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uspol, reheated take 

If recent conflicts between police and the Proud Boys have you referring to the situation as the "fascists, antifa, and police," congratulations, you got played by the media.

The proud boys are pro-fascism terrorists, the police are fascists. That they conflict occasionally... doesn't really have much meaning in a wider sense.


An analogy: At my job I'm currently stuck between a landlord and an airbnb person, who are in conflict with each other.

But yet both are still capitalists, and I'm still a mutualist. Them fighting doesn't suddenly make landlords more mutualist, or airbnb hosts more fascist. They're just fulfilling their role within that system.

Watching mainstream media talk about how they've discovered this new fun and weird world of online communication this year thanks to COVID and I'm like, "Wow, it took you until 2020 to catch up to 1992?"

Google (i mean "Alphabet") employees are unionizing! This seems like a promising development.

many labor unions in the usa were founded on the notion that only white guys in factories were working class

Infering that healthcare workers are getting more fatigued as the of Covid wears on the weary.

The variance of high to low spikes in the first 3-4 months of pandemic was much smaller than now. The daily reported death toll (deaths per day is what this chart shows) fluctuating always on upward trend, but with fewer counted on the day(s) everyone needs to refresh their mental health.

So much love to the ER healthcare workers; remember to give yourselves the rest and breaks you need.

De wonder of science:
Examples of traditional Japanese wood joinery demonstrated by Dylan Iwakuni.
Esto te va a gustar @ekaitz_zarraga!!!
Full video:

"Studies estimate around 175 million Indigenous lives were lost between 1492-1900 due to disease, bounties, massacres, starvation, and other genocidal practices or consequences inflicted on Indigenous peoples of North America. (To clarify, this does NOT include the genocides taking place in South America at the same time.) 175 million deaths over 408 years averages out to 429,000 deaths a year. Estimates of the North American population in 1491 put it around 150-175 million people inhabiting Turtle Island.

"Currently the estimated population of North America is around 579 million people. As of December the total number of COVID related deaths in every country of North America combined equals around 415,000 deaths. So if you're wondering what Indigenous Peoples had to endure as a result of Colonization think COVID-19 every year for over 400 year, but triple the impact to make up for the starting population difference."


^--- This way of looking at things has some issues, but I want you to think of it this way:

Aren't you frustrated with people who aren't wearing masks? Don't you lack patience for them? Don't you wish they would stay away from you, if only so you don't have to stress about them so much?

Think about that the next time you subtoot the "white non-mutuals don't reply to my posts" in my profile. 529 years now of colonizers going around without masks licking my doorbell, imagine how frustrated we are!

The #UK is about to overtake #Italy again in terms of number of deaths from #Covid-19. This is not looking good.

#Pandemic #Coronavirus

Episode from Tech Won't Save Us on "the problems with platforms, why antitrust alone is not enough to fix them, and how we can encourage the creation of democratic platforms that serve the public good."

How will the universe transform when every particle reclaims its karmic gravity?

Colonialism systematically attacks everything that is individual about a people, and Language is one of the more tangible losses. We're still battling for our own language in Ireland, but North American people are struggling even harder.
If you're looking for a language challenge, Duolingo has Navajo:
And this Irish user collected some resources on Choctaw:
Even collecting these resources for others is virtuous. :)

re: post-work musings 

We should be demanding that wealth back, not trying to figure out how to make work more pleasant, or how to improve union membership, or how to increase pensions, etc. While we distract ourselves with these relatively meager goals, rich folks keep leveraging our ancestors' hoarded labor to steal from our descendents, and the next generation has even less ground to stand on. We deserve better than what we've been given; we just need to internalize that and act on it. (2 of 2)

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post-work musings 

In a post-work society, people won't have to plunder the earth or their own neighbors to have what they need to survive. They will share the abundance they're finally able to accumulate with their families and communities, making the promises of politicians and corporate marketers seem irrelevant. Anything trying to reform work is missing the point; the fruits of the collective labor of our ancestors is being hoarded by increasingly fewer people. (Pt 1)

Really good 30 minute podcast on the 60´s scoop from a survivor of the Sixties Scoop, which was the Canadian state-driven system viciously separting children from their parents, and using them as cash-pawns for the foster care system settlers brought to this side of the Atlantic.

I, too, am a living survivor of a very similar story involving colonial government-induced abuses, taking children away from their parents.

Why are the French and the English involving still involving people in their abusive colonization?

do emojis count as paralinguistics, cause i reckon they are and that they are genuinely a part of the progress of language / communication. meaning or tone is sometimes conveyed incorrectly and emojis fill a gap that typical writing seems to have

There is no future for LNG, yet #Shell keeps investing and the LNG terminal in Rotterdam is expanding. We will continue the fight in 2021 #CleanGasIsADirtyLie @ShaleMustFall
RT @FoodWaterEurope
➡️Let’s celebrate!🥳

Brave activists across EU fight terminals to import dirty fossil #gas. Many of these terminals have failed or are in trouble. Get inspired by some good news & get ready for many more victories of the anti-gas moveme…

#NY# noise demonstrations are being organized across the so-called US and beyond. From Seattle to New Orleans, Asheville to Omaha and beyond. Check out our ever growing list here. #NoiseDemo


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Decolonize Turtle Island:  indigenous languages, native plants, water protectors, land defenders

Decolonize food. Decolonize medicine. Decolonize housing. Decolonize from European place names, words, languages, statues, and accounting systems that DO NOT BELONG on Turtle Island, and are killing the whole planet. #LivingWalls, not border walls.