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Community projects "greenlit" in NY State.

"Community solar ... allows households to receive the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels on a rooftop. Roughly half of residences in the U.S. can’t host a solar installation because the occupants don’t own the property, or the roof is too old, too shady, or faces the wrong way for optimal sun exposure. Community solar eliminates these issues. Instead of buying and installing solar panels on a home or property, a person can subscribe to a portion of a large solar project nearby, often with a number of other people who live in the area. A portion of the electricity generated by these projects gets credited directly to a subscriber’s utility bill and the subscriber typically gets a discount on their total electricity costs. "


Captured the gist so nobody has to waste a click on this ws shithead.


I don't know. Don't eat much rice myself; just remembered reading about it a while ago and thought it was intriguing.

Apparently brown rice has the most. Depends on the country of origin, too. Unlike Cyanide, Arsenic can't get flushed out the body as quickly.

The first two episodes of this series (2013) on OPB (PDX area PBS station) tonight:

"Pilgrims & Tourists"
"Profit & Loss"
"Fire & Ice"


The literary themes can expand:

Man vs Man (way too much of this already == boring, trite drama).

Modern man vs the Existential Crisis upon his realization of his own self-destructive doom.

Man vs Nature (contains genres ecologically scientific regarding long-term human impact).

Nature vs Manmade stuff.

Strong leaders, global allies succeeding without militia.

Women save the world (hint: it only happens when there are no Realtors allowed)!

White collar criminals get imprisoned indefinitely.

Universal and galaxy-oriented societies that respect women collectively agree to banish ______.

Egregious crimes perpetuated by dishonest entities in the network get exposed expediently.

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With all shared pop culture now being owned by a handful of megacorps, maybe it's time people started deliberately making more open source characters anyone can use and build on.
Like slender Man, but for every genere.

I mean, we already have all of mythology and 19th century litrature characters,
But I would love to see entirely new stuff. The return of cultural stories. Collective folk characters for the current world.

#opensource #litrature #folkstories #mythology #copyleft


Love it!

May the least corrupt and most ecologically-minded candidate win. 😺

@compostablespork @GwenfarsGarden

Badass. :blobmiou: yeaaaaaahh :blobcatbreadpeek:

I'm now in the habit of greenwaste-bagging all my veg scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, even the catfood @simonthecat won't finish (He's a fairly finicky eater, which I used to loathe but he's obviously doing something right for 18+ years!)

It's a great system when you know the destination of that bag is going to be ground-level dirt. The veg scraps and coffee grounds... really they just wanna be free radical dirt.

At the clear across town (17 miles from here), I have bins and piles which technically is where I *could* take the waste to compost. But that's not stealth, and would require inefficient physical transportation fairly regularly.

Activism, white savior 2 

Activism, white savior 2 

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Fascinating post on some of the unusual structures you can sometimes see on some cactus. In short, the 'strange growths' are the actual adult reproductive form of the plant, while the usual spiny part is the juvenile part.

#Biology #Plants #Cactus #Reproduction

@GwenfarsGarden @compostablespork

Would love to. I have a few bonsai trees on the concrete "balcony", but as I mentioned to the ignorant landlords, it not a practical composting area.

This is a large building and it needs a local, centralized, organized place to put compostable waste.

Compost really needs to happen where it can be mixed with soil that includes microbes.

Pemmican mentioned in this volume as well (on other pages); this was interesting:

is not that hard and composting to keep valuable plant nutrients out of landfills is important. I am still bleeping astonished that the company that owns this (and at least 7+ other old high-rent apartment buildings in Portland) is so fucking (whoops, forgot the bleeps on this one) stupid and ignorant.

As the nation becomes more and more suffocated by the greedy and , sometimes you've gotta be brave and tell it like it is... even if you're just a tenant.

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More extreme weather; this time in .

A blizzard dumping 7+ feet of snow with hurricane force winds? It's called a 'bombogenesis' cyclone, and Iceland is experiencing one right now:

"150-190 km/h gusts (W-NW Iceland) – conditions worsening tonight with close to 250 km/h gusts in SE parts of Iceland tomorrow"

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if anyone has #serivceDog etiquette questions, feel free to ask! Even if it's really silly sounding! DM me if you'd prefer. It's much better for ya to "bother" me here in cyberspace than bother someone out there in meatspace, and it's really not a bother to me here. It IS a bother to me out there though.

Example one: Don't yell out or even go on about doggo wearing boots/shoes. We know, we put them on, we probably even trained them to wear boots in the first place

#disabilityLifestyle #qanda

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