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Facebook has no personality.
Twitter has no personality.
Salesforce has no personality.
Instagram has no personality.

The thing about fundraisers

with the above-noted entities is that you are not actually doing fundraisers for the humans you want to help. You are entrenching the human user(s) in the fascist node.

Always, always, always are there at least 4 middlemen companies, usually more, who each get to profit from and on people in mourning or crisis.

The dominant channels have death ingrained into the headlines. I don't care which one of these companies you trust with your life story or death story, I do not.

Simulating the feeling of appreciation "giving" too much inflated money -- that must be one of the most profitable things about FB and how it grew so large so fast.

Twitter is more like Instagram in that people who trust it are more narcissistic, less patient, and all the celebs have way too much colonizer cash and no creative ideas.

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Facebook is "basically" all the oligarchs of Eastern Europe

And Twoetter is "basically" all the oligarchs of Western Europe.

Go ahead and consolidate.

For the public records: I no longer travel with anyone who carries Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of Meta Platforms Inc. products.

gesnoqowite'tg Charlottetown

Frail-skinned "friends" of Mark Z, like all those Charlottes out and about the French, Italian, English languaged regions, are not our friends.

We do not name towns after our friends.

We do not do European names on indigenous lands: no Charlottes no Elizabeths no Johns no Jessicas no saints no Angelicas no pastors no preachers no no no. The overwrought ceremony sought to usher in the overfunded oligarchs!

Stay in Eastern Europe.

gesnoqowite'tg Charlottetown

Do not do a "rebuild" -- take down those badly-engineered electrical systems and use the map we posted/cited on Ecosteader years ago to make more beautiful entrances.

If the region around my mother's ancestral homeland is any percent FEWER THAN 79 PERCENT IBAPoC, your power will not be restored.

My sister Reid would love to go let some indigenous prisoners out of some god damned colonizer prisons! (She was smart and quit FB long before me)

"My life is less valuable than the white man's life" WAS (in the past) how I felt living in San Francisco 'Bay Area' as a nomadic woman in my second and third decades of life.

Everywhere I went, every technical job I was overqualified for, I was drastically underpaid (or never paid) for.

Which was depressing. The white man wanted me behind a register counting his colonizer cash, serving sandwiches, coffee, pizza, breakfast at Denny's ... Domino's pizza. Cleaning his hotels so he could jetset here and back to Europe, Asia. All of this while I was a holder of not one, but two degrees from the same University where I submitted the paper "Prehistoric and Archaic Settlements in Southern Utah" as a 20 year-old freshman.

I know all the white ladies you and other tech corps have hired hate me with a passion, and that is okay. Their discomfort should be monumental. I understand now how badly-inbred most white couples are, and the "discovery" that there are no such thing as provinces for beautiful "Mixed European" women and their families to colonize across the ocean can be a downer. Take the booze back to Europe

My SO showed me a YouTube video of some young European female ranting about how much she does not "like" being called out as a settler, visitor, guest, and how land acknowledgements are bad.

Because she gets tired of hearing them.

Boo hoo, babe. The "alt right" ranter also did not know how to cite her sources -- at all, which made watching her video a waste of time. You cannot cite text Facebook -- that is legally rebranded itself as a VIRTUAL REALITY CORPORATION and expect people to take you seriously.

Accurate copies of my "true" IRS earnings of colonizer cash for all the years I was homeless and not on any "Social Security" net went public long ago... which really threw a wrench in the colonizer plan. Know what else? I applied for a job with the US Census when I lived there and was denied a job counting people.

"Count my money," the oppressor says.

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Rough copy of second thread on #105594552601689972 went live for a few yesterday;
still unfinished.

Writing is often work thru the messy logic as it is coming together in the larger contexts.

Fascists out to destroy indigenoUS Earth have many channels they use to make otherwise mentally indestructible men and women weak and powerless.

Your mind is your best tool, keep it sharp. The IndigenoUS is not Europe, which needs to be re-iterated multiple times for folks on the rez whose social "media" brains have been programmed to stalk and argue in English.

79/21 theory: (my take on the 80/20 principle)

Neither Tortoise Mountain nor Turtle Island were "mostly white" people before invasion -- so there are absolutely NO NEIGHBORHOODS that should be.

Two large corporations with hundreds of billions of colonizer cash and absolutely no personality control the mind share of 90 percent of the Internet?


If someone said to you recently "my life is more valuable than yours," AND IF YOU BELIEVED THEM, you are probably a victim of Facebook's cunning and baffling fascist capitalism.

As a human being who lived and worked all over that "Bay Area," I KNOW. I personally studied w/all kinds of OG tech folks, and the only thing I have to say about Mark Z is that he got there waaaaay late -- his unearned Ivy league white privilege to "accelerate" East Palo Alto into his disgusting political theater? SICK AND DELUDED. When they check in every day with a mentally sick and deluded man, his sickness wears off on the whole human race.

$EQR was the oligarch of EPA only 10 years after 2000 stock bubble crash. Legal reasons FB's 500 earliest investors were almost all white when they were REQUIRED to go public; they want control the output channels.

When white man uses money as power to intimidate PoC THAT IS FASCISM. How much has that hatebook founder eroded all the rent control help in EPA?

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I'm in Wired today talking about why social media bot detection tools that social scientists and others rely on are largely bullshit:

I refuse to believe that after 29+ years of being the most tech-savvy woman in all those odd and low-to-the-ground places the kitty friends and I have camped...

that my professional network be this non-existant. What did I do? Refuse the dominant white supremacist channels. Build a server that blocked those evil companies of middlemen w/too much money oozing out: Salesforce and Facebook.

Probably, only a technical writer would wake up crying and shaking her head at the ABSURDITY that after Google already made how many billions of dollars on her writing and emails the last 18 years. Now they want her to GIVE THEM COLONIZER CASH? If Google is doing it, Facebook will do it too. Remove the "free" aspect and decide which customers you want to keep is smart, and Facebook will eventually have to do it too.

Just like the drug dealers -- users becoming "customers" is something Facebook should have rebranded for a long time ago! The future is a volatile place of zero trust and only money matters?

You bet wrong, Google. We are sooooo not gonna do a fundraiser to get Google employees more money.

The weather is always trying to teach, it seems.

Without having consulted Wikipedia or Google or any other external source of authority, no Gutenberg-worshipping text printed on paper ripped from indigenous trees would contain the correct information about the history of the place the weather forecasters call "Fort Myers" and "Port Charlotte"

Hello out there professional ... cartographers. Is there a "Department of cartography" at Google we can yell at to assert the urgency of the message that these 17th and 18th century RCT maps need updated? Especially given the LARGER INTELLIGENCE of diverse and decolonizing people on the land in the later non-RCT honoring centuries? This problem plagues both sides of the ocean.

<AD BY ZENTU,LLC-> "How to" do !STOP, yes stop colonialist bastardization of yoga</AD>

SNEAK PREVIEW of next malicious overinflated colonialist cash market cap value SO INFLUENCED BY OIL too?

You'd never guess $LULU is a bumbling fossil fuel doozy. :global_warming:

As Sept 16th is the fourteenth anniversary of my mother's passing, asking can we please

please refrain from ANY and ALL colonialist cash transactions on that day ...?

whereever and as possible, thanks

RE: Tech giants whose assets are the intellectual property and digital work of its users:

The reality is that FB is a Bush-era relic of white supremacy: overfunded surveillance-tech BY rich white supremacists FOR white supremacists, ALL to push the colonial narrative and further the goals of nationalist extremists.

It wants so desperately to change the narrative before the facts leak out. Expect an influx of newly ¨minted on obscure tech¨ millionaires ... dudes who do not want their legacy to be world destruction, tryin'heroically fly in help everybody with the new world order, plans to invest MORE colonist cash in little ¨eco¨ ideas.


Philanthropy is not mutual aid[2]. How philanthropy has worked historically is ¨put the dude´s name on buildings or statues so his egotistical needs are met,¨ style of the disgusting Salesforce guy, Marc Benioff, eh? Zuck´s is the same, it seems.

¨Facebook promised to bid on at least 90 percent of auctions when it could identify the end user and committed to spending a certain amount of money ¨

Proof FB does not anonymize data to advertisers on its platform. If it targets you for something (anything its most coddled advertisers, users or apps want), it will get its filthy white supremacist nodes on it, destroying small entities (including ones who try VERY HARD to opt out of its intrusions). That whole ¨you need money to make money¨ thing is prescient on FB.

We picked a few data points for the analysis on the charts. Note that every billion is a 1000 millions and charts tend to become less accurate the larger they have to be to make multiple millions seem smaller and less significant than they are.

What lies will FB earnings spew today? Is it gonna suppress all mentions of our analysis? Oh, dear friends... you know it never ever will care about us.
Deplatforming the bully too late did not a hero make.


Stop all delusions sourced from Gutenberg Zuckerberg printers.


(Repeat message below 1X for each TORTOISE MOUNTAIN NATIVE; allow extend time non-whites translate and ALWAYS CREDIT THE CODE WRITER OF THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE BEING TRANSLATED)

all .mqe roles have already been filled and there are NO ROLES FOR WHITE MALE CEO, nor for any white women who make ¨activities¨ for audiences on Twoetter or the hatebook.

Analysis indicates CEO of the so-called Meta Platforms, Inc. has severely underestimated native intelligence. The more he try buy his way out of probes, the larger the probes get --

¨"Everywhere there an "active facebook user" attempting stalk or colonize a ¨security¨ border mapped under ¨British Rule¨ OR under ¨$USD¨, do CITIZEN ARREST and CAPTURE COMMUNICATIONS. What do you see when you STUDY HIS ASSET GRAPHS? Where are 0514_1984 and UTAH hiding the billions? Do the facial muscle-detection algorithms indicate that he and UTAH is... regretting a few things? "

"-- is natural result; due to his being addicted to the FBI stories where is ¨guys¨ like Trump and Marc Benioff ¨get off¨ on trafficking PTSD-suffering humans across Kinłani, mass shootings involving explosions and death, school shootings, guns and warfare giving each an HUMONGOUS big audience HE thinks HE deserves yapping on and on about Roman this or that philosophies*, VIOLATING TORTOISE MOUNTAIN RULE OF LAW ABOUT EURO-CENTRIC CENTERING OF DISCUSSION. ¨


All asset graphs public and compute estimation of colonized zones where ¨security border¨ being enforced by ¨paid in USD¨ or in ¨$BTC-EURO¨ cryptocurrencies are likely corrupt. Look at what $BTC-EURO did to Twitter.¨

Please, boost -- favor -- share -- comment THIS message."¨

"What is the CEO of a wannabe 'virtual reality' corp doing terrorizing a community of black women for the FBI 'security' conference?

SHE is right -- Zuck interferes with far too many channels. His financial assets shall be frozen and all of his stalking powers removed."


"This for our Uhuru sisters who QUIT the hatebook machines waaaay more than 30 days ago:

There no such thing as "permanent" corp whose logic is to fund itself through actual fiery explosions and nuclear warfare amongst European colonialist powers, all the while gaslighting ABIPoC people into bastardizing themselves on its networks."

" Zuck also way way jealous SHE came up with ABIPoC while his Incorporated(TM)(R) Platforms and Twitter were hashtagging . You know, since his wife Asian* and all."

*Technical Writers Without Borders RESERVED WORD (please see documentation)

"Oh, wow. It must be bad if he pivoted to the ticker namechange for a VR and has pushed enough buttons to make his favorite French ally, British Petroleum, 4X profit (in billions) " [source)

"Are we gonna get any CAPE buffalo*?


"Remind the man whose locus-f(illed) dust is waning o'er the Sahara: you cannot mess with a native tech and get away with it. Expect the most severe consequences where men like Ted Turner try to buy ranch-sized land ."

"Storms of angry GANN-weighted coRpsE of Salesforce?

Each time the $CRM? reports it "beat expectations"? Oh, that just means its cops used more violence than necessary to destroy the ABIPOC story. 'Whatever it takes' Marc Benioff says, "so I can keep cashing out according to the plan that will increase my pay ... forever!!"

"Carriers of the FB app, unfortunately, are stars of their own Truman Show -- must always remember the threat of $PLTR accounting for its greed-based exploits."

NOTE: DISALLOW photograph or record anyone who deleted their facebook account. Anyone who remains active on the site is tracked and profiled and stalked via Truman Show --


[endnote] CAPE buffalo bonus: @indie/102336972548493266

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<fastforward RCT 2018++:0:00.mqe>


"Salesforce $CRM and Facebook $FB have siphoned energy from vital Earth systems for 'reactions' and price negotiations."

<rewind RCT 2010++:0:00.mqe>

"Dear friendly host of ICT 2022: No such thing as a "Sustainability Accelerator"; never trust anyone whose lifetime of colonialist cash dollar earnings computes out to the equivalent of murdering every indigenous person on Earth for 17 trillion light years! You have been coerced into his oppressed, enslaved fantasy. Do you know he is USING you to exacerbate oppressed people into scrolling more fascist plotted newsfeeds! Facebook AI is not a cutesy joke. Natives dying at rates MANY DEVIATIONS AWAY FROM THE NORM of alcoholism, diabetes, rotting in prisons, and he wants you to play with his Oculus!"

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Technical Writers Without Borders

S1 E26.2↭ ¨

One or another of the over 1040 reasons indie didn't become a CPA:

~2006 RCT: "Easiest way to identify colonialist entity is lifetime of USD cash earnings -- how quickly did it exceed the population of dying natives locally, regionally, globally? If graph is still fuzzy, add the lifetime colonialist cash dollar earnings of his parents and grandparents. Genocide in that non-native money systemically oppressing factual accounting in education -- for multiple generations."

"Corrupt billionaires tryin' to buy all the channels -- "

" -- besides excesses of colonialist cash investors, what do telemarketers, pharma partners and software engineers have in common?"

"Don't worry my child. All the generations of rapists, incestuous inbreeders, serial killers, and mass murderers are locked up in Harvard."

<fastforward RCT 2014++:0:00.mqe>


"Harvard is still worst offender accelerating genocide -- its weapons customized to take down the strongest natives with lies about Christianity. Taxation should have worked to slow corruption, but the IRS wants to attack tax brackets instead of Realtors, hoteliers and landlords demanding deposits, fees, rents."

"With correct data, MACHINE LEARNING really can and does the best at catching the worst offenders. Humans have too much bias and self-interest. In fact, there are many jobs that angry humans inserting their bias into makes an otherwise functional system less efficient."

An American red squirrel at Sebec Lake in Maine. These are also known as pine squirrels and chickaree. They are smaller and more aggressive than the more common grey squirrel.

#americanredsquirrel #squirrel #sebeclake #maine #pinesquirrel #chickaree #canonphotography #luminarneo

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.