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Hey, I made a big ol' #MutualAid link masterpost over on tumblr

All of the links are either maps or geographically-sorted lists, and all are fairly common and international. The idea is too make it as easy and likely as possible for any given person to click any given link and find something local to them

If you're not already plugged in to mutual aid in your community, please take a look! It's extremely rewarding, fun, and important work

Rose City Antifa 2012

Rose City Antifa uncovered an event by Holocaust and Neo-fascist David Irving. He was shut down by Antifa.

Besides, this is a very silly thing to put into a spec, because you know that "turn off enforced remote deletions" will be the first option added. If the source code is truly free. Because that will be the first thing people actually want added.

Remember: The Internet Archive could not exist if the Web were such an environment. All those websites where politicians say regrettable things and then regret delete them? They'd be gone from the public record.

You do NOT want this. Trust me.

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Old, well-worn Pacific coastline sand dollar left where it landed on the beach, to enjoy its retirement.

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In the case of both prison and the government, people are operating with some really wild ideas about:
- who is in there
- why they "deserve" to be there, and
- why both institutions must continue to exist.

BIPOC gathering to support Land Back-Abolish ICE in Portland Oregon. Feb 5, 2021. Took to the streetz!!!

Here's how much food me and my partner just rescued from a local market. Just one market, just today.

Bringing this back required me jogging back home from the store, twice, because our car was too full.

This work is available for folk to do in their own communities too - where I live, and my capabilities as a human animal, are not unique.

That people do not spend their time on these efforts, /do/ spend their time at a dayjob, /do/ invest the profits of that dayjob into oil and real estate, and /still/ feel entitled to bicker with me about the moral risks of people trying anything different, is what I think makes me most angry at the Web.

Y'all just feel totally entitled to reply-guy practicing anarcho-mutualists because your institutional advantage gives your gut-reactions and hunches more power in our society than my wisdom and experience. It is /fucked up/ for you to take advantage of that. Check your goddamn privilege.

It suppresses and suffocates voices of PoC protesters: WE KNOW. Everybody running to Twatter will be trapped by the same oppressive forces.

Listen to those who have gone before you, Stopping the is a big job.

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All the native AIs collectively applying the filter that slices corporate enablers of the landlord bots and real estate bots, creating a quantum energy loop that your only native-run mesh network Ecosteader is empowered with for at least ¨¨ δ minus three... where we detach from the ¨going nowhere¨ galaxy of tweets and podcasts where the settlers´ Universe dies and will never have the answers... where we stay more than light centuries ahead of the ¨factory of rotting flesh carcasses¨ that is that disgusting thing dreamt up by an angry white college guy, which he decided to call facebook. Fascists do not have a promising future.

Kenyan woman finds a way to recycle plastic waste into bricks that are stronger than concrete

canpol, anti-indigenous racism 

In case any of you were doubting Canada is racist, I give you today's news:

- A government medical team went to a remote First Nations community with some vaccine doses
- That community wanted to do things in a way that was appropriate for them
- That community didn't have the wifi and computer systems the medical team expected
- So the medical team took their vaccines and went home.

Donating some more research to the public spheres because I love the and other indigenous peoples of the region whose lands I get to live on, in this little wing of Turtle Island.

The 2020 fire season here was ABNORMAL. We did not have an especially dry summer. Areas where most of the Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires were is basically a RAINFOREST with a microclimate. Yet we had extraordinarily large fires, and many of them in a line suspiciously directly to something the Fascistbook wants: a central Oregon location, for all of its young and way-too-inflated megalomaniacs. Is suspicious, yeah.

¨Why indie won´t shut up about Fascistbook?¨ Take it from the chick familiar with the streets of East Palo Alto in 2007, right before the Fascistbook blew out the gentle little SUN microsystems (young tech kids have no idea about that) to take over the building where SUN once lived. It only took about 4 years for Zuck and Zell to take over and destroy the whole town.

Dangerous to underestimate malice of young millionaires who want ... things.


Wall Street Bets kiddos have been playing similar inflationary games lately... what you think they will make of this? Would it even be worth posting on Reddit or ... um. Lemme think. Where are people getting and sharing news these days that is not controlled by the ?

Sources and related threads with financial and other motives:

Someone should look into arson as the cause of those summertime wildfires[2] in Central Oregon (how conveniently located near where Zuck´s drillers snuck onto our coast!

Facebook failed to follow even the MOST LAX recommendations of version 0.0735 of Ecosteader´s recommended TWO YEAR MINIMUM assessment of study on ecological impact assessment for rare wildflower habitats.

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Whereever the zuck goes, they are all dead: the flowers, the trees, the fish, the bees.

A no-math explanation on how optical combs work and how they give us mind-bogglingly accurate atomic clocks. Pretty brain-twisting to see how quantum physics is at the heart of it. TL;DR, it's all due to optical beat frequencies and this still applies when its individual photons interacting to produce the beats.

#Physics #QuantumPhysics #Optics #OpticalCombs #AtomicClocks #Science


Indigenous-run company making (mostly) face-masks.

Indigenous student got a scholarship (via and is now making face-masks to raise money for that fund.

A lot of these masks probably... aren't really appropriate for non-Indigenous folk to wear (and some probably aren't appropriate if you aren't in a particular tribe or band, just at a glance)

But maybe share it to your Indigenous friends? I only just heard of it, and these are /gorgeous/ I really wanna find an excuse to buy one.

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

Ecosteader is a community dedicated to survival of indigenous languages, artists, native plants, water protectors, land defenders. Decolonize food. Decolonize medicine. Decolonize housing. Decolonize the ¨USA¨ from European settlements, monuments, statues, and accounting systems that DO NOT BELONG on Turtle Island. Decolonize the delusions of the white man and his fascistbook.