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The sad thing about this is that all kinds of topsoil is getting (going to be) washed away, far from where it can be useful or beneficial for any established native ecosystems.

Debris flows, like many moving bodies with large mass, can't really be stopped by human interventions. And It takes a long time to build healthy soil in places. This is something else mentioned in the docu about .

Others have said that what's happening in Australia is kind of a microcosm of what "we" in the US can expect with more of the same destructive economic and political policies.

It's an interesting conundrum that fragile settlers will eventually be forced to acknowledge, if they survive.

What happens when you get heavy rain on areas recently affected by "uncontrolled" wildfires? (Crossref discussion about mudslides)

Temps in the interior of Australia right now:

40.7 ยฐC
105.2 ยฐF
313.8 K
1004 hPa MSLP

19.41ยฐ S, 132.85ยฐ E
160ยฐ @ 13 km/h

The South Pole also has a bunch of low-pressures surrounding a central "anticyclone", though they usually call things different in the southern hemisphere.

We need culture change in order to effect ecological transformation. How do we convince key local decision makers that Monster Trucks are no longer okay?

yes im south american no we dont have tacos here no we're not the mexico expanded universe

Does anyone know of any alternatives to Patreon or Ko-fi that aren't insane?

I want to support independent creatives (at least as long we're stuck with the current system) but both of those two have questionable policies around NSFW creators. Patreon in particular I haven't been able to trust ever since they briefly tried to shove the transaction fees onto the supporters rather than the creators.

There should be no such thing as a media conglomerate in 2020.

Vain white people commercials are such a waste of space.

Much of the Amazon was planted and planned out by people. It took 4,500 years of soil building, careful plant selection and cultivation. Indigenous people did that.

Too bad for the settlers! Appealing to the likes (or the "likes") of whites is not anywhere near the top of the list of what it takes to survive.

"Since the early days of this colonial project, settlers have been trying to figure out how Indigenous governance works. And when they did figure it out, they didnโ€™t like it. It took too long. It was too fluid. And it didnโ€™t govern the principles of property and ownership in a way [that they liked].

The Canadian state cannot reconcile with Indigenous communities. But you can, as individuals. It starts with you making choices. Autonomously. With conviction." ~ Southern Wind Woman

I just read the "Indigenous Relations" section of the Coastal Gaslink website and that shit is, uh, disingenuous

Some great ideas from the document, highlighting the

"We challenged our community to think about what was possible instead of the challenges that would get in the way. In these community engagement sessions, one elder woman said: โ€œThat was the best meeting I have been to in my whole life,โ€ because โ€œ[n]o one ever asked me what I wanted for my community, or for my life. Things have been prescribed to this community for a long time.โ€"

"Decolonize the concepts. Indigenous communities have the power, strength, and intelligence to develop culturally specific strategies of liberation, health, and well-being. Indigenous people have the right to accept new ways of thinking, reconstruct them, or to deny them. Translation is not only encouraged but necessary." p.25

Antarctica appears to have broken a heat record

The temperature in northern Antarctica hit nearly 65 degrees (18.3 degrees Celsius), a likely heat record on the continent best known for snow, ice and penguins.


I'm a #biotech scientist and really like what I'm learning about the foss/anticapitalist communities here on mastodon. It's great people are taking tech into their own hands to help free up people from surveillance. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking of ways to do something similar in molecular biology, but the cost for R&D is astronomical, the applications for everyday consumers, not quite as straightforward.

A reservation in South Dakota is going but modern, with a huge new project ensuring all of the transmission lines stay underground, incorporating over 37 conditions to be conscientious of threatened species and cultural resources on the land.

"Lookout Solar expects to complete construction of the $100 million facility, built on approximately 810 acres on the Pine Ridge Reservation, by the second quarter of 2021. The proposed project is expected to include up to 500,000 solar panels, an energy storage facility, access roads, underground 34.5 kV electrical collector lines, an underground fiber-optic cable, a collection substation, an operations and maintenance facility and temporary construction areas.
โ€œThe one thing that I want to highlight in this particular project is the fact that these folks are placing their transmission line underground. Weโ€™ve not seen that anywhere else. Much to their credit, this applicant has chosen the underground option to ensure thereโ€™s minimal impact on the viewscape. I certainly appreciate them making that effort,โ€ said PUC Vice Chairman Chris Nelson."

"The lease agreement is the first of its kind for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The company involved with the reservation to build the solar project has agreed to follow 37 conditions during construction related to restoration, threatened and endangered species, cultural resources reporting and other requirements."

The Pine Ridge project, capable of generating up to 110 megawatts of electricity, will have 500,000 solar panels in arrays across 250 acres. "

New SBC emojis, from the emoji 13.0 list:

pinched_fingers :pinched_fingers:
mammoth :mammoth:
potted_plant :potted_plant:


Just ordered 450 stickers with the new design.

"Turn 45 0ff"

Get it?

Been making student loan payments of $456.66, too.

Out of school ~14 years and I still have to make payments for that "Accountancy" education while I live in a WORLD WHERE THE WORST FINANCIAL CRIMINAL FAMILY EVER DOESN'T GET HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS LONG.

What are they teaching students these days about their education? What about ethics?

I refused to join criminal empires after I graduated.

I worked in bakeries and pizzerias and restaurants and sandwich shops and coffee shops.

Lived homeless in my car.

The first thing the EVIL CRIMINAL EMPIRE did when getting elected was try to take out the Ethics office. (GAO)


Burn the patriarchy.

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We stand with Wet'suwet'en! Decolonize your thinking: "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the most valuable asset you can have as the world continues to sink deeper into the chaos and destruction of broken, inequitable, and faulty colonial systems. We encourage you to join us as we build and participate in an Ecological Democracy that includes #AllThePeople as envisioned by a Navajo Nation member running for President. Tell the militants to throw their guns into a volcano; TEK doesn't work like that. Living walls, not border walls.