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They really don't want you to discuss pay. Support the union and tell the bosses to go fuck themselves.

Ecosteader joined Tiktok today, and the first hashtag it showed as ¨trending¨ was EcoHacks ...

Interestingly enough, TIL Tiktok has been so valuable to women in regions where they are traditionally oppressed, some governments are trying to get it banned (lol). GLWT.

one such gov´t trying to get it banned is Pakistan:

Descriptions the legal buffs use is ¨bury them in discovery¨; that is, OVERWHELM them with convoluted[1] legalese, hoping that they will get DISTRACTED or surrender something useful to make the already powerful enemies more powerful.

To pin down or attack within the legal systems they built to protect their own delusions, they need as much ¨buy in¨ as possible from their cartel. The more info they have in the pool, the weaker you are against their attacks.

¨The Water Protector Legal Collective, which also received an Energy Transfer subpoena, described the subpoenas as part of a set of tactics “designed to bury organizations in litigation and force organizations to spend precious resources, time, and energy defending against corporations.”

Energy Transfer “is on a fishing expedition for information that could lend credence to their ill-founded notion that nonprofit organizations and Water Protectors seeking to protect human rights and the earth for future generations were allegedly engaged in illicit activity,” said staff attorney Natali Segovia in a statement. “In reality, it is ETP and large corporations that break the law with impunity.” [1]

Do not cede anything either to the 782B fascistbooks or to the 74.7 Billion Enbridge ETPs; both are fully invested and have already started to burn down Oregon to put more of their corrupted real estate agents and their shitty colonizer towns on the map. Every like you do on FB makes them more money, so it gets easier for them to do!

The destruction of the wild PNW is becoming more tragic every day. The natives who so naively shared their beautiful work and places with the white supremacist galaxy of Fascistbook have been pulled into potentially deadly orbits that we pray they can escape. Is vanity and ego of the white world so large that they cannot see what is happening?

1 *nGraph-term; crossref recommended


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**Amnesty Int'l: COVID-19 Exacerbates Inequality in Americas as U.S. Policy Drives Refugees to Border**

"A new Amnesty International report lays out how the pandemic has significantly exacerbated inequality across the Americas over the past year. Over 1.3 million people have died in the region from COVID-19, making the Americas the hardest-hit area in the world. Women…"

#news #bot

Illegally occupying US Empire in the sovereign country of Hawaii is still dropping bombs, mortars, drone strikes, and depleted uranium all over our sacred mountain, toxifying it and poisoning our water supply. Just heard what sounded like carpet bombing last night.

Figured out a new trick to extend the life of kitchen sponges. Been making many grilled breads lately, and the dough bowls often seem to (usually accidentally) get mucked up by dough.

Using crumpled up foil to get the sticky bits off works quicker and better... saves the sponge.

Added new videos to the ¨Stop Evicting BIPOC¨ channel we created. For the folks who are more into visuals and drama than the written media can provide, we found a 2014 Vice news documentary on the delusional landlords of Arkansas. Arkansas is AKA ¨Landlord and Realtor Heaven¨ where the the colonists made laws such that cops do CRIMINAL EVICTIONS for renters who cannot or will not pay, even when landlords refuse to provide the minimum standard of habitability.

This continues despite the fact that debtors prisons are supposed to have been outlawed in the US a long time ago:

So... regarding the meta discussion about ¨currency: ¨That was 2014_RCT. Was it still happening in 2019_RCT?


Is it still happening today?


Meta notes about the YT channel: Nice single link with multiple well-investigated and reported facets of evidence you need that evictions today are the exact same as they were during Sitting Bull and Geronimo´s times... same as they were for Tiny House warriors in 2004 (video on channel), same as they were during the 2007 ¨financial crisis¨, which was also ~when was suddenly able to start collecting lots and lots and lots of money from its wealthy East coast, mostly European descendant investors to parcel up for themselves.

They claimed to want a better system, but they just wanted to spread their ¨lot and block¨ system ....

The lot and block survey system is a method used in the United States and Canada to locate and identify land, particularly for lots in densely populated metropolitan areas, suburban areas and exurbs.

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Nowruz Mubarak! / Happy New Year!

Celebrated by people from various cultures all over the world for over 3,000 years, Nowruz—“now” meaning new and “ruz” meaning day—is the Persian/Zoroastrian New Year.

Nowruz takes place every year on the day of the vernal equinox, signifying the start of spring in the northern hemisphere.

Another local tmgwati´gnej looking for a morning meal the other day. This one not seeming as concerned as the January creek watcher in the human city neighborhood.

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If this seems like a little much, you are not alone in your concern for diligence. Now for the next bad news to any readers of Ecosteader who may also be tech luddites ... yeah, all those (I think Mark Zuckerber´s words were ¨Dumb Fucks¨) who _really think Fascistbook wants nothing in exchange for all of those warm, fuzzies .. you are in for bad, bad news:

Each cell/mobile phone needs these settings, too.

You can, in fact, go through all of the steps on your home computer / work machine / wherever AND still be tracked by the MALWARE of if you also look at , or if you message on its ¨Messenger¨ or if you browse Fascistbook on your mobile phone.

Is a different computer from your main desktop / workstation... sends pings to cellphone towers, bypassing security at the local level, where they may be configured differently. If insecure devices are on your local network, they are easy to compromise. Zoom exploits use this path frequently, though they never do anything but make the perpetrators look idiotic.

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Valuable guide for decolonzing your computer and router from the biggest bullies selling your data, your friends´ and family´s data in the Internet world.

If you admin a router, is good idea to add all these sites to be BLOCKED both by your browser (cookies, x-site tracking) and, for (very diligent) admins can block at the firewall as well. Included screenshots of Firefox browser for examples.

Losing energy to document all the hard work that daily construction and rebuilding already are. Do not understand how vloggers try to do it all.

Things are_ getting done. Some projects ... like the ¨turn something in this pile of construction rubble into something cool¨ have resulted in neat things that will be documented some day.

If only someone I knew IRL was schooled in photography and could help out. Thus the April Fools tragedy of Ecosteader.

The indigenous peoples of Latin America are by far the best guardians of the regions’ forests, according to a UN report, with deforestation rates up to 50% lower in their territories than elsewhere.

So @unicornriot has been served a subpoena by Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. They're never going to reveal their sources or footage, but they need $4K to fight it!

In case anybody is getting complacent about the Coronavirus, countries where there were more infectious variants reported early in the life of the virus are experiencing what has been called a ¨third wave¨ of cases and their resultant death rates.



**With First Native Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland, Hope Grows U.S. Will Confront Toxic Uranium Legacy**

"Deb Haaland, a tribal citizen of the Laguna Pueblo, is being sworn in as secretary of the interior and will be the first Native American ever to serve in a U.S. presidential cabinet. Just four Republicans joined Democrats in voting to confirm Haaland, who will manage 500 million ac…"

#news #bot

Q: Why is colonization so bad?

A: Brutal killings over political borders.

Today's MMIW story where the W is for ¨Warriors¨ who have been senselessly murdered by entities with political agendas. 11 of the 19 victims were from the Kaqchikel[3] language-speaking region, AKA Guatemala; we mourn with them.

The murders are Realtors and their landlord associates on both sides of the US-Mexico political border walls, where demands for colonial money (both pesos and US dollars are colonial money as both English and Spanish are colonizer languages) to perpetuate enforcement of corrupt police-controlled gates or roads.

Realtors and landlords NEED policing goons with guns and misguided loyalty to their Realtor-Landlord agendas. Is really obvious ... whether publicly thru taxpayer dollars, or privately thru shell corps and contracts, they need cops with guns to evict folks who cannot (or who refuse) pay their rents, commissions, and fees. Avoiding or attempting to avoid such systems should not result in fatalities or imprisonment of anyone involved!

¨Guatemalan authorities said Tuesday that five migrants survived the Jan. 22 massacre of 19 people, including 16 Guatemalans, in northern Mexico.

The migrants were being taken toward the U.S. border by people smugglers when one or two of the trucks came under fire, apparently from a state police unit¨[2]

¨“We are all asking for justice, to know why those police in Mexico killed him, they left his family, wife has three children and is pregnant,” said the sister. ¨[1]

¨A dozen state police officers have been charged in the killings in the township of Camargo. Two trucks were set on fire and the victims' bodies were so badly charred that identification has taken weeks. The bodies of 16 Guatemalans and two Mexicans have been identified; the 19th body is still undergoing tests.¨[2]




"CHAPEL HILL, NC, USA, (March 12, 2021) - The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) recommends that all eligible adults continue to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, despite the recent decisions by Denmark, Norway and Iceland to at least temporarily suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to reports of thrombosis."

#COVID19 #Vaccination #Thrombosis #Health

An indigenous woman from Fang Thai is working with villagers to decolonize the life cycle of a sacred plant food.

In Fang Thai, (also India and China and the US) ... burning large swaths of land containing remnants of crops at the end of harvest like all the farmers do makes bad air quality[1], but since it is done just once a year most tend to think it is okay... but the wastefulness has been normalized by colonization.

Letting it rot on the soil creates methane (also not good).

Colonization tends to brainwash colonized humans (that is: those who seek the work products of small villagers) into thinking of the plant as a homogeneous commodity; is good for selling the rice grains only, discard the rest (burn or re-till).

The leftover material, however, can be used other ways not burning. The indigenous woman is making biodegradable alternative to plastic ¨to go¨ containers that street food vendors in nearby cities can use instead of Styrofoam.

Sharing good ideas globally[3] means credit the genius properly. To her, we extend Ecosteader Long Memory, or . Good work, Jaruwan Khammuang!




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