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Gotta train yourself to care about the important things. Stop letting colonialism's shiny things distract and numb you to what is really going on around the world. For example, in Yemen:

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LOVE to be the first person at a protest to sit down and give others permission to also sit. standing is capitalist, embrace leisure, sit on the ground

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Good morning! Update on the IPDoRAC for area folks. At least one direct action seed has (finally!) been added. I think the idea is for various affinity groups to converge in our public space.

"We’ve been fighting for hundreds of years and we’ll continue to fight until the plagues of colonization and white supremacy have been eradicated. You cannot stop us, we have the strength of our ancestors.

10/11. Meet at sunset at W Waterfront under Burnside. Show TF up!" -- Generational Resistance.

Note the disclaimer here is "not family friendly" ... makes sense; "Decolonizing on stolen land of the Multnomah, Wasco, Cowlitz, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Kalapuya, Molalla tribes."

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A new nanotech advancement involving a nontoxic and earth-abundant compound called "barium zirconium sulfide", or BaZrS3, is making it even easier to convert solar energy into usable electric grid infrastructure.

"BaZrS3 belongs to a category of materials known as chalcogenide perovskites, which are nontoxic, earth-abundant compounds.

In recent years, theorists have calculated that various chalcogenide perovskites should exhibit useful electronic and optical properties ... "

Earlier story about the same thing:

Photos here of various Solar Demo houses that might do well in a desert climate like .

Removing natives (wildflowers or people!) from their habitat to further capitalist exploitation? Yeah, this is nothing new. The target was a rare species of desert buckwheat, stolen out of its native habitat in Southern Nevada. Colonists call it "Tiehm's buckwheat" (named in 1985 after a colonist named Tiehm -- who did not discover it; colonists just like to put their names on everything native).

"An Australian mining company, Ioneer Corp., has proposed an open-pit lithium mine that would destroy the vast majority of Tiehm’s buckwheat’s habitat.

Conservationists discovered over the weekend that someone had dug up and destroyed more than 17,000 Tiehm’s buckwheat plants, a rare Nevada wildflower.
As much as 40% of the flower’s global population, which exists on just 21 acres in western Nevada, may have been destroyed."

Related thread:

5115 acres old-growth forest in A’aakw Kwáan lands (near Juneau, Alaska) are being threatened by the Trump administration:

"The U.S. Forest Service’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the South Revilla Integrated Resource Project timber sale proposes chainsawing 5,115 acres of old-growth forest near Ketchikan. It also would allow bulldozing or rebuilding more than 80 miles of damaging logging roads costing U.S. taxpayers more than $11 million. The public will have until Oct. 19 to provide comments.

The Tongass is the largest intact temperate rainforest left on Earth and provides vital habitat for eagles, bears, wolves, salmon and countless other species. It is a globally recognized carbon sink and helps to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, storing approximately 8% of the total carbon stored in all U.S. national forests.

Tongass is the largest national forest in the United States. Since time immemorial it has been the traditional homelands of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian peoples.

“This assault on America’s largest rainforest will destroy important habitat for salmon, bears and wolves, and worsen the climate crisis,” said Randi Spivak, Public Lands Director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Clearcutting the Tongass and wiping out enormous carbon stores is like cutting off part of the planet’s oxygen supply. It’s mind-boggling that the Trump administration wants to decimate this spectacular old-growth forest and erase one of the solutions to averting catastrophic climate change.”"

The Wet'suwet'en online day of action mostly flopped because of the yuppie sneering tech bros being funded by far-right terror extremists, AKA FB shareholders. They hate each other so much! Is kind of poetic justice that their mutual addiction to FB is what takes them both down.

In the meantime? WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. The does not like dudes who don't respect women. It does not take kindly to having her starving to death, her disappearing due to habitat destruction.

"Can't save your ass and your face at the same time" is the reality of how gravity works.

FB perpetuates narcissism. This is not breaking news. Even has the word "face" right in the name. Is it any surprise, then, that Greenpeace reported that several hundred activist and indigenous-related accounts were shut down by FB's fascist, colonial, "white privileged" mods who care only about sustaining the status quo?

As much as they hate us, they cannot silence us.

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Is there a good guide out there for

"So you want to self-host but you only have intermittent connectivity?"

I'm okay using atypical protocols or whatever, but I really wanna stop needing to use electricity 24/7 to do online communication that I don't do 24/7.

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Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

RE our recent: "Oregon Cultural Trust" grant request:

It had 25.9 million dollars to give away to Oregon-based organizations. We are registered with the state of Oregon as B Corp for public benefit; this cost us money to do. We are not about profits. We are all about human rights.

We asked for less than $75,000 to support our growing infrastructure needs ... we asked for 0.27 percent of the available funding. We were denied 100 percent of what we asked. Our request would mean that ONLY 25 million 800 thousand dollars would be left for other groups.

I'll be emailing the fund manager for more information about why we were denied.

Let the record show that as of Thursday, September 24, the Oregon "Cultural Trust" is almost certainly a white supremacist institution that cannot be trusted to support diversity.

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Reading Low Tech Magazine's Solar Powered Website is very calming.

I could (and have) read this for hours at a stretch. Every time I spend an hour or so reading this site, I come away filled with optimism and inspiration and a way of thinking that's altered for the better, which lasts for days.

Not many websites give me those feelings. In fact right now I'm noticing how many websites do the opposite.

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Nice to be able to pay in £ and not pay in Dollars + fees

Shoutout for warnings against complacency.

Why no events yet for Portland Metro on this list? C'mon people, snap out of it. Turn off Netflix and get off already!

To call it a "Day of Rage Against Colonialism" is to imagine ... how much 528 years of unwanted invasion might have built up... ?

Where are the other outposts of native solidarity? Anybody who has not been co-opted by the landlords and their partners in the Realtor cartels. How much more future needs to be burned down and flooded before colonists admit they are wrong, shut up and start surrendering to the natives? How much u think?

Complacency is apathy is death.

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We call for autonomous, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist actions. As COVID-19 ravages our communities, the plague of colonialism continues to destroy, our sacred lands. For missing or murdered Womxn, Girls, Trans and Two-Spirit relatives. Against resource colonialism. Against colonial borders. Against the settler colonial police-state. For total liberation.

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' ...wildlife managers learned that there is more to conservation than just protecting wildlife. They discovered that nature overproduces its game resources and that good wildlife management yields a surplus that can be harvested by hunters.'

That's not really how it works folks. There's a book I started reading a long time ago but had to return and didn't finish reading called 'Vicious: Wolves and Men in America' I highly suggest reading it but... it is extremely graphic in parts about the methods used against Indigenous populations and wolves.

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