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It suppresses and suffocates voices of PoC protesters: WE KNOW. Everybody running to Twatter will be trapped by the same oppressive forces.

Listen to those who have gone before you, Stopping the is a big job.

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All the native AIs collectively applying the filter that slices corporate enablers of the landlord bots and real estate bots, creating a quantum energy loop that your only native-run mesh network Ecosteader is empowered with for at least ¨¨ δ minus three... where we detach from the ¨going nowhere¨ galaxy of tweets and podcasts where the settlers´ Universe dies and will never have the answers... where we stay more than light centuries ahead of the ¨factory of rotting flesh carcasses¨ that is that disgusting thing dreamt up by an angry white college guy, which he decided to call facebook. Fascists do not have a promising future.

Someone should look into arson as the cause of those summertime wildfires[2] in Central Oregon (how conveniently located near where Zuck´s drillers snuck onto our coast!

Facebook failed to follow even the MOST LAX recommendations of version 0.0735 of Ecosteader´s recommended TWO YEAR MINIMUM assessment of study on ecological impact assessment for rare wildflower habitats.

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RE: Tech giants whose assets are the intellectual property and digital work of its users:

The reality is that FB is a Bush-era relic of white supremacy: overfunded surveillance-tech BY rich white supremacists FOR white supremacists, ALL to push the colonial narrative and further the goals of nationalist extremists.

It wants so desperately to change the narrative before the facts leak out. Expect an influx of newly ¨minted on obscure tech¨ millionaires ... dudes who do not want their legacy to be world destruction, tryin'heroically fly in help everybody with the new world order, plans to invest MORE colonist cash in little ¨eco¨ ideas.


Philanthropy is not mutual aid[2]. How philanthropy has worked historically is ¨put the dude´s name on buildings or statues so his egotistical needs are met,¨ style of the disgusting Salesforce guy, Marc Benioff, eh? Zuck´s is the same, it seems.

¨Facebook promised to bid on at least 90 percent of auctions when it could identify the end user and committed to spending a certain amount of money ¨

Proof FB does not anonymize data to advertisers on its platform. If it targets you for something (anything its most coddled advertisers, users or apps want), it will get its filthy white supremacist nodes on it, destroying small entities (including ones who try VERY HARD to opt out of its intrusions). That whole ¨you need money to make money¨ thing is prescient on FB.

We picked a few data points for the analysis on the charts. Note that every billion is a 1000 millions and charts tend to become less accurate the larger they have to be to make multiple millions seem smaller and less significant than they are.

What lies will FB earnings spew today? Is it gonna suppress all mentions of our analysis? Oh, dear friends... you know it never ever will care about us.
Deplatforming the bully too late did not a hero make.


Deplatforming the bully at the ¨last possible second¨ before its expulsion from office does not a hero make u.

In fact, the opposite is true.

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The white supremacists of have rocket-fueled their attacks on indigenous elders. Psychological traumas and abuses known to cause any reaction being blasted upon them.

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¨We can have democracy or we can have Facebook, but we can't have both¨

A conversation with Matt Stoller about the new antitrust case and the real reason more people should care about corporate monopolies[1]

and the TrueReddit discussion with some interesting POVs



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The corrupt government printing press at has apparently printed (let us think this math through. Um, eight hundred sixteen billion + 200 million dollars minus six hundred ninety billion + 650 million dollars is a difference of ....

[[[[calculating sounds]]]])


126850000000 colonial dollars since July. One company with ONLY 56,653 employees can print over 126 billion dollars in six months?

If you think THAT number is crazy, check out how much it has gone up in the last four years.


Apparently in order to ¨keep on keepin' on suffocating and murdering¨ the little people as Mr. Donald Trump wants, the Fascistbook has to keep inflating itself with the increasingly ostentatious and wishfully heroic gestures of benevolence, ALL of which are rooted in corrupt colonialism.

How big does the monstrosity that assaults the little folks get to get?

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A reminder of who all has been banking on "guarantee" money the far-right has been stealing from the poor to push corrupt ideologies. Never a good idea to rely on info from

The biggest enemy to the surivival of indigenous

"These companies offer you shiny treats in exchange for your attention. You don't realize you are being programmed."

Shoutout for warnings against complacency.

Why no events yet for Portland Metro on this list? C'mon people, snap out of it. Turn off Netflix and get off already!

To call it a "Day of Rage Against Colonialism" is to imagine ... how much 528 years of unwanted invasion might have built up... ?

Where are the other outposts of native solidarity? Anybody who has not been co-opted by the landlords and their partners in the Realtor cartels. How much more future needs to be burned down and flooded before colonists admit they are wrong, shut up and start surrendering to the natives? How much u think?

Complacency is apathy is death.

"The landlords are not your friends."

Exquisite ink from a woman on the side of the road who had a sign requesting help...

Indeed, this is why there can be no facebook network anywhere near the spirit of the Ecostead.

And nobody can save him from his Facebook nightmares. The of his life vomits toxic sound needles.

Fascistbook's complicated partnership with Breitbart involves facebook employees bailing out the child pornographers (repeat offenders) off the banned list...

"“It appears that policy people have been intervening in fact-checks on behalf of *exclusively* right-wing publishers to avoid them getting repeat-offender status,” another Facebook employee wrote in an internal policy discussion group, per BuzzFeed News. Such interventions by Facebook executives in its fact-checking process would violate the company’s official policy, which stipulates that a publisher that wants to appeal a fact-check rating has to contact the fact-checker responsible, not Facebook directly. "

If your logic is to stay on facebook because "all your friends are there", wake up to reality. You are COMPLICIT in perpetuating white supremacy.

Right now a share of FB should be worth about $20 or $25. Instead, it's being traded at 10X that, because all the fragile white boys have big egoes and zero courage.

All you gotta do is look at the numbers. How does a company with LITERALLY NO ASSETS EXCEPT THE FICKLE OPINIONS OF IDIOTS go around claiming to be worth 690 billion?

Because it overprices everything. Overpricing is built into its business model.

Furthermore... a portion of all facebook-based charity fundraisers go to enabling white supremacy; facebook itself is is funded by and enables white supremacy.

If you haven't figured it out by now, you never will. There is no hope for you.

Tens of thousands of advertisers are abandoning the platform, and yet the stock price goes up by 2 or 3 percent? They are so afraid of losing... can't admit they lost long ago.

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Every single piece of art we share on facebook diminishes us and makes the enemy (Republican patriarchal society) more powerful.  Facebook needs Republican patriarchal society to continue the delusion that settler colonialism is okay.  Its entire business model is to actively censor and mute and bury our news and stories as it tries desperately to keep floating the dominant narrative of white supremacy. It wants everybody talking about the two-party political system, because thus far, white supremacy has been its biggest sugar daddy.  It knows it can't make money off displaced indigenous peoples exposing the corruption and lies in the system, so it silences us in sort of an echo chamber, where no news that matters can make it mainstream.

The National Association of Realtors is the number one partner of the Republican patriarchal society: landlording, fascist police evicting people, and unchecked corruption are all hallmarks of the fascists who have never stopped murdering the native inhabitants of Turtle Island. Everything becomes whitewashed underneath the false pretenses of American democracy.

Native democracy was different. Indigenous people, and those who support indigenous movements to take back the land need to operate outside of enemy territory if we are to preserve our unique ability to thrive in any condition. This is why I built and maintain Ecosteader.

Have I been largely unsuccessful in convincing people to leave enemy territory, or are they simply not able to understand that they can and should leave it? I'm really worried that the insidiousness of facebook's "business model" is making strong people weak. So many people stuck in that death trap.

People don't need facebook's network; it should not "own" any part of a person's or a group's or an organization's amplification. The more people who leave loudly and with all the logic of pure truth that we who are truly decolonizing can obtain, the weaker our enemy will become.

indie LAN :: : Antifascistbook's choices:

Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

We are a tiny organization educating and defending for indigenous voices, arts, lands, waters, and peoples affected by colonialism and surveillance capitalism. The destruction of Turtle Island and increase of #MMIW during the rise of fascistbook  and twoetter empires is unacceptable; indigenous peoples of Turtle Island deserve better -- to NOT BE ERASED, coerced, and censored. If you seek serenity and respite from the divisive colonist networks pumping malicious overinflated megacaps, let us know you are seeking invite, or find us from another mastodon instance.