Dr. Paulette Steeves made a database of all the church-run "schools" (Indian "Residential Schools" or "Boarding Schools") in so-called Canada, 1620 -present:


Is not about which side of artificial border is worse.

NEITHER Canadian nor the so-called US colonial governments should be "excused" from REALITY of 400+ year-long broken programming

still putting native, nomadic people into cages.

Enslaving behind razor fence, concrete barricades.

Any imposition of control can never be achieved by colonist cash; invasive species eradicated -- need eradicated as soon as before possible.

Diverse languages (language fams) too close to obliterated by white supremacy (first wave of genocide) and the Mormon churches, whose 2nd-4th waves of genocide being accelerated by things like Facebook's most malicious GANNs.

ALREADY ENOUGH EVIDENCE ALL churches on both sides of the artificial borders of Turtle Island are corrupt.

Can understand why seeming "beneficial" to modern LDS to keep all those colonization records wishfully "secret".

Databases full o' Census records proving OTI ancestry and exact dates and regions colonizers advanced despite broken treaties...?

CONSEQUENCES. That be hurting cases for why so many OTI should be allowed to stay anywhere near Turtle Island when EARTH is not 80 percent white people. All your corrupt apartment management companies do is entrap, enslave, harass labor workers, cause commute disasters and carbon-heavy inflation!

How that for your illegal implementation of Farmworld?

Young minds being indoctrinated via the "Facebook Classroom"? Fairy-tale of "Provinces" for royalty. Examine closely fascistbook's founder's parent's profession entangled in both advertising for cash and deadly pharma wars.

How much energy demanded to increase fascistbook's "market cap" from 10 billion to 31 billion? What date in RCT did that happen, and what it bragging about being worth now?

An indigenous elder from has been working on a community space / coffee shop / art showcase area space IRL and digitally.

LOVE the lack of Facebook and Twitter links on site; a true rarity.

Still far too few IRL indigenous bodies stronger than them WhitemanZ. Each one should be celebrated.


We will donate to Quilts Coffeehouse some
_premium_ bandwidth today:


P.S. Sidetoot

--- Ecosteader IS NOT and
never was
gonna be about BEGPOSTING or
having to do
colonialist cash fundraising

for whatever tragedy the colonialists script to torture us.

We will prioritize and are GLAD TO HELP any small biz owners decolonizing their operations.



to survive.


Meet the Ainu, keepers of some indigenous languages of islands where high-frequency earthquakes and volcanic activity:


Water is life

Portland region event where those with excessive cash due to corporate, colonist cash-making jobs have an opportunity to stop hoarding; perhaps consider returning to Oregon native peoples what was stolen from them.

Part of decolonization work.

While we do not recommend sending anything thru the cashapp or venmo if you have any other options (whitemanz is so desperate to take his cut of your donations!), we can do a recommend ¨writing checks directly to the indigenous entities¨ for their work.

Hey, DC:

European laws and governance systems ought not be used to harass, detain, or arrest indigenous peoples, or those standing in solidarity with indigenous causes.


Carbon dating is a _precise_ science. Now new evidence that RCT-centric calendars ought to be phased out now that we have more details ~~~ 23,000 years ago, Turtle Island was home to our feet; "primitive DNA" folks as neanderthals and indigenous humans.


TIme has passed; another story (¨Story A¨) of being drowned out by the latest drama (¨Story B¨) from the colonizer tech companies.

Story A: ¨Pepita Redhair, a 27-year-old Navajo woman who dreamt of becoming an engineer and loved skateboarding, was last seen in March 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Redhair's disappearance was not reported in local media.

King, 62, is organizing an Oct. 3 rally in Albuquerque to seek justice for her daughter after the disappearance of another young American woman, Gabby Petito, gained global attention.

"I felt like my voice wasn't important, my daughter wasn't important because she was Native American," King said on Friday from her home in Crownpoint, New Mexico.

She is being helped by Native American activists who note how much more media coverage was given to Petito, a 22-year-old white woman, compared with missing and murdered women of color.¨[quote / source 1]

Story B: ~ Wealthy, neurotic white chick goes on a cross-country vacation to entertain Instagram followers who are into organic juicing (never mind the fossil fuels she is burning with that van). She puts her pretty face and voice out there to sell more advertisements for her Billionaire masters who may or may not have populated her account with fake followers.

Instagram as the Facebook billionaire master spyware on her digital photos via EXIF/metadata that cops and colonizers can and do use to map her location very precisely IN REAL TIME. Meanwhile the cops with the $AXON body cams (another overinflated colonizer megacap) are hopeful that getting the hot sparsely-dressed 22 year old blond out of her car in full view of the body cam can inflate their favorite stock even more. Is probably their retirement stock.

The droves of colonists latch onto Story B; the billionaire narrative perpetuates the colonizer delusion.

We refuse to let the indigenous voices be stifled.

[source 1] reuters.com/world/us/amid-atte

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Live from Seattle, Daybreak Star Radio launched recently. Live stream is here:


Despite the mangled connotation of "secure net" due to the words "securenet" in the URL, the page IS NOT SECURE; it contains tracking scripts from the , and outward-bound advertising links promoting .

Theoretically, while this effort could add more native voices to the airwaves,we gotta be honest in that the presence of such links indicates that it is being lorded over by Y.A.W.G.; "Yet Another White Guy"[3]. It is a bad clone of a failed recipe:

Y.A.W.G. requires Facebook and Twitter users to validate him (the savvy ones use their white privilege money to buy promotions).

Echo chambers of FB users modded into hell are not reflective of the native population. Install EFF badger for more help with tech like this:



Related thread: ecosteader.com/@indie/10660155

¨In Brazil, 6,000 Indigenous people representing 176 groups have been camping out in the capital Brasília to condemn the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the genocide of Indigenous peoples. The massive gathering and protests come ahead of a pivotal Supreme Court decision that could either help restore, or severely limit, Indigenous sovereignty over their ancestral lands.¨


Why indigenous people being sovereign on their lands is important:


Welcome Indigenous Cloud☽ to the party! We take back the Internet.

;: :;
;; ; ; :: :: ; ; ;;
; ;; ---- :: ; ; :: ---- ;; ;
; :: ---- ;; ; ; ;; ---- :: ;
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; ;; || ;; ;

Colonizer social media is built upon inherent suppression and oppression of native voices.

Hate is literally programmed into the algorithms: from FB to Twotetter to Reddit, the whiteman-founded companies are all the same. Be not surprised they conspire!

With hate do they conspire to hijack the minds and hearts of our people. Steal, cut and take a piece our work to "maintain" illusion of power.

They cancel or shut us down when we draw attention to the crumbling foundation of colonial reality. Our well-documented efforts and hashtags and movements get trashed in favor of paid promotional messages from their wealthy colonist advertisers, the landlords.

I do not compromise my long and well-respected career as an underrepresented woman in technology for telling you this. Other women and PoC who have endured more than a year or two of the tech world will say the same. It is astoundingly difficult to be heard by folk who have no idea how to listen!

Native Turtle Islanders who do not want to be associated with colonizer advertising are wise to leave colonizer social media entirely. But where to go?

The Internet did not used to be this lonely for us outcasts... the Internet used to be our place. People could build focused niche things and other curious people could find and discover them and make new friends... and things that started could get a little bigger.

Nobody needed to aspire to a BILLION dollar valuation like the narcissists of YCombinator do.


REPOST w/updated details.

PDX folks might want to avoid 99E tomorrow, as quite a caravan of local native youth are running to honor survivors and descendants of survivors of residential schools in the US and KKKanada.

So if you are driving and start feeling upset that there is a jam of _traffic_ and other inconvenience in your way as the youth run, perhaps take a deep breath and listen for a few minutes to survivor Chris Metatawabin talk about his experience at¨St. Anne's school, a notorious residential school that had an electric chair¨:


The public part of the run (comrades and allies welcome) will begin mid-morning at the Community River Park in Canby: 1348 SW Berg Parkway. The youth organizers of this event have the following requests for anybody joining the run:

¨Please wear orange and a mask around community members. When running, run behind or along the sides of Indigenous runners, please try not to pass Indigenous runners, and always stay behind the person carrying a wooden staff. For cultural purposes, non-Indigenous people may not carry the staff, but feel free to carry an orange bandana, or a sign with a message along the lines of “1500+ children” “Justice for Indigenous families” “May the children rest in peace”. Please no triggering imagery or language, remember there are people who are directly affected.¨

The youth will also have orange caps and shirts available.

Please read the whole thread for context of the above photograph.

Colonists use patriarchal-brainwashing to continually probe and ask for "more evidence" of the reality of genocide. The "beyond reasonable doubt" clause is often abused to make the issues about gathering of "more" evidence when there is already plenty available. Usually a thin attempt to cast heroes rather than perpetrators of genocide.

Thanks to @emsenn for the link and quote (tip them @ duckpond: discord.gg/zRJ9kEbawd):

"Roman Catholic churches in Saskatoon and across Canada had also signed an agreement promising to raise $25 million to compensate Daniels and tens of thousands of other survivors for the emotional, physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition, cultural shaming and systemic violations of basic human rights suffered in Catholic-run residential schools.

...But most of that money was never raised.

...While the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon and its 80,000 members spent $28.5 million on the new cathedral, they raised just $34,650 for survivors.

The story was similar in other cities. Canada's 12 million Catholics donated less than $4 million of the promised $25 million, roughly 30 cents/ person.

After several years, the federal government told the Catholic Church to pay up.

Instead, church officials hired one of Canada's top lawyers, who, in a private court hearing, successfully argued that the country's Catholic churches had tried their best, had no more to give.

...On July 16, 2015, after a secret hearing the previous month, Justice Neil Gabrielson sided with the Catholic Church, saying the federal lawyer wasn't clear enough in his opposition to the proposal and a "reasonable person" would conclude a deal had been struck.

The Catholic churches quickly paid the $1.2 million buyout. They were still more than $21 million short of their commitment, but were absolved of any further legal or financial obligations."

source: cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/c

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More American history the
settler-colonials of the last 529 years can no longer refuse to acknowledge is that that "U.S. Constitution" they wave around as being so supreme is disgustingly "not supreme" in numerously counted ways.

The governments that implemented the residential school model do not get to describe their systems or laws as "supreme": not in the courts, not in the laws or spoken words either.

Has modern thought evolved much from early imperialists' tragic model of "civilization" built on inter-continental genocide? More evidence surfaces that the answer is no. U.S. dollar-driven colonialism ¨ has not evolved¨. Both the
U.S.-Mexico "border patrol" and U.S.-Canada "border patrol" doing same thing.

Occupants and descendants of mentally ill colonists who imposed these residential schools on indigenous populations mostly hailed from Spain and France and other places in Europe heavily dependent upon institutionalized slave labor.

Let us repeat that this was not acceptable then and is not acceptable now.


Moqo is Mi'kmaq word === ¨No¨ .

Logically and for all scenarios pertaining to pre-Columbus peoples does 'Moqo' override everything in the Queen's English.

Do not be lulled by colonists trying to queue theatrical piano or chamber music.

Is not fantasy that murdered those Kamloops and Marieval children! Those fascistbook and twoetter apps may seem innocent enough, but they are like grapple hooks the colonists use to distort the truth.

The IRL body count, even if hundreds of years old, is still dead bodies.

This Thursday, some folks are gathering for support of local survivors.. and there are likely some similar events in your region too. Do not expect us to do the research for you, whereever you are.

Fueled and funded by the soulless settler states, indigenous genocide continues and yet remains largely ignored by the colonial population.

Have you heard these names?

Tanya Lewis
Sheldon Begay
Cecelia Finona
Laverda Sorrell

Photos from the awareness march in Window Rock today.

"5712 Native Women were Reported MISSING in 2016 NOW WE LOST COUNT" says the message from one indigenous warrior.

As one of the largest and strongest remaining native populations, several Diné people of the Navajo Nation have taken a community approach to bring more awareness to missing and murdered indigenous.

MMIWs are ALMOST ALWAYS victims of psychological and emotional abuse before their attackers succeed in silencing them permanently.

Indeed, the very tactics used by the KGB to demean and oppress a people into "compliance" with the fascist state are employed by Facebook in its subtle and persistent psychological warfare on people. It knows that depressed people are easier to exploit; and emotionally exploited people are far more likely to accidentally click on one of the advertisements it needs to stay in business.

Do not consent to that kind of business.

We do not consent.

See also: ecosteader.com/@indie/10559455

Welcome to the secrets of outer ring (outer core root ring) composting for health and happiness old trees, and their ecosystems.

Think of composting as feeding the ecosystem -- in both literal and figurative sense. Think of the indigenous people as the heart of an ecosystem, ones most familiar with the ventricles of its heart.

In the shadow of some of the tallest Sequoias in the region (indeed, in the whole continent), our local ecosystem is one that formed in shade and filtered light provided by an old-growth forest of the ancient PNW.[1]

Colonialism has been destroying old-growth forests at, above and below this latitude... removing natives, shelter, shade and oxygen-exchanging life for far too long. All to build luxury condos, HOAs and McMansions for rent on AirBnB.

Fake shade, such as that provided by English Ivy, does not help a Turtle Island ecosystem. What should be much more diverse native cover is missing when such invasives are present. Non-natives do not know how to care for natives (and they never will, no matter what the does to try to save its face).

¨Cannot save ur ass and face at the same time.¨

Colonialism destroying native habitats with complicitness alongside (taking $$$$$$$$$$ from Realtors, like Facebook does!). It is an 800 BILLION COLONIAL DOLLAR TOXIC WASTE DUMP.

From this Earth day and beyond... a gentle reminder that Natives ought never be charged with anything (including dollars) as they move freely about on their lands everywhere.

As a final note... would love some help. IRL, decolonization is much harder than adding compost to roots in some trees being landlorded by colonial rent seekers.

All the experts saying the same thing we do:


[1] monumentaltrees.com/en/usa/ore This literal giant linked above... we kid you not.. it is being OVERRUN with toxic ivy. Owners of house near these trees coerce poor migrants to ¨cultivate¨ the Ivy with weed whackers terrorize the natives.

Hmmm. Institutions to save the languages of NA tribes? Not sure this will work, but it at least is an _effort_

It would create institutions, housed throughout the country, that offer resource support for Native language students at all levels of learning and for schools and programs teaching Native languages. It would also provide resources to enhance distance learning capacity, according to the release.

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii introduced the bill in the Senate, while Republican Rep. Don Young of Alaska introduced the House version of the bill.

Linguistic resources are a big issue in Alaska, where 20 Native languages are spoken, Young said. In 2008, the last speaker of the Eyak language died, and in 2018, Alaska declared a linguistic emergency in the state, he said in the release.

“Too many languages spoken by Indigenous people in Alaska and across the country face the threat of being forgotten; that must not happen,” Young said.


1: durangoherald.com/articles/371

An indigenous woman from Fang Thai is working with villagers to decolonize the life cycle of a sacred plant food.

In Fang Thai, (also India and China and the US) ... burning large swaths of land containing remnants of crops at the end of harvest like all the farmers do makes bad air quality[1], but since it is done just once a year most tend to think it is okay... but the wastefulness has been normalized by colonization.

Letting it rot on the soil creates methane (also not good).

Colonization tends to brainwash colonized humans (that is: those who seek the work products of small villagers) into thinking of the plant as a homogeneous commodity; is good for selling the rice grains only, discard the rest (burn or re-till).

The leftover material, however, can be used other ways not burning. The indigenous woman is making biodegradable alternative to plastic ¨to go¨ containers that street food vendors in nearby cities can use instead of Styrofoam.

Sharing good ideas globally[3] means credit the genius properly. To her, we extend Ecosteader Long Memory, or . Good work, Jaruwan Khammuang!


[2] youtube.com/watch?v=H8kodphRkA



Entire Internet needs giant smudge to rid us of all the negative Fascistbook and Drumpsfter energy we have been assaulted with these last 4 years.

Smudge and turn into Native Voices:


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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

We are a tiny organization advocating, educating and defending for indigenous voices, arts, lands, waters, and peoples affected by colonialism and surveillance capitalism. The destruction of Turtle Island and increase of #MMIW during the rise of fascistbook  and twoetter empires is unacceptable; indigenous peoples of Turtle Island deserve better. We will not be erased, coerced, or censored. FACEBOOK/META WILL SHORTEN YOUR LIFE BEFORE IT KILLS YOU; BEWARE ALL malicious overinflated megacaps.