Wildfire season in the Western US is upon us; some of the driest and droughtiest weather in a long time.

Screenshot [source:1] shows the depletion of a region in Southern California where the colonial empires founded by mentally ill colonists[2], like those who founded Culver City, have absolutely nothing to be proud of today. Probably a good idea to keep a close eye on CalFire site. [3]

Oregon and the whole is also expecting ¨excessive¨ heat with temperatures expected to be ~107 this weekend.

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Dismantling colonialism looks a lot like shutting down all GEO group prisons.

Most of these were extended lengthy "contracts" by Trumpublicans, hoping to bank future wealth off human suffering and inhumane conditions.

You probably do not have to look far in your region to find where ICE detainees are being held illegally and against their will for "not having papers".

Barbed wire-covered private detention centers constructed to make millionaires and their customers more money.

For anyone lucky enough to have the 401K or other kind of retirement, is good idea to call and DEMAND none of your investment go to fund these things. Do not surrender executive control to the white man! The GEO group is a cartel of them.

Some signs in downtown Tacoma aka region along the theme of what we protest for today... the disgusting violation of human rights need stopped.

The detention center here is also in an industrial area where several toxic pollutants from PUGET SOUND ENERGY are endangering the workers and prisoners. This is treaty land that is being violated.


We publish in a PUBLIC space so women like Kerry Labrador (Mi´ḱmaw mother of 3) do not have to keep chaining themselves to heavy equipment machinery in order to get their message out that a giant tarsands pipeline vector of poison should not be allowed near any clean rivers or waterways.

Indie sure would appreciate anyone one the ground who realizes it is wiser to trust her company more than they trust the sociopathic whiteman billionaires companies. All these protests mean nothing when they are ¨caught and contained¨ or outright censored.

Too hard to find what matters amid all those trillions of ads. Also: combined market cap of colonizer social media is in the trillions of colonizer dollars, so there are too many distractions. Billion dollar social media empires full of garbage, spam

:earth_arctic: 🌏

Our MIDYEAR accounting for 2020 - 2021 (2020ᓴᓕᑎ_ᑭᖃᑎ)-2021ᓴᓕᑎ_ᑭᖃᑎ) is as follows...

TOTAL revenue from goodfaith payments received at our PO Box, cash donations of any kind,, advertisements of any kind from any source, ecosteader patreon, YT channels, partner channels, royalties, commissions, tips, etc:


🎉 Zero colonial dollars is zero paper wasted and zero minings of what colonists call ¨resources¨ needed. Enough recyclable ¨resources¨ exist already.

Do not conflate a lack of revenue in colonial dollars with lack of work performed; the work of an Ecosteader .... does not compute in colonizer accounting. Ecosteaders are not ¨nonprofit¨; we do not have an employee or department dedicated to soliciting donations or charitable fundraising for poor helpless ¨worthy causes¨ like a weak or helpless people. Indigenous people are strong... are are just few in number, like an endangered species.

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Another generational water protector shares his story with an NDN interviewer:

Some plant life to brighten your day:

Wakamidori shiso (first pic) came up from one of the seeds on last year´s plant. Shiso is an especially important cultural food in some Nihongo regions cuisine; very tasty too.

Interesting translations around Nihongo -- means something kind of meta in Japanese, like the way colonized Americans call Turtle Island their ¨country¨, iicrc but do not quote me on this.

Pacific NW folks, upcoming solidarity events with the :


Quote reposted from justseeds.org[2]

¨... join us in taking on Puget Sound Energy’s liquid natural gas plant. This is an 8 million gallon LNG tank situated on the Tacoma tide flats industrial area near the Puget Sound violating Puyallup people’s treaty rights. You can tell PSE to respect the Puyallup Tribe and keep the facility off while the Tribe and community members await a court verdict that could invalidate their major permits later this summer. Actions steps can be found at


3 minute trial recap video by 350 Tacoma and to learn more about the LNG in Tacoma watch Native Daily Network’s documentary Ancestral Waters (nativedailynetwork.org/ancestr)

FREE THE LAND, FREE THE PEOPLE SOLIDARITY EVENT/ LIBEREN LA TIERRA, LIBEREN AL PUEBLO EVENTO SOLIDARIO at noon on Sunday, June 13th outside of the detention center in Tacoma with Water Warriors, La Resistencia, 350 Seattle and more to recognize these fights are intertwined and we need each other. The facility address is 1623 E J St, Tacoma, WA 98421 . This facility (already located on a superfund site) is also located on the Tacoma tide flats and would be decimated if the LNG exploded putting all the people in detention and workers at risk. People being detained already complain of skin irritations and other health complications due to the facility’s water and industrial air.¨

[2] justseeds.org/free-the-land-fr

PSA for anybody on the ground with the in so-called this weekend:

Please post your work to the Fediverse and mention someone from our server (@ manred is closer to the protests and also has an account) or tag indie@kolektiva.social if a FB- or Twoetter- partnered admin has blocked you from seeing Ecosteaders.

Cannot hurt anything and can only HELP our cause.

Enbridge corporate billionaires have INCREASED THEIR WEALTH MORE THAN $2,564,271,000 (that is 2.5 BILLION dollars) since 8 months ago in November (see data below).

Since March,when a PDX crew did online fundraising and drove over there to help with the protests, the stock prices of both Enbridge and Facebook have gone UP SIGNIFICANTLY.

So... do not diss my approach for fighting colonialism when by now it should be more than obvious THAT YOURS IS SO OBVIOUSLY FAILING.

While Enbridge is up 2.5 billion, the fascistbook is UP 311 billion in this last rotation around the sun.

In words...

Three hundred eleven billion colonist cash dollars PLUS 347 million colonist cash dollars plus 353,000 colonist cash dollars plus some ¨spare change¨" since this time in 2020.


Yes, is an Enbridge PARTNER and together they perpetuating psychological warfare on the addicts who really think their ¨likes¨ of protesters with signs on facebook pages with corporate sponsors make them ¨activists¨.

Indie not saying this to be mean; ground protestors are needed sometimes, yes. Different people are good at different things, and is always good idea to check in and see what is actually working. !!!

What else does indie have to do to make the Internet understand that to DISMANTLE COLONIALISM does not involve colonial empires of psychological warfare increasing their power?

Just saying: when things are not working correctly, usually helps to DISMANTLE them in the direction of gravity.


Here is Simon waking up under our salmon-themed art and beside water reminding the importance of clean water, and of another day without RCT.

CC @simonthecat


FWIW, this[1] Roman Catholics FUNDING their Patriarchal CHURCH trying to be a BROKER (¨act as a BROKERAGE¨) to TAKE A CUT of something that never did (and never will) belong to them.[0]

Alaska natives know how long this has been going on...

Indie said to someone recently about decolonizing, and is worth repeating (full context in ):


¨When are you going to stop letting blue-eyed manchild override executive function in your native brain? WE ARE INDIGENOUS TO THE LAND.¨

Do not use military anything to spew drama or conflict among the natives; we do not consent to you as brokers or agents.

[0] Catholic anything is EUROPEAN IMPERIALISM (Spanish or French, matters not) and its statues and monuments and flags and languages and pounds do not belong on Turtle Island.

[1] indiancountrytoday.com/news/al

Semi-related story about indigenity with native artist: hcn.org/articles/indigenous-af

Found an editorialized or badly-translated (???) sentence in this article we linked: We do not agree with the original, and while we are sharing opinions, here some advice and a p.s.:


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Reclamation of Turtle Island continues, despite an invasion of Russian olive trees [3]. Russian olives are sometimes called oleander[3a].

Invasions anywhere on Turtle Island are bad, yeah. Dinétah has especially bad invasion of these non-native trees (and their insane purveyors of RCT.)

Scarred buildings, abandoned projects the colonists started only to drain and dishearten the natives ... Is not surprising to learn those churches had no intentions of saving the natives. Those orgs deserve no special tax statuses!

Is not only epidemic Turtle Island warriors are up against. Some rez dogs we met had many generations of ticks trying to use them as hosts (the metaphor of colonists needing the blood of native bodies) ...

Not trying to gross anybody out, but the ticks are really. really. really bad this year. Send more than prayers; the dogs need medicine.

Colonial empires FB and IG constantly trying to censor the rez news is nothing new [1].

How long have the oppressors been trying to silence the outspoken WHEN AND WHERE they wanted to be heard?

The answer is pretty much the whole time.

Dull not your vigiliance against the vectors of colonialism.
DO NOT CONSENT to being used by the fascists any more.

[1] aldianews.com/articles/politic

[2] screenshots on 4th image from this episode of Democracy Now democracynow.org/shows/2021/5/

[3] metamorphosis.coplac.org/index

[3a] Chop them down and kill the roots to make permanent delete on RCT.

[4] apnews.com/article/europe-gove

[[EDITED to fix link and typo and clarify something]]

A note on ¨Descriptions¨.

How large or small something is ought never be computed or outputted in ¨English first¨; En is such a wasteful language for measurements of all sorts: from inches to feet to dollars and pounds. And there are way too many native words that can never be translated into English.

Fueled and funded by the soulless settler states, indigenous genocide continues and yet remains largely ignored by the colonial population.

Have you heard these names?

Tanya Lewis
Sheldon Begay
Cecelia Finona
Laverda Sorrell

Photos from the awareness march in Window Rock today.

"5712 Native Women were Reported MISSING in 2016 NOW WE LOST COUNT" says the message from one indigenous warrior.

As one of the largest and strongest remaining native populations, several Diné people of the Navajo Nation have taken a community approach to bring more awareness to missing and murdered indigenous.

MMIWs are ALMOST ALWAYS victims of psychological and emotional abuse before their attackers succeed in silencing them permanently.

Indeed, the very tactics used by the KGB to demean and oppress a people into "compliance" with the fascist state are employed by Facebook in its subtle and persistent psychological warfare on people. It knows that depressed people are easier to exploit; and emotionally exploited people are far more likely to accidentally click on one of the advertisements it needs to stay in business.

Do not consent to that kind of business.

We do not consent.

See also: ecosteader.com/@indie/10559455

A lovely and yet unidentified species of wildflower from an RCT_free space on the side of the road in Western Nevada-ish, or thereabouts.

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