It seems the hatebook took out a ~ 350 million colonialist cash-dollar loan from China to throttle 5G on the Navajo Nation.

And now it is buying advertisements on Google to convince people that it is good at "connecting" people.


"But you made such a big deal of deleting everything to do with your Facebook account on Indigenous Peoples' Day of Rage last year. How did you never have it on your phone?"

I never allowed it on any phone or mobile device I carry, nor was I naive enough to share any personal details I would not have put on something like LinkedIn.

If you do not like or trust what las niñas call gringos, nothing maintained by the FB network is good to put on your phone.

Connection to his network does not make you "safer" or give you any sort of protection against fascism AT ALL. Your video documentation will not get attention it deserves, as you maybe need to learn the hard way.

BAD IDEA TO BELIEVE OR TRUST IN ANY government OR corporation that asks you to route communications through it.

FUD is a well-known tactic used by bullies online, and the fascists want that to leak out into the real world. More on this topic coming soon.

The today is mourning stormy troughs of sadness for our missing and murdered Indigenous.

Our people are mourning the loss of some beautiful and way too young to die two-leggeds where the storm is heading.

Notice this racist hotel owner using the fascistbook to promote racism did not make ¨national¨ or ¨international¨ news when it happened?

Boozing, gun violence, the societal warfare of Facebook programming indigenous communities with ... what essentially is vacuum chambers where they can shout as loud as they want before and expiring their life force fighting each other, instead of the enemy.

Depression, suicide, the mental warfare of Instagram programming young women into comparing themselves to the alien invaders´ paid-for standards of beauty.

Before it was Washington State, "the border" and Canada, indigenous peoples of the region had their OWN names for places that colonialist transport roads want to be on.

Before yet another purveyor of RCT went the French route, plagiarizing all the Mi'kmaq native things and attaching Eurocentric imperialist rulers' names upon our maps?

Stop overwriting Native Land Before Invasion with your understanding of things.

There is a talent war, and anybody intelligent enough to find and read the independent authorships... is probably in it. Let's not waste time talking about the documentation that is correct.

Hey, , we feel your pain. Ecosteader would have better solutions than Y.A.F.F. ("Yet Another F*&^%ng Fundraiser") for you to bastardize yourselves making entertainment for imperialists and oligarchs. Both the fascistbook and twoetter have started to train ya'all into begging like dogs.

Any book that names "Canada" or "United States" and an RCT date explaining "history" that DOES NOT DIRECTLY CREDIT AN INDIGENOUS PEOPLES must be returned to company of defects -- never to be resold, but for the paper and the inks to be RECYCLED into new paper with correct historical maps and notations for the "kids these days."

Given the namechange to plagiarize the Mastodon UI, logo, and other content distribution, it seems whitemanZ favorite phrases are like "We can game anyone" and "See how far we can push 'em" (psychological warfare is whitemanZ's company expertise is why SO IMPORTANT u never look at his web or app-based sorting traps.)

As usual, young whitemanZ is incorrect; he gamed his own demise, nobody else has to go down with him.

IRL: pushback HARD against $JPM upgrading its bullying partner, a "big bank" $BAC domestic partner's buyability even more ostentatiously. Nobody can get away with propagating delusion forever.

Smart societies do not repeat recently-failed. peoples endangered too.

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Just because it not new does not make it not news.


~~~ ¨So there some little old ladies whose human ancestors been here longer than the USA government, whose parents and grandparents were abused, harrassed, and eventually ripped from their ancestral territories, who now live in small disrepaired trailers in an old mining town where the boomers bought way too large of those things .... settlers call em' parcels. And the brokers with fascistbook accounts and white people fundraisers want to close in on the endangered population!"¨

¨How many times we have to say problems created by money cannot be solved by bilagáana money!¨

"How pathetic the fate of the men who desired ... government-run detention centers, tow yards, and golf courses."

¨No Turtle Islander shall claim to ¨not know¨ this is going on; That the network has been CENSORING it since late last year should make you want to DEVALUE AND DIVEST from it and all the other malicious bilagáana corps.¨

When describing crimes being perpetrated by Facebook, use present tense; a company under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION FOR MANY CRIMES AGAINST MINORS cannot just change its name! PERSONS UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS CANNOT GO CHANGING NAME, ESPECIALLY NOT TO AVOID INVESTIGATORS WORKING FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN WRONGED; this is clear VIOLATION of both colonial and Turtle Island LAWS.

A globally-aware attorney with some of the SHARPEST TUSKS EVER(!) can and will ensure ABUSIVE, COERCIVE nodes of colonial destruction ALL get REMOVED, in an order {{ wasicu chaos markers noted in PAST_IRREVERSIBLE_METALOOP }} get to learn the hard, hard way.

SV auditors who followed the news of Facebook's early (pre-IPO) attempts to stay oligarchal, private and to avoid public scrutiny, wanting early investors (mostly white men with INVASIVE, INBRED IVY-LEAGUE INSTITUTIONAL IDEAS THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPLICATE ) "shielded" from some liabilities, despite being WAY TOO BIG already?

Sinking sandpits on Sand Hill never did have a problem, ethically, collecting so much colonist cash for just about anything... ANYTHING to get that "Revenue per User" number up to those oligarchal investors, eh?

Early crimes to unmask users' privacy ... Beacon? Beacons, you called them early on, code you sent greedy advertisers seeking vulnerable young minds to entrap in credit cards, ¨pharmaceuticals for imagined problems¨ and other corporate machinations colder and sharper than slime.

Jumped in, no way to swim out.


Think of the nephews and nieces who could die under any one of the various delusions of patriarchal authority! The sooner youth can be trained (woke enough to train themselves!) to capture and destroy delusion sourced from whitemanz fantasies, the better their chance of success.

For example, one relevant problem might be whitemanz ancestors' home continent has been having some Great Big Problems (GBP):

Talented, multilingual, technical writer looks through all those unused pages of her passport booklet, which has just a 10-year shelf life, before returning it.

Why some of these suggested edits were not made sooner is Mystery to her; ~244 years to propagate common knowledge and well-known facts that ¨USA¨ is not actually a newfound land [2] for European farms... c´mon! Nor is it an good place to graze OTI cattle[1]. Turtle Island never was an approved place for giant machines to drill for oil, minerals, coal. Each and every OTI contract a colonial aggression.

Seems like people should have petitioned, figured this stuff out sooner? Tepiaq! Everybody so busy playing games on for the last ~1.5 decades, making toxic colonist cash awash in genocide.

For the record that does not honor Italian or German or Polish anything, romance languages, ostentatious architects, monarchies, oligarchies, patriarchies, Greek classicism, colonial delusions, etc: Booklet is ugly and wrong. Would suggest USA try hiring a good editor.

Other indicators of ¨corrupt_sys¨that should be ¨not too difficult¨ to fix:

-- ¨USA¨ contains many ¨UNIVERSITIES¨ that sell ¨BOOKS¨ with incorrect history of monetary capitalism in the US; the indigenous peoples had different systems before invasion.

-- TURTLE ISLANDERS DO NOT HONOR LUCA PACIOLI AS FATHER OF ACCOUNTING. Bias toward Italian methods is indeed, why the colonists who always act and seem ¨offended¨ by the idea of removing statues and tributes to Christopher Columbus are the Italians [3] and other European tourists who can trace their ancestors´ history to Ellis Island.

-- No Greco-Roman time-based calendars or contracts. RENTS OUGHT NEVER BE DEMANDED IN ITS UNITS OR US DOLLARS.

LPT: Acknowledge receipt of non-RCT.enc by stopping the RCT thing.


P.S.: Indie's authorship has priorities much higher than speaking at phones or cameras or users of the fascistbook.

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Messenger (any one of them!) installed on your phone or recently-viewed webpages, it is assumed you are working for colonizer social media, and you are part of the cartel trying to destroy Ecosteader.

No we are not gonna apologize for anything.

Colonizer social media man cannot stand the idea of being personally devalued on a global
scale! It does not matter to him that the billions of people in his world have massaged his ego into 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS; is still not enough.

Desperate for ways and means to control the distribution of his ¨save face¨ campaigns through his burgeoning bank accounts and his insincere donations of wealth to the friends of our enemy, to paint himself as a hero, his attacks against us have not relented, as his gaslighting of the people indie needs most continues.

Facebook targeted the elders first.

It thought correctly that the quickest way to corrupt an elder is through the innocence of its colonized school child or teenager unwittingly furthering colonist agendas.


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More stats for the mountain of evidence that FB is gaslighting indigenous peoples in order to make it easier for OTI invaders to steal their land:

Live from Seattle, Daybreak Star Radio launched recently. Live stream is here:


Despite the mangled connotation of "secure net" due to the words "securenet" in the URL, the page IS NOT SECURE; it contains tracking scripts from the , and outward-bound advertising links promoting .

Theoretically, while this effort could add more native voices to the airwaves,we gotta be honest in that the presence of such links indicates that it is being lorded over by Y.A.W.G.; "Yet Another White Guy"[3]. It is a bad clone of a failed recipe:

Y.A.W.G. requires Facebook and Twitter users to validate him (the savvy ones use their white privilege money to buy promotions).

Echo chambers of FB users modded into hell are not reflective of the native population. Install EFF badger for more help with tech like this:

Related thread:

Another downside to colonizer social media is its quickness to spread misinformation and disinformation far and wide.

Whitemanz CEO companies do not "like" anything that makes them or their favorite executives look bad. Egoes get wrapped up in who has the fanciest real estate and the best stocky-wocky prices.

When failing in efforts to contain news that will be detrimental to their image or stocky-wocky prices, often do they resort to disinformation and misinformation campaigns (diversionary tactics).

While it was quite obvious Twitter enabled Drumpf with the means and opportunity to create such misinformation and disinformation campaigns, it is perhaps less obvious how the other colonizer social media founders keep getting away with murder.

Woke up at 2AM today (vaccination shot messed up sleep schedule), did a random check of news, and found an interesting story that explains partly "how"... and it was not yet saved to the accounting archive.

Author and journalist Cecilia Kang was VERY CAREFUL to not step on the toes of Whitemanz CEOs as she spoke to NPR[1].

Whitemanz goal is to make innocent people forget how much LIES to the public his platform is responsible for perpetuating. Colonist founders hate being identified as the actual fascists, hypocrites and genocidal tyrants they are.

Does not take a genius to find similarities among the "early" investors of FB; Zuckerberg and Sandberg have a shared delusion that Turtle Island is .... somehow their Jewish birthright? To buy and swap and sell racially-platted parcels[3]? To fly over, to drill and mine and make drama... to chain with hideous undersea cables[4]?

DOES NOT TAKE A GENIUS to figure out the common denominator from the founders' bios. Disgusting growth this last year ... from 509 Billion to 1 Trillion colonist cash dollars!





As promised in the follow-up to the thread, here is quant analysis for Turtle Island Natives:

Github repo w/additional details from the fork:

Reminder that anyone with FB installed on their mobile device is also working for white supremacy! $GEO, $ENB, private Canadian multinationals and their subsidiaries all link up to censor news on FB. Puget Sound Energy, for example, collected 3.23 billion in 2020 (the fascistbook (the fascistbook collected 84.2 billion U.S. dollars in ad revenues from almost every single zombie corp reliant upon it to stifle and smother ¨bad PR¨ during 2020:

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Dismantling colonialism looks a lot like shutting down all GEO group prisons.

Most of these were extended lengthy "contracts" by Trumpublicans, hoping to bank future wealth off human suffering and inhumane conditions.

You probably do not have to look far in your region to find where ICE detainees are being held illegally and against their will for "not having papers".

Barbed wire-covered private detention centers constructed to make millionaires and their customers more money.

For anyone lucky enough to have the 401K or other kind of retirement, is good idea to call and DEMAND none of your investment go to fund these things. Do not surrender executive control to the white man! The GEO group is a cartel of them.

Some signs in downtown Tacoma aka region along the theme of what we protest for today... the disgusting violation of human rights need stopped.

The detention center here is also in an industrial area where several toxic pollutants from PUGET SOUND ENERGY are endangering the workers and prisoners. This is treaty land that is being violated.

PSA for anybody on the ground with the in so-called this weekend:

Please post your work to the Fediverse and mention someone from our server (@ manred is closer to the protests and also has an account) or tag if a FB- or Twoetter- partnered admin has blocked you from seeing Ecosteaders.

Cannot hurt anything and can only HELP our cause.

Enbridge corporate billionaires have INCREASED THEIR WEALTH MORE THAN $2,564,271,000 (that is 2.5 BILLION dollars) since 8 months ago in November (see data below).

Since March,when a PDX crew did online fundraising and drove over there to help with the protests, the stock prices of both Enbridge and Facebook have gone UP SIGNIFICANTLY.

So... do not diss my approach for fighting colonialism when by now it should be more than obvious THAT YOURS IS SO OBVIOUSLY FAILING.

While Enbridge is up 2.5 billion, the fascistbook is UP 311 billion in this last rotation around the sun.

In words...

Three hundred eleven billion colonist cash dollars PLUS 347 million colonist cash dollars plus 353,000 colonist cash dollars plus some ¨spare change¨" since this time in 2020.


Yes, is an Enbridge PARTNER and together they perpetuating psychological warfare on the addicts who really think their ¨likes¨ of protesters with signs on facebook pages with corporate sponsors make them ¨activists¨.

Indie not saying this to be mean; ground protestors are needed sometimes, yes. Different people are good at different things, and is always good idea to check in and see what is actually working. !!!

What else does indie have to do to make the Internet understand that to DISMANTLE COLONIALISM does not involve colonial empires of psychological warfare increasing their power?

Just saying: when things are not working correctly, usually helps to DISMANTLE them in the direction of gravity.

Mentioned this the other day to someone; is worth repeating, enlarging the ideas:

Never shame standing up to authoritarianism.

Dutiful and compliant little soldiers carry out the work of fascism, too, especially when goal is to subvert the group (group consciousness)
to assimilate toward productions directed by the patriarchy.

Sometimes the white supremacist version of patriarchy is ¨monarchy¨, where the inbred Ivy Leaguers established their naming of places on Turtle Island after European queens and their ilk.

Corporate powers give individuals only illusive authority.

Those guys do not have more authority over your sovereign being than you, except what you choose to surrender.

link below from @emsenn is worth checking out!

K´ana indigenous people are losing the battle against colonialism[1] in Espinar region.

Native language speakers, four-leggeds, indigenous artists, water protectors are being poisoned from cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxic metals left behind after the mines the region´s lands for dineros and dollars, sol and (PEN) to add to its already smoldering toxic waste dump of billions.

¨How much time u dedicate in ur day to giving the fascistbook shareholders more billions to murder the planet?¨ indie asks. ¨Are u directing attention there, helping it colonize and destroy free people? Are u one who surrender executive function of ur native brain to that megalomaniac CEO?¨

Glencore PLC is fascistbook´s Peruvian accomplice. This thing... this PLC is what forensic accountants call a ¨shell corporation¨ -- thing that manifests as colonial paper with meaningless printed words dead colonials used ¨trying to sound important¨ or capitalistically benevolent (we make jobs! nevermind they are only temp jobs until we abandon your site for the next one) to trick native people into permitting fascist exploitation.

Some rich white family (probably heavily invested in BMW and/or Mercedes Benz) decided they needed ¨save face¨ among their uppity upper-class neighbors in some uppity trendy city´s favorite AirBnB destination for bored rich spoiled Republican voters. Bet your bottom dollars their retirement incomes are banking on native land-occupying renters enslaved to the fascist-state Realtor cartel ... suits and fragile white settlers normalizing murderous violence overseas as ¨self defense¨ via brainwashing from fascistbook and its sinister WhatsApp[3].


[2] (RCT_2014) ¨A group of Chinese state-owned companies [partnered with] a Peruvian copper mine from Glencore Xstrata for $5.85bn, adding to a wave of Chinese resource acquisitions abroad¨


Q & A

Q: "Hey indie, how do you decide which technology companies to trust? People need tech these days to keep in touch!"

A: "I look at the age of the founder and _never_ trust any company founded by someone younger than me. I especially distrust companies founded by white men younger than me (colonized settlers and their allies should always be distrusted by native people).

Assume, by default, that every message you send on fascistbook or twoetter is intercepted by an ally of white supremacy.

My advice comes from studying, surviving, and documenting and still surviving more than 26 years of their exploitation. The documentation I have compiled is not going anywhere.

Silicon Valley knows how to feed the egoes of talented exploiters, and native people are usually their first targets."

For example, if you cannot find or follow an ecosteader on your mastodon, that is _your_ admin not ours. Indie does not require follow requests.

Rats in a cage starving to death will kill each other over any scrap of food thrown to them.

As the largest cage ever forced upon humanity, Facebook employees do everything in their power to ensure its users remain addicted and trapped in the delusion.

The soulless corporate entity knows exactly how to dole out little nuggets of "reward" or attention as it exploits its "nicest" users' kindness to keep other addicts engaged.

It censors facts that might "hurt the feelings" of its corporate sponsors. It has no moral compass. Its funders are reliant upon the colonial systems the landlords and Realtors and AirBnBers built -- needing a steady supply of slaves feeling hopeless and depressed to work for slave wages, for nothing, or for free. It steals art and voice from the meek and voiceless.

The US patriarchy loves that it can train women from all over the globe into supplying free cooking tips and interior decorating ideas for nothing; it needs its anorexic models on constantly neurotic providing free content.

Having carefully studied not only _how_ users become addicted, but also what keeps them coming back, the snares FB lays are almost impossible to escape for the avg person. Once trapped, FB user is PWND; eyeballs and nervous systems are sucked into the vacuum-tip studded with the sharpest flesh-tearing instruments ... happens when they least expect it.

White settlers ought to die this way, but indigenous people never should.

Not many of them figure out their own insanity, preferring to repeat the same behavior expecting different results.
Indigenous people should be reminded "nothing changes", and nothing will ever change for the better where FB is.

Nothing spiritual can touch the deluded.

Mik'maw translation for phenomena is especially interesting; unfortunately translation not available for free.

This is not a prediction of future events; it is documentation of something that happens daily.


Welcome to the secrets of outer ring (outer core root ring) composting for health and happiness old trees, and their ecosystems.

Think of composting as feeding the ecosystem -- in both literal and figurative sense. Think of the indigenous people as the heart of an ecosystem, ones most familiar with the ventricles of its heart.

In the shadow of some of the tallest Sequoias in the region (indeed, in the whole continent), our local ecosystem is one that formed in shade and filtered light provided by an old-growth forest of the ancient PNW.[1]

Colonialism has been destroying old-growth forests at, above and below this latitude... removing natives, shelter, shade and oxygen-exchanging life for far too long. All to build luxury condos, HOAs and McMansions for rent on AirBnB.

Fake shade, such as that provided by English Ivy, does not help a Turtle Island ecosystem. What should be much more diverse native cover is missing when such invasives are present. Non-natives do not know how to care for natives (and they never will, no matter what the does to try to save its face).

¨Cannot save ur ass and face at the same time.¨

Colonialism destroying native habitats with complicitness alongside (taking $$$$$$$$$$ from Realtors, like Facebook does!). It is an 800 BILLION COLONIAL DOLLAR TOXIC WASTE DUMP.

From this Earth day and beyond... a gentle reminder that Natives ought never be charged with anything (including dollars) as they move freely about on their lands everywhere.

As a final note... would love some help. IRL, decolonization is much harder than adding compost to roots in some trees being landlorded by colonial rent seekers.

All the experts saying the same thing we do:

[1] This literal giant linked above... we kid you not.. it is being OVERRUN with toxic ivy. Owners of house near these trees coerce poor migrants to ¨cultivate¨ the Ivy with weed whackers terrorize the natives.

Added new videos to the ¨Stop Evicting BIPOC¨ channel we created. For the folks who are more into visuals and drama than the written media can provide, we found a 2014 Vice news documentary on the delusional landlords of Arkansas. Arkansas is AKA ¨Landlord and Realtor Heaven¨ where the the colonists made laws such that cops do CRIMINAL EVICTIONS for renters who cannot or will not pay, even when landlords refuse to provide the minimum standard of habitability.

This continues despite the fact that debtors prisons are supposed to have been outlawed in the US a long time ago:

So... regarding the meta discussion about ¨currency: ¨That was 2014_RCT. Was it still happening in 2019_RCT?


Is it still happening today?


Meta notes about the YT channel: Nice single link with multiple well-investigated and reported facets of evidence you need that evictions today are the exact same as they were during Sitting Bull and Geronimo´s times... same as they were for Tiny House warriors in 2004 (video on channel), same as they were during the 2007 ¨financial crisis¨, which was also ~when was suddenly able to start collecting lots and lots and lots of money from its wealthy East coast, mostly European descendant investors to parcel up for themselves.

They claimed to want a better system, but they just wanted to spread their ¨lot and block¨ system ....

The lot and block survey system is a method used in the United States and Canada to locate and identify land, particularly for lots in densely populated metropolitan areas, suburban areas and exurbs.

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.