Facebook´s BFF Enbridge, in case you have not yet heard, spent $3 Billion dollars the other day to buy a gigantic BIGRIG connection in one of the most colonially-desecrated US states, Texas.

Deal includes ¨property¨ known as the Ingleside Energy Center near Corpus Christi, Texas. Built in 2018, it is North America’s largest crude export terminal, which loaded 25% of all U.S. Gulf Coast crude exports last year. Enbridge will also acquire a 20% stake in the Cactus II Pipeline, which connects the Permian Basin with the Gulf Coast, plus the Viola pipeline and the Taft Terminal.

¨Enbridge said the acquisition will be initially funded with current liquidity, and that the deal, which is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year, will immediately add to its earnings.¨


With all the hurricanes and tropical storms, is going to be pretty tough getting those ¨movements¨ meant to go viral for colonizer zocial media userz that can be used to sell colonizer sportswear and equipment, eh? GLWT1.


The RCMP border patrol launched another greedy experiment for colonist cash at tg'sn artificial border between what colonists call Canada and the United States.

Why do people trust acronyms? Why are colonists trying to get involved with where indie was going? RCMP are not Royal anything; the booths and barricades at the ¨port¨ of entry are neither indigenous, nor attractive as welcome.

Thinking about what to speak in English is not what Turtle Islanders do!

Especially not on their way to ceremony on native lands blocked by OTI invaders with delusions about their role and place. Someone obviously did not read the documentation.

For the <ntv.lang> translators: Already vaccinated ppl being stalled, told that we must provide the paid booth employees w/ a specific kind of test that we have taken within 72 hours, proving that our vaccinations are working.

Here is the kick! Tests are being administered by private companies with phone apps and ostentatious fees that also require preregister for appointments.

Damn; even though it is weekend and nobody out here, is already booked full (is similar to scheme the capitalists do w/booking hotels and rental units they intend to keep empty, in order to drive up last-minute prices), forcing more road-related energies be wasted for ground transport looking for test site. Vaccinated folks who are trying to move freely, told they have to wait 2 days to get results.

So if you are trying to cross that artificial border on Turtle Island, you are now being forced into something of a conundrum for your wait. PUA!

The butterfly from Wabanaki landed _here_, where it asked for our watermark over anything royal the colonists might claim.

Go ahead and keep on keeping on donating your images, words, voice and family pictures to those capitalistic fascistbook billionaires ... is guaranteed they will suck your life energy for doing so.

¨Moqo, we do not.¨

Part 2/3 (follow-on to 106902215266547803)

Speaking of sheepish ...

Of course, it takes over a decade and a pretty, popular colonizer with her own promotion-filled YT channel for homeless guy to get his work _indirectly_ enough traction to upgrade some gear.

The fact that YouTube (and its astoundingly wealthy parent company) have had insider knowledge of this vlogger over ELEVEN YEARS should make any Googler (any YT watcher, actually) feel very ashamed to be employee or owner. FB also makes and appearance in his videos (mostly for drama arguing with the local town mayors) since it seems that
123homefree.org does promote FB as well as links to his YT channel.

That being said, his site contains some well put-together plant foraging documentation and notes.

Fletcher finally recently reached 8K subscribers over 11 years, thanks to his colonizer promotion, and was able to upgrade his hobo stove and get selfie stick! Sucks that it took that long, bro. My experience with Google was much worse (part 3/3).

Will post that one only to the ones that care enough to follow my work, though.

Hey, we got a mention with big, trendy media site Vice News.

Not us as in Ecosteader, but us as in Mastodon communicators across the global, diverse, beautiful, .

Indeed are we the hackers, orders of magnitude greater at helping the world decolonize from invasive capitalistic tech than colonizer social media ever will be. We are a necessary and permanent fixture, and we will only get stronger as more people sheepishly realize how compromised and vulnerable they are to the sadistic whitemanz delusions of infinite growth on the finite planet.

Let it be a great relief there is a living, active solidarity movement of people both IRL and building our online communities literally doing literal things ... erasing Web 2.0 standards of an ¨app for everything¨, and... remodeling community, shall we say.

Self-hosting is digital decolonization, and is never too late to decolonize. Decolonize your tech to decolonize your thinking. A decolonized mind is a beautiful, powerful thing.



[1] Last I heard Vice was still related to HBO, which is part of Warner Media conglomerate...

Chetna Mehta has some videos about decolonization. Here is one from "Decolonizing Our Minds":

"Decolonization is for everybody. ... We are all living together in a deeply colonial world."

"Acknowledging our privileges from this process of decolonization helps us show up from a position of what we can do, what we can give, especially to those populations that are even more vulnerable to the present-day implications, repercussions, trauma from colonization."


More how to support her work here: mosaiceyeunfolding.com/the-moo

Live from Seattle, Daybreak Star Radio launched recently. Live stream is here:


Despite the mangled connotation of "secure net" due to the words "securenet" in the URL, the page IS NOT SECURE; it contains tracking scripts from the , and outward-bound advertising links promoting .

Theoretically, while this effort could add more native voices to the airwaves,we gotta be honest in that the presence of such links indicates that it is being lorded over by Y.A.W.G.; "Yet Another White Guy"[3]. It is a bad clone of a failed recipe:

Y.A.W.G. requires Facebook and Twitter users to validate him (the savvy ones use their white privilege money to buy promotions).

Echo chambers of FB users modded into hell are not reflective of the native population. Install EFF badger for more help with tech like this:



Related thread: ecosteader.com/@indie/10660155

Critical Race Theory discussions are appropriate here, yes.

How open is your instance admin to such discussions? Can we talk with some folks on your instance about ?

Educators in various taxpayer-funded situations in heavily colonized (AKA "conservative") states are losing their jobs over the oppressive push of indoctrination in government, like the black principal in Texas[1].

Indeed, governments ought never be used to enable churches!

Found a writeup[2], which contains a summarized and lightweight baseline, assuming we can forgive the idiot for posting colonizer social media links on their page:

"This history accurately portrays U.S. conservatives, and their liberal partners, as blood-thirsty colonizers who have built their colonial empire through slavery and genocide. These facts are globally understood and accepted as truth, except by those seeking to continue that legacy of violence and domination. "

[1] theroot.com/texas-high-school-

[2] vacpusa.org/2021/06/24/opposin

The Atlantic basin allowing the heated hatred of mankind to organize as a forceful whirlwind of destruction.

Going to be building a vertically tall living wall at the today thru this weekend.

Long-term readers of Ecosteader may remember our hashtag from a couple years ago. Have been dreaming about being able to make one IRL, with integrated drainage for a long while...

Right now is beginning as a S.I.P. or ¨Structural Insulated Panel¨ anchored into ground as the core _ug'tatqa'lam_.

Picked up a few sandwich-board foam insulation panels at the Rebuilding Center in North Portland. One shown here will be the ¨I¨ part of the SIP; am going to layer waterproofing things around it since there will be dirt and plants involved. Area behind it is central _ug'tatqa'lam of the building still needing work that will likely not come together until much later.

Materials to work with include mostly recycled components from the tear-down on-site, plus some warehouse and lumber yard scraps compiled from nearby sources.

Sending creative energies out into the Universe, hopeful some find their way back here today.

Top 25 affected countries by newly-reported deaths for the ongoing shown in screenshot

U.S. is #1 in reported new deaths, though that does not mean other countries where reporting lags are necessarily accurate.

11,300 deaths reported yesterday, which is ~November 2020 levels from last year, assuming all the other reporting is accurate.


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´Sup pattern and code thinkers... is wasuton wi..

Oh, the importance of remember FILTERS.

Let us today and all this week deorbit colonizer social media.

We vibe w/those ready to stop sustaining the Billionaires´ increasing madness.

Do not hook up ur hard work for likes thru his, the whitemanz servers; he wants to hijack and rot yo+ur life connections.

Let them steal neither ur light nor our water.

Admire those who smash his attempts to override and his lies about infinite growth. Whitemanz who dreams in having trillions of colonist dollars to capture and trap more natives ... HE is more destructive to Indigenous Earth systems than even most advanced technical writer of documentation can write! Defocus the enablers of patriarchy.

~ <save_the_icecaps.mqe>

Not a sweet little kid movie kinds of vibe...

Ground Truth:

Early Walt Disney empire dragged kitties thru RCT productions for big money; four leggeds endured cruelty for audience reaction. Do not view _That Darn Cat_ ~1965. Privileged wannabeland barons (all wašíču) making colonizer drama in a Sundown City[2] on lands.


Follow up to this thread from last year. We wrote about the ecosystem of some native buckwheats being attacked aggressively by colonist forces from OTI.

OTI is ¨Off Turtle Island¨.

Region where the buckwheats vs the Lithium miners:


Rare medicine plants and ancient humans´ lands exist here.

What do colonial offices in British Colonial-ruled NSW Australia want with Nevada? The rich men in suits are trying to fast-track an open pit mine. OTI-owned entities are usually shell corps of larger ones with carefully-managed PR, and they like hiding things about their owners in faceless companies overseas.

Why this mine owned by Ioneers is particularly malicious and must be shut down for Turtle Island L.A.W. is obvious. Can be inferred by the financial forensics, which indie has generously included on screenshot here and in logic here[4] $GSCCF has been around since only 2019, and it already is claiming to be worth 591 million dollars of colonial cash!

Why we are bringing this up today is because we discovered recently that shortly after our post, some activists started a camp [2] at another Lithium mining site owned by $LAC and .CA [5] where mining has been set to begin on July 29th.

Someone really needs to help the camp decolonize the activists from FB spyware phones and apps at activist events, though ...

[1] youtu.be/TxduPi0bga8

[2] protectthackerpass.org

[3] ecosteader.com/@indie/10653393


[5] youtube.com/watch?v=D4wfgxhqqB

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Another downside to colonizer social media is its quickness to spread misinformation and disinformation far and wide.

Whitemanz CEO companies do not "like" anything that makes them or their favorite executives look bad. Egoes get wrapped up in who has the fanciest real estate and the best stocky-wocky prices.

When failing in efforts to contain news that will be detrimental to their image or stocky-wocky prices, often do they resort to disinformation and misinformation campaigns (diversionary tactics).

While it was quite obvious Twitter enabled Drumpf with the means and opportunity to create such misinformation and disinformation campaigns, it is perhaps less obvious how the other colonizer social media founders keep getting away with murder.

Woke up at 2AM today (vaccination shot messed up sleep schedule), did a random check of news, and found an interesting story that explains partly "how"... and it was not yet saved to the accounting archive.

Author and journalist Cecilia Kang was VERY CAREFUL to not step on the toes of Whitemanz CEOs as she spoke to NPR[1].

Whitemanz goal is to make innocent people forget how much LIES to the public his platform is responsible for perpetuating. Colonist founders hate being identified as the actual fascists, hypocrites and genocidal tyrants they are.

Does not take a genius to find similarities among the "early" investors of FB; Zuckerberg and Sandberg have a shared delusion that Turtle Island is .... somehow their Jewish birthright? To buy and swap and sell racially-platted parcels[3]? To fly over, to drill and mine and make drama... to chain with hideous undersea cables[4]?

DOES NOT TAKE A GENIUS to figure out the common denominator from the founders' bios. Disgusting growth this last year ... from 509 Billion to 1 Trillion colonist cash dollars!


[1] web.archive.org/web/2021072311

[2] ecosteader.com/@indie/10603804



Welcome Indigenous Cloud☽ to the party! We take back the Internet.

;: :;
;; ; ; :: :: ; ; ;;
; ;; ---- :: ; ; :: ---- ;; ;
; :: ---- ;; ; ; ;; ---- :: ;
; ;; ---- :: ; ; :: ---- ;; ;
; :: ---- ;; ; ; ;; ---- :: ;
; ;; ---- :: ; ; :: ---- ;; ;
; :: --- :: ; ; :: --- :: ;
; :: ; :: --- :: ; :: ;
; ;; || ;; ;

Colonizer social media is built upon inherent suppression and oppression of native voices.

Hate is literally programmed into the algorithms: from FB to Twotetter to Reddit, the whiteman-founded companies are all the same. Be not surprised they conspire!

With hate do they conspire to hijack the minds and hearts of our people. Steal, cut and take a piece our work to "maintain" illusion of power.

They cancel or shut us down when we draw attention to the crumbling foundation of colonial reality. Our well-documented efforts and hashtags and movements get trashed in favor of paid promotional messages from their wealthy colonist advertisers, the landlords.

I do not compromise my long and well-respected career as an underrepresented woman in technology for telling you this. Other women and PoC who have endured more than a year or two of the tech world will say the same. It is astoundingly difficult to be heard by folk who have no idea how to listen!

Native Turtle Islanders who do not want to be associated with colonizer advertising are wise to leave colonizer social media entirely. But where to go?

The Internet did not used to be this lonely for us outcasts... the Internet used to be our place. People could build focused niche things and other curious people could find and discover them and make new friends... and things that started could get a little bigger.

Nobody needed to aspire to a BILLION dollar valuation like the narcissists of YCombinator do.


¨History catches up with them¨ also true outside RCT.

¨En.RCMP today¨ =~= ¨Rabidly-colonized Germany¨

((rabid rapid typo uncertain. are similar result vectors; something aggressive made people sick! ))


Not sure on the source, but see also: todon.nl/@paulfree14/106586765

Q: What’s your advice to others who want to see more accurate Native/Indigenous representations of their tribes in cities?

Ojibwe artist Andrea Carlson answers: ¨Listen to Native people. Go to our presentations, our exhibitions, and read our books. Antagonize the settler mentality that lives in your head -- I must do that too. Question institutions that don’t acknowledge the Indigenous land that they are built upon.¨


REPOST w/updated details.

PDX folks might want to avoid 99E tomorrow, as quite a caravan of local native youth are running to honor survivors and descendants of survivors of residential schools in the US and KKKanada.

So if you are driving and start feeling upset that there is a jam of _traffic_ and other inconvenience in your way as the youth run, perhaps take a deep breath and listen for a few minutes to survivor Chris Metatawabin talk about his experience at¨St. Anne's school, a notorious residential school that had an electric chair¨:


The public part of the run (comrades and allies welcome) will begin mid-morning at the Community River Park in Canby: 1348 SW Berg Parkway. The youth organizers of this event have the following requests for anybody joining the run:

¨Please wear orange and a mask around community members. When running, run behind or along the sides of Indigenous runners, please try not to pass Indigenous runners, and always stay behind the person carrying a wooden staff. For cultural purposes, non-Indigenous people may not carry the staff, but feel free to carry an orange bandana, or a sign with a message along the lines of “1500+ children” “Justice for Indigenous families” “May the children rest in peace”. Please no triggering imagery or language, remember there are people who are directly affected.¨

The youth will also have orange caps and shirts available.

Caterpillars that ingest the RCT will output codes in langs other than English, though global translations can vary.

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