The corrupt government printing press at has apparently printed (let us think this math through. Um, eight hundred sixteen billion + 200 million dollars minus six hundred ninety billion + 650 million dollars is a difference of ....

[[[[calculating sounds]]]])


126850000000 colonial dollars since July. One company with ONLY 56,653 employees can print over 126 billion dollars in six months?

If you think THAT number is crazy, check out how much it has gone up in the last four years.


Apparently in order to ¨keep on keepin' on suffocating and murdering¨ the little people as Mr. Donald Trump wants, the Fascistbook has to keep inflating itself with the increasingly ostentatious and wishfully heroic gestures of benevolence, ALL of which are rooted in corrupt colonialism.

How big does the monstrosity that assaults the little folks get to get?

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It is the beginning of the month! Are you a PoC too far behind on your rent to the slavemaster, and getting evicted illegally?

Maybe watch this[1] full-length documentary on how the settlers who colonized the North American continent segregated and impoverished through something called a ¨racial covenant¨ written right onto the deeds. Then start cussing out your landlords because their ancestors manufactured urban poverty.

Doc has a great intro to the parent idea of racial covenants, which are called ¨restrictive covenants¨ and involve ¨redlining¨ as ways the early whites settled towns, dividing the PoCs to live in the ¨undesirable¨ neighborhoods and all the white settlers to the favorable ones.

Images on this post EXPLICITLY state the wishes of the white settlers to push the colored folks into the littlest boxes in the sickest parts of the towns.

Ecosteader corporate papers explicitly incorporate anti-racist ideals into our urban planning and ideals; to correctly acknowledge the correct things, we cannot build our land acknowledgements on incorrect and short-sighted colonial-worded deeds perpetuated by racism that has been PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.


Brokers are the top realty agents whose models rent out a bunch of desks and ¨rights¨ to use signs and legal papers (colonial deed system) and the database of properties for sale to aspiring Brokers (Realtors).

Brokerages are, at the most simple definition, pyramid schemes. For another glimpse into the illegal eviction machine that only the people can stop, video [2].



Last year we shared Leonard Peltier 2019 Thanksgiving message in this thread.

He is not the only indigenous activist and PoC suffering behind steel bars this day, bars from the for-profit prison industrial complex perpetuating colonialism.

Indigenous people are incarcerated at 15X - 20X the rate of whites whose ancestors run the prison system. These men and women are NOT criminals.

Indeed, the statistic remains true for EVERY continent has experienced colonialism (prison industrual complex).

In Montana, for example, the reports: ¨Indigenous people comprise approximately 6.5 percent of the Montana state population and yet account for 20 percent of the men’s state prison population, 34 percent of the women’s state prison population, and 27 percent of the state’s arrests for failures to appear in court or for probation or parole violations.¨

See the video[1] of the Peltier statue´s dedication:





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Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 26th, 6:00 - 8:00 am ~

The Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony held on Alcatraz Island to honor the Indigenous People's of America since 1975.
Please tune in to the broadcast to hear prayers for healing and offerings of collective thanks for 528 years of survival and resistance to colonization including other pandemics native Nations have survived in the past.

That the white supremacist media is trying to take over the event this year, via facebook is DISGUSTING TRAVESTY.

Perhaps the audio broadcast will be untainted:

What follows here is one of the more interesting hacks from reconstruction:


Background on this project for any new followers of tag is yeah... we saved quite a bit of material from the teardown. No, we were unable to save everything (COVID prevented us from donating first to local orgs where they would have gone to be diverted from the waste stream). But we did upcycle more than 75 percent of the teardown material we did not save. Some of it we went to great lengths to deliver to like-minded folks, too!

Something a white bro scoffed at me for saving to reuse was the "black tarpaper" from behind the old siding. Yeah it had a few spiders' nests on it. Seemed remarkably clean and sturdy for having been up so long. Plus paper; any plant material can be considered as sacred, I think; even a poor old tree that got mixed up in bitumen[1] by no fault of its own.

My gut was to lay this under the waterproofing material of choice (tile!) for the outside deck installation... an extra waterproofing layer, encase any supposedly dangerous material.

Turns out this was a good hunch b/c after I got this tile laid down the other day, found out that the chemistry of the tarpaper is such that it will likely increase strength and longevity of the thin-set layer of mortar under the tile. Cool, eh?

Turns out, folks from the EU are making business out of it [2]:

¨The refining process of Tarpaper Recycling converts the bitumen-rich roofing felt waste to a raw material .. that can be recycled 100%. This product can be used as binder in the production of new asphalt as it contains bitumen, the most valuable raw-material in asphalt. Roofing felt can replace bitumen to a certain point in the production of asphalt, somewhat depending on what type of asphalt is produced¨


The Philippines have been experiencing more frequent and severe damage from storms at what can accurately be described as an ¨accelerating¨ rate.

People were getting sick of rebuilding only to have their work downed by the next storm.

So, in 2014, some of them decided to rethink/DECOLONIZE how housing and shelters are done, based on successful models in the US and Malawi. Rebuilding amid unpredictable storms was often futile, so they rethought their community around an model, adapted as a Windship.

This fascinating documentary (2015) interviews Earthship architect Mike Reynolds, and several young and old folks building self-sustainable biotecture projects that can be climate-specific for a region.

¨The building is earth-bermed and the vaulted concrete roof allows wind to pass over but not lift up the structure.¨

Quite a bit of climate chaos since 2015, and no signs of it letting up, eh?

Living with the daily realities on a planet in retaliation mode means adapting outside of the ¨law¨ and government; these static things are inflexible and unresponsive to dynamic systems. They CANNOT keep pace with the realities of a dynamic and reactive planet.

Indeed, the worst parts of the project have been these inflexible things. Really enjoyed hearing about how Reynolds has successfully worked around outdated and inefficient government systems. (HINT: is easier to do outside of the US than in!)

We are not going to run out of trash or refuge material. Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and landslides all decompose weak systems. Smart societies rebuild more intelligently.

Reposting this video of the Swamp family speaking (Haudenosaunee elders and their son, Skahendowaneh Swamp); can rarely remember tags originally posted it under. Should have been under or or something similar, but is not. Want it easier to find and discuss. Is timely and relative today...

All discussions about the drama-filled US government happenings should always acknowledge how YOUNG this government is, young like a teeny bopper. To make this acknowledgement as a sane and sober human intent on decolonizing, you might want to read something like _Killing the White Man's Indian_[2] for a more proper perspective on how natives view time and .

Hint: you don't need to be white to mindlessly enable white supremacy!

About ~49 minutes into the video, the Iroquois elder talks about this, and about how the main ideas for what the US thinks of as its "Democracy" were actually "borrowed" from First Nations native peoples. The colonists, of course, adapted it to be "white man friendly" by destroying the best and most crucial* part of a matriarchal society. (*The 13 indigenous clan mothers could kick out anyone suspected of bringing corruption to the lower tribal courts.)

We have no such checks!

Unfortunately, "fake plastic trees" Amy Coney Barrett cannot be trusted to fend off patriarchal institutions dreamt up by the wasicu. She belongs to Barbie Doll land. Her appointment was not done to lessen the whiteman's capacity for corruption; the opposite is true: she is a complicit enabler of white supremacy, a corrupt node. Her patriarchal ideas about womanhood and women will do nothing good for the future generations. And going forward, we STILL DO NOT have a representative democracy.

Don't sit on your laurels.

Scary times are not over.

Nobody is out of the woods.

We still need brave activists and fearlessness outspoken against the wasicu. Stop the ongoing of native peoples.



Making some of the reclaimed pieces ... brighter and expressive in ways that EN does not well translate. The more I'm learning about the Mi'gmaq/Mi’kmaq language, the less (what I now recognize as colonized and Euro-centric English) descriptions of things make sense to me. To make sense of a lot of native words, need to remove all colonial context. Since there are a lot of inflated ways to say the same thing in the Queen's English, am really liking that our native words erase all of that.

Mature dwarf Acer beside one wall containing some of the repurposed wood for natural materials as siding.

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Apologies for not documenting the Ecostead outside project in more detail right now; some minor finishing details are still being worked out.

We've had some amazing luck with recycled/reclaimed wood saved from the teardown (yes, it is original to the old house and it sat outside all of last winter, with just tarps!). Mixing in a few presumably-newer lumber yard rejects from the ReBuilding Center[2] that match up pretty well.

If your metro area doesn't have something like this[1] by now, start one of your own and let us know! We'll revive something like that old directory[3] soon. Or if we get even one corporate donation to help with indie's constantly-under-attack Linode server and its requisite maintenance costs.

For complete public accountable tax records, our year-to-date cash donations received total $0 and 00 cents. Not even a penny in the mail! Total colonist cash and rebuilding materials donated or given? Receipts still being totaled... [4]


[2] Wrote about the No. Portland-based ReBuilding Center on an old[3] post on a pre-Mastodon version of Ecosteader. While all you facebook addicts have been helping politicians donate your future to landlords and miscellaneous haters of the Ecosteader, things have gotten a lot worse for the natives and homeless people, haven't they? How long has it taken people to start talking about this?


[4] Do you have a checkbook with big zeroes and want a receipt from our B-Corp accountant?

Ecosteader & Company
P.O. Box 13
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Source of intent matters; we reserve the right to refuse or recycle any unwanted mail, including checks. FYI: there is no amount of money the Fascistbook, or any of its advertisers could offer that we'd accept .... Get off, stay logged off, and whereever there are screens, remember to TURN OFF the entities that are broadcasting POTUS NUMBER 45.

Some extra root insulation for the _ants' greenhouse.

Plastic reuse to provide heat and thermal insulation. ideas to help the plants recycle water better.

Kick the fascist out of the whitehouse, kick the whitehouse out of the courthouse, put all the white-collar criminals' wealth in the homeless encampments.

Stop building vehicular transportation roads and fossil fuel transportation pipelines.

Weŕe only three days away from Indigenous Peoples Month, all of November.

In the 1990s, some colonial gov´t decided the idea should be conveyed as ¨Native American Heritage Month¨.

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Spotted in downtown Hillsboro on Monday.

Psst. Check out our old thread with the tag for additional info.

Localizing food distribution lowers any rationalized "cost" of distributing food, except where food becomes imprisoned in a containerized colonial system, such as a grocery store.

The crimes and retaliation against the Mi'kmaw are happening because of restaurantier and grocery store markup. The colonists would rather rot and waste what was never theirs for a tax writeoff (or to make more money of something they've hoarded) than let indigenous water protectors and land defenders and fire keepers do their thing?

Decolonize from the colonial system into one of instantaneous skepticism about the colonial idea of sustainability. All of the colonial ideas about "sustainability" that involve money are not an accurate description of "sustainable".

Glad to read that "some" restaurants have blacklisted lobster from their menus for solidarity with this travesty of colonial greed.

How does your local grocer show solidarity with indigenous movements all over the globe? Not any yuppie gourmet I've seen yet does that.

Tangentially related is this neat map of what basically amounts to at scale in the state of . Lots and lots of hubs where opportunities to localize rather than globalize food. Why in a land surrounded by many farms (Portland) does produce need to come from California?



From the Unistoten solidary brigade:

"Are you an Indigenous Artist? Below is a great way to support the struggle:

Want to get your hands on some great threads with amazing designs by international artists all while supporting the Unist'ot'en and Gidimt'en? Solidarity Art Space is the place for you and right now this collective is collaborating with the Massy Arts Society to run a design contest open to Indigenous Artists. The winning design will be featured on a new shirt to raise funds for the Gidimt'en clan. In addition to a cash prize of $600 the winner and the 2 runners up will have a group show with the Massy Arts Society in 2021. So what are you waiting for? Share the contest details with your Indigenous Artist Friends and go check out the current merch at"

Lived in Oregon off and on for 20+ years, and have experienced many kinds of rainfall: gentle. sullen. pattery. steady. playful. lazy. Barely discernible pinprick microdroplets to name a few ... but nothing compared to how the sky opened up and punctuated the evening last night.

In an inundation of purification, the rain opened up as if from a faucet, and washed volumes of joy over the shimmery streets and sidewalks shortly after the colonists' idols were from their statue posts near Park Blocks in downtown .

Happened to walk by the area shortly after they came down.

Vandalism it is not. The indigenous human bodies who have endured 500+ years of vandalism against their tribes, nations, and communities simply want the average American to wake up to what vandalism really is!

Carving up sacred mountains with the faces of hideous white dudes. Burning down villages. Kidnapping women and performing invasive surgeries on them. Bulldozing sacred burial sites for oil and gas pipelines? THOSE are a more proper definition of vandalism.

The statues were put there to make you forget the centuries genocide, because the average American is so brainwashed by romanticized Euro-centric angle of "American" history.

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. It's time you take a closer look at how the sinister demon of colonialism has infected your local lands, and time to do something about it. It's not surprising that this has finally happened.

Justice for Native peoples isn't going to be pretty or fit in the Realtors' and Landlords' plan to upsell a neighborhood with hipster rents. But is 100 percent necessary to even begin to get close to the truth of the continent on which flag-waving Americans want to live.

A few events gleaned from the Internets; things going on for and (thread, tags will be updated frequently)

"In collaboration with A Growing Culture and their Hunger for Justice series to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, October 12 2020, the Warrior Women Project will join a day long digital rally, with poets, musicians, land activists and farmers to promote food sovereignty."

Activists are occupying a Plaza to protest a colonial obelisk:

Marches in :

There was only one Hacker Dojo; it was at 140B in 2009, (A&B eventually merged into B) next to a large gym training young gymnasts.

Facebook was this "thing" that no real hacktivist trusted (the best ones still do not!), and most social events were organized and promoted via wikis, Tweets, and email lists.

Realtors and landlords of SV had (still have) one favorite topic: the price of rents. How much exploitation can they get out of someone willing to work so they don't have to get dirty? It's a boring existence to be enslaved to them.

One of my on-foot routes[1] to 140B took me down a large hill that had a cross street dangerously near zero visibility from the hill's vantage point. Automobile traffic coming down the hill had a very steep angle to come down, which drastically reduced reaction time when needing to brake or make other vehicular adjustments. Never forget gravity down hills. This traffic intersection always concerned me for the bicyclists and other pedestrian traffic passing by on the cross street.

The crew that founded the Dojo ... we were an interesting mix of mostly unglamorous. Early work included renovating, cleaning up after partiers left, and helping with the perpetually unorganized bookshelves. Going from "industrial office" to "office industrial" (prior to being the Dojo, 140 A & B were a glass art studio). Yes, made sure several of our recycling pipelines were aptly marked!

For all the work, energy and effort I put into working for these entities it was an entirely unpaid, mostly a thankless and anonymous job. Included on this post is a screenshot from my Social Security income record for the years I was a volunteer janitor AKA homeless person who spent time on the streets. Being force-fed the greatness of Capitalist Christian Realtor economics.

How much in their broken system has actually changed?

[1] For a few months, I walked to 140B from California Street (no not California Ave in Palo Alto. California Street in Mountain View.)

We are delighted that a craigslister took the time out of his day to further illustrate how hateful and angry the white dudes are.

"And why wouldn't the Universe have a built-in mechanism for recycling metal?"

The quivering white man, so afraid. He'd been warned so many times. Nail guns on the disconnected plane, pointed at his brain.

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Recycling wood from the rebuild / teardown, turning it from interior base wood to outside finish wood with 焼杉板, or shou tsugi ban.

焼杉板 is technique for wood (usually Cedar or Cypress) that brings out the natural grain and finish. It increases fire resistance and water resistance (makes it last longer from weathering) by charring the wood and rinsing it with water before finishing. Some people say it can extend the life of wood siding up to 80 years! I dunno about that, but it is fun and beautiful. Also get to use a blowtorch to make it, so there's that.

Was half-humorously thinking we should post this to Indigenous Peoples' Day of Rage as an event: "Burning the Rabble of Colonialism" ... whatcha think? ;)

Have too many pieces to do on my own and going to hire some help or recruit volunteers. Yeah Craigslist again.

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