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Some extra root insulation for the _ants' greenhouse.

Plastic reuse to provide heat and thermal insulation. ideas to help the plants recycle water better.

Kick the fascist out of the whitehouse, kick the whitehouse out of the courthouse, put all the white-collar criminals' wealth in the homeless encampments.

Stop building vehicular transportation roads and fossil fuel transportation pipelines.

Weŕe only three days away from Indigenous Peoples Month, all of November.

In the 1990s, some colonial gov´t decided the idea should be conveyed as ¨Native American Heritage Month¨.

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Mutual aid program has started up again in my city.

We've already been making hundreds of meal for children during the school holidays without any gatekeeping bollocks after the government has refused to extend free school meals (which are means tested).

We are directly inspired by the Black Panther Party, the revolution in Rojava, the Zapatistas and other radical struggles.

We look after each other.


Spotted in downtown Hillsboro on Monday.

Psst. Check out our old thread with the tag for additional info.

Localizing food distribution lowers any rationalized "cost" of distributing food, except where food becomes imprisoned in a containerized colonial system, such as a grocery store.

The crimes and retaliation against the Mi'kmaw are happening because of restaurantier and grocery store markup. The colonists would rather rot and waste what was never theirs for a tax writeoff (or to make more money of something they've hoarded) than let indigenous water protectors and land defenders and fire keepers do their thing?

Decolonize from the colonial system into one of instantaneous skepticism about the colonial idea of sustainability. All of the colonial ideas about "sustainability" that involve money are not an accurate description of "sustainable".

Glad to read that "some" restaurants have blacklisted lobster from their menus for solidarity with this travesty of colonial greed.

How does your local grocer show solidarity with indigenous movements all over the globe? Not any yuppie gourmet I've seen yet does that.

Tangentially related is this neat map of what basically amounts to at scale in the state of . Lots and lots of hubs where opportunities to localize rather than globalize food. Why in a land surrounded by many farms (Portland) does produce need to come from California?



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california pol 

The ballot props I most strongly support are:

- allow felons on parole to vote
- allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they'll be 18 by the general.

The arguments against these propositions were so bad, they increased my support. They were all "criminals are BAD!" and "teenagers are DUMB!"

the question to ask is not "does this person 'deserve' to vote" but rather "does the government deserve the power to take this person's vote away" and the answer is almost always "no"

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The biggest enemy to the surivival of indigenous

"These companies offer you shiny treats in exchange for your attention. You don't realize you are being programmed."

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**Native American tribes make new bid to shut down Dakota pipeline**

"Native American tribes have asked a judge to stop the flow of oil as a legal battle rages over pipeline's future."

#news #bot

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♻ RT

Tenants in Minneapolis defeated their slumlord and now collectively own their homes! As tenants we all have shared interests and problems. We deserve better and can make it happen through solidarity with our neighbors ✊💖


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"The Great Lie is that this is civilization. It's not civilized. It has literally been the most blood-thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. This is not civilization, this is the Great Lie. or if it does represent civilization, and that is truly what civilization is, then the Great Lie is that civilization is good for us." - John Trudell

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60,000,000 gallons of oil sinking between Venezuela and Trinidad

(That's six times as much as Exxon-Valdez)

This is an avoidable disaster

If you can contact your representatives, please do so. This disaster will likely impact most of the Caribbean if not parts of the southern United States too.

This image shows current flows in the Caribbean. The ship is currently between Venezuela and Trinidad.

I am linking a petition here Please sign it if you want to show support.

Call on PM Keith Rowley to Address Concerns of Major Oil Spill Risk in the Gulf of Paria!

More info:

Search FSO Nabarima

AIS link (ship locator)

This is about to become the one of the worst oil spills of the century. The US ambassador to Trinidad has stated that they will not impose sanctions or restrictions on parties looking to assist.

We have just days left to prevent this environmental catastrophe.

While this happens, the Venezuelan government denys that any problem is occurring.

This ship contains 6 times the oil of the Exxon Valdez spill.

Check out the internal condition
This needs international attention and it needs it now.

This is an environmental problem that you, yes you, can directly make a difference with.

"Trinidad is my homeland and to see this happen is like a bomb going off in slow motion." - Reddit user

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"We have grown frustrated with the uninspired assimilationist politics of #IndigenousPeoplesDay. Indigenous non-profit corporations and organizations attempt to pacify and assimilate our Peoples further into settler colonial politics."


"While the western thinker has coined environmental approaches like: green footprint, green infrastructure, green technology, green approaches, and the green new deal, they still have the tendency to ignore the oldest Nations of the world, Indigenous Peoples.

The greenest footprint, jurisprudence, infrastructure, and approaches in the world belong to Indigenous Peoples. In fact, Indigenous water governance, jurisprudence, and environmental approaches are the oldest in existence, and have been field tested since time immemorial, surviving colonialism and genocide. The resilience of Indigenous environmental approaches spans generations. Today, Indigenous Peoples have enabled 80 percent of the world’s richest and rarest biodiversity across land and water."

From the Unistoten solidary brigade:

"Are you an Indigenous Artist? Below is a great way to support the struggle:

Want to get your hands on some great threads with amazing designs by international artists all while supporting the Unist'ot'en and Gidimt'en? Solidarity Art Space is the place for you and right now this collective is collaborating with the Massy Arts Society to run a design contest open to Indigenous Artists. The winning design will be featured on a new shirt to raise funds for the Gidimt'en clan. In addition to a cash prize of $600 the winner and the 2 runners up will have a group show with the Massy Arts Society in 2021. So what are you waiting for? Share the contest details with your Indigenous Artist Friends and go check out the current merch at"

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The city currently known as Cahokia, located in modern-day Illinois next to the Mississippi river (screenshot of territories attached), is something I'd like to celebrate for #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

At its peak, the city had a greater population than London did at the same time, estimated to be around 20,000 people. It was comprised of ~120 manmade mounds of earth across 6 square miles. They had their own Woodhenge structures, and the city was a multicultural hub of the continent.

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