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Every day we are adding more protests and demonstrations to #CloseTheCamps and #AbolishICE. Already events called in #Olympia and #SanFrancisco as part of the week of action to get @BankofAmerica to divest from #ConcentrationCamps. Get involved!

@salixlucida Finally! I was wondering if this purr motor of yours was real, or what.

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This is pretty much what we outlined on the lot plan considerations doc: if you can't figure out what is native and what's invasive, do experiment. It quickly becomes obvious what is invasive.


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All elevations from "Surface" to 700 to 850 remain above 5000 Joules / kg for this particular area of disturbance.

The piece people miss is that CAPE stands for _Atmospheric_ CAPE; that is Atmospheric Convective AVAILABLE Potential Energy. This is the equivalent of weather dynamite, all bundled up and concentrated over a huge area.

I don't know why ANYBODY on reddit would be downvoting this observation. If you could know 48 hours ahead of time that tornadoes and deadly hail were headed your way, would you not want to know and prepare?

5918 Joules of energy per 1000 grams of atmospheric moisture seems astoundingly dangerous.

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Huh, this seems too good to be true. I can just switch my default search engine to #Ecosia and I'll be helping to plant trees?

Massive instability predicted over this area near the Dakotas during the next couple of days...

5215 Joules per kg is F5 tornado weather.

Thread on Reddit (where I accidentally borked an upload of screenshot)

Democracy of the Ecological kind is most definitely not anarchy.

Ecological democracy

always outperforms

:: by more than at least a breadth of a function division


order beyond immature
order beyond insatiable

order beyond impatience ; we

we travel far and light.

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Protip for Fediverse developers:

Pleroma has a bunch of tests you can reference, including some Mastodon ones! It's been a great resource.

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Happy to be the 400th follower of @vicorva :)

Some of the oldest pioneers of the pre-2000 Internets were writers. I know this because as an aspiring journalist writer (at the time in high school), I was the yearbook editor and thus had keys to the school.

This meant I could "break into" the school on the weekends and use the darkroom (yeah, literal photographic paper darkroom) and the computers.

Our yearbook adviser was the art teacher, and she was rad.

@salixlucida Ecosteader has a brick at Pioneer Square. I never could find it (tbh, didn't look that hard), though it is supposed to be there according to this map!

I will send an "first gen" ecosteader sticker
to anybody who can find it. ;)

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@raye @puffinus_puffinus This is a fantabulous compilation of resources, good post.

I especially like the notes on

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico... seems like so long ago, doesn't it? I'll never forget those heartbreaking images of seabirds laden with petrol, whose homes were ruined by the seafloor drillers.

Shortly after that ship blew up in 2010, some people tried to remind anybody who would listen that _that_ method of rapacious energy extraction is not what the Creator intended for humans to use on Mother Earth:

Also of importance from earlier in the video: a principle of the original intention: clan mothers can IMPEACH the equivalent of what our Supreme Court justices are today. If we had them, we would not be in this mess.

The D. Trump-branded Evil rearing its hideous face again, back with even more malevolent plans to scourge and defile and to wreak more disaster, suffering, and destruction.

"WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Thursday made public its rollback of a major offshore-drilling safety regulation, significantly weakening an Obama-era rule that was put in place after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, which killed 11 people and sent 4.9 million barrels of oil gushing into the sea, causing the worst oil spill in American history."


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if you are unable or unwilling to enforce even the tiniest amount of ethics on your platform, do not create platforms.

Portland might as well just patent its own brand of protest, because it makes judicial use of reminder notes about soil, and is that rad.

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