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¨An indigenous-led Ecuadorian non-profit working towards the defense of indigenous territory, cultural survival, and the building of viable solutions-based alternatives to rainforest destruction.¨

With demos and letter-writing events happening all over marking the one year anniversary of the George Floyd rebellion, our In Contempt column brings us updates on those facing repression + who are in need of support. #GeorgeFloyd


'Lone Ranger' strong white men with guns (individual pursuing self-interests) routinely saved the day in the 50s, to crush left emphasis on the collective, mutual-aid. Reagan - a cowboy-actor, who reified 'rugged cowboy individualism', legitimacy of settler-colonial empire slaughtering 'savage Indians' on screen said, 'pull urself up by bootstraps' & won the US presidency in a landslide.

21 runners died due to an extreme weather event in Asia:

¨After an all-night rescue operation in freezing temperatures involving more than 700 personnel, rescuers were able to confirm that 151 people were safe, out of a total of 172 participants. Twenty-one had died, according to the official Xinhua News Agency, which said the runners suffered from physical discomfort and the sudden drop in temperature.¨

Here is Simon waking up under our salmon-themed art and beside water reminding the importance of clean water, and of another day without RCT.

CC @simonthecat

Reposting with edits again, sorry; fuller thought / ideas to add:

¨Human trafficking: StatsCan (Canada) shares that 52 percent of all human trafficking cases in Canada involve indigenous women and girls.¨

Sure, that is a number some can shrug off, but what percent of the population of Canada do you think are indigenous?

Less than 5 percent[3].

Quote from video with Mikmaq speake; adding her LinkTree.[2]


[3] 4.9% according to

"the US is responsible for every attack in Xinjiang to destabilize the region and stop Chinese influence in Central Asia" --Sybil Edmonds, FBI whistleblower

(she was later sued by the US gov to not talk about this topic)

"The main driver of steel and other industrial expansion is real-estate construction.

A proxy of construction activity, the production of elevators, escalators and lifts increased by 85%..." - Data on China's CO2 boom

Call for Contributions: A Global Visual Handbook of Anti-Authoritarian Counterstrategies

This link couldn't be shared enough.

#colonization #ourdestruction #kiltheego

Decolonizing education requires more PoC being heard in all the channels keeping the discussion open to all marginalized voices.

Colonializers need white man shouting I GET TO DECIDE WHO MAKES THE MONEY AND IT AINT GONNA BE NO WOMAN.

Because men who cannot stand it when women earn more than them always try ¨destroy the careers of women who make more $$$$ than them.¨

A BIPoC professor who ¨won the Pulitzer Prize for her work on The 1619 Project for The New York Times Magazine¨ is denied tenure by the racist, oppressive University system she is trying to educate:

Meta-note: This professor lives in region close to @emsenn

K´ana indigenous people are losing the battle against colonialism[1] in Espinar region.

Native language speakers, four-leggeds, indigenous artists, water protectors are being poisoned from cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxic metals left behind after the mines the region´s lands for dineros and dollars, sol and (PEN) to add to its already smoldering toxic waste dump of billions.

¨How much time u dedicate in ur day to giving the fascistbook shareholders more billions to murder the planet?¨ indie asks. ¨Are u directing attention there, helping it colonize and destroy free people? Are u one who surrender executive function of ur native brain to that megalomaniac CEO?¨

Glencore PLC is fascistbook´s Peruvian accomplice. This thing... this PLC is what forensic accountants call a ¨shell corporation¨ -- thing that manifests as colonial paper with meaningless printed words dead colonials used ¨trying to sound important¨ or capitalistically benevolent (we make jobs! nevermind they are only temp jobs until we abandon your site for the next one) to trick native people into permitting fascist exploitation.

Some rich white family (probably heavily invested in BMW and/or Mercedes Benz) decided they needed ¨save face¨ among their uppity upper-class neighbors in some uppity trendy city´s favorite AirBnB destination for bored rich spoiled Republican voters. Bet your bottom dollars their retirement incomes are banking on native land-occupying renters enslaved to the fascist-state Realtor cartel ... suits and fragile white settlers normalizing murderous violence overseas as ¨self defense¨ via brainwashing from fascistbook and its sinister WhatsApp[3].


[2] (RCT_2014) ¨A group of Chinese state-owned companies [partnered with] a Peruvian copper mine from Glencore Xstrata for $5.85bn, adding to a wave of Chinese resource acquisitions abroad¨


Das Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung warnt, dass das Abschmelzen des Grönland-Eises bald nicht mehr zu stoppen sein werde.

Wegen der steigenden Temperaturen habe die Destabilisierung westlicher Gebiete Grönlands bereits begonnen. Klimakrise - Abschmelzen von Grönland-Eis bald unumkehrbar

The current system, which prioritizes the vested interests of wealthy shareholders does not work for the people of this planet🌍🌏🌎 We need to dismantle #Shell, fire the management and place it under public control!
RT @Davidxvx
Almost 90% of Shell shareholders have voted to keep fuelling #climate disaster.


FWIW, this[1] Roman Catholics FUNDING their Patriarchal CHURCH trying to be a BROKER (¨act as a BROKERAGE¨) to TAKE A CUT of something that never did (and never will) belong to them.[0]

Alaska natives know how long this has been going on...

Indie said to someone recently about decolonizing, and is worth repeating (full context in ):


¨When are you going to stop letting blue-eyed manchild override executive function in your native brain? WE ARE INDIGENOUS TO THE LAND.¨

Do not use military anything to spew drama or conflict among the natives; we do not consent to you as brokers or agents.

[0] Catholic anything is EUROPEAN IMPERIALISM (Spanish or French, matters not) and its statues and monuments and flags and languages and pounds do not belong on Turtle Island.


Semi-related story about indigenity with native artist:

Found an editorialized or badly-translated (???) sentence in this article we linked: We do not agree with the original, and while we are sharing opinions, here some advice and a p.s.:


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Reclamation of Turtle Island continues, despite an invasion of Russian olive trees [3]. Russian olives are sometimes called oleander[3a].

Invasions anywhere on Turtle Island are bad, yeah. Dinétah has especially bad invasion of these non-native trees (and their insane purveyors of RCT.)

Scarred buildings, abandoned projects the colonists started only to drain and dishearten the natives ... Is not surprising to learn those churches had no intentions of saving the natives. Those orgs deserve no special tax statuses!

Is not only epidemic Turtle Island warriors are up against. Some rez dogs we met had many generations of ticks trying to use them as hosts (the metaphor of colonists needing the blood of native bodies) ...

Not trying to gross anybody out, but the ticks are really. really. really bad this year. Send more than prayers; the dogs need medicine.

Colonial empires FB and IG constantly trying to censor the rez news is nothing new [1].

How long have the oppressors been trying to silence the outspoken WHEN AND WHERE they wanted to be heard?

The answer is pretty much the whole time.

Dull not your vigiliance against the vectors of colonialism.
DO NOT CONSENT to being used by the fascists any more.


[2] screenshots on 4th image from this episode of Democracy Now


[3a] Chop them down and kill the roots to make permanent delete on RCT.


[[EDITED to fix link and typo and clarify something]]

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

Fewer than 900 Ecosteader decals exist.

Ecosteader & Company is the only registered B Corp for "Public Benefit" of Turtle Island natives. We are a tiny organization defending against colonial empires EXPLOITING and SILENCING indigenous voices. Fascistbook and Twoetter are genocidal fascist-state companies whose colonial delusions are accelerating destruction of the planet..