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The U.S. Empire tore down the homes of Winnemucca elders in what they call Nevada, put a fence around the town turning it into a concentration camp, and are *right now*, as I'm writing this, pointing rifles at these Indigenous land defenders.

Why? For a lithium mine. Fuck build back better, fuck a green new deal, fuck your electric cars, death to America.

Land back.

what if we armed and organized the poor to defeat the oligarchs

So excited to discover that Yucatecan Maya is available to learn from English online! ...and to share that I archived it on so it's hopefully gonna last a while. Here's the original:
...and the archive*/https://

You can find the books these lessons were based off of here:

#YucatecanMaya #Maya #IndigenousLanguages

"The lie that Indigenous people can’t use modern technology if we protest the religious and cultural bigotry of those who misuse the sacred objects of the religious traditions of any of the MANY separate Indigenous American cultures hinges on the bigoted myth that Indigenous Americans played no part in the development of modern technology, which is patently untrue."

¨Record of how long it been since that?¨


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¨Cease investment in all colonizer maps; tourism

¨Acknowledged efforts of previous revolutions!

¨ ¨ [ leave space for undisgraced efforts ]

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People in the Silicon Valley bubble have no idea how much work will be required to build and maintain our physical world over the next 50 years.

Software can’t keep our real estate, utilities, and transportation safe and clean.

Hey French and American folk:

Unless you are actively involved in advocating that your state make reparations to Haiti (and other slave colonies), you need to shut the *fuck* up about who might be culpable for climate change.

You took Haiti's topsoil for sugar to prop up your aristocracy, put them in debt when they fought for liberation, invaded them *repeatedly*, stole their material wealth, blockaded their ports, and continue to abuse their people through colonizer NGOs.

If it were *just* Haiti, y'all would be culpable. But it isn't. You genocided, burnt, mined, lumbered, farmed, the Earth to dust, stealing it all back to your own lands for your own enjoyment.

Fuck off.

You wanna see how openly colonialism still is practiced?

Ever seen a settler say to use spent coffee grounds on their garden because it's good fertilizer?

...Okay now think on that a moment.

*Where* did the grounds come from? *Why* is it good fertilizer?

Your coffee is the stolen wealth of those you subjugate, no metaphor.


Meet the Ainu, keepers of some indigenous languages of islands where high-frequency earthquakes and volcanic activity:

facebook horror 

I decided to watch the "Meta" announcement video, as filtered through a youtuber I follow who thinks it's a pile of horsheshit and even with the witty commentary, I've got to say the whole augmented reality thing, as something that Facebook is pushing, is really horrifying to me.

The rich know that the lower classes need to be kept appeased, and submerging the unhappy masses in sparkly colors through all their waking hours is certainly a way to do that. They're counting on the widespread adoption of facebook to lead to widespread adoption of their bullshit augmented reality tech.

fuck this shit.

this has 80 votes already which is a lot for a poll from me, if folk who boosted see it and wouldnt mind reboosting to get more votes thatd be cool.

shared the inprogress poll with native friends who tbh feel better knowing its not just their feeling.

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The colonist agendas leap forward to plunder and spoil people, lands they view with only the technical, scientific lens. Geologists with industrial-sized ideas ought to be held financially, legally, and criminally accountable for industrial-sized ¨accidents¨ ... in all scenarios.

The REPLICATION of any failed mining techniques needs disallowed forever.

¨"A letter written by attorneys ... shared with Native News Online cited, “On July 16, 1979, the largest nuclear accident in U.S. history occurred at the United Nuclear Corporation (UNC) mill site, when the earthen dam to the pond holding UNC Mill uranium tailings was breached. The spill released over 1,000 tons of radioactive mill waste and 93 million gallons of acidic radioactive tailings solution into the Puerco River and traveled downstream through the Navajo Nation to the community of Sanders, AZ. The negative consequences of this spill are still being felt today by residents in the immediate vicinity and in surrounding communities.”

Despite these documentations, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues to grant licenses for uranium mining on and adjacent to the Navajo Nation. "¨

Did you catch that quote in the article? Colonists always trying to delete documentations!

"We need everybody to just shut shit down." Call for solidarity against pipeline construction goes out, after Chief Dtsa'hyl of the @Likhtsamisyu is arrested, following growing blockades on #Wetsuweten territory + decommissioning of multiple machines.


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