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Mark Zuckerberg & @nick_clegg of @facebook
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We’re calling on you to issue a moratorium on all political and issue-based advertising until the conclusion of the UK Parliamentary Elections.

Our open letter: tweeted by @mozilla

So apparently the Bayou Corne was also discussed in the 2015 PBS Nova episode season 42 ep 3 "Sinkholes -- Buried Alive". The state of the sinkhole today is much different (that is, larger) than it was in 2015, though there was some additional information about how the sinkhole was formed that was especially interesting.

Texas Brine claimed that because the salt "dome" it thought it was mining was not completely vertical, they had no way of knowing they'd damaged the side wall in their drilling.


Here in 2019, we have even more evidence that these kinds of problems tend to grow, not disappear for an area that has been affected. A story from May:

"CBS7 spoke to a Dr. Zhong Lu, a geophysics professor at SMU who has been studying sinkholes patterns in the Permian Basin.

He explained the Permian Basin has a layer of salt below the ground surface and in many instances oil and gas drilling has allowed leaking water to soften that layer and cause the surface to cave in.

“The casings on the oil wells, it has problems and it cracks and leaks through the casing,” Lu said. “And the corrosion of the metal pipe may also be happening as well that allows the water to diffuse into that area.”

That deterioration can cause some pretty big problems and we’re not just talking about the sinkholes themselves."

What's that? shifting anywhere can affect layers of geology in unexpected and deleterious ways?

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Unions Are Great 

This is a problem.

The farmers just don't get it.

It's because their generational memory doesn't go back that far. The white man charged in; he was warned already not that long ago. Probably, the Earth remembers every one (oth) repeatedly harmed by that particular vector. Don't let those with delusions destroy what doesn't belong to them.

Adding on to the thread about (repost/edit to fix typos).

If we want to be brutally honest, the vectors have already been put in motion, and there's little to do but wait. Every single day that the damage continues makes it less likely this is something we'll be able to just clean up and move on from. It only takes a little damage to ripple out for generations:

Our environmental disasters will be unique to our geology. Which means, more than likely, a significant portion of the US is going to either "sinking bog" or permanently underwater in ~50 years. The industrial rape of fracking, drilling for oil, and aquifers pumped dry combined with rising sea levels can only go on for so long. A hotter earth means more energy for more storms; more storms means more intense water beating down on geology weakened from the disgusting fossil-fuel infrastructure sucking strength and vitality out of eons-old layers of our Earth's crust.

Limestone, salt and gypsum underlie over 40 percent of the contiguous US. These "rock types are susceptible to dissolution in water. In these areas the formation of underground cavities can form, and catastrophic sinkholes can happen. These rock types are evaporites (salt, gypsum, and anhydrite) and carbonates (limestone and dolomite). Evaporite rocks underlie about 35 to 40 percent of the United States, though in many areas they are buried at great depths."

"About 16,000 sinkholes originate in Missouri. For comparison, Tennessee has more than 54,000 sinkholes and Florida has about 12,000."

How the women of Standing Rock are building economies (August 24, 2019)

"Part of being sovereign lies in strengthening and rebuilding sharing economies, she said. And part of it lies in reducing waste, rejecting rampant consumerism and the harmful aspects of the modern industrial system, like single-use plastics and toxic chemicals.

“I saw it all happen at Standing Rock; everybody came with all of their skills, and they brought [their] economies—and they were medicating people, they were healing people, they were feeding people, cooking for people, training people, making people laugh—they were doing everything. Everything we needed, it came to Standing Rock.”

Despite the money the pipeline company spent to repress the uprising, she said, water protectors around the world stepped up and pitched in to create an alternate economy at Standing Rock, and millions were raised to support the resistance.

“We could do that again. We can gift our economies between each other. We’re doing it right here,” Angel told the women assembled in the Black Hills—women who were gardeners and builders, craftswomen and cooks, healers and lawyers, filmmakers and writers—and, above all, water protectors. “These few days we’ve been here prove to me and should prove to you that we have the skills to create communities without violence, without drugs, without alcohol, without patriarchy—just with the intent to live in peace.”"


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#SunDIY Time to winterize the #WaterBarrels, part 1. I detached the bit of hose that allows water to flow from the downspout diverter and into the barrel. Those barrels are full-up, and it would be good to actually drop their water levels a bit before we get to any sort of hard freeze, as that will allow room for the water to expand as it turns to ice.

Recall campaigns work. These kinds of things work in a .

"The internet has simultaneously made recall campaigns cheaper and made it easier for them to raise money. Social media helps voters find each other; smartphones and spreadsheets make coordinating their efforts far simpler. And citizens can even download a recall petition, print it out and sign it (or get their family and friends to sign it) on the spot.

Another reason recalls may be on the rise is that power *brokers are increasingly willing to put their muscle behind them."


(1) Start or advance a campaign against groupings of corrupt REPUBLICANS (for an opportunity to save the world).

(2) Assess ecosystem damage wrought by aforementioned bad guys, immediately shut down their abuses of privatization (or obvious intent to abuse via privatization).

(3) Assign ecological damage scores to those in political power; notice increased for each day of continued damage (or attempted damage)?; these cannot be removed.

(4) Expel and remove anyone unwilling to enforce accountability on the white collar criminals. Let the educated public among the system collectively vanquish those who refuse to be precisely accountable.

(5) Immediately embark upon eco-remediation strategies for the areas with the worse damage.

Indigenous nations (and as the wise remind us: sovereignty is only to be acknowledged; it's obviously never granted) have all the answers, and really; they owe nothing to the white man. No real estate anything the white man dreamed up in vainglory is worth that kind of harm.

On the demise of the Aral Sea:

"Karakalpakstan’s dirty downstream water is used not only for farming, but for drinking - the major cause of what health officials in this region say are epidemic levels of hepatitis, cancers and anemia.

One Sunday morning, at the weekly bazaar in Nukus, the Karakalpak capital, Aikhan Kulsiyityeva, 69, sat on the pavement behind her children's clothes for sale and lectured a visitor on the difficulties of life in Karakalpakstan. "Everybody is sick. Our legs and heads hurt. Fifty percent of the people in Karakalpakstan are sick," she said.

"There is no clean water. If you make tea and you pour milk into it, it all curdles from the salt," she said. "You shouldn't eat or drink what we have here. We drink green tea and try to make it very strong. But it's salty, too."

In Nukus, chlorine is added to the water, which is taken from nearby canals. In smaller towns, "we take the water from the canals or the tap and let it stand for three or four days," to let the sediment settle out, said Yusupbai Ishanov, an agricultural researcher in Chimbai. 'It's not clean, but you can drink it."

In 1979, the Karakalpak immunological service counted 32 percent of drinking water samples taken in the region unfit for human consumption. In 1989, the agency's director said, the figure was 83. 2 percent. The water is heavy with chlorides, sulfates, pesticides and heavy metals, health workers in Nukus said - and those same compounds are measure(] in locally grown food - and the breast milk of nursing women."

Every continent, it seems, has an example of Earth's retaliation against water abusers as .

An especially interesting example is what happened to the Aral Sea, aggressively drained by foolish agricultural practices:

"The Soviet plan to maximize one ecosystem service---fresh water---at the cost of many others proceeded, and the 1930s saw the construction of a system of irrigation canals. Crop production rose as irrigated areas in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan jumped from 6.4 million acres to 15.9 million acres over two decades, employing millions of people in the region. But with its major inflows being diverted for irrigation, the Aral Sea began shrinking in the 1960s. By 2005, it had lost more than half of its surface area, exposing nearly 30,000 km2 of lake bed, and nearly three-quarters of its volume.

The formerly thriving fishing industry collapsed as the freshwater influx declined and salinity increased, leading to the disappearance of 60,000 jobs linked to the Aral Sea fishery. The dried up sea bed produced dust storms laden with chemicals and pesticides from the intensive agriculture occurring along the two rivers. This in turn led to increased air and water pollution levels, and crop damage as much as 1,000 km away. Cancers, respiratory diseases, anemia, miscarriages, and kidney and liver diseases soared in the region.

By 1987, the Aral Sea had split into two segments---the North Aral Sea in Kazakhstan, and the South Aral Sea, more or less in Uzbekistan. In 1995, the World Bank and Kazak government built a dam to prevent water in the northern section from flowing into the southern portion."

Have been thinking about it and how/what it means for other white mens' rapaciousness.

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Someone just posted on another social network that Bladerunner is set in November of 2019, which starts tomorrow. Interesting.

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Part of what we're doing w/ Ecosteader, B Corp is remind people that life other than human matters: The Earth knows about matters of diversity. :micmacaroo:

"The upper part of the circle is divided into two quarters by a black vertical band punctuated by four yellow disks, which honor the four women of the Band (or Tribe), all Micmac Mothers, who promoted the advancement of the Micmac. The upper left quarter shows two black bear claws on a white background, symbolizing strength and the readiness to provide assistance. A black deer looking toward the right stands in upper right quarter on a white background. It represents the gratitude the Micmac feel toward this animal that provides vital assistance to the community with both clothing and food.

Separating the upper from the lower portions of the circle, a center band celebrates the original members of the Aroostook Council.

The triangle in the lower half of the circle stands for the wigwam of the Council's lodge. Inside this triangle, a small white triangle marks the entrance to the wigwam, and three white disks honor the three original women sachems, or Council members.

... the Arrow of Peace - symbol of the arrows used by Micmac hunters to gather sustenance and by Micmac warriors to defend the Band against enemies. Framing the lower half of the circular logo are seven eagle feathers, which represent seven future generations of the Micmac and the seven districts of the Micmac Nation.

One element whose head remains invisible, though its wings and lower body are suggested by the central band and the lower black and white triangles, is the Invisible Thunderbird, representing Strength and Wisdom."


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Hallowe'en report: it's a crunchy leaf day, a squirrel and crow day, a sunshine and cold wind day in Portland. 🍂 🌞 :moomin_flower: 🎃 #florespondence

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A bit of #Samhain fire for anyone who can't have one of their own.

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"'Use Firefox' is actually an effective means of protest," now that Google is forcing employees to use a Chrome extension for union-busting surveillance

Another victory for 1000+ year natives of Nevada and Arizona doing their best to stand against rapacious (and dangerous) uranium mining on their lands.

"The House voted 236-185 Wednesday to permanently ban uranium mining on just over 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon.

“In 2019, our Havasupai voices were heard after 30 years,” said Carletta Tilousi, a councilwoman for the Havasupai Tribe, said after the vote."

The bill’s lead sponsor, Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Arizona, called [whiny pro-mining Republican] disrespectful for suggesting tribes that had spent decades fighting new uranium mines in the region did not know what was at stake.

“To make those comments is not only insulting to all of us, but particularly mean to the people who have been fighting this fight for so long,” Grijalva said.

He rejected arguments that the bill would hurt Arizona’s mining industry, saying it is time to stop “rehashing the same worn-out arguments.”

“The idea that we need to mine around the Grand Canyon to meet our energy needs is false,” Grijalva said during debate."

WHEN state Senators acknowledge that the House of Representatives is "the voice of the people" and meant to be representative of diversity of states and neighbors is when people will get what it means to be united. Gerrymandering for tantrum-throwing babies is just stupid and dangerous to everyone.

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The world, and especially the online part thereof, needs more flowers. Here are some (OK, one's an open set of seed pods, but it's easily pretty enough to be in the set).

Since the Cal Fire site is behind on updates, some aggregate source-based news events related to overnight or early AM fires:

San Bernadino Hillside fire with multiple buildings burning is different from what the .gov site calls "HillFire". Another new fire they've dubbed "46Fire" is a different fire in the same region.

Those two are in addition to these as of 10:02 PM - 30 Oct 2019

CaplesFire 3,435 ac 92% contained
TickFire 4,615 ac 98% contained
GettyFire 745 ac 39% contained
BurrisFire 703 ac 90% contained
CastlewoodFire 20 ac 0% contained
HillFire 300 ac 15% contained
DexterFire 30 ac 0% contained
KincadeFire 76,825 ac 45% con
EasyFire 1,491 ac 5% contained

Kinfolk of Alaska, OCNW predates the unfortunately short-sighted white man's dilemma.

to get the worst out first.

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