@clacke Hong Kong is people trying to make Democracy work on another place in the world. Of course it's going to be successful.

mobilize Bay Area Friday re: Palantir 

mobilize Bay Area Friday re: Palantir 

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All Landlords Are Bastards describes it pretty well. Landlording is AKA "rent seeking", an evil and unethical way to make money, no matter who is doing it or why. Rents suck the health out of neighborhoods (hence why there are poor neighborhoods to begin!) because dwellers DO NOT have any connection to the land.

Landlords who make renters do yard work and pay them rent are the most evil.


Actually, I have to clarify this as of today; I have had to suspend one user from witches.live. This person was posting disgusting porn-spam.

Attacking someone personally instead of attacking their argument is the correct definition of "bad faith".

The fact is that Anarchy and Authoritarianism both promote the use of violence. Both make it easier for bad guys to get away with crimes.


What I can't get over is how well that song works for for swimming with chloroplasts. 💯

"When the asteroid hit, it also produced an impact ejecta layer, which includes tektites (natural glass formed from debris during meteorite impacts) and shocked zircon crystals which were thrown out of the impact area. Scientists refer to this layer as the "North American tektite strewn field," which covers a region of roughly 4 million square miles, about 10 times the size of Texas. Some ejecta landed on land while the rest immediately cooled on contact with seawater and then sank to the ocean floor."

🌋 🌔 💥 🌊

@puffinus_puffinus @bedap

Yes, thank you (rad!) Puffin Komrade for your understanding. 🤗 It's not that I don't take kindly to Anarchy; it's more that I'm embracing what the Native American ancestors teach about democracy being a fundamental tenant of "The Great Law of Peace". This Law came about after a natural _progression_ from a well-tested, but less peaceful "anarchy", which did eventually yield some warring and weapons, even among some of the original native tribes.

The whole video is great, but the elder who speaks at the end near time marker ~ 48:24 says some very profound and interesting things about that Great Law of Peace and the roots of democracy; I encourage you to watch it when you have a few mins.


The W.L. drama is off my radar; I apologize for confusing the persons involved in that.

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So let's get back to the polar bears. ecosteader.com/@indie/10124575

"If the bureau cannot make such a determination, the incidental take permit must be denied ...

The refuge’s coastal plain provides critical habitat for mother polar bears during the winter months when they come on shore to den and give birth. Bear cubs are especially sensitive during their first few months of life, and any disruption to their growth and development can be life-threatening. The denning period also happens to overlap with the only window during which seismic surveys can be carried out, since the ground must be frozen solid to allow for the passage of heavy vehicles and machinery. Even using the latest infrared technology, the FWS memo predicted that only about half of the bear dens would be detected during flyovers. That would leave approximately eight to 10 dens that would be susceptible to disturbances from vehicle traffic, human activity, and seismic work.

The threat is compounded by global warming. As sea ice loss has accelerated, more and more bears are coming inland, creating additional pressure on the population. Steve Amstrup, a former US Geological Survey researcher and chief scientist at Polar Bears International, said the Interior Department hasn’t fully considered the challenges facing the Southern Beaufort Sea population. “If we don’t stop the decline of sea ice, polar bears are going to disappear,” he said.

Since the mid-1980s, the region’s polar bear population has declined from an estimated 1,800 animals to between 800 and 900."

Pruitt's EPA is definitely GUILTY. Not only were they unwilling, but also now must they be unable to "hears" and here is why:


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loss of a talented scientist to senseless violence 

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Hedgehog in the garden!

We found a hedgehog in the garden this afternoon. At first it seemed ok, then it just stopped and started curling up like it wanted to snooze on the garden path. We were worried, weighted it (259g) and after a few phonecalls to hedgehog people, someone said it's probably ok, and to leave it outside with cat food and water and see how it goes.

So we put it next to my log pile, which I put down for hedgehogs and insects (yay), and it soon clambered over it and under the hedge. So I think it's ok. We have put food and water down and will check back later.

Good luck little hog!

#Hedgehog #Wildlife

One of the pledges needed for any 2020.

"We need candidates to take this pledge and fiercely oppose climate-wrecking pipelines like Keystone XL because the science is crystal clear — we can’t afford to build ANY new fossil fuel infrastructure. We need candidates to oppose drilling on public lands, offshore drilling, the Line 3 pipeline, the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines, and more. Real climate leadership to confront the climate crisis means opposing any and all new fossil fuel infrastructure.

In March, Trump took unprecedented — and possibly illegal — action to force through TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project. We’ve killed this pipeline before, and we’ll do it again."


No new combustion engines.

Starting a thread on . This is one area that Ecosteader's mission as a B Corp can begin to be elucidated. It's more than my "hope"; it is my firm belief that is the only way to build a sustainable wealth cycle for a community: one that endures.

"For community wealth building to work among tribal nations, it must match indigenous philosophies and values. It must be-come the community’s own by grounding the frame in the cultural values of the community and translating it into the lived realities of the people."

Another important spoke of consideration is to listen ; meditation is balancing the inner

ears are things that listen



The ladies who run this shop have a booth at Saturday Market, and make breakaway kitty collars (or small dog collars).



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A few scenes from the protests in downtown this morning.

Many stores shut their doors completely. I didn't realize that this was the weekend it was all going down... I just wanted to go get a new collar for the kitty from Saturday Market. 🐈

A helicopter and drones overhead; helmets, cops and colorful people everywhere.

Stuck around one of the stages long enough to hear from an speaker reminding everyone that at that waterfront space, where two rivers meet, people historically congregated to share food and medicine.

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