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The other day @Dinemanred and I had to skip over to different town so he could upload the lastest "Rez Life" video over a better connection;consider supporting his Patreon channel. Only 18 subscribers as of today --

Meanwhile, we found a native-owned coffee shop; recommending -- do check it out if you are in "Farmington, NM" and stuck in some of that road construction on the NE side of town by San Juan College.

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It seems the hatebook took out a ~ 350 million colonialist cash-dollar loan from China to throttle 5G on the Navajo Nation.

And now it is buying advertisements on Google to convince people that it is good at "connecting" people.


The US government of FACEBOOKISTAN hates natives so much it is throttling the wifi upload speed on the reservation.

Hiding all that earliest unrevisionist work in the darkest theme possible.

Native Land Before Invasion

had many regions


▒▒▒ :: :: ▒▒▒ :: :: ▒▒▒ :: ::
Diné Bikéyah,
Oozéí Bikéyah,
T’iis Nazbas,
Dibé Ntsaa
Áshįįh Bii’ Tó

and the regions were not being suffocated by these noxious and invasive species

🚫 Russian knapweed
🚫 Russian olive

Too hot for the human body?

"Jacobabad, a city of 300,000, is ground zero of a warming planet. It is one of two cities on Earth that has passed heat and humidity thresholds that are hotter than the human body can handle."

So... the next time someone asks you to "like" a climate activist or their event on Facebook, remember that like means YOU are the one helping Facebook billionaires brainwashing consumers into more consumption.


PDX Westside Ecosteader NW entrance iteration
2.27 backup_docs


the PLR && ¨"Technical Writers Without Borders"¨

"Decolonize your Thinking"


ABIPoC* food enclave
acronym for westside ::

People of Color

Not only is ABIPoC alphabetical* (which we hope will be helpful to a potential ally in our survival strategies), also is it accurate in RCT for the ¨on the ground¨ audience that might happen to find the little alleyway where our enclave exists.

¨Accurate in RCT¨ for the simple reason makes more sense that for each instance "west of the Atlantic" had black and indigenous slaves first, regions closer to the Pacific side would have indigenous history intertwined closer with the Asian and Pacific Islander colonization and slave stories.

We shall keep the Black Lives Matter spirit alive and B for black in this particular acronym; keep it simple for all the things SHE protects (the African "she" because anywhere ESL --> ntv.lang has too many exploitable MiTM with derogatory mutations of your continent's common name.

¨A frickin´! BLEEP BLEEP¨

Where colonizer has historically overriden your thinking to revert to English and anger... ? Never fall for them tryin' trigger your naturally ferocious nature and tame you to degrade your precolonialist heart! So many tusks there, not gonna work.

No, brother lion. We do not want that. We are not the hatebook, remember?

Do not worry, I have studied amid indigenous language keepers globally in very technical settings; and while my own ♥ breaks that it took me so long to remember this paper I wrote 22 years ago, we continue to have the proofs! It is not the job of a 20 year old to do carbon dating for her so-called "University" that did not have a native-oriented graduation path!

And since then, the focus on money is too much. Our counts were not created on their timestamps.

Fascistbook's complicated partnership with Breitbart involves facebook employees bailing out the child pornographers (repeat offenders) off the banned list...

"“It appears that policy people have been intervening in fact-checks on behalf of *exclusively* right-wing publishers to avoid them getting repeat-offender status,” another Facebook employee wrote in an internal policy discussion group, per BuzzFeed News. Such interventions by Facebook executives in its fact-checking process would violate the company’s official policy, which stipulates that a publisher that wants to appeal a fact-check rating has to contact the fact-checker responsible, not Facebook directly. "

All the native AIs collectively applying the filter that slices corporate enablers of the landlord bots and real estate bots, creating a quantum energy loop that your only native-run mesh network Ecosteader is empowered with for at least ¨¨ δ minus three... where we detach from the ¨going nowhere¨ galaxy of tweets and podcasts where the settlers´ Universe dies and will never have the answers... where we stay more than light centuries ahead of the ¨factory of rotting flesh carcasses¨ that is that disgusting thing dreamt up by an angry white college guy, which he decided to call facebook. Fascists do not have a promising future.

So glad that people like me (old school developers who never did fall for the app-based hype) had the foresight and good will to build things like ecosteader for the homeless people who do not want to have a phone number can still have something to communicate with other living, breathing humans. If you survived the first homeless crisis without begging for money on social media, you can probably do it long-term.

Explaining patiently to someone for the umpteenth time that yeah,since Signal app's governance board was infiltrated by entity whose employment, salary, and stock options were once decided by FACEBOOK, app is significantly compromised, less trustworthy place to share details. Explaining patiently to my significant other that no, we not gonna finish any of our scripts -- romantic or otherwise there; makes too much sense that the hatebook gonna try more plagiarism and sabotage to try 'n save its Lithium-addicted founders' faces.

Would the Facebookers profile, stalk, and murder the hotel maids, hitchhikers, slave laborers to whom she gave decals as a gift meant for appreciation?

Would it do that to "save" its own face? The more I dug into its history of its corporate terrorism, the more sure I was. 900 was such a small number. Would it terrorize or attack them with imported disease, pharmaceuticals (using the style of the founder of Facebook's founder's parental unity employment industry of manufactured pharmaceuticals) AKA Instagram AKA Meta Platforms, Inc's style? Absolutely. Nobody needs to cover up reality more than the people most unable to deal with it. (Evident by the change to a VR co and all.)

What I saw at Winnemucca ... my testimony is "Yes, it does murder and cover up murders.. and it would murder again."

My relationships with the indigenous elders precedes ALL Facebook apps and websites and its racially-biased algorithms.

"How far does it precede?"

If the vaccines were able to keep fighting the various variants globally (which, a spike like this indicates vaccinations somewhat helped ... regions that were early vaccinated) how soon ago did the virus weaken fighting back?

"Who she?"

"Oh, the one everybody is leaving Facebook for."

"Awesome. "What would you ask her if you could?"

"It was getting so fucking boring! Yappy white guys in suits jabbering about jobs and money like... no. This is not what our ancestors would have wanted."

"That 10/4 thing that broke all the Instagram ¨"attentionwhore"¨ nodes? Uh, they never got sewn back properly. The whole company was always really fragile."

Russia, YouTube, uspol, media 

There so few options for technical talent from these regions where dictatorships, authoritarianism, imperialist, and nationalist regimes wanna reign.

Have seen some YT channels that are compilations of climate disaster that are apparently put up by technical talent from the region mentioned in CW.

Yes, climate disasters and drama can seem sensationalist to the ivory tower, but for folks on the ground the realities are prescient.


Solar thermal heatsinks, collectors, etc.

Put your deadest whiteman Meta Facebook phone off its platform and far, far away from any battery charger.

Done? Okay, now how to assist the native carbon bodies return to their best, pre-colonizer forms?

The sacred collections of energies "free from RCT" and working to restore Native Land Before Invasion? These are whom she meditates with each AM.

Fog nets really do work for areas lacking the relative H2O humidity; harvest fog like some very fine spiderwebs sometimes do, and like the rainforest does too.

Something about the weather...

6032 Joules for each "kilogram" predicted to be concentrating around

35.28° N, 96.42° W

That is, over the territories of
Lakȟótiyapi, Osage, O-ga-xpa Ma-zhoⁿ (O-ga-xpa), Caddo, Muscogee

and other
(neiiiiiiighboring) 🐎
indigenous language keepers

pssst! fixed ur broken #↗


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"Prepare for a volatile day and week in the megalomaniac caps followed by an even more volatile day and week in the weather."

>>> :: || ܀ || :: <<<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>> | << ✧✧ >> | <<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>> | << ✧✧ >> | <<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>>> :: || ܀ || :: <<<

"____ was never supposed to be about tech or capitalism. However, insecure nodes directed by "" kept lethally attacking the indigenous tribes of Oregon's beautiful forests and coastal areas, Yakama through Yurok, the grandmothers of Winnemucca, indigenous language keepers of the Anasazi, Ute, Paiute and Shoshone peoples, Mi'kmaq, her people. All the white guys with millions or billions trying to be the biggest heroes: The hatebook did not like that she exposed his lies about slavery RE: Farmworld and the unfortunate states of slavery and sickness in Cafeworld. She deserves a Gitcoin."

"Our analysis shows that is most logical carbon-free C++ emergency stop on capitalism available in the [time_span](redacted). Probably no human will be intelligent enough to understand it for a span of _______ [[_dec olon ized_ ]time_span]."

"Decolonized thinkers woulda had a chance to really get ahead and turn around their lives two years ago! Damn knuckleheads spent too much time scrolling thru their phones, stabbing finger angry."

"The trademark of the whiteman GANNs of $FB (tfbnw) are to demand more and more and more. That certainly played out with the subprime mortgage crisis it accelerated in 2007. In the Native Land Before Invasion (antifascist algorithm invented by the compute saved from Ecosteading), all cops eventually self destruct ... but nobody can make a drama about it, and nothing gets sold to Canada."

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Micronesian stick charts show wave patterns and currents. The shells represent atolls and islands. Using stick charts (also called rebbelibs, medos, and mattangs) ancient mariners successfully navigated thousands of miles of the South Pacific Ocean without compasses, astrolabes, or other mechanical devices.

Photograph by Walter Meayers Edwards

« I was tired of learning history that refused to acknowledge my people »
18-year-old Charitie Ropati writes about her work developing Native-centric curricula in the U.S.

#native #Indigenous #CharitieRopati #Ropati

>> :: ||| ||| :: <<

"So the guy that had an 11 billion colonialist cash dollar paycheck for one day? His "literally insane" piles of of money and tax obligations should not be the concern of PoC."

"it is right to container him from dragging anyone else into WASTING their lives on his oligarch shit and luxury problems."

"Probably, most people do not understand that FB has been running sadistic experiments on $USER scenarios since it was funded by George W. Bush pharma and insecticide. Fragile settlers who banked on the pharmaceutical ... experiments finally backfiring! No wonder it got so. damn. ugly."

"Explains WHY in the video, the folks stuck in hatebook's cartel experients broadcasted $USD bounty and prices on individual indigenous lives."

"Did not understand it was stalking at the time. She did not understand the harassment as it was directed at her, only as it took place within the larger context of what was happening to the neighborhood. "

>> :: ||| ||| :: <<

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

WHY YOU SHOULD -- the hatebook is accelerating genocide on PoC. Native Land Before Invasion was not hospitable to Eurocentric _______ (nouns). Nouns can be persons, places, things, or ideas.