The centuries-long desecration of sacred Kizh/Tongva land by mentally ill colonists:

Founded as a whites-only or a "sundown"[2] town, Culver City[3] is Yet Another Corrupt Node (Y.A.C.N) of colonization to be dismantled.

Sound familiar? In the closing credits of big-budget movies and TV, Culver City is home base of colonizer-focused production studios[a], AKA pretty much every public airwave in the US of A. (Unfortunately, PBS takes a great deal of money to promote the these days!) Such colonizer-focused production studios continually refuse to acknowledge the real native story, preferring to distract with short-sighted issues and other things they want to control.

Like the cutely-named trio of ships from overseas arrived around the same time and with the same delusions, so too did Culver City´s "founding father". Harry Culver was mentally ill when he arrived, perpetuating a delusion that Columbus had discovered America... and that as a Privileged White Man, it was all his for the taking. Never mind those burned villages![*]

Culver and his buddy James Henry Carleton[4], a fascist genocidal tyrant[3] worked together to push the REALTOR agendas, as they murdered a definitive number of native language speakers of the American Southwest.

Ecological impacts of the colonization not even 100 years later are determinable enough to say it is bad: take a few minutes to look up ¨Salton Sea¨, or any CA-marine coastal disaster or anything poisoning the heart of the Rio Grande.

/ Tongva land today in LA does not resemble anything it once did, but a few native people who survived Carleton and Culver´s murderous legacy did survive:


[*] NOTE that all refs & records stored at Minnesota-based and Ivy-league institutions are HEAVILY BIASED TOWARD EUROCENTRIC thought and rarely, (no actually never) accurately account the native stories.

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Banning Hawaiian language and culture, coup of a thriving indigenous nation, stealing of land and resources, commodification of our culture, dumping us into toxic ghettos. Hawaii was colonial blueprint for the empire's actions in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, etc.

Roll closing credits:

They used a gofundme, so the pimps got their cut and the strength of the enemy increased relative to theirs.

They stupidly keep using the enemy´s tools to strengthen the thing they fight so hard against... oil and its weight pulls them into the acrid chemical air and toxic sludge.

Repeatedly the great spirit tried to show them that they cannot fight the fascistbook from the sludge; those trapped in is quicksand cannot save anyone, let alone themselves.

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'we don’t see colonialism as just the occupation of lands or the subjugation of starts with this foundational separability that interrupts the sense of entanglement of everything'

Dougald Hine & Vanessa Andreotti on decolonising thinking

#DarkMountainProject #decolonize

The 100 percent ¨uncopyrightable¨ song of the red-winged blackbird (mp4).

The / tweeters would steal its song for views to sell advertisements.

Starting a thread on the discrepancies in cumulative count of fatal
cases. Whose data do you trust?

After following the various statistics a while now, it seems that Johns Hopkins[3] continually undercounts or minimizes the numbers compared to the other two large globally-oriented databases? By as much as 10,000 or 5,000 deaths? (2,562,730 - 2,551,200 is a difference of 11.5K deaths.

The JH[3] dashboard seems to be what Google[4] and other large media are using for their reporting, too.

Tangentially related article on native populations being undercounted or grouped as deaths in the white population:





a comment about white supremacy 

the requirement that a call-out of racism or otherwise bigoted behavior needs to be "polite" is a tool of white supremacy

you are not obliged to be polite when you say "that's racist"; if they wanted civility, they could have simply not done a racism.

we're taught to not rock the boat by those who most benefit from that civility, and sometimes that means we all gotta go overboard and swim for better shores.

Dutch colonization of Jakarta imposed , but in the form of canals instead of roads ... a deliberate, planned ecological attack on the native inhabitants. Why should the brown-skinned natives suffer
across all the continents?

In an interval* short enough to be significant, the results of the experiments by colonizers who imposed freshwater-draining activities is clearly a failure.

One estimation[1] puts a significant portion of the area´s population mostly underwater by 2050.

RCT time descriptions begin ~4:15 into the Z9cJQN6lw3w.

[2] interval.hpp


Blockchain weights draaaag
down the billionaires (yay!)
Es \\\punishment) for overuse of Eel´s fantasy currency?


What they thought
was silence to be
¨fastforwarded¨ thru by the Brkr barb casters
revealed as attempted (
theft of natives´ IP.


¨Not even a ¨"nice"¨ try can be said of that,

thought the hearts on TurtleIsland;

those never speak with lips.¨

Y'all get real touchy and complain if I say there's no time left for people to not be addressing climate collapse and the 6th mass extinction, saying that I'm just being a fear monger.

Here's /yet another/ piece from Westerners (the fifth I've linked this week I think) that says y'all need to face this anxiety if you don't want to doom your children to death.

I know that's grim but it's just how it is, and saying "no" doesn't change that, it just makes it harder on everyone.

Billionaires increased wealth 44% during the pandemic. 150 million in US are a paycheck from destitution.
Neofeud timeline might've been optimistic!


Just because they do not catch

on right away does not mean they
never will.

Try setting longer horizons on their warped little delusions.

Since so much of the West is on fire now, many people are in crisis mode. Found this great doc on how climage change crisises can help us simultaneously DISMANTLE colonial systems, and build something even better.

The sky out there is hazy and some news people are saying that air quality in Oregon is currently worst on planet. Several towns have been almost entirely wiped out, and evacuees in the region are seeking food, clothes, shelter.

This is NOT a time to waste breath talking about money. Landlords and Realtors everywhere should be more generous than they have ever been in their refunds.

(Repost from something that @emsenn linked here a while back... and deleted. illustration by Pete Railand)


Money does not solve the problems; it creates problems for people afraid of accountancy.

Colonists in the RCT_1830s with guns pointed at Native populations in canoes and native populations in a tree already starting to show deep decline in health.


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