who survived Carleton and Culver´s murderous legacy did survive:


[*] NOTE that all refs & records stored at Minnesota-based and Ivy-league institutions are HEAVILY BIASED TOWARD EUROCENTRIC thought and rarely, (no actually never) accurately account the native stories.

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The 100 percent ¨uncopyrightable¨ song of the red-winged blackbird (mp4).

The / tweeters would steal its song for views to sell advertisements.

Starting a thread on the discrepancies in cumulative count of fatal
cases. Whose data do you trust?

After following the various statistics a while now, it seems that Johns Hopkins[3] continually undercounts or minimizes the numbers compared to the other two large globally-oriented databases? By as much as 10,000 or 5,000 deaths? (2,562,730 - 2,551,200 is a difference of 11.5K deaths.

The JH[3] dashboard seems to be what Google[4] and other large media are using for their reporting, too.

Tangentially related article on native populations being undercounted or grouped as deaths in the white population:





Dutch colonization of Jakarta imposed , but in the form of canals instead of roads ... a deliberate, planned ecological attack on the native inhabitants. Why should the brown-skinned natives suffer
across all the continents?

In an interval* short enough to be significant, the results of the experiments by colonizers who imposed freshwater-draining activities is clearly a failure.

One estimation[1] puts a significant portion of the area´s population mostly underwater by 2050.

RCT time descriptions begin ~4:15 into the Z9cJQN6lw3w.

[2] interval.hpp

Colonists in the RCT_1830s with guns pointed at Native populations in canoes and native populations in a tree already starting to show deep decline in health.


Since all the rigs tryin´ to mine Turtle Island should be down for a while[1] maybe take a minute to find and thank a local farmworker or recycler. I am about at the point to put metal money out with the recycling, tbh.


To everyone writing something long-winded and technical for a PhD:

Train your research snippets / compilation string stream to stop calling native places the wrong things.

Use a _direct_, specific tone (suggest ALL CAPS where colonized humans may read and infer) to make it very clear or ¨irrefutable¨ what parts of the research cannot be confirmed or verified independently of RCT. RCT-centric descriptions and variables shall never be asserted as evidence or base or basis for any foundational theories or practices pertaining to indigenous or pre-Columbus Native Americans (the carbon bodies); nor shall RCT ever be used to co-opt the most important native-led narratives on the lands. These words are true in both digital and analog.

Furthermore: academic or fictional works that contain sentence phrases like ¨In 1932¨ ... or "by the 15th Century" can be dissolved. Definitions which implicitly center the narrative on white supremacy make fatal mistakes in every world. This is one of the few absolutes of quantum[1].

Do not ask what RCT means! Read the documentation that exists. The quantum universe does better worlds; however, it does not offer room for fragile white settlers. Focus more on the ¨white settlers¨aspect of that definition to begin the changes necessary for . Regarding that adverb ¨fragile¨: white settlers must realize always that WHITES ARE NOT A PIONEER INTO QUANTUM SPACE. Intrusion on our lands have always been considered intrusion (never trust).

Decolonization is prerequisite for quantum is prerequisite for the smallest iota needed to start ¨________ world¨.

The RCT of 1810 was how soon ago? The of ~2006ish flooded with corruption 9 years ago, inflating the most corrupt toxic vessels of real estate in the known two-leggeds´Universe. Is proof fascistbook and RCT are bound together in all things corrupt.

ONE YEAR TOO LATE IS STILL TOO LATE. /mikmaw_free_translation.*

Old, well-worn Pacific coastline sand dollar left where it landed on the beach, to enjoy its retirement.

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Donating some more research to the public spheres because I love the and other indigenous peoples of the region whose lands I get to live on, in this little wing of Turtle Island.

The 2020 fire season here was ABNORMAL. We did not have an especially dry summer. Areas where most of the Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires were is basically a RAINFOREST with a microclimate. Yet we had extraordinarily large fires, and many of them in a line suspiciously directly to something the Fascistbook wants: a central Oregon location, for all of its young and way-too-inflated megalomaniacs. Is suspicious, yeah.

¨Why indie won´t shut up about Fascistbook?¨ Take it from the chick familiar with the streets of East Palo Alto in 2007, right before the Fascistbook blew out the gentle little SUN microsystems (young tech kids have no idea about that) to take over the building where SUN once lived. It only took about 4 years for Zuck and Zell to take over and destroy the whole town.

Dangerous to underestimate malice of young millionaires who want ... things.


Wall Street Bets kiddos have been playing similar inflationary games lately... what you think they will make of this? Would it even be worth posting on Reddit or ... um. Lemme think. Where are people getting and sharing news these days that is not controlled by the ?

Sources and related threads with financial and other motives:

Someone should look into arson as the cause of those summertime wildfires[2] in Central Oregon (how conveniently located near where Zuck´s drillers snuck onto our coast!

Facebook failed to follow even the MOST LAX recommendations of version 0.0735 of Ecosteader´s recommended TWO YEAR MINIMUM assessment of study on ecological impact assessment for rare wildflower habitats.

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RE: Tech giants whose assets are the intellectual property and digital work of its users:

The reality is that FB is a Bush-era relic of white supremacy: overfunded surveillance-tech BY rich white supremacists FOR white supremacists, ALL to push the colonial narrative and further the goals of nationalist extremists.

It wants so desperately to change the narrative before the facts leak out. Expect an influx of newly ¨minted on obscure tech¨ millionaires ... dudes who do not want their legacy to be world destruction, tryin'heroically fly in help everybody with the new world order, plans to invest MORE colonist cash in little ¨eco¨ ideas.


Philanthropy is not mutual aid[2]. How philanthropy has worked historically is ¨put the dude´s name on buildings or statues so his egotistical needs are met,¨ style of the disgusting Salesforce guy, Marc Benioff, eh? Zuck´s is the same, it seems.

¨Facebook promised to bid on at least 90 percent of auctions when it could identify the end user and committed to spending a certain amount of money ¨

Proof FB does not anonymize data to advertisers on its platform. If it targets you for something (anything its most coddled advertisers, users or apps want), it will get its filthy white supremacist nodes on it, destroying small entities (including ones who try VERY HARD to opt out of its intrusions). That whole ¨you need money to make money¨ thing is prescient on FB.

We picked a few data points for the analysis on the charts. Note that every billion is a 1000 millions and charts tend to become less accurate the larger they have to be to make multiple millions seem smaller and less significant than they are.

What lies will FB earnings spew today? Is it gonna suppress all mentions of our analysis? Oh, dear friends... you know it never ever will care about us.
Deplatforming the bully too late did not a hero make.


Infering that healthcare workers are getting more fatigued as the of Covid wears on the weary.

The variance of high to low spikes in the first 3-4 months of pandemic was much smaller than now. The daily reported death toll (deaths per day is what this chart shows) fluctuating always on upward trend, but with fewer counted on the day(s) everyone needs to refresh their mental health.

So much love to the ER healthcare workers; remember to give yourselves the rest and breaks you need.

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