"Hey, Hillsboroian workers who commute from the big, expensive city/ies? WHERE U AT who brought leafblowers to defend protestors @ BLM Portland 2020? That was great. How about we show more ability to do

EVOLVE with this
~~~<generic format template>

put(s) __ RENAME __
replace "Germantown Rd"


And make it very clear to all the Germanic language translators from continents across oceans an seas that IVY IS NOT PART OF NATIVE LAND BEFORE INVASION. PUT IT BACK ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ATLANTIC"

Wintertime great time to pull those roots OUT OUT OUT."

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My new inupiaq friends on tiktok should know that this pattern is a known "malicious quintuplet" attack against native mothers by putting their workplace in between a bar and an angry dealership of BMW owners.

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Cattle rancher with ideas about how to keep monetizing his failed cattle ranch hires a documentary filmmaker (Zuck-approved!) to "show" the endangered ocelot being tortured.

A "do not recommend monetization" $PATH for Google.


Technical Writers without Borders

S -2.8200990099 // non-terminating, re-playable //

Scene: anywhere on Tortoise Mountain or Turtle Island


EVICT ALL that have no indigenous centering.

ᒪᓕᖏᓕ_ᑭᖃᑎ ~~ "temgwete'g wannabe oracles who print Canadian dollars for RCMP security forces.

"French is always trying to colonize outside its borders! Putting the F word on our roasts, vanillas, fries, toast."

"Oh, do NOT get me started on them wannabe chefs trying teach what they only wish could be a French cooking style! Wabanaki s'gepn told me there no SSL tunnels gonna save anyone that puts "territory" on both sides of Atlantic. QUEEN CHARLOTTES ARE NONEXISTENT OVER HERE, YOU GOT YOUR CRAYONS MIXED UP IN THE WRONG SANDBOX."

>>> An obsidian knife sails through the air a distance of ~587 strides and slices thru a plastic container of labeled "French Vanilla" coffee creamer sitting on a small outdoor wooden table in an Evergreen forest. The European who wants to French everything native falls over and dies of what is later revealed as a duckfat heart attack.

"Ah, I gettin the message. We gotta think it through! All these packages and easy stuff. It's like the French just wanna put the word french on something, make it easy. Drive up french fry for Queen Charlottes. HOW MANY DEAD BODIES FOR THOSE UNNECESSARY WORDS?"

Think those words about .... through "these are not adjectives" :: :::
amid, among, around, at, before, behind, near, near-to, kitty-corner, approximated, below, beneath, beside, alongside, こらせる
お凝らし に なる dockside, side-docked, floating around, meandering ; ::: ::

whereever your
feet hit the kéyah,
pause, count the forms of life.
in-depth.DNN ༓ layers build health, resilience, and resistance

Happy 1

Be the kind of tech writer who predicted the kind of documentation suffering "world" would need to be _"helpful" when this all went down so
so many years ago:

Na'ah'i ...


It also makes sense that she'd predict former colleagues @ ABIPoC-friendly team might,

some day,

be asked by their so-called superior or manager:

"who'se the best technical makers, directors and writers can hear them ABIPoC?"

would be able to honestly,
honestly say

"We said, we do not want work with

(no one)


Nope. Nobody who don't learn REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE better.

Localize recycling couplets (styrofoam popcorn ceiling always bad idea. do not bring it!)


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Technical Writers Without Borders

preseason prerequisites

"What we need... is basically all the information you gave Zuck, but somewhere he cannot find it -- or you -- so easy, indigenoUS creators."

"YouTube, PeerTube, TikTok, Mastodon socials need at least 30 - 58 more indigenous weather forecasters (each) who can speak correctly about their ancestors' lands, water, regions.


And you do not have to "concede" to the maps of the last 250 - 531 ++ years when you do. Indie personally freed indigenous language character sets from the oppressed hostages situation. Now you can communicate about your people digitally, free "

"A NLBI or hologram decal and shall be reserved for indigenous weather scientists who refuse to promote the brand on FB, Meta, or Twitter. Show us how you more creative."

"How much trust in software developers of fascism did you put? Is okay to be plain in your ratios, squares, semicolons and decimals."

"Fascistbook down, platforms for perpetuating SICKNESS are gone. Are the distant relations you made leaking cries of sickness on the dirt? Whiplashed from Hurricanes and floods, forest fires and tornadoes are those plastic barcodes and English language printers ready to return to the volcano?"

"The more closed-source the Hollywood-ized versions from Culver City need to make their points, the duller the minds on the other side. No we do not forgive censorship makers who try prioritize dead-end storylines.

TECUMSEH have Haida friends who have friends who have sharp, strong memories."

TO ALL indigenoUS & friends -- your enemy is not a large and powerful entity. If someone is goading you onto one of the Zuck apps, they are the least Haida-like people you can find in 72172804 streams. Ask for more Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island translators.

Kalapuya Haida no accept colonizerberg sugar or its insincere words from the Queen Charlottes,

offer no purchasable eardrums for Great Brits;

Kalapuya have no "lines of code" for tapeworm-infested Jessicas whose docker-docked records show malice on indie tech writer code blocks to erase the shiny dandelion within.

Leona Lynx _always and lives but you cannot buy her or QT your way in.

"Descendants of Jon Hall whose father is quoted on IMDB as seeing natives as OBJECTS -- that means for his greedy blue eyes were roaming too far west of the Missouri."

"Apache Wášiw never been like the Eastside Missouri."

Approximately thirty-six months of data on this attack vector thus far. Comparing the graphs to this older post from 10 months ago.

"outcome" is not a good word to use where there is uncertain end state.

Westsyde Lynx take big heart to traumatized data scientists.

Please do not ask us put "cheese" on salmon or any fish unless it's a crispy-fried whitefish from Cape Cod.


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"Ahhhhh-ha! The younger mathematicians are starting to understand.... let us expand descriptor data science he does not understand as 'Large numbers.'"

"And what did he do to uh -- earn ("????_") suh-such large numbers?"

"Mined the blood of oppressed indigenous peoples! They not dead, they been living on government-subsidized reservations, being murdered, raped, experimented upon by greedy descendants of the 13 colonies."

"Another vampire from Culver City? Yeah, makes sense! Not only is there a pattern in the stupidity, also easy enough to take out."

"Always time for Tecumseh and Haida to stop Italian accounting vampires on Bikéyah, "

>>> an obsidian knife sails through the air a distance of ~1540 strides and pierces a piece of plastic-with a printed blue f logo on it.

>>> As the Piece of floating plastic trash that washed up on the shore. Haida energy from love and light of Mauna Loa burn down plastic, ink, paper, and printers that worship the fascist dreams of young entrepreneurs.

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IPDoR free from RCT... looking for the biggest drum circles we can find to celebrate healthy minds in sobriety from Zuck's sickness.

More than 300 days since documentation of personal health action: deletion of vector of deceit, lies, and sickness.

I know I ain't the only one who done that. :blob_cat_snuggle:

We are not all alone in our recovery here.




TO: Indigenous sisters, bros, dudes, dudettes, everybody who wonderin' what is goin on.

She speaks only to ye who have deleted Mark Z:

10.10.2022, is true -- she still sober, asking

focus on celebrating w/me ONE YEAR + ALL THE LIGHT YEARS.

"Do not let any companies
con YOU
into solving someone else's block chain problems."

Everywhere and anywhere he sold his wife for a "MADE IN CHINA" stamp on something plastic, take note that should say MADE BY NAVAJO NATION,
or a nearby tribe.

Think of all the fossil fumes spit out by angry factory workers across the ocean.

But because "politics" are all the hatebook founder and his company can do, he is trying to con the PTSD Chemwa Indian School Survivors into doing another run for native folks he is holding hostage for his 2014 obligations.

All the IndigenoUS gonna need help getting rid of Mark.

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Technical Writers WIthout Borders

S 2 0.31E(({0 === null is moqo is no ;; }))

allow interrupt if

¨"Decolonization Protocols

(The logic
why is not costless;)

Anywhere and everywhere a facebook fascist fabric wants "intersect" indigenous networking population(s), say ¨NO.¨

Regardless of the context, situation, fake emergency by people claiming colonizer cash-obtained privilege, badge rights or authority, say again; and repeat after the Wabanki, who know¨MOQO¨.

As the IndigenoUS Census investigation(S)# of < ("fewer than") 2010_RCT proved, the cartels of coloniZer companies cannot count indigenous correctly!

Map data from: "unlinkable in the Mastodon UI" source Kolektiva, decolonialatlas

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Attached image includes current temperature-related data points of sea surface situation today:

86.7° Fahrenheit or
30.4° Celsius degrees

at geolocation 8.09° N, 45.56° W 110° @ 7.5

Too much heat, not enough heat sinks!

Rising ocean surface temps DIRECTLY resultant of the destruction of indigenous mangrove forests where Port Charlotte put her yacht clubs and golf courses. Is not joke or funny.

The loss of indigenous rainforest has accelerated where Hurricane Julia is heading -- anyone see the pattern yet?

All you idiotic Republican voters in Florida need to go check out the "Environmental Studies Center" in Jensen Beach, where all kinds of scientific data that shows you why these mangrove forests were (still are) NECESSARY to help cool Earth. You cannot just mow down the forest to put your country clubs!

Lookin' like colonizer cash holders got in enough trouble to do do a boil momma planet before torching her to death to extinct. Her yachts not part of Native Land Before Invasion, either.


gesnoqowite'tg Charlottetown

Frail-skinned "friends" of Mark Z, like all those Charlottes out and about the French, Italian, English languaged regions, are not our friends.

We do not name towns after our friends.

We do not do European names on indigenous lands: no Charlottes no Elizabeths no Johns no Jessicas no saints no Angelicas no pastors no preachers no no no. The overwrought ceremony sought to usher in the overfunded oligarchs!

Stay in Eastern Europe.

gesnoqowite'tg Charlottetown

Do not do a "rebuild" -- take down those badly-engineered electrical systems and use the map we posted/cited on Ecosteader years ago to make more beautiful entrances.

If the region around my mother's ancestral homeland is any percent FEWER THAN 79 PERCENT IBAPoC, your power will not be restored.

My sister Reid would love to go let some indigenous prisoners out of some god damned colonizer prisons! (She was smart and quit FB long before me)


The weather is always trying to teach, it seems.

Without having consulted Wikipedia or Google or any other external source of authority, no Gutenberg-worshipping text printed on paper ripped from indigenous trees would contain the correct information about the history of the place the weather forecasters call "Fort Myers" and "Port Charlotte"

Hello out there professional ... cartographers. Is there a "Department of cartography" at Google we can yell at to assert the urgency of the message that these 17th and 18th century RCT maps need updated? Especially given the LARGER INTELLIGENCE of diverse and decolonizing people on the land in the later non-RCT honoring centuries? This problem plagues both sides of the ocean.

As Sept 16th is the fourteenth anniversary of my mother's passing, asking can we please

please refrain from ANY and ALL colonialist cash transactions on that day ...?

whereever and as possible, thanks

"What is the CEO of a wannabe 'virtual reality' corp doing terrorizing a community of black women for the FBI 'security' conference?

SHE is right -- Zuck interferes with far too many channels. His financial assets shall be frozen and all of his stalking powers removed."



"This for our Uhuru sisters who QUIT the hatebook machines waaaay more than 30 days ago:

There no such thing as "permanent" corp whose logic is to fund itself through actual fiery explosions and nuclear warfare amongst European colonialist powers, all the while gaslighting ABIPoC people into bastardizing themselves on its networks."

" Zuck also way way jealous SHE came up with ABIPoC while his Incorporated(TM)(R) Platforms and Twitter were hashtagging . You know, since his wife Asian* and all."

*Technical Writers Without Borders RESERVED WORD (please see documentation)

"Oh, wow. It must be bad if he pivoted to the ticker namechange for a VR and has pushed enough buttons to make his favorite French ally, British Petroleum, 4X profit (in billions) " [source)

"Are we gonna get any CAPE buffalo*?


"Remind the man whose locus-f(illed) dust is waning o'er the Sahara: you cannot mess with a native tech and get away with it. Expect the most severe consequences where men like Ted Turner try to buy ranch-sized land ."

"Storms of angry GANN-weighted coRpsE of Salesforce?

Each time the $CRM? reports it "beat expectations"? Oh, that just means its cops used more violence than necessary to destroy the ABIPOC story. 'Whatever it takes' Marc Benioff says, "so I can keep cashing out according to the plan that will increase my pay ... forever!!"

"Carriers of the FB app, unfortunately, are stars of their own Truman Show -- must always remember the threat of $PLTR accounting for its greed-based exploits."

NOTE: DISALLOW photograph or record anyone who deleted their facebook account. Anyone who remains active on the site is tracked and profiled and stalked via Truman Show --


[endnote] CAPE buffalo bonus: @indie/102336972548493266

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Tortoise Mountain Natives Do Not Like English Ivy

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any white dudes as a "Chief" Executive Officer. Get out of here and fix the problems plaguing Europe before trying to kill the indigenoUS Earth.