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Kitty curled nearby, sleeps peacefully while his tummy makes noisy digestion sounds.

The compressor on the tiny refrigerator in the apartment hums earnestly, working harder for something, like a manual transmission slipping into gear.

Neighbors blasting country music, drawling along with the _coun_tree_ music, talking loudly and unabashed, like a teenager.

Half-lidded clouds droop over the distant treed hill, heavy with the knowing burden of rain.

"The United States is on track to produce more electricity this year from renewable power than from coal for the first time on record"

"As factories, retailers, restaurants and office buildings have shut down nationwide to slow the spread of the coronavirus, demand for electricity has fallen sharply. And, because coal plants often cost more to operate than gas plants or renewables, many utilities are cutting back on coal power first in response."

Die, coal, die!

#India on high alert as Cyclone Amphan intensifies

The India Meteorological Department (#IMD) on Sunday issued a cyclone alert for West Bengal and Bangladesh coasts after #Cyclone #Amphan intensified over the #BayOfBengal.
A deep depression in the ocean had intensified into the cyclonic storm last night and is likely to make landfall on the West Bengal coast on May 20. Its trajectory, however, is still being studied by the scientists.


"Nancy Pelosi has $45,000,000 invested in real estate.

She's against a rent and mortgage moratorium."

Some of the local wildlife spotted at the gardens.

I didn't have much luck photographing #birds this time, but I did catch some good shots of this one. Though I'm not sure what it is. Maybe a warbler?

This #squirrel was one of three that scattered as I approached a trail junction. The other two hid. This one froze. It blended in very well!

And while I *saw* lots of #butterflies, this mourning cloak is the only one that held still long enough for me to get a #photo.

#nature #hiking

livestreamed music festival starting tonight 6pm eastern US time

it's indigenous artists! how cool

6pm eastern :D

Today is the launch of a big crowdfunder campaign -- #Water4Rojava! The money raised will go towards repairing bombed infrastructure in Rojava, supporting women’s co-ops, and helping build up the regions’ infrastructure and self-reliance.

Please consider donating and spreading the word :rojava:

Campaign webpage:

Strange how none of my "facebook friends" (back in 2018 when checking fb occasionally was something I did) happened to get the news that the bronze statue of that TYRANT CORNWALLIS was finally, finally, FINALLY REMOVED FROM the PREMISES!!! In 2018? Why did it take so long to make this known?

The harder they try holding back the truth, the harder it hits them in the face...

Getting rid of colonist and tyrant names and namesakes on "place names" is about the smartest thing any community that desires decolonization can do.

"The removal of the statue, which was installed by the Canadian National Railway in 1931, came after increasing controversy over Cornwallis’s so-called scalping proclamation that offered a cash bounty to anyone who killed a Mi’kmaw person.

“It’s important for us to have the statue removed because white supremacist groups were rallying around the beliefs and ideologies Cornwallis had perpetuated hundreds of years ago,” said Patles.

“And we believe the scalping proclamation … is the seeds of missing and murdered Indigenous women.”

A municipal staff report last week recommended removing the statue in the name of public safety.

The report stated there could have been attempts during Sunday’s rally to tear down the statue as well as possible violent clashes between protesters.

Last year, on Canada Day, a group of protesters demonstrating in front of the statue was confronted by a smaller group called the Proud Boys. While the confrontation didn’t become violent, the incident intensified the debate about the statue."


One million seconds ago, it was still the start of this month.

One billion seconds ago, it was the 1980s, and the first discussions about the World Wide Web were happening.

One trillion seconds ago, it was the palaeolithic era, around the time when the oldest known cave paintings were made.

if you're upholding and push the agendas of whiteness, capitalism, or the patriarchy, you're in a death cult. full stop, you are in a death cult, call your local anarchist and play some go fish for a while and unfuck yourself.

How does that perversion happen? The telling sign of a colonist devaluing anything to favor himself.

From "Decolonization Is Not A Metaphor":

"In order for the settlers to make a place their home, they must destroy and disappear the Indigenous peoples that live there. Indigenous peoples are those who have creation stories, not colonization stories, about how we/they came to be in a particular place - indeed how we/they came to be a place. Our/their relationships to land comprise our/their epistemologies, ontologies, and cosmologies.

In order for excess production, [settler] needs excess labor, which he cannot provide himself. The chattel slave serves as that excess labor, labor that can never be paid because payment would have to be in the form of property (land). The settler's wealth is land, or a fungible version of it, and so payment for labor is impossible. The settler positions himself as both superior and normal; the settler is natural, whereas the Indigenous inhabitant and the chattel slave are unnatural, even supernatural.

Settlers are not immigrants. Immigrants are beholden to the Indigenous laws and
epistemologies of the lands they migrate to.

Everything within a settler colonial society strains to destroy or assimilate the Native in order to disappear them from the land - this is how a society can have multiple simultaneous and conflicting messages about Indigenous peoples, such as all Indians are dead, located in faraway reservations, that contemporary Indigenous people are less indigenous than prior generations, and that all Americans are a “little bit Indian.” These desires to erase - to let time do its thing and wait for the older form of living to die out, or to even help speed things along (euthanize) because the death of pre-modern ways of life is thought to be inevitable - these are all desires for another kind of resolve to the colonial situation, resolved through the absolute and total
destruction or assimilation of original inhabitants."

Absolutely fantastic article that gets to the heart of what's going wrong with this nation:

"How Freedom Turned Sociopathic in America"

"In America, you are made to battle everyone else for…everything. Nothing is your right, really. You must fight bitterly for education, for healthcare, for a little bit of money, for food to eat, for a roof over your head. How can such people really be “companions” — when they are busy being enemies, opponents, adversaries? And when you look at the world this way, why would you want to stay home to keep others safe? And yet if a society is an organization of companions, of fellow travellers, of pilgrims all wearing humble cloth walking the same road — how can such a thing made of competition ever be a society?"

"From the beginning of European control there has been an unrelenting drive to commit genocide over another culture. The American Indians were a majority so the Europeans called them an enemy. One of the major facts the United States Government has failed to understand is that the spiritual aspect of life is inseparable from the economic and the political aspects.

American Indians felt comfortable with the environment, close to the moods and rhythms of nature, in time with the living planet. Europeans were quite different, viewing the earth itself as lifeless and inorganic, subject to any kind of manipulation or alteration. Europeans tended to be alienated from nature and came to the New World to use the wilderness, to conquer and exploit its natural wealth for private gain.

American Indians’ agricultural and medical wisdom had been ignored by the European invaders. In their rush to control the land and people much has passed them by and much has been destroyed."


Time to bail-out workers, not oil & gas millionaires! ✊

🛑 THE PROBLEM: Polluters shouldn't profit from #COVID19. We shouldn't bail-out the shareholders of dirty industries to continue business-as-usual, poisoning the planet & #Indigenous lands for their own profit.



"Five springs ago, Emmons threw squash, edible beans, and a variety of brassica seeds in with his standard cover crop mixture and planted it on a couple of acres. The bounty was so impressive that chaos gardens are now a regular part of his annual planting schedule. Some of the produce goes to his own kitchen but most of it gets donated to local community groups—the food bank, youth groups, and churches—with the agreement that they do the harvesting. Emmons estimates that each acre of chaos generates 4,500 pounds of produce."

#food #regenerativeAgriculture #agriculture #chaosGarden #ChaosGardening

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Melg'pugua'sit! We stand with Wet'suwet'en. Decolonize: "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the only thing that can help humans as the colonizers' planet continues to sink deeper into the chaos and destruction of broken, inequitable, and faulty systems that value money over Earth's many forms of life. We encourage you to join us on a better path as we build and participate in an Ecological Democracy that includes #AllThePeople as envisioned by Mark Charles, a Navajo Nation member running as an Independent candidate for President. #LivingWalls, not border walls. The Earth does not sustain white supremacists.