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We're offering an award (guaranteed) of $575 USD for the artist who designs a new "Decolonized" logo for Ecosteader. With our new, more articulate mission as a B Corp., we're honing our mission to be of maximum impact in spreading Traditional Ecological Knowledge, or .

If you are from 99 designs, visiting the site for ideas on your logo design (login not required but you are encouraged to join!), please search the hashtags on the "More About Us" main page to see the topics.

The infographic included here shows an example of TEK as 1000X better for all inhabitants of an ecosystem than manmade broken, polluted ideas that have been poisoning America since the Industrial age began.


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Welcome to the of Landlords, whose greed for money causes people to move around and live such a transient, disposable life that they have to throw away half of their belongings every time they move?

Yeah, that's partially it, but people are just fucking stupid.

There is an equal-sized dumpster with mixed recycling options for paper, plastic, and metal literally 3 feet away from this dumpster.

What a sickening and disgusting, disgusting sight, eh? Portland is not as great of a place as I thought it was. Its suburbs are much smarter.

Showing also the "wall of text" excuses the spokesperson paid by the landlord company sent me when I asked about composting.

May their "equities" and souls burn in overflowing dumpsters like these, forever inhaling the toxic fumes of their own willful ignorance.

The temperature differentials are clashing in longer strides.

Likely too dangerous to fly? Turbulence among these currents will probably be especially unpredictable.

"Temperatures have been running as much as 20 to 30 degrees or more above normal in most locations east of the Mississippi River, creating dozens of record highs."

"More than 267,000 customers between Arkansas and Ohio lacked power Saturday evening, according to, which aggregates information from hundreds of electric utilities.

With roughly 300 total reports of severe weather (damaging winds, hail or tornadoes) thus far, it is the largest severe weather event of 2020 to date, and the most significant since an outbreak in December across much the same region."

Geologic violence 

How to build ?

✅ Try to find and network with people who care.

✅ Do a land acknowledgement.

✅ Acknowledge MaMI, and explicitly exclude perpetrators and their associates.

✅ Source and hire locally.

✅ Share good ideas globally.

A heron of some sort in the creek by the apt building... hiked all the way to the Hoyt Arboretum this morning, and this little guy was right here when I got back.

"The current status of mapping karst areas and availability of public sinkhole-risk resources in karst terrains of the United StatesEtat actuel de la cartographie des zones karstiques et de la disponibilité des données publiques concernant le risque d’effondrement de dolines dans les terrains karstiques aux Etats-Unis d’AmériqueEl estado actual del mapeo de áreas kársticas y la disponibilidad de recursos públicos para el riesgo de hundimientos en terrenos de karst de los Estados Unidos美国岩溶地区绘图现状及岩溶地形公共落水洞—风险资源的可用性O estado atual do mapeamento de áreas cársticas e disponibilidade de recursos públicos sobre riscos de sumidouros em terrenos cársticos dos Estados Unidos"

The harsh reality is that you cannot buy your way out of a ( nor from other gravity available in the Universe ).

All the toxic men hurting Earth's creatures with machines of war (and the promotion of war) their industrial liabilities.

Sovereign nations around the world told them long ago the penalties would indeed be harsh. (TEK )

The bimbos in what they call "real estate" schools of the NAR have no idea what correct or ethical land use is about. Their NRA buddies don't either. They are the perpetrators often directly against each other; never victim.


There be an unsustainable system.

Time to put smarter people in charge. We recommend Native women and their supporters.

Book Club 2020?

_Unsettling Truths_ is a fantastic read so far; the others I've quoted here (or, as in the Bioneers' efforts to maximize sharing indigenous knowledge, quoted research that quotes other expert writing or language).

A new nanotech advancement involving a nontoxic and earth-abundant compound called "barium zirconium sulfide", or BaZrS3, is making it even easier to convert solar energy into usable electric grid infrastructure.

"BaZrS3 belongs to a category of materials known as chalcogenide perovskites, which are nontoxic, earth-abundant compounds.

In recent years, theorists have calculated that various chalcogenide perovskites should exhibit useful electronic and optical properties ... "

Earlier story about the same thing:

Photos here of various Solar Demo houses that might do well in a desert climate like .

Esses idiotas não podem ser expulsos com rapidez suficiente.

Florida's Republikkkan governor, Ron DeSantis, thinks that setting up a government office and throwing money at the ocean will stop the rising tides.

"2019 was the year the effects of climate change grabbed the attention of Republicans in state Legislature. A Senate committee recently approved a bill that will officially create an office of resiliency and a statewide sea-level rise task force — two efforts championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. "

The party's incorrigible ignorance and unforgivable stupidity extends well into several states' legislatures as well; the Scorecards have all the records.

Documentation on the oral history of language and culture protecting
(even molecular


) especially where indigenous k{no__wla@d}g

The pueblo and cliff dwellers roamed a large geographic area throughout all of the Four Corners region. Although many people are quick to think that all "southwestern" prehistoric and archaic peoples were the same in tribal and cultural practices, they in fact were highly adaptable to the land.

"As the name implies, these prehistoric inhabitants of the Colorado Plateau and Four Corners region of the Southwest were not ancestors of the Navajo. Instead, their most directly related descendants are the Hopi Indians who now live in pueblos on First, Second, and Third mesas in Arizona, plus the Zuni and people inhabiting several pueblos along the upper Rio Grande in northern New Mexico.

The term Anasazi is as alien to Puebloan people as the abandoned ruins were to the nomadic Navajo. But collectors and archeologists at the turn of the century adopted and popularized this name for prehistoric Puebloan people.

The roots of the Anasazi are not entirely clear. They were preceded by foragers who lived in the Southwest between 6000 BC and [0 AD]. Known as the Archaic or Desert Culture, they entered the Southwest as it was being vacated by big game hunters at the end of the Ice Age. Archaic people realized that their strength and survival lay in diversity. They subsisted on plants as well as animals, a response to the increased aridity that accompanied the end of the glacial period."

Source: _Prehistoric Culture Anasazi_ Library of Congress Number 91-67394 ISBN 1877856045

And this lovely research paper I started 20 years ago. The University did not offer a major like the one I'd started at Pacific University, so this somehow ended getting submitted to an English professor 🤣

Some of the better poster advice you'll get today.

Documentaries, not Dramas

Methods of working with natural materials of the earth have been around for centuries.

An arid desert southwest made for some especially interesting challenges in designing an . The best architects of their time (the 1100's) were anything but primitive in their intelligent use of precious desert water.

Most of this data I have been gathering for years (extensive research for a fictional book that was to be rooted in actual historical context). The research part of novel writing is sometimes arduous, and can itself take decades and yield many surprises along the way.

Pemmican mentioned in this volume as well (on other pages); this was interesting:

is not that hard and composting to keep valuable plant nutrients out of landfills is important. I am still bleeping astonished that the company that owns this (and at least 7+ other old high-rent apartment buildings in Portland) is so fucking (whoops, forgot the bleeps on this one) stupid and ignorant.

As the nation becomes more and more suffocated by the greedy and , sometimes you've gotta be brave and tell it like it is... even if you're just a tenant.

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