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The oppressor always wants to depress women.

And no, you do not get to insert "adjective" before the word "woman" (or any of its translations) and make this a "race" condition.

One of my theories has a lot to do with translation-related exploits on something in signal processing called amplitude; one of the attributes of decomposed entities of a so-called FFT is variation from an expected norm.

Over very large sets of data some of the granularity can be way too rough;

which fear-filled fascists and dictators (personality type: "ColoniZerberg") once used to start a world war. Never do that. Extract the impatient people from data science roles and observational occupations immediately. Remove "execute" power from their phone-poking fingertips. If their passports have multiple European exits remember that the hatebook founder's apps can block ("destroy", "isolate") at least 3 communication protocols from strong, established networks, which I suspect is why Rez-based Internet is so bad.

The good news about this job is that it does not require any University nor any college degree! The other good news is that most of the documentation for how to do our upgrade via "Let's Encrypt" is already written, and present on our servers in a 'sabretooth' which is what I would recommend we give that ocelot mother to get all her kittens outta that cattle ranch hellscape.

I have some old Capistrano code from 0.35x ecosteader that we could _maybe_ use to make it so "no https downtime; same as in the cloud", but seriously, over-convoluted HTTPS is probably how AWS made its trillions. Bad news; when audiences get too big, the gore does too.

We do not want to do that, either. The money I put out for recycling is not countable by printed dollar signs nor weight! Only material type. (Think solar-based networking printed with materials available when hurricanes and tornadoes mess everything you were building up.

There's no such thing as a secure book printed in RCT_anything.

If we like your video enough (must be posted as "public" (no login, and NO JAVASCRIPT OR SPONSORSHIP ADS) on any remote server and without an RCT-based expiry; perhaps a hologram decal?

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I do not value people the way he does; as objects. Obviously it makes zero sense how so many indigenous peoples got lured and stuck in his hell, and all the time he had all the money and control, things for the indigenoUS got continually worse.

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Indie not afraid of seas of brown, red, yellow, black, non-inbred "mixed" Europeans who leave their cameras and spyware in Europe ; but face it:




If you value your time so much greater than mine do not waste your energy offering to help us.

Twitter would have been a bad place for talented writer; remote work disallowed? LOL, he will never get technical talent with that kind of request!) Salesforce bought TIME magazine so anybody famous or who wants to be famous by that supermarket checkout stand method of print distribution gotta go too.

National Geographic was bought by some white supremacist rancher dude, so all those channels and its YT channels filmed or published in the 201X are corrupt too, dammit!


This fork of open-source software (fork was never closed) wants to live, too. We need the attacks to stop.

All I have is $13.10 dollars made in "U.S. Citizen" jury duty this year if you are curious about how much colonizer cash you might expect to get when I hire you. Unpaid for all writing, coding, edits, art, yardwork, and administration for 2+ years. I do not value or respect anyone who worships Zuck or his time.

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Cattle rancher with ideas about how to keep monetizing his failed cattle ranch hires a documentary filmmaker (Zuck-approved!) to "show" the endangered ocelot being tortured.

A "do not recommend monetization" $PATH for Google.


SSL replacement specialist

"You don't stop doing what you're good at because you lost funding! Indie and the Ecosteaders speak of specialists because nobody is a one-size-fits-all expert in anything. Especially the end, decolonized state. If your mind has been busy working on and trying to stop the worst vectors of colonization, you probably missed something. Be open enough to accept "

"If you value your time so much greater than mine do not waste your energy offering to help us. Go get on a plane and help the Harvard babies. Oh, wait. That's what all you Facebook users have been doing all along, and you have always known it. Stop playing dumb and catering the Screen Actors Guild parties.

Ecosteader & Company has less than 4 digits in our IRS-given TIN bank account, most of which indie herself deposited before 201X_RCT. SSL certificate expert should also know that indie holds no resentments at her former employer; it seems to have been attacked in the same way as her, with the coloniZerberg money system that only rewards sadistic young arrogant Harvard kids who are doing the opposite of ecosteading -- destroying their world with each and every dollar of billions. Market Cap falling below 210B during 2021-2022RCT only is guaranteed not part of Stalinnet! (I think Intel's MC fell below 200B while Zuckerberg's company arrogantly inflated itself into the trillions of its own coloniZerberg cash dollars.

Let me put this another way: if you want to be hired and paid in a signed check for those useless dollars, you will have to prove to me you defected from Zuck long ago --

NO NO NO. MOQO exceptions for work-related posting or browsing, sorry! Too many Realtor admins don't know non-RCT history, and all you volunteering for them are making things worse!

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Going to be posting a hire gig soon: SSL certificate replacement specialist.

Earlier this year, Zuck timed his attacks against the Winnemucca elder camp while I was doing physical construction work in the 3D world and digital work related to the SSL certificate expiry in RCT.

Cert was set up in early 201X_RCT, when I was a full-time employee with less bandwidth for this side project. He timed his attacks on a weak point in our RCT, so we want it gone.

Nevada is my birth state; there were fewer than 7000 live birth records in the largest city in the state when I was born there before there was ever such thing as 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, or 1984. I do not trust history written by or for the people born after me. All attacks on its people, plants, and mountains from 8000 BCE to today are personal to me.

So far, we are the only instance guaranteed to be part of the indigenoUS; RCT-based https:// certificate DOES NOT TAKE ECOSTEADER OFFLINE or put it "online", Just makes us less easier (sometimes harder) to find on the gigantic Global Internet.

The internet is not FB, Zuck cannot silence people he don't control.

He covets everything -- but especially the LITHIUM that legally belongs to the Paiute, Ute, Shoshone, and related indigenous peoples of Nevada. Deduce he covets Lithium to keep controlling all the people who are (according to his own words) "dumb" enough to trust him.

Unfortunately, NO SUCH THING as "free money without documentation" nor "free forever".

If you think about it, makes sense that Zuck supports so many fascist law enforcement entities (public and private) on both sides of the KKKanadian and ICE-patrolled borders: helps him "hide" in a sea of white faces.


Textbook RCMP protocol calling in every real and fake cop and agent you could find for miles and miles to intimidate, harass, arrest, and physically injure the people.

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The landlords perpetuating white supremacy seem to be leasing a large number of all the


Which is why we deorbited from it and me from folks who boost it.

Bad writing from failed billionaire company gonna have to do a better "IR". And yes that is a DOCUMENTED term from Artificial Intelligence literature

'No you cannot buy a technical writer with her kind of skill"

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Something I don't think new users to this platform are considering, particularly for how queer PoC navigate this space, is that despite not having the same tools as birdlandia, we still have carved out ways to care for ourselves here

we have managed to build community across instances here

and that work, that precedent should not be forgotten or not considered in these fanciful critiques

sorry not sorry

Brainwaves distanc(ing/ed) from that sick whitemanZ corporation and his henchmen? Getting continually stronger and :hacker_s: :hacker_h: :hacker_a: :hacker_r: :hacker_p: :hacker_e: :hacker_r: each day.

Longer time away, more clear it is to me how facebook profits/ed as an ideal environment for abuse. All abuse is/was "acceptable" on the FB and Instagram networks, I learned. Which is why I left.

Early indications predictable; as healthy people leave(left) its closed stagnant system, we became "orders of magnitude" more likely to survive.

Unfortunately. chance of any health spreading thru that "married to Zuck forever " 🤢 population of sickos
-- voluntarily remaining or forced against their will --

🔲 _decreases
🔲 👇🏾
🔲 ➖
🔲 degrades and subtracts
🔲 "lowers significantly"

when the healthy minds and hearts leave/left*
[see footnote]
and move/d on with
better life energy.

Zuck wants laws that give him right to suck life from anyone.

Recovery-support specialists often urge any/all exploring recovery... we are urged to not waste our own lives trying to help people who don't want help. But it can be hard to just sit back and watch idiocy increase.

Reporters on TV whose script writers teleprompt viewers or watchers to "subscribe" to advertising on or for their facebook / twitter?

When you gonna learn quickly enough that the last 7-11 years you have been relying "heavily" on these colonizer cash-controlled channels, regions and world deteriorating into increasingly violent, sadistic, and corrupt endings? Never wise to amplify the fears of young dying fascists like Zuck or old META oligarchs like Trump.

Maybe everyone too colonized to care? Maybe they don't care as long ask they keep getting "rewarded"
with all the
wrong signals -- BIG inflation-adjusted paychecks in coloniZerberg cash dollars. What is Zuck paying his Canadian cops?

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The one thousand one hundred and three miles walked.

Trump had four years and was too weak to do it.

Biden has had over two so far ...

:nlbi: Whether you worship the Queen Charlottes and their RCMP or the $GEO group trying to create colonizer cash dollars for colonizer cash-hungry investors, the result is the same:

Indigenous prisoners all over Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island deserve better.

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Indigenous people just existing is 'too political' for white people.

This indigenous woman was threatened with jail time for 'the political statement' of wearing her native clothing at the SCOTUS hearing today.

White people don't realize the 'unpolitical' status quo means our genocide.

Tortoise Mountain TTY

Yo'u Tuba' City ( Hopi, Zuni, Apache, Taos, Diné, Nabaho, Navajojo, Navajo City -- soon-to-be Famous famous for defunding the Nazi YouTubers -- is probably why Page )


~~~~~ >>> woosh woosh woosh <<<~~~~


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Technical Writers without Borders

S -2.8200990099 // non-terminating, re-playable //

Scene: anywhere on Tortoise Mountain or Turtle Island


EVICT ALL that have no indigenous centering.

ᒪᓕᖏᓕ_ᑭᖃᑎ ~~ "temgwete'g wannabe oracles who print Canadian dollars for RCMP security forces.

"French is always trying to colonize outside its borders! Putting the F word on our roasts, vanillas, fries, toast."

"Oh, do NOT get me started on them wannabe chefs trying teach what they only wish could be a French cooking style! Wabanaki s'gepn told me there no SSL tunnels gonna save anyone that puts "territory" on both sides of Atlantic. QUEEN CHARLOTTES ARE NONEXISTENT OVER HERE, YOU GOT YOUR CRAYONS MIXED UP IN THE WRONG SANDBOX."

>>> An obsidian knife sails through the air a distance of ~587 strides and slices thru a plastic container of labeled "French Vanilla" coffee creamer sitting on a small outdoor wooden table in an Evergreen forest. The European who wants to French everything native falls over and dies of what is later revealed as a duckfat heart attack.

"Ah, I gettin the message. We gotta think it through! All these packages and easy stuff. It's like the French just wanna put the word french on something, make it easy. Drive up french fry for Queen Charlottes. HOW MANY DEAD BODIES FOR THOSE UNNECESSARY WORDS?"

Think those words about .... through "these are not adjectives" :: :::
amid, among, around, at, before, behind, near, near-to, kitty-corner, approximated, below, beneath, beside, alongside, こらせる
お凝らし に なる dockside, side-docked, floating around, meandering ; ::: ::

whereever your
feet hit the kéyah,
pause, count the forms of life.
in-depth.DNN ༓ layers build health, resilience, and resistance

Happy 1

"This is Native American [Heritage M]onth and I want you to spend it looking for Indigenous people. Look for us in your theology. In your movements. In your circles. In your books. In your movies. In your towns and your streets and your parks.

"Notice us. Notice our absence.

"Think about why we are absent. Why your books about social justice don't mention is. Why your books about theology don't acknowledge us. Why your manifestos and your articles and your calls for justice don't include us.

"Because if you do not recognize us then how are you any different from the thing you are opposing?

America can be inclusive and anti racist af but it will still be a settler colonial space and i am tired friends. I am tired of reading books about social justice that ignore us."


A friendly reminder that any attempts to stop the public from their rights of assembly ... any attempt at all to stop people from gathering is in direct violation of the Constitution.

"Your rights. Your rights are strongest in what are known as “traditional public forums,” such as streets, sidewalks, and parks. You also likely have the right to speak out on other public property, like plazas in front of government buildings"[1]

Mesh networks dynamically self-organize and self-configure, which can reduce the need to use far-flung global resources.

Technical networking schemas are one way of illustrating how a mesh network can do "resource allocation" among various "compute resources"; and there are other less obvious ways (code / diagram / map) to illustrate how to keep information systems alive when adjusting to circumstances in an environment.

Dynamic distribution of "workloads", for example, particularly in the event a few nodes fail, happens more efficiently among healthy ecosystems. This remains true, even for small ecosystems. CS people like to use the term "nodes", though it doesn't quite capture the idea.

The states were on a much better path in 2014, when the leader of the free world talked about holding criminals accountable. Read the transcript of Obama's speech to Lakota and Dakota peoples ... it is such a contrast to who the Republikkkans elected to speak for them.

First Nations have been robbed of so many of their gathering places, but their voices can't be extinguished.



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"Oh, okay. Since discussion about corporate advertizers' takeovers now _exists_ many places, and since those young Minnesotan students many generations ago made forward-looking _plans_ about how to blow up more Rocky Mountains to make dam "electricity," their options for what to do with that CS degree must be shrinking."

"maybe perhaps they realizing IRL?

the fallback craters businesses further"

"Sh- iish ... is the true and final fate of babies of real estate mommies and the NAR sweethearts... the top nodes are thin exoskeletons reliant upon a fantasy 'forever pool of easy cheap labor --- exactly the same as Zuck.'"

"Whatever the MN tractors did to on those lovely Desi ladies, the trauma will not be permanent; we have medicines."

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Be the kind of tech writer who predicted the kind of documentation suffering "world" would need to be _"helpful" when this all went down so
so many years ago:

Na'ah'i ...

It also makes sense that she'd predict former colleagues @ ABIPoC-friendly team might,

some day,

be asked by their so-called superior or manager:

"who'se the best technical makers, directors and writers can hear them ABIPoC?"

would be able to honestly,
honestly say

"We said, we do not want work with

(no one)


Nope. Nobody who don't learn REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE better.

Localize recycling couplets (styrofoam popcorn ceiling always bad idea. do not bring it!)


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Remap for the indigenoUS, not RCMP or ICE

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any white dudes as a "Chief" Executive Officer. Get out of here and fix the problems plaguing Europe before trying to kill the indigenoUS Earth.