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All the native AIs collectively applying the filter that slices corporate enablers of the landlord bots and real estate bots, creating a quantum energy loop that your only native-run mesh network Ecosteader is empowered with for at least ¨¨ δ minus three... where we detach from the ¨going nowhere¨ galaxy of tweets and podcasts where the settlers´ Universe dies and will never have the answers... where we stay more than light centuries ahead of the ¨factory of rotting flesh carcasses¨ that is that disgusting thing dreamt up by an angry white college guy, which he decided to call facebook. Fascists do not have a promising future.

Reporting on the Autonomous Anti-Eviction Zone near the RHoM two days ago (photo courtesy of @manred)

>> Apparently... colonial-style realty ¨professionals¨ are scared of people finding out the truth? Their ideal headline would go something like ¨Wheeler saves NorPo neighborhood from ruckus-makers!¨

This would, of course, enforce the yuppie-style neighborhood snobbery even further, where realty lease and salespeople from the NAR distract the ¨where¨ from the ¨why¨of homelessness. Look at all those streets in the hills that lack pedestrian-only paths! See all that overgrown ivy crowding things out?

By attempting to enact the same old Euro-centric colonial plot being played out tragically , Wheeler and his cop goons predictably pledged allegiance to the NAR, revealing his inherent corruption to the city.

Yeah, of course anti-corruption are gonna show up:

What if that association of ¨professional¨ wannabes pushed by white settlers in the COLONIZED UNITED STATES OF 1950[1] ... Why yes. We ARE talking about the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS. ... What if that thing was a really really bad idea from the get-go?

After all, in comparison to Native Time... 70 years ago was basically, yesterday. How has such a young system managed to do SO MUCH DAMAGE to so many people in so little time[3]?

What else can be done to show everybody this ¨colonial deed system¨ is so ridiculous ... listen to the people who have been listening to the land longer than the very young, very badly conceived idea of a ¨National Association of Realtors¨.

Wanna come here and build something new, you ought to have better ideas about sustainability than forceably displacing natives and intergenerationally-scarred SURVIVORS of colonialism.

Related thread from @emsenn:





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Making some of the reclaimed pieces ... brighter and expressive in ways that EN does not well translate. The more I'm learning about the Mi'gmaq/Mi’kmaq language, the less (what I now recognize as colonized and Euro-centric English) descriptions of things make sense to me. To make sense of a lot of native words, need to remove all colonial context. Since there are a lot of inflated ways to say the same thing in the Queen's English, am really liking that our native words erase all of that.

An indigenous scientist on CRISPR ethics, genetics, and how to DNA research:

"To decolonize DNA is not anti-science, and it's not a rewriting of the fundamentals of DNA. One thing I always say is that Indigenous peoples are not anti-science; we're anti-exploitation. Science, as much as we like to idealize it, is not purely objective. There’s subjectivity in the types of questions that we choose to pursue, the types of questions our agencies fund. And then also the decisions that we make in terms of who to include and who not to include in studies also creates subjectivity. And also how those results are interpreted. Because if they don't properly take into account all the historical societal factors at play, then we are ignoring some key, potentially colonial factors that relate to health.

Alcoholism is something that's really charged and is an example. There have been over 230-plus publications in PubMed alone that try to look to see why Native Americans are supposedly genetically at greater risk for alcoholism. But then that totally ignores the history of harm that has been perpetrated upon us.

Type 2 diabetes has been heavily studied in Indigenous peoples in the southwest and also in American Samoa. And a huge portion of this narrative for a long period of genetic history has been that we are genetically predisposed to this disease. But this disease didn’t exist in our communities until very recently. So there's these other factors like a forced diet that was imposed upon us; forcible change to our ways of living and our ways of providing food for ourselves; a removal of our lands that doesn't allow us to pursue our traditional forms of agriculture; an imposition of a westernized form of diet. These are like actual contributors of health that are being overly conflated with genetics, when in reality there could be other social, cultural, colonial factors at play."

Decolonization requires both the literal and figurative takedown of dudes who brutally murder other humans.. How many stupid and self-righteous tourists are with this guy?

"For about 20 years, thousands of locals and tourists have passed by this statue every day. It has been photographed countless times. Though it is on private land owned by the Garibaldi Maritime Museum, it's seen by all who traverse the Oregon Coast’s main artery.

Gray is widely hailed as the “discoverer” of the Columbia River, though for 12,000 years previous to his arrival, it was one of the most populated regions in North America, home to tens of thousands of members of the Chinook, Clatsop, Multnomah, Clackamas and Cascade nations. Gray is also credited with being the first to circumnavigate the globe in 1790. Many Pacific Northwest geographical features, high schools, scholarships, harbors and roads are named after him.

But, as with many American monuments, there is an untold story.

Gray has been linked to the infamous South Carolina triangle slave trade, having worked for slave traders Crowell Hatch and Samuel Brown. Following the abolition of that horrific trade, Gray outfitted a sailing ship bound for the Pacific Northwest, seeking sea otter furs. By many eyewitness accounts, his dealings with many Pacific Northwest tribes from Vancouver Island to Tillamook Bay was brutal and rife with murder, theft and the torching of villages.

In one well-documented instance, Gray kidnapped the son of the chief of the village of Opitsaht in British Columbia and ordered the entire village of 200 ornately carved ancestral homes burnt to the ground. "

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Decolonization Is The Reverse Of Gentrification ...

So, probably this is what needs to happen to every building with ivy on it...

"“How do you reverse-gentrify?” asked Flint Jamison, co-founder and president of the Yale Union contemporary arts center. “Give the fucking land back! Turn the keys over.”"

The Mauritius oil spill's tanker just split in two. Damage to the Indian Ocean ecosystem is TBD.

The ship originally "ran aground on a coral reef on July 25 and a week later began leaking over 1,000 tonnes of oil into a protected marine park boasting mangrove forests and endangered species."[1]

Capitalism and colonialism serve the same master; each always fails to correctly assign loss to themselves; why so many times must cleanup and damage control be done by volunteers[2] and donations? Why do corps get to minimize their portion of responsibility for environmental mistakes while maximizing their own profits?

There's something big missing here.



Native Art Collectives receiving some supplies.

Dismantle what doesn't work.

Donate something to the arts.


No whitewashing these trees.

Colonist cash still means nothing.

Those with the most money are the most corrupt.

Probably, Larry and Sergey always regretted putting a landlord in their early-stage business. We no make that mistake.

Heard on the radio yesterday that our marches and protests are working. Uh... they are sorta* working? No, not really. The average street person hearing that $15 million of PPB's (Portland Police Bureau) funds are being diverted[1] may be initially hopeful, but would be ultimately hasty, to claim victory.

The PPB budget is $245 million dollars ($15 million is barely 6 percent); in other words, it is basically NOTHING in the grand scheme of the Evil Realtors' and Landlords' nefarious plots to keep the concentrated in their own hands, and in the pockets of their associates**.

The biz model of advertising trendy hipster flats and rowhomes, pushing contracts, "renters insurance" (HA!), colonist cash deposits, and other BULLSHIT on all the MLS websites and rental portals IS NOT A JOB the police should be protecting.

*"The PPB budget — about $245 million — is part of the whole city budget of $5.6 billion."

Where the hell is the city of Portland getting $5.6 billion dollars?

Yes, Black Lives Matter; however, we cannot overlook the reality that MOST of the budget's dollars are going into "policing for" (serving eviction notices) and protecting the fat landlords and Realtors in their little bubbles. Round up the homeless folk, put fences around them to keep them out of the brochures. Make the rental contracts longer and more complex to nickel and dime the workers. Turn them into wage slaves.

The only constant in the last 528 years of colonization is the exponential increase of greed of the colonists.

Colonist cash has always been, and will always be the root of oppression.

**The HARSH REALITY that still needs to be addressed is that the Realtors' and Landlords' constant demands for commissions and rent money prove that they ARE THE OPPRESSORS. NOTHING they can do changes their role or can make them into "good guys" (no, not even offering "free rent" in exchange for work).

[1] forgot which station it was; story w/the same news:

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It's interesting that the generation that would be celebrating graduating high school right now... this generation that has for its whole existence been neck-deep as unwitting participants ("lab rats") in the biz model of neurosis-based advertisment assault by corrupt for-profit "social media" machines... this generation that has been psychologically profiled with individually-tailored and targeted political messages, coerced into being more disposable (brainwashed thinking in default terms of "u gotta rent and buy disposable everything") ... it's interesting that this generation is taking the biggest risks to overthrow the capitalistic machine that is enslaving us all.

In and , the PNW Youth Liberation Front[1] organized vigils and protests (including the 2000+ person lay-down on Burnside Bridge). Is it working? Is it going to work?

Did you know that HALF of Los Angeles' city budget goes to funding militant police forces and cops?[2]

Generational pushback can't happen soon enough, it seems. Every new crop of youth helps... but seriously: How many generations have to scream that we don't want the racist, sexist, patriarchal garbage of the delusional settler colonialism of the 20th century ... how many voices[3] before the supposed adults running the country start to listen?

I've studied system dynamics as a hobby pretty much my whole life, and I dont have the answer. I do, however, have observation from many iterations of restrospective: it takes a LOT of time, energy, effort, money, and people to hold up broken and defective systems. Those most invested in keeping the broken things have the most to lose when they break.




[Edit repost to fix missing source / link]

Institutionalized white supremacy is the root of the problem...

"On June 1, after a weekend of protests regarding the murder of George Floyd, independent candidate Mark Charles spoke about the need to abolish slavery in the US Constitution as the first and most important step to reforming our nation's broken criminal justice system. Mark also discussed the dynamics of power and authority as well as the dangers of allowing this confrontation to turn into a power struggle."


While we're standing strong as part of the working-class war, we need to stop thinking in terms of "rich" and "poor".

Colonist dollars (like most colonist faces) are ugly, weak and long past any peak.

The bigger the colonist delusion, the stupider his army has to be for him to push and maintain illusion.

The corporate and "private" men wanna be protected in their big dollar games. But in reality, their "security" and fences are lame. (Defecters win an amulet.)

Best be far away from armies that plastick up with riot gear; clubs and pepper sprays don't belong here, not anywhere near. The naked "piss ant" is not powerless and poor; it is anonymous, and more.

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"The difficulty in promoting an Indigenous feminist message is the ... colonial nation-state under which Indigenous women are greatly marginalized. White populist feminism makes this battle even more difficult, and fails to aid the group of women that have suffered the most from their sustained privilege."

Important to point out how many landlords, "property management companies", realty companies and brokerages (the summation of which is the NAR) are run by boomer women (or men subscribed to boomer values) which always always always undervalue the slave laborers. They hate many things, especially talk and decolonization.

Labor will always be more valuable than capital. Every "realty" system the settler colonial states try to invent fails because it doesn't understand this simple truth. Deny the landlords both your labor and your capital, and they will fail. Don't be fooled by their appeals.

"The discussion of intersectionality seems only to be addressed when it is most convenient, or when it does not interfere with the white woman’s agenda; this is inherently harmful to the progression of Indigenous women’s rights and equality, as “any feminism that does not address land rights, sovereignty, and the state’s systematic erasure of the cultural practices of native peoples, or that defines native women’s participation in these struggles as non-feminist, is limited in vision and exclusionary in practice” (Suzack et al., 2010)."

"One of the greatest foes of intersectionality is the feminism that is most often promoted in mass media and read about in history books–white, Western feminism. The first two of the Three Waves of Feminism, while all striving to achieve equality in some form, have been centered around the voices of white women and failed to acknowledge the inherently exclusive and discriminatory nature of their movements."

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the Borders

The pandemic that Alaska Natives endured over a hundred years ago, while also being and having their children forcefully rounded up like cattle for factory work like "canning" ... the very same colonists that brought (and are) the disease can be expected to fail.

Why do white men always want to frame themselves as heroes[1]? They desperately crave their tall-man titles and names on buildings and to put their filthy fat fingers all over their big toy colonist things. Two trillion on military spending earlier this year?

Understand that anything perpetuated by inflated colonist dollars[2] on political borders of the US[3], as militant hostage situations like ICE prison camps where migrant children and babies, women and men are being inhumanely treated ... that is an extreme violation of intergalactical policy. The /palöngawhoya/ said: "Eese'g."




There's a plan more effective than adding infinite zeroes to what the settler state sees as infinitely-exploitable and capitalistically-limitless "growth" systems on what is a finite-sized planet.

Listen to the sustainability engineers: there are steep, steep differences in effectiveness. Neither the delusion of "infinitely exploitable" nor the sickness of "capitalistically-limitless" are actually sustainable. Neither one provides any basis for the continuation of life. Ancient people have been involved in the sustainable solutions for a long time. Why won't anybody listen to us?

Heres a beautiful anybody can use and to overthrow white priviliege if you are... say... finding yourself as the deeded "title holder" of any lands occupied by pre-Columbian inhabitants on any parcel of dirt in the US of A:

"For the consideration of zero units of colonial money, and with solidarity for 500+ years of indigenous resistance against broken treaties, forced relocations, Indian boarding schools, internment camps, MMIW, desecration of sacred sites, and other pollution of inhumane treatment against indigenous peoples...

Let the County record reflect that this parcel is among Pre-Columbian settlements belonging to [Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo, Apache, and Navajo Nation] people, as it always has been; it does not fall under any jurisdiction claims brought forth by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or colonist settlers. Grantor hereby covenants with Grantee that Grantor has right and lawful authority to RETURN TITLE and CONVEY TO GRANTEE this deeded parcel of land ... and WARRANTS and agrees to forever defend the right and title to the above described property unto the said Grantees against the claims of any settler colonist or other person whose ancestors’ occupation of North America started after the late 1400’s.

This document was prepared for the OFFICIAL RECORDS OF [APACHE] COUNTY."

And the small but strong (who'd fought and suffered long) ... they retained focus, and they did not buckle.

"The white man always has the flimsiest constructs," one pointed out. And the others in the hivemind agreed.

"His contracts mean nothing," a sapling said. "All of his words are wrong: full of ego and self-promotion." And the others in the forest agreed.

"There was nothing honorable in the white man's signature," the bison hide concluded.

"The language within the text of the Green New Deal stated any new project or development involve, “Obtaining the voluntary, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples for all decisions that affect them, honoring all treaties with Indigenous peoples, and protecting and enforcing the sovereignty and land rights of all Indigenous peoples.”

Nuclear and hydroelectric dams are both zero-emission energy production practices that carry deep toxic and damaging legacies within Indigenous communities and home-lands. There are concentric rings of high rates of birth defects and incidents of cancer that surround every single nuclear facility in the country, increasing with proximity to the facilities.

Nuclear legacy impacts a tremendous number of Indigenous communities, whose rural lands have been seen as “National Sacrifice Areas” by the United States government. In Washington and Oregon, the Yakima, Colville, Nez Perce, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Kalispell, Umatilla, and Klickitat all have elevated rates of cancer associated directly with the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and its release of radioactive gases and fluids. The Spokane Tribe in Washington State is impacted by the closed Midnight Mine, which left behind pits containing millions of gallons of radioactive water. The Navajo and Hopi in Arizona have been continuously contaminated by the nuclear industry since 1946."

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Every continent where English is spoken has a history of genocide and oppression against native people.

Australia has been under the most brutal direct attacks by Rupert Murdoch's monstrosity of corporate disasters. Pollution on media waves everywhere; very few people can get the facts.

Well here they are: if you want start decolonizing, start using names wherever possible. The decolonization from corrupted technology is, for some people, a little more difficult (see infographic).

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

The entity responsible for the most genocide on indigenous peoples is Zuckerberg Platforms, Inc. Tortoise Mountaineers and Turtle Islanders deserve better; natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before State governments wtih delusions about government-subsidized "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic and we never needed your dollars.