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Q: What’s your advice to others who want to see more accurate Native/Indigenous representations of their tribes in cities?

Ojibwe artist Andrea Carlson answers: ¨Listen to Native people. Go to our presentations, our exhibitions, and read our books. Antagonize the settler mentality that lives in your head -- I must do that too. Question institutions that don’t acknowledge the Indigenous land that they are built upon.¨

Mpls mass eviction, aid request 

Minneapolis feral swine carried out a massive camp eviction operation today, surprising people by raiding at 1pm instead of the usual morning time.

Dozens and dozens, possibly as many as 100, are displaced, most with nothing but the clothes on their backs after all their belongings were trashed by Public Works.

The Mayor is at a parade wearing a Public Works tshirt.

Please donate to the supply depot to help those people evicted:

@schrodingers_cat Yeahhh. I'd prefer if it were so, but like...there are kinda a lot of settlers on indigenous land, and maybe most are literally genocidal fascists. It's a little more than 1% that's the problem

Another radiant grandmother murdered
by a cold
angry boomer
dead ended
pale, frail
fragile white settler:

"Welcome to the Native Language Reclamation of Turtle Island"

"libreoffice --writer"

into my :crt_w_prompt:

Open source software release notes

with documentation directives in Diné bizaad!!




"So the 5 hrs donated to $AMZN interviewing w/AWS team containing at least one #AngrywhiteManNotofTurtle Island# was uh, what?"

"I don't understand what you are saying."

"How shall we classify that for tax purposes? What was exchange for your time consulting and answering questions for 5 hrs?"

"Nothing. Asked me to sign NDA I'd never sign. Asked me to test out a rewire of the whole Ecosteader stack to accommodate its S.T.A.R. employee methods! This is not professional AI company."

Although the concept of "acres" did not exist upon Native Land Before Invasion,

the general right step in the efforts still counts. Onodaga peoples reclaiming 1024 of them....

Abuse is not acceptable in any time _____ or at any place.

The people trying to be the government of the United States of Hatebook -- politicians concerned only with their own self and other two-leggeds of similar ilk -- sick, sick sick in the head.

The hatebook owns all the womanbeater storylines -- and indie is simply not interested. She just not into "like" for your corporate works. She seen how you leave things on her mother.

Besides, your corp had over a decade to stop perpetuating abuse all over the sacred kéyah -- and as soon ago as today, all evidence you keep doing the opposite.

Nothing about your missions or philiosphies are amusing nor acceptable.

No Zuck, we do not subscribe to that here -- and you cannot either. Women traumatized by your decade of hate shall not be subjected to any further abuse. The indigenous women elders have spoken and worked wtih the best technical translators available.

Plants, plants and more plants:

Have theory that noxious, invasive French Tamarix and Russian olive sneaked onto Tortoise Mountain together, around the same time -- fewer than 100 years ago (or, as we say in our non-RCT Algonquin-based language "Gasg'ptnnaqanipu na't").

Colonizer names for Tamarix often referred to as "salt cedar", though it is not a cedar.

The oleander from colonialist Russia could maybe pass as some sort of willow(??) by folks who do not know plants, but it most definitely is not Salix -- as of RCT 2022, it has killed most native willow. There is ENDANGERED WILLOW FLYCATCHER BIRD needs its habitat.

Most noxious and invasive plants we know of today were indeed brought by tourists preaching one or another non-native religious ministries; the plants escaped their keepers and started sucking up all the water and nutrients on Tortoise Mountain.

For example, the Mennonites are notorious for introducing a plant native to southern Europe and Russia:

Part of what is going to happent his summer ... gonna be something like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre on that god damned Russian oleander ( infestation.

Requirement to restore waterways and rain corridors for the "best planting seasons possible" is to murder (without colonialist brand of chemicals known as "Roundup" or any similar soil-contaminating chemicals or herbicides) these non-native invasive plants anywhere and everywhere they exist.

The other day @Dinemanred and I had to skip over to different town so he could upload the lastest "Rez Life" video over a better connection;consider supporting his Patreon channel. Only 18 subscribers as of today --

Meanwhile, we found a native-owned coffee shop; recommending -- do check it out if you are in "Farmington, NM" and stuck in some of that road construction on the NE side of town by San Juan College.

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It seems the hatebook took out a ~ 350 million colonialist cash-dollar loan from China to throttle 5G on the Navajo Nation.

And now it is buying advertisements on Google to convince people that it is good at "connecting" people.


The US government of FACEBOOKISTAN hates natives so much it is throttling the wifi upload speed on the reservation.

Hiding all that earliest unrevisionist work in the darkest theme possible.

Native Land Before Invasion

had many regions


▒▒▒ :: :: ▒▒▒ :: :: ▒▒▒ :: ::
Diné Bikéyah,
Oozéí Bikéyah,
T’iis Nazbas,
Dibé Ntsaa
Áshįįh Bii’ Tó

and the regions were not being suffocated by these noxious and invasive species

🚫 Russian knapweed
🚫 Russian olive

Too hot for the human body?

"Jacobabad, a city of 300,000, is ground zero of a warming planet. It is one of two cities on Earth that has passed heat and humidity thresholds that are hotter than the human body can handle."

So... the next time someone asks you to "like" a climate activist or their event on Facebook, remember that like means YOU are the one helping Facebook billionaires brainwashing consumers into more consumption.


PDX Westside Ecosteader NW entrance iteration
2.27 backup_docs


the PLR && ¨"Technical Writers Without Borders"¨

"Decolonize your Thinking"


ABIPoC* food enclave
acronym for westside ::

People of Color

Not only is ABIPoC alphabetical* (which we hope will be helpful to a potential ally in our survival strategies), also is it accurate in RCT for the ¨on the ground¨ audience that might happen to find the little alleyway where our enclave exists.

¨Accurate in RCT¨ for the simple reason makes more sense that for each instance "west of the Atlantic" had black and indigenous slaves first, regions closer to the Pacific side would have indigenous history intertwined closer with the Asian and Pacific Islander colonization and slave stories.

We shall keep the Black Lives Matter spirit alive and B for black in this particular acronym; keep it simple for all the things SHE protects (the African "she" because anywhere ESL --> ntv.lang has too many exploitable MiTM with derogatory mutations of your continent's common name.

¨A frickin´! BLEEP BLEEP¨

Where colonizer has historically overriden your thinking to revert to English and anger... ? Never fall for them tryin' trigger your naturally ferocious nature and tame you to degrade your precolonialist heart! So many tusks there, not gonna work.

No, brother lion. We do not want that. We are not the hatebook, remember?

Do not worry, I have studied amid indigenous language keepers globally in very technical settings; and while my own ♥ breaks that it took me so long to remember this paper I wrote 22 years ago, we continue to have the proofs! It is not the job of a 20 year old to do carbon dating for her so-called "University" that did not have a native-oriented graduation path!

And since then, the focus on money is too much. Our counts were not created on their timestamps.

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Tortoise Mountain Natives Do Not Like English Ivy

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized Farmworld and Cafeworld development in "blocks" of colonialist infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for a white male "Chief" Executive Officer. Fix the problems plaguing Europe before testing your ideas here.