"The bastardization of a name, Hollywood style -- to some he a deceased Diné child, a sibling or an uncle of a sacred Diné grandmother's grandchild!

It was a tactic of conditioning by MSNBColoniZerberg to steal and defile names of good native people."

:micmacaroo: ginuewei nmisinen Reid, at least ten years? We talked about your barely-survived gentrification-related violence in East Oakland.

Pretty much as soon as Zuck got to East Palo Alto, a gentrification-related stabbing in building in the neighborhood ... people talk about how bad California got, nobody making that up. My paternal grandparent (not yours) died there. Slaves by tech bros hub got hit pretty hard early, but we had a tenants union; indigenous language keepers never survive anywhere near Zuck's followers.

Parajo "Pueblo Unidos" ... does that drone video look like some ___ engineered to break? Did somebody coerce you to be on Zuck time and dates working his Farmworld currency?

Your homes crowded like a trailer park, and they lack native plants as roots; since nobody offered you willow* and your town is now poison runoff

When the Earth mother needs you at your strongest, Zuck fascists rage extra hard to distract, hurt you, or buy loyalty.

French and English and Spanish-language colonizers trying to get you to forget. Flood ruined appliances and electronics, but you don't have to eat McD. NO WASTE YOUR CRY on ColoniZerbergMSNBC.

We don't talk about "Vancouver" or "BC" here. HAIDA ISLAND, Island no get chopped into slices for $CAD or for some FDIC underwritten otter.ai to fail at bringing comic relief to anyone when they advertise on FB or affiliate station.

"*willow not any "p" word. Portugal as the face of Spain backed France up to the German wall where the fire ants duke it out. Nothing in Nitap Cheechako French!"

would be what Nitap say. (All floating UI commentary "THEIRS")

If the government pays even a penny more than the FDIC amount, the total violence and genocide on indigenous people will increase. This is a proof and a theorem.

Because, we know Mark Eliot Zuckerberg paid some hollywood director to idolize him in "Mr. Robot." But, Zuck is not like Eliot, he most like Tyrone, the sadistic VC of SVB combined with that actor from LegionFX who is "angriest boy int the world".

So any "customers" who are heavily reliant on Facebook for distribution are getting government help to hold up the treasonists putting Charlottetown and Cederberg maps on the globe that keeps telling people it only has native names.

So, unfortunately "he's just not creative enough to make it past 2011" is more than 12X true in 2023. That and we don't need your Russian or China or French or Spanish accents or stories right now.

So this caucasian Canadian woman with tattoos decided to get on a plane and fly to something she calls "Toronto" to go meet the natives and do a video about permafrost ice cores,
everybody else
EVERYBODY ELSE SO LACKING IN CREATIVITY who don't understand C14 dating.

Indie wrote a more informative piece and more spectacularly delivered it a wider audience without ever going there.... whose skill is more ecological?

(HOLOGRAM DECAL PROMISED to find that YT link and make the comment I'm biting my tongue to not make?)

KKKanadian province names are not part of the ANF.

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"We do not use word "CROSSED" in Iñupiaq'ieg"

"Do not attack old souls with words of impatience; the four-legged will not be replaced by four wheelers! "

WE WILL NOT :global_warming:-related "formal request",

Suit? "Not needed."

Tie? "Are you insane? That word was outlawed from Technical Writers without Borders about 15 * the last time we got a new refinement on 5730 plus or minus _______ "

"Was thinking about volcanoes and FORENSICS and Nitap on the Yupiaq side: THEY are near a near-erupting volcano, some of the geology algorithm studies say ... islands in the vicinity of Alaska Public Media. "

<Commercial break>

Technical Writers without Borders :: ::: FDIC INSURANCE SPECIAL FOR "THE LOWER 48"

"Up to $250,000 insurance PER BANK is true? Oh, per customer. But it says here that 97 percent of your customers deposited over $250,000.00 each!, so you don't need a Federal helper. The little one became a technical writer to help the natives, not make the caucasian CEOs money for their SVB" </Commercial break>

"DOT" is not an acronym on borderless there are no Department of Transportations, just little boys who like playing with tar and rocks.

Dot placed after whole, real numbers sometimes called
decimals, indicate fractions.

No... not "everything under a dollar" so somebody's DOLLAR GENERAL can "Department of Transportation" all this weird CHINA stamp on everything only the poor people have to buy"

If you have landfills you need to start recycling.

"Zero plus significant when you can speak in fractional linguistics; that is not copper pennies and it ain't ability to do assault on your enemy. WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH THE CHEECHAKO AND 5 PANDAS? Nitap DNA story is not anything FRENCH or SPANISH or ColoniZerberg romance; you are on wrong continent, thinking on wrong clocks."

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An ecosteader.com keyboard

is mightier than the sword.

weekend is all about

for the 35,000 citizens whose native neural net doesn't involve priortizing English.

Anybody who shows up needs to know it is not a good idea to let your group get railroaded into "organizing" on
to the 30-year old caucasian male's PLATFORM, INC

Ecosteaders will be around.

“Indigenous Language Justice,” SB 612 and SB 911. Currently, none of Oregon’s statewide systems reliably provide services or interpretation in Indigenous languages, despite the fact that Oregon is home to over 35,000 people whose primary language is one of more than 30 Indigenous languages.

“Indigenous language speakers from present-day Mexico, Central America, and South America should experience the fundamental human right to understand and be understood. Full stop,” Sen. Wlnsvey Campos (D-District 18, Aloha) said. “All Oregonians should have access to interpretation services if and when they need them. This is critical to our collective prosperity as Oregonians.”

Pueblo Unido, a member of the Fair Shot for All economic justice coalition, and the Collective of Indigenous Interpreters of Oregon are supporting the legislation to increase language access and ensure the inclusion of Indigenous communities in government.

SB 612 would result in the development of new evaluation processes for Indigenous languages, which would create a path for interpreters to demonstrate proficiency and obtain formal credentials.

SB 911 will establish a commission for Original Peoples from South America, Central America, and Mexico within the Oregon Advocacy Commissions Office, ensuring that Indigenous peoples from these regions are represented in state government and have a direct voice in policy proposals that concern their communities.""


"But Instagram is my friends".

Not true. The actual audience for every image you upload to Zuck's servers is below: white men in suits buying people's faces and images from stock photos to appear diverse.

Blackrock and Vanguard are pretty much the opposite of diverse, The opposite of ethical.

This is the TV news media and Facebook -- the same group of unethical men vyiing to be the next big man "chief" of the corporations responsible for t murdering the most indigenous peoples.

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Informative video compilation of engineering data on the environmental disasters created by the train derailments. Happened right after workers stopped striking. Here we do financial analysis.

"Derailments" is the correct noun. 5 derailments in the state of Ohio in February alone, and a brand new derailment at 10 PM last night. Japan had fewer all of last year.

NOTE: most of these "news media" giants have "affiliate station" reporters and field reporters advertising for viewer reactions and interactions on Facebook as part of their job.

So if you woke up today to see how many people did a "like" on your Instagram pics, or what new "movements" might be happening for environmentalists on Facebook or its Meta game site -- YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION.

What tags and words these media collectively censor to oppress and condition people about what really happened is something $PLTR knows.


Flooding coming up for many who cling desperately to the settler states.

Did you know that these "Atmospheric Rivers" can carry a volume of water 15X the Mississippi river?

Add to that all the heavy, heavy heavy snow over previously-waterlogged areas?

There is only one thing that can happen.

Not a good idea to plan trips to TX, AL, FL, GA, or any Caribbean islands this spring -- not a good idea to book luxury vacations, cruises, or anything involving a $META photo op for what is "guaranteed" to be an underwater AirBnB anywhere near what the 95 percent "white people owned" National Association of Realtors rent houses for income.

The evil landlord companies of what the landlords call "United States" don't know how to plan for floods. They know their assets are underwater and unrecoverable. They want you to be in that mess, and die so they can escape liability.

It is going to be a hard spring.

Aboriginal and indigenous people don't have big giant states representing them in this PAYOUT OPPORTUNITY resultant from

for FB's
surveillance capitalism on the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA, up to and including any use of biometrics on them.

But first we're going to talk about Larry and Sergey's intergenerational traumas; because unlike Zuckerberg,

Page and Brin had Ph.D.-level ethics at the time of their decision to incorporate, which $FB never did never had never will. These were people who cared about the brand they were incorporating, and took some extra time to do it right.

Since Zuckerberg's life was birthed on top of a giant pile of PHARMACEUTICAL MONIES DERIVED FROM TESTING ON AMIMALS IN LABS LIKE THOSE AT UC DAVIS.

Since Zuck and his StalinNet got so good at bringing medical and biowarfare on indigenous peoples, he never got a job or had to work for anybody but himself!

When he decided to appoint himself CEO as a freshman or whatever college grade he was, nobody ran any background or credit checks.

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It's not green or eco or scrappy to ship popcorn from crab country.

The intersection of nada'a' and what nobody ever again has to call a struggle about ANYTHING EVER AGAIN, if you just quit and really invest in your own distribution channels.

Some employee of "New Seasons Market" ordered this Danbury CT-located popcorn factory for their shelves. Again, failure to add on the distance vector calculus in you so-called eco calculator!

Before franchiZerberging, New Seasons was trying (from what I understand) "trying" to be like a more localized Whole Foods ( grocery store, before it was bought by Amazon).

Do New Seasons owners have documentation people checking that you are fulfilling your company's vision and mission as planned?

When you insult even one kernel of corn and call yourself "scrappy" for "Likes" on fascist net?

E'e' && eh -- the indigenous Americans don't like that.

Unwalled Street
Reward post for long-term logicians : :::02_20_2023 ::: :

"Happy Indigenous Chiefs Day"

Forget "build the wall" this political season.


Indigenous chiefs gonna remind you AGAIN... you was never secure on native land.

Unpaywall everything.

No apologies that today's post not about a "Presidents' Day*",

Quite hard to believe in JUSTICE where a so-called "Supreme Court" has even one rapist from the rotting Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian style halls of Harvard.

Do not bore <ntv_lang -->decolonizing_lang note: "Bored to Death" is hyperbole on the Internet for being too isolated by bad network admins.

Let the world watch astonished as WE


we we we

as we finally -- after 400 years -- DELETE ALL THE RACIST PARTS OF THE mission and vision of the colonizers from the 1600s; the US was built upon genocide.

INDIGENOUS lands that are home to wild lynx.

Canadian lynx never wanted to cows, the DNA of the Earth was programmed for different animals to be eating different foods in her climate.

People who look at the Parliament in Britian and see insanity from industrialization more than 2 centuries ago, long-term brain damage and psychosis affecting large swaths of population in constant humanitarian crisis?

Since the RCT_1600's at least we have said CHARLOTTE and her self-important named landmarks need to stay off the maps.WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING, GOOGLE? DO I HAVE TO BE HIRED TO GET ANYTHING DONE THERE?

Where are the lynx in Ohio gonna hide or get their fish after that rail car exploded and spewed industrial chemicals all over the place? Stop worshipping the purveyors or madness.

$META MUST FALL FAR BELOW 9 billion MC. $RCL needs to drop below $1 billion MC. Cruise ships that lose 3 billion to hide the taxes of billionaires like Zuck who are trying to mine bodies from Jamaica, Ethoipa, New Zealand and Australia? We cannot just shrug this off as inflation.


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Microsoft founder, W. Gates
did HOSTAGE &hostaged


to too many controls o' his "operating system" and its

But $INTC and open-source thinkers did a "remote fix" on that in the 00's and made a bigger, more fair Internet.

UNFORTUNATELY, Another malicious prog -- note the SIMILARITIES where Facebook founder's biz strategy was to hostage and override

mental health:

Zuck is responsible for more arrests, homicides and suicides than ANYONE ELSE NORTH POLE TO ANTARCTICA.

Formerly known as "Facebook, Inc".
("META, Inc." descriptions include Facebookistan, InStalkergram, StalinNet, coloniZerberg, AdvertiZerberg, StalinNET, MX(StalinNet).NET.)

Note on MC analysis

We cannot open-source more world-saving BLUEPRINTS until that god-damned Facebook founder loses hundreds of more billions due to the note from this decryption:


"Timeout is FOREVER" as long as $META market cap is 'even one penny' over 9 billion MC ""

He never had the hardware or the brains, is what Bertha would say.

<big wink tease for FINALLY AN INDIGENOUS UNWALLED STREET POST COMING THIS WEEK, celebrating Black Wall Street returning, along with..."

rollout:: <TortoiseMountain

<Ad by an amazing NLP writer whose paypal button is under web/accounts/1>

"Google, Baahashne' dooleeł _"

not same as

"Google baahashne' dooleeł."

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Germans are destroying the IndigenoUS and its islanders.

Canadians and German Americans live in this fantasy where "as long as everybody is in the most dire straits possible", they can always swoop in and play hero.

And they way they do this is with money. $CAD, $USD, and all those worthless $EUROs.

Right now the two most "viewed" Rastafarians in Jamaica are being exploited by such tourists with booze budgets and cameras.

Stop the cruise lines selling boozy vacations. $RCL and $CCL are also locked in the vice grip of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The German YouTuber behind Mr. Freelance is not someone I would trust on my island, Mokko and Rhatid.

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Phoenix Suns basketball team new jerseys all about the new jersey of native acknowledgements:


Dear "Sectigo Limited" customer support: 

We will not hire any SSL cert-provider who uses Cloudflare anything.

ColoniZerberg funnels contain poison.

Some day soon when Ecosteader temporarily goes offline (might happen if ethical non-UK or non-USD or non-KKKanada tech partners do not exist!)

RCT expiry is not native time format!

Where you EVER try to coerce me into a customer support interaction where there need not be one because YOU DID NOT READ THE DOCUMENTATION AND BROUGHT THE DISALLOWED ROMAN NUMERAL AND CALENDAR?

God damn you deeper into Zuck's BFF, StalinNet

"We're just gonna delete the commerce layer. That's it."

$CAD in the RCT_historical spans are often just "slightly" more inflated than the $USD, but that was only before bitcoins. Waste of time deciding who to trust between Mnuchin and Treaudeau (or whatever that name is spelled!) do not waste time nor energy on those whose currency is treason-related crimes. Euros who love guns, revenge, come to the KKKanada to play out fantasies that should not exist.

Where the two or more non-native currencies $EURO, $USD, $CAD were being made to compete? BAD NEWS BEAR MARKETS.

Eco means small.

Only green energy ideas will keep.

All the clues around you? Our earth mothers' lives and daughters worth more than US DOLLARS or CANADIAN DOLLARS, EUROS, and all coins in between.


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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.