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One ton of recycled aluminum saves 40 barrels of oil

"One ton of soda cans made of recycled aluminum saves 21,000 kilowatt hours by reducing untouched bauxite ore that would have to be mined, shipped, and refined. This is an energy saving of 95%."

Attended some years ago, and glad to meet people trying to clean up their state: maybe other Texas cities ought to be more like:

Sustainable vs Non-Sustainable:

It comes down to a question of renewable vs non-renewable. Only resources are sustainable; this is why there's no such thing as "clean coal". There never was. What the monsters in Republican governments (local, state, and federal) lie to you about is everything. Why do you elect liars to lead you? They gleefully destroy what the planet takes Billions of years to form. Their destruction spells your doom.

We [do not need to recreate the smog and pollution crisis of the 70's to know]( that renewable resource energy is the better way to plan for future energy needs. Stop drilling in Alaska; stop everything the TRE45ONists are doing.

"More and more Americans are discovering the truth about solar: It saves money and helps the planet. In fact, every four minutes another American family installs solar panels on their home. A clear indication that solar energy has become a cost-effective energy option for homeowners .

But mistaken beliefs about solar persist—it’s too expensive, too complicated, too unreliable. Going solar really is far easier and less costly than most folks think."


"What we know from history is that [we] need a really small group of innovators ... that can demonstrate how to do things differently and once that gets mainstreamed, change happens really quickly." - [Source]( E. Pieters Urbanized

"In 2017, CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry were projected to grow by 2.0% (+0.8 to +3.0%), following three years of nearly no growth (2014-2016)"

-- CDIAC 2017 Global Carbon Budget



Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed a multi-unit dwelling whose front and rear facades are aesthetically-pleasing spaced concrete planters.

These planters protect residents from noise and pollution while providing a wam streaming sunlight filter on the interior. A green roof on top of the building also lower energy costs and reduce the amount of city-street runoff." [see also](

3) Atmospheric C02 levels increased in 2012 at a faster rate than the average over the past 10 years because of a combination of continuing growth in emissions and a decrease in land carbon sinks from very high levels in the previous two years.

Sources: CDIAC 2013 Global Carbon Budget

"It's very important that the number of fossil BTUs that go into a gallon of fuel be significantly less than the number of renewable BTUs that come out of that gallon. If it's not -- let's not do it.

We have about 133,000 BTUs worth of energy in every gallon of biodiesel. When you add up all our inputs we need to end up being less than 133,000 BTUs, or we probably shouldn't be making that gallon. (1 BTU ~ the amount of energy in one wooden matchstick)."


"Our main sources of energy are still petroleum, coal and natural gas. With global energy consumption predicted to increase 56 percent by 2040 the continued use of non-renewable fossil fuels comes at a great cost to the environment and to our health." QUEST: America's Energy Future" [source](

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