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Replace lawns with sustainable food gardens 2020.

Wow, money that taxpayers want to go to PBS and the University of Alaska is instead going to the companies operating PRISONS FOR REFUGEES

$49,159,169.00 for 6 months? (Line 40)

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And I think that's a lesson a lot more people need to internalize.

You can do whatever you want (as long as it doesn't hurt others.) But you can't /just/ do whatever you want. You can't just be an artist, or a poet, or a plumber. You must also pick up trash, help people across the street, and do the work that needs to be done to make this a society.

You can be a farmer. But you can't /just/ be a farmer.


How to build ?

✅ Try to find and network with people who care.

✅ Do a land acknowledgement.

✅ Acknowledge MaMI, and explicitly exclude perpetrators and their associates.

✅ Source and hire locally.

✅ Share good ideas globally.

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What are some biggest gardening challenges you have faced in the past?

For me personally I'd say it's pests and diseases. I have had plants grow so well until a bunch of bugs or a virus or fungi completely destroys it.

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Hundreds of tenants in public housing in Durham have been displaced due to carbon monoxide exposure. Conditions in public housing in Durham have been absolutely appalling for a long time, and this latest indignity is only the most immediately lethal issue these folks have had to cope with.

(More details in link and followup post)

Donations receivable at

(I'm rebroadcasting this on behalf of the local DemSocs)

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The author of _Unsettling Truths_ discusses what happened to Iran's general as "textbook assassination", according to what the AP News (the most impartial) guidebook defines as assassination.

The penguins, polar bears, arctic foxes, (fire foxes), bluejays, robins remember ; animal dna older and spiritually stronger.

Weak with a history of malicious doesn't stand a chance.

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Here is an example how to do it the wrong way:

Let's analyze what is happening here:

The forests in question are commercial monocultures that are not indigineous to the area. If we want this to succeed we need to #decolonize these processes, priviledging what is native to an area and making sure local communities have a say and have ownership of the process. Maybe its not the fastest grower or most economical choice. The point is #restoration of large scale local ecosystems. Restoration of historical landscapes. If there is some sustainable industry happening in the margins that is ok, but not the main driver.

Getting the root of the problem:

From Chapter 7 -- "Dysfunctional Theology and the Spread of Settler Colonialism" (p. 100)

"Going into the twentieth century, chattel slavery had ended, but the destructive narrative of white supremacy was ... finding new systems and structures through which to express itself. The country was not growing a conscience, nor was the dysfunctional social imagination being rehabilitated. Instead modern American Christian society was finding increasingly creative ways to justify the blatantly evil lie and actions of white supremacy. Implicit expressions were replacing more explicit ones."

From Chapter 10 -- Abraham Lincoln and Native Genocide (p. 161)

"In 1492, at the start of the war of discovery and manifest destiny, the estimated Native population of Turtle Island ranged between 1.2 million and 20 million." Between 1800 and 1900 it was depleted from 600,000 to 237,000, a genocide
rate of 60 percent.

"By comparison, Nazi Germany had a genocide rate for the Jewish people of 35 percent." (p. 162)

Unfortunately many weak people (like the Trumps and their MAGA maggot idiots) chose to stay deluded to these facts.

: Don't buy into wars for delusional idiots.


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A heron of some sort in the creek by the apt building... hiked all the way to the Hoyt Arboretum this morning, and this little guy was right here when I got back.

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#FrozenFeet2020 although to be fair this was really on my #WeirderEarthBikeNerds ride home from work. But I got my mile walk in too.

What's cool here is that this is the sunset but these mountains are to the Southeast, so way around from where the business end of the sunset generally is.

"The current status of mapping karst areas and availability of public sinkhole-risk resources in karst terrains of the United StatesEtat actuel de la cartographie des zones karstiques et de la disponibilité des données publiques concernant le risque d’effondrement de dolines dans les terrains karstiques aux Etats-Unis d’AmériqueEl estado actual del mapeo de áreas kársticas y la disponibilidad de recursos públicos para el riesgo de hundimientos en terrenos de karst de los Estados Unidos美国岩溶地区绘图现状及岩溶地形公共落水洞—风险资源的可用性O estado atual do mapeamento de áreas cársticas e disponibilidade de recursos públicos sobre riscos de sumidouros em terrenos cársticos dos Estados Unidos"

The harsh reality is that you cannot buy your way out of a ( nor from other gravity available in the Universe ).

All the toxic men hurting Earth's creatures with machines of war (and the promotion of war) their industrial liabilities.

Sovereign nations around the world told them long ago the penalties would indeed be harsh. (TEK )

The bimbos in what they call "real estate" schools of the NAR have no idea what correct or ethical land use is about. Their NRA buddies don't either. They are the perpetrators often directly against each other; never victim.


There be an unsustainable system.

Time to put smarter people in charge. We recommend Native women and their supporters.

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Farmers and salmon advocates agree: it's time to talk about the Snake River dams

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Documenting the progress of the garden. This is already an improvement. It didn't have the raised bed or the apricot tree in a pot before last year. In fact I've put five fruit trees in (2 in pots).

Spent this morning putting up wires for climbing plants. Ran out of wire.

That big bush in the front is taking up space in the sunniest spot, so I'm going to transplant it in favour of a couple of blueberry bushes.

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All global sustainability is local

Nations across the world are following a United Nations blueprint to build a more sustainable future—but a new study shows that blueprint leads less to a castle in the sky, and more to a house that needs constant remodeling.

Probably should clarify: the beginning of this thread about the puffins off the Bering Sea dying of starvation is definitely not heartwarming.

Like the author of the article, though, my six-year-old self had (still has) a strong spiritual connection to those seabirds.

After we'd left Alaska and I started first grade in the lower 48, I remember the kids would make fun of me and call me an "Eskimo" when they heard I'd moved there from Alaska.

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Decolonize your thinking! Ecosteader is a network for sharing better ideas around designing, building, and innovating eco-friendly spaces on our shared soil. We collaborate and amplify the voices of all indigeneous peoples with "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) as we seek to build and participate in a better form of Ecological Democracy. Design lean, build green: compost for wildlife-friendly gardens, micro-homesteads, living walls not border walls, off-grid communities, recycled materials as artwork, and more. We are anti-Realtors, anti-landlords, and against corrupt RepubliKKKan politicians!