@kris Whose 404/503 error page are you seeing? Do you have any screenshots?

@kris Was the problem on their end? We used to have this problem but upgrade after 3.1.4 fixed it, afaik.

In case we don't say it enough:
we really do love the Europeans who never left Europe.



Helps to see fb as it is... "that giant cage of corralled neurotics".

Those big platforms distract folk from what should be the priority decolonial tasks that we need every day... can't decolonize while in the cage.

An indigenous scientist on CRISPR ethics, genetics, and how to DNA research:

"To decolonize DNA is not anti-science, and it's not a rewriting of the fundamentals of DNA. One thing I always say is that Indigenous peoples are not anti-science; we're anti-exploitation. Science, as much as we like to idealize it, is not purely objective. There’s subjectivity in the types of questions that we choose to pursue, the types of questions our agencies fund. And then also the decisions that we make in terms of who to include and who not to include in studies also creates subjectivity. And also how those results are interpreted. Because if they don't properly take into account all the historical societal factors at play, then we are ignoring some key, potentially colonial factors that relate to health.

Alcoholism is something that's really charged and is an example. There have been over 230-plus publications in PubMed alone that try to look to see why Native Americans are supposedly genetically at greater risk for alcoholism. But then that totally ignores the history of harm that has been perpetrated upon us.

Type 2 diabetes has been heavily studied in Indigenous peoples in the southwest and also in American Samoa. And a huge portion of this narrative for a long period of genetic history has been that we are genetically predisposed to this disease. But this disease didn’t exist in our communities until very recently. So there's these other factors like a forced diet that was imposed upon us; forcible change to our ways of living and our ways of providing food for ourselves; a removal of our lands that doesn't allow us to pursue our traditional forms of agriculture; an imposition of a westernized form of diet. These are like actual contributors of health that are being overly conflated with genetics, when in reality there could be other social, cultural, colonial factors at play."


Decolonization requires both the literal and figurative takedown of dudes who brutally murder other humans.. How many stupid and self-righteous tourists are with this guy?

"For about 20 years, thousands of locals and tourists have passed by this statue every day. It has been photographed countless times. Though it is on private land owned by the Garibaldi Maritime Museum, it's seen by all who traverse the Oregon Coast’s main artery.

Gray is widely hailed as the “discoverer” of the Columbia River, though for 12,000 years previous to his arrival, it was one of the most populated regions in North America, home to tens of thousands of members of the Chinook, Clatsop, Multnomah, Clackamas and Cascade nations. Gray is also credited with being the first to circumnavigate the globe in 1790. Many Pacific Northwest geographical features, high schools, scholarships, harbors and roads are named after him.

But, as with many American monuments, there is an untold story.

Gray has been linked to the infamous South Carolina triangle slave trade, having worked for slave traders Crowell Hatch and Samuel Brown. Following the abolition of that horrific trade, Gray outfitted a sailing ship bound for the Pacific Northwest, seeking sea otter furs. By many eyewitness accounts, his dealings with many Pacific Northwest tribes from Vancouver Island to Tillamook Bay was brutal and rife with murder, theft and the torching of villages.

In one well-documented instance, Gray kidnapped the son of the chief of the village of Opitsaht in British Columbia and ordered the entire village of 200 ornately carved ancestral homes burnt to the ground. "


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The Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty 3 has added an LGBTQ2 council as an integral part of its traditional government in addition to the Youth Council, Elder's Council, Women's Council, and Men's Council.



Since so much of the West is on fire now, many people are in crisis mode. Found this great doc on how climage change crisises can help us simultaneously DISMANTLE colonial systems, and build something even better.

The sky out there is hazy and some news people are saying that air quality in Oregon is currently worst on planet. Several towns have been almost entirely wiped out, and evacuees in the region are seeking food, clothes, shelter.

This is NOT a time to waste breath talking about money. Landlords and Realtors everywhere should be more generous than they have ever been in their refunds.

(Repost from something that @emsenn linked here a while back... and deleted. illustration by Pete Railand)


@emsenn Probably would say this depends on the region.

Cities are not farmland, right? Tall buildings with bad air quality, bad landlords constantly squeezing more and more rent out of people who have nowhere to grow or farm, all extra space goes to billboards, flashy signs, attention grabbing things that want money. Or pay-to-park money.

Suburbs are also a terrible uses of space, but in a different way. The colonial notion that land needs to be "farmed" at large-scale is obviously wrong. But so is the idea that 40 acres is a "small family farm"[1].


Working on my new novel about quantum mechanics. It starts almost at the end with two prequels.

@emsenn I don’t mean “invest” in the sense of a return on capital, I mean invest in the sense of “leftists” need to put our money where our mouths are and find and fund local programs led by the people who bear the majority of the Violence perpetuated by the system.

Taking a weak system and injecting it with toxic anything... actually makes the overall system _weaker_ and less able to recover.

Colonist cash is incredibly weak globally... the other countries are laughing at this crazy nuthouse gov't trying to convince everybody everything is "great" right now and there we have something to be proud about the last 255 years of colonization. From the perspective, there's absolutely nothing about colonization to be proud of, except stopping it and preventing others from being exploited by it.

Read this moring on one of those church-sponsored "genealogy" sites that oh yeah... the war between the British and the French in Wabanaki territory (damn, where is Bashabez when we need him!), which resulted in what's basically the first parcelling of land like colonist spoils. In 1765, 255 years ago.

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Analyze all the charts! Probably, when you've made it your mission to explain eco-sustainability, it sometimes makes sense to also provide an example of something UNSUSTAINABLE.

Newscasters saying something like it has been 120 years since the last big megafire season in Oregon, and this year we have already six megafires. California and Washington have had a rough start of season, too.

Tangentially, the corrupted colonist money system wants the world to think it's doing just great.

Let's watch in awe how devastating the drop will be, as that unsustainable system leans into the burning hot wires... Read the caption for extra analysis of the , further details, etc.

Winds knocked down a teepee-shaped !!! branch today. Gorgeous but large mass that would likely have caught loose end to badly damage or destroy old structure.

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Melg'puguasit, we stand with Wet'suwet'en. Decolonize: "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the only thing that can help humans as a colonized planet continues to sink deeper into the chaos and destruction of broken, inequitable, and faulty systems that value money over Earth's many forms of life. European words and languages and accounting systems don't belong on Turtle Island. We encourage you to join us on a better path as we build and participate in a more Ecological Democracy that includes #AllThePeople as envisioned by Mark Charles, a Navajo Nation member running as the Independent candidate for President. #LivingWalls, not border walls.