if you havent already shared information about the residential schools, congrats, youre slower to acknowledge genocide than sports illustrated



Facebook´s BFF Enbridge, in case you have not yet heard, spent $3 Billion dollars the other day to buy a gigantic BIGRIG connection in one of the most colonially-desecrated US states, Texas.

Deal includes ¨property¨ known as the Ingleside Energy Center near Corpus Christi, Texas. Built in 2018, it is North America’s largest crude export terminal, which loaded 25% of all U.S. Gulf Coast crude exports last year. Enbridge will also acquire a 20% stake in the Cactus II Pipeline, which connects the Permian Basin with the Gulf Coast, plus the Viola pipeline and the Taft Terminal.

¨Enbridge said the acquisition will be initially funded with current liquidity, and that the deal, which is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year, will immediately add to its earnings.¨


With all the hurricanes and tropical storms, is going to be pretty tough getting those ¨movements¨ meant to go viral for colonizer zocial media userz that can be used to sell colonizer sportswear and equipment, eh? GLWT1.

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Messenger (any one of them!) installed on your phone or recently-viewed webpages, it is assumed you are working for colonizer social media, and you are part of the cartel trying to destroy Ecosteader.

No we are not gonna apologize for anything.

Colonizer social media man cannot stand the idea of being personally devalued on a global
scale! It does not matter to him that the billions of people in his world have massaged his ego into 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS; is still not enough.

Desperate for ways and means to control the distribution of his ¨save face¨ campaigns through his burgeoning bank accounts and his insincere donations of wealth to the friends of our enemy, to paint himself as a hero, his attacks against us have not relented, as his gaslighting of the people indie needs most continues.

Facebook targeted the elders first.

It thought correctly that the quickest way to corrupt an elder is through the innocence of its colonized school child or teenager unwittingly furthering colonist agendas.


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Facebook and all its apps are the white man company.

For everyone else, there is the rest of the Internet.


Distribution system that automatically enriches the brokers of distribution every time there is a distribution will automatically tilt the system in favor of the power brokers.

This is the basis of capitalism.

Billionaires become that way because folks literally (usually unwittingly) donate their energy to the billionaire´s distribution system, whether it be a gluttonous international conglomerate company like Fa(s)(cis)+book or the city, local, state, or federal government that the Fascistbook needs in place to keep enriching itself disproportionately.

(s)(cis)+ ===


The RCMP border patrol launched another greedy experiment for colonist cash at tg'sn artificial border between what colonists call Canada and the United States.

Why do people trust acronyms? Why are colonists trying to get involved with where indie was going? RCMP are not Royal anything; the booths and barricades at the ¨port¨ of entry are neither indigenous, nor attractive as welcome.

Thinking about what to speak in English is not what Turtle Islanders do!

Especially not on their way to ceremony on native lands blocked by OTI invaders with delusions about their role and place. Someone obviously did not read the documentation.

For the <ntv.lang> translators: Already vaccinated ppl being stalled, told that we must provide the paid booth employees w/ a specific kind of test that we have taken within 72 hours, proving that our vaccinations are working.

Here is the kick! Tests are being administered by private companies with phone apps and ostentatious fees that also require preregister for appointments.

Damn; even though it is weekend and nobody out here, is already booked full (is similar to scheme the capitalists do w/booking hotels and rental units they intend to keep empty, in order to drive up last-minute prices), forcing more road-related energies be wasted for ground transport looking for test site. Vaccinated folks who are trying to move freely, told they have to wait 2 days to get results.

So if you are trying to cross that artificial border on Turtle Island, you are now being forced into something of a conundrum for your wait. PUA!

The butterfly from Wabanaki landed _here_, where it asked for our watermark over anything royal the colonists might claim.

Go ahead and keep on keeping on donating your images, words, voice and family pictures to those capitalistic fascistbook billionaires ... is guaranteed they will suck your life energy for doing so.

¨Moqo, we do not.¨

‘New figures by Global Witness show that 227 people were killed in 2020 while trying to protect forests, rivers and other ecosystems that their livelihoods depended on.’

Let’s not forget all the park rangers in Africa who die defending animals from poachers.

‘All but one of the deadly attacks took place outside North America, Europe and Oceania. The authors say environment-related conflict is, like the #climateCrisis, disproportionately affecting lower-income nations.’


right about now, 20 years ago, my friend's family's shop was getting set on fire by white supremacists, I mean, patriotic Americans defending their homeland.

Could it've gone different if a parent had rushed to Walmart to buy red white and blue festoon?


2-parter from redfish on continued apartheid in #Namibia, where colonizers from #germany continue to monopolize land & wealth:

1) ytprivate.com/watch?v=0U2g5K8J
2) ytprivate.com/watch?v=mqERf5UR

There isn't much physical violence (like fighting) depicted but lots of structural violence & they let the fascists speak in their own words, so heads up for that.

More stats for the mountain of evidence that FB is gaslighting indigenous peoples in order to make it easier for OTI invaders to steal their land:


Part 2/3 (follow-on to 106902215266547803)

Speaking of sheepish ...

Of course, it takes over a decade and a pretty, popular colonizer with her own promotion-filled YT channel for homeless guy to get his work _indirectly_ enough traction to upgrade some gear.

The fact that YouTube (and its astoundingly wealthy parent company) have had insider knowledge of this vlogger over ELEVEN YEARS should make any Googler (any YT watcher, actually) feel very ashamed to be employee or owner. FB also makes and appearance in his videos (mostly for drama arguing with the local town mayors) since it seems that
123homefree.org does promote FB as well as links to his YT channel.

That being said, his site contains some well put-together plant foraging documentation and notes.

Fletcher finally recently reached 8K subscribers over 11 years, thanks to his colonizer promotion, and was able to upgrade his hobo stove and get selfie stick! Sucks that it took that long, bro. My experience with Google was much worse (part 3/3).

Will post that one only to the ones that care enough to follow my work, though.

an operating system with unremoveable advertising is fundamentally failing at its job

even if that advertising never crashes the system

If I saw a local teachers' union setting fire to vehicles in the roadway and using train blockades to get what they wanted, I might've become a teacher just to learn some tactics! I hope this is what they're teaching the kids in class too ;-)


Hey, we got a mention with big, trendy media site Vice News.

Not us as in Ecosteader, but us as in Mastodon communicators across the global, diverse, beautiful, .

Indeed are we the hackers, orders of magnitude greater at helping the world decolonize from invasive capitalistic tech than colonizer social media ever will be. We are a necessary and permanent fixture, and we will only get stronger as more people sheepishly realize how compromised and vulnerable they are to the sadistic whitemanz delusions of infinite growth on the finite planet.

Let it be a great relief there is a living, active solidarity movement of people both IRL and building our online communities literally doing literal things ... erasing Web 2.0 standards of an ¨app for everything¨, and... remodeling community, shall we say.

Self-hosting is digital decolonization, and is never too late to decolonize. Decolonize your tech to decolonize your thinking. A decolonized mind is a beautiful, powerful thing.



[1] Last I heard Vice was still related to HBO, which is part of Warner Media conglomerate...

BTW, if you need to solve any local problem, you need 120 random persons to join the discussion.
It seems that 120 is the number of people who cover the human experience with an accuracy of 98%.

So indigenous Australians have told geographically accurate stories about rising sea levels that happened after the last ice age, and the stories have stayed accurate for about 10 000 years.

Goes to show that oral tradition can be accurate and extinction of indigenous languages can lead to a permanent loss of information about the world — which of course are not new claims.


@solarbear This seems like a really cool option, but it’s still very new and untested: turning rust into iron powder, which can then be burned. youtube.com/watch?v=rKVj1CwAmm

@solarbear You've got some options here! If you've got a motor and a sufficiently strong cable, you can do the old clockwork trick and lift a weight, then use its slow descent to run mechanics or the motor as a generator. No spinning parts, no chemicals, no fire/explosive hazard. Problem is power density. LiPo batteries store ~.46 MJ/kg at the low end. An iPhone 8 battery stores (I think?) ~25 kJ. If you've got 2 meters of vertical distance to work with, your working mass needs to be 1275 kg?

OK, question for #solarpunks and those into #ecotech

What's a good small scale way to store energy that's not a battery?

too many people don't understand that right now the thickest part of the ice in the Arctic is probably less than their height. right now, the thickest ice in the Arctic is at one and a half meters. one and a half meters. so few people know what a blue ocean event is. so few people know what it will do to our planet. yet, their ignorance does not change that we are a few years away from the event, or the amount of consequences they will feel from it. people think we have time that has run out

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