Fueled and funded by the soulless settler states, indigenous genocide continues and yet remains largely ignored by the colonial population.

Have you heard these names?

Tanya Lewis
Sheldon Begay
Cecelia Finona
Laverda Sorrell

Photos from the awareness march in Window Rock today.

"5712 Native Women were Reported MISSING in 2016 NOW WE LOST COUNT" says the message from one indigenous warrior.

As one of the largest and strongest remaining native populations, several Diné people of the Navajo Nation have taken a community approach to bring more awareness to missing and murdered indigenous.

MMIWs are ALMOST ALWAYS victims of psychological and emotional abuse before their attackers succeed in silencing them permanently.

Indeed, the very tactics used by the KGB to demean and oppress a people into "compliance" with the fascist state are employed by Facebook in its subtle and persistent psychological warfare on people. It knows that depressed people are easier to exploit; and emotionally exploited people are far more likely to accidentally click on one of the advertisements it needs to stay in business.

Do not consent to that kind of business.

We do not consent.

See also: ecosteader.com/@indie/10559455

Welcome to the secrets of outer ring (outer core root ring) composting for health and happiness old trees, and their ecosystems.

Think of composting as feeding the ecosystem -- in both literal and figurative sense. Think of the indigenous people as the heart of an ecosystem, ones most familiar with the ventricles of its heart.

In the shadow of some of the tallest Sequoias in the region (indeed, in the whole continent), our local ecosystem is one that formed in shade and filtered light provided by an old-growth forest of the ancient PNW.[1]

Colonialism has been destroying old-growth forests at, above and below this latitude... removing natives, shelter, shade and oxygen-exchanging life for far too long. All to build luxury condos, HOAs and McMansions for rent on AirBnB.

Fake shade, such as that provided by English Ivy, does not help a Turtle Island ecosystem. What should be much more diverse native cover is missing when such invasives are present. Non-natives do not know how to care for natives (and they never will, no matter what the does to try to save its face).

¨Cannot save ur ass and face at the same time.¨

Colonialism destroying native habitats with complicitness alongside (taking $$$$$$$$$$ from Realtors, like Facebook does!). It is an 800 BILLION COLONIAL DOLLAR TOXIC WASTE DUMP.

From this Earth day and beyond... a gentle reminder that Natives ought never be charged with anything (including dollars) as they move freely about on their lands everywhere.

As a final note... would love some help. IRL, decolonization is much harder than adding compost to roots in some trees being landlorded by colonial rent seekers.

All the experts saying the same thing we do:


[1] monumentaltrees.com/en/usa/ore This literal giant linked above... we kid you not.. it is being OVERRUN with toxic ivy. Owners of house near these trees coerce poor migrants to ¨cultivate¨ the Ivy with weed whackers terrorize the natives.

Hmmm. Institutions to save the languages of NA tribes? Not sure this will work, but it at least is an _effort_

It would create institutions, housed throughout the country, that offer resource support for Native language students at all levels of learning and for schools and programs teaching Native languages. It would also provide resources to enhance distance learning capacity, according to the release.

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii introduced the bill in the Senate, while Republican Rep. Don Young of Alaska introduced the House version of the bill.

Linguistic resources are a big issue in Alaska, where 20 Native languages are spoken, Young said. In 2008, the last speaker of the Eyak language died, and in 2018, Alaska declared a linguistic emergency in the state, he said in the release.

“Too many languages spoken by Indigenous people in Alaska and across the country face the threat of being forgotten; that must not happen,” Young said.


1: durangoherald.com/articles/371

An indigenous woman from Fang Thai is working with villagers to decolonize the life cycle of a sacred plant food.

In Fang Thai, (also India and China and the US) ... burning large swaths of land containing remnants of crops at the end of harvest like all the farmers do makes bad air quality[1], but since it is done just once a year most tend to think it is okay... but the wastefulness has been normalized by colonization.

Letting it rot on the soil creates methane (also not good).

Colonization tends to brainwash colonized humans (that is: those who seek the work products of small villagers) into thinking of the plant as a homogeneous commodity; is good for selling the rice grains only, discard the rest (burn or re-till).

The leftover material, however, can be used other ways not burning. The indigenous woman is making biodegradable alternative to plastic ¨to go¨ containers that street food vendors in nearby cities can use instead of Styrofoam.

Sharing good ideas globally[3] means credit the genius properly. To her, we extend Ecosteader Long Memory, or . Good work, Jaruwan Khammuang!


[2] youtube.com/watch?v=H8kodphRkA



Entire Internet needs giant smudge to rid us of all the negative Fascistbook and Drumpsfter energy we have been assaulted with these last 4 years.

Smudge and turn into Native Voices:


Warriors of the Sunrise

An electronic billboard was their last hope to assert the Nation's right to express for Shinnecock survival. For 26 days, a Sovereignty Camp:

¨“We've had snow, we've had rain, we've had sleet, we've been under tornado watch,” said Tela Troge. She’s a member of Warriors of the Sunrise, the group of Shinnecock women who organized the occupation ... spurred by a recent dispute with state and local government over a 61-foot tall electronic billboard. The Shinnecock Nation built the monument by the highway to generate advertising revenue. Troge, who’s a lawyer, spent years on the legal research to prove that it was on Shinnecock land.

“Shinnecocks have been very good neighbors to the town of Southampton since 1640 and, in return, they have not respected us at all. They have literally stole our land from us and when we worked on opportunities so we could have our own funding, they have stopped us,” said a supporter named Jennifer. She credits her Shinnecock family with keeping her alive through poverty. They let her use their showers and brought her electric blankets while she was living in a tent. “I wouldn't have survived almost two years that I lived there because the Nation, they couldn't help me,” she said.

The high level of poverty among the Shinnecock Nation stands in stark comparison to the surrounding area, home to a number of wealthy individuals, and with real estate prices among the highest in the country. Margo Thunderbird, a Shinnecock elder, said while that’s always been the case, the Shinnecock people’s relationship with their neighbors has changed since the 1950s.

For decades modern-day settlers and colonists have given no regard to the calls of the Shinnecock people to respect and preserve their ancestral grave sites; they have continued to build their mansions and golf courses, the town and state would prefer to act as if the Shinnecock simply do not exist.¨



Land back in action!

Some independent journalism elucidated very well @Briarpatch magazine.

Specifically interesting is this article on four IRL case studies of Land Back:


The lyrics of ¨Blackbird¨ by Beatles dude Paul McCartney make for some fairly easy translation into languages. bird, wing, black, life, night:





Decolonization Is The Reverse Of Gentrification ...

So, probably this is what needs to happen to every building with ivy on it...

"“How do you reverse-gentrify?” asked Flint Jamison, co-founder and president of the Yale Union contemporary arts center. “Give the fucking land back! Turn the keys over.”"


Yeah, I was force-fed the settler delusion about endless free land for the taking and hardy pioneers ... they did this to all the kids in my younger elementary and middle school days.

"The issue I had with Oregon Trail is that it always put Native people in relation to settlers,” said Anishinaabe, Métis video game designer Elizabeth LaPensée, who teaches at Michigan State University. “The game is all about colonization.” - Native News Online

Fast forward about 40 years, and LaPensée and a team of writers and artists have remixed the tired old Oregon Trail into the Indigenous-focused “When Rivers Were Trails.”"




Great interview with Nick Tilsen (NDN Collective) about how the Oglala Sioux and Cheyenne River people are making it known that they explicitly prohibit the colonist's "President" from trespassing and intruding on their sovereign sacred territory. He does not have permission at this time.

The colonial state of South Dakota's "governor" Kristi Noem recently stared her hideous face and vacant, dead eyes into a TV camera and insisted that neither masks nor social distancing would be required the rally Trump wants there.

As Covid-19 cases have been accelerating in several states, the idiocy of colonist leaders cannot be underestimated.

Lots of love to the indigenous people of the region; keep yourselves safe.



All the cultures on Turtle Island have similar concepts in spiritual teachings... found another gem earlier today:


Strange how none of my "facebook friends" (back in 2018 when checking fb occasionally was something I did) happened to get the news that the bronze statue of that TYRANT CORNWALLIS was finally, finally, FINALLY REMOVED FROM the PREMISES!!! In 2018? Why did it take so long to make this known?

The harder they try holding back the truth, the harder it hits them in the face...

Getting rid of colonist and tyrant names and namesakes on "place names" is about the smartest thing any community that desires decolonization can do.

"The removal of the statue, which was installed by the Canadian National Railway in 1931, came after increasing controversy over Cornwallis’s so-called scalping proclamation that offered a cash bounty to anyone who killed a Mi’kmaw person.

“It’s important for us to have the statue removed because white supremacist groups were rallying around the beliefs and ideologies Cornwallis had perpetuated hundreds of years ago,” said Patles.

“And we believe the scalping proclamation … is the seeds of missing and murdered Indigenous women.”

A municipal staff report last week recommended removing the statue in the name of public safety.

The report stated there could have been attempts during Sunday’s rally to tear down the statue as well as possible violent clashes between protesters.

Last year, on Canada Day, a group of protesters demonstrating in front of the statue was confronted by a smaller group called the Proud Boys. While the confrontation didn’t become violent, the incident intensified the debate about the statue."


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"From the beginning of European control there has been an unrelenting drive to commit genocide over another culture. The American Indians were a majority so the Europeans called them an enemy. One of the major facts the United States Government has failed to understand is that the spiritual aspect of life is inseparable from the economic and the political aspects.

American Indians felt comfortable with the environment, close to the moods and rhythms of nature, in time with the living planet. Europeans were quite different, viewing the earth itself as lifeless and inorganic, subject to any kind of manipulation or alteration. Europeans tended to be alienated from nature and came to the New World to use the wilderness, to conquer and exploit its natural wealth for private gain.

American Indians’ agricultural and medical wisdom had been ignored by the European invaders. In their rush to control the land and people much has passed them by and much has been destroyed."


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Only one case and zero deaths?

The unmistakably wise Julian Runner Bear informs the disease of Kristi Noem and her pompous, pasty-faced goons and monstrosities that, "No", they are _not_ allowed anywhere near protected territories.

"“Governor Noem miscalculates our level of dedication to protect our most vulnerable people from crony capitalism’s thrust to force us to open our economy as they choose to do,” Runner Bear wrote."

Smart move: that colonist governor is a proven vector of disease.


Every continent where English is spoken has a history of genocide and oppression against native people.

Australia has been under the most brutal direct attacks by Rupert Murdoch's monstrosity of corporate disasters. Pollution on media waves everywhere; very few people can get the facts.

Well here they are: if you want start decolonizing, start using names wherever possible. The decolonization from corrupted technology is, for some people, a little more difficult (see infographic).


The man the colonists put on the twenty dollar bill advocated for genocide against the native inhabitants, which they called "Indians".

Reject the colonists' fictions, and stop worshipping their money.

Gandhi's messages never had malice. The rupee could have been as insignificant and foreign to native wisdom as a "piss ant".

Jefferson's attempt to quantify his murderous actions as "okay" in any scenario ought to worry the nation. He is literally advocating the murder of peaceful people.

A distinguishing characteristic of the disease of colonialsim is lack of long-term historical memory. The ones who don't know better are in denial.

Devaluing the currency, as India did, is a start.

Self-care tip in decolonizing:

Evict the derisive voice from your mind. Get that negative voice and all of its enablers out of your neighborhood.

. . .

When the abusive colonizers tried to erase indigenous peoples' footprints from the trails, it didn't go unnoted: their legacy became "dehumanizing and demeaning", and was noted by the four-leggeds and other beings present on the lands.

. . .

Tangental: Storm raging over at least 7 states right now:


For her 50th film, Alanis Obomsawin covered the story of a 1970's-era in Lake Winnipeg area, where colonists kidnapped and murdered a young woman.

The idea of treaties has never not been abused by colonists.

Until all the "boarding schools" are literally torn down off the face of the Earth, until no Realtor sign or billboard pollutes the land with toxicity and hideous aggression, until the landlords' and the greedy colonists' desperate apps are deleted from existence, no First Nations people will be safe.

IT NEVER MAKES SENSE TO trust the white man or his directions or his translations. As an anonymous filmmaker cautioned: "Spanish is language of the Catholic church and of commerce".

Faults are deep (geologic level depth), but indigenous memory is long.



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