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Intel's MC should be much higher than either $META or $CRM could ever ever ever dream of going.

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Google has a record of every corporation I wrote to apply to work and be hired (including U.S. Census Bureau) to pay off student loans and the other punishments young minds get lured into making under inflationary conditions.

Remotely taking down the most tragic hostage situation on the Internet while dodging bullets from WallStreetBets kinda guys was a little harder than I thought it would be.

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< >

CONTENT IS KING said the Internet in 200x. </xml?>
</xmetal> THIS .._ indie finally successfully hacked xMetal+XMETAL in MKLGold201x, and built better Nabaho_lang kernel-respecting descriptions, it got her into the DNN+ AI/ML +group
<... >

"WARNING: FAILURE TO include all information vital to her personal health and safety ... ESPECIALLY REGARDING POTENTIAL ENEMIES IN HER VICINTY"

"No more "python" scripts in 2012; when indie say she no EVER take airplane to fly biz trip for Intel Corporation, is because she only baited that Silicon Valley VC on SandHill Rd into that BTC path... tech support costs of 2FA to do a coin would not be worth it. And I ain't gonna carry a phone ANY MORE until someone actually pays me to do it. People who know me know phones are not my thing and never will be.

So whatever tips and stock market brilliance you can get from an MBA who hacked Vegas, Silicon Valley, Reno, pretty much all of San Diego.

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Anyone can publish anything and words can be assigned values in non RCT currency or denominations.

Plants and their endangered cats need room to spread out and revive all the sick places things like

colonized with Euro trash like this guy
-- signed, the indigenoUS

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Zuck and Trump colonized Desi homeland too quickly.

British accents underneath the desis for the IR because KKKanada wants to shut down public domain works?



Kill the systems that do not evolve beyond Aaron Swartz, and other warriors like Tamizi.

Open sourcing algorithms that can catch serial killers is a good use of data science.

I promised a Sensai in 1998_RCT
Promised her in <sitasimu<Asian_lang.mqe> >
< 👹 "Notes ..."" >
:nlbi: < <"shimasanni" was an unpaid environmental studies teacher, and she physically paper to over 100,000 in a spiral notebook. If anyone has found that ______ in Ai territory
" :baby_yoda: < >
Notes are not objects for Ph.D.'s,

they are subjects with meaning and substance;

</Asian_lang.mqe> > :nlbi:

<"Tortoise Mountain Lang.mqe">





++ <" Turtle Island Lang.mqe"
translations were so much "too hard" for the settlers down where her middle daughter (sister's father from another wartorn region) had been kidnapped by the GOD DAMNED STATE OF WYOMING WHICH ALSO HAS FACEBOOK PAGES IN RCT_2022,

She and I had our own math-based codes. Is why before the founder of the Fascistbook was EVER conceived, she had already solidified records with many innu and Aleutian who still alive today --

proving her

❤️ 🐼
"youngest daughter oldest sister" could explain to her friends at schools

??? *** ??? ** ** "say schools because 5 year old me does not know how school is supposed to start in the so-called U.S.

<"/// Turtle Island Lang.mqe

<.ntv_lang_family> ///

in the same global latitude as our ancestors


That yes, we had all the things to fix the maps and bring back other life-giving <ntv_lang.mqe ===
=== "Apache Undocked Linode script coming soon. We ain't Jessicas.mqe

sudo mkdir python3 &&
cd python3 &&
python3 -m venv
source ./bin/activate
check python4 --version

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Had to unfollow some of Zuck's attack vectors romanticizing booze-drinking on NYE.

If they got you drunk and captured, run away from the guy who "cheats on his taxes w/help of Mormon and/orbRealtor-married CPA."

it is the best indication of coloniZerberg presence.

The folks of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation are in real trouble. We can help.

Friends Of Pine Ridge and First Families Now are providing supplies and heating to the affected families.

If you can afford it, you can donate here:

And for everyone who boosts this post, I'll add another dollar to my next donation. So, uh, go wild.

This year:
Nobody freezes.
Nobody starves.
Nobody goes it alone.


More on why satellite jamming -- even conceptually abstracted and implemented with $USD or $CAD or $EURO conversions (between, among) currencies or Facebook actors of any genre are

harmful to people and to granddaughters of people who want to be called "survivors".

OPB rarely shows native-focused works ("oh, look let's set the VCR for 2AM"). When it does, the signals are literally being jammed over westside. Why? When he wants to brag about having colonized the MOST NATIVE PEOPLE OF ANY WHITE GUY?

Its parent (PBS) is based in so-called Arlington, VA, and has recently enriched itself drastically with all the money Zuck used getting fantastically rich in billions big enough to be a trillion while he hoarded all the brilliant native artists and photographers into oppressed Rez hostages.

Because he really is that pathetic."

"His spirit should feel heavy and heavily mortgaged for each and every nizhóní his app deceived or demoted into alcohol-ingested murder or suicide."

"What you have to look forward to is personal tax bills for billionaires -- the graph where you owed obligations on an astounding amount you could not pay."

Pretending to be an anarchist in order to accelerate a fantasy 'destruction' of your tax obligation won't work. You used $USD to be cruel to orphan and nitap AND you repeated that cruelty too many time; while CONTINUE be cruel to the ones that exist? Your horizon worlds will be haunted, for sure."

"Doing Farmworld digitally as a shout of of respect to your idolBILL GATES IRL? Choke down that Hawking radiation, Zuck -- ZuckNet is a wholly-contained node in the already "on its way out" coloniZerberg cycle that ripped Stalin and other genocide makers out out out."

<.mqe_translation repeat.mqe >

" to their appropriate asteroid moving _away_ from Earth and its "these are not China 'shop' anything or alls. Do not create a user account on Ecosteader with one of the disallowed words!" </.mqe>

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What to do after becoming unpaid from regular paychecks from a numerically small "Market Cap" like Intel Corporation? (multiple choice)

A: DO NOT JOIN a larger megacorp, unless you have already planned your exit strategy from the entire capitalistic workforce; too many wasted interview nodes and malicious agents (middlemen).

B: Study websites like LinkedIn, interview peers, take notes to remember and later decide which megacorp has the fewest Salesforce partnerships, is most likely to be able to put together that perfect blend of "least malicious" and "most innovative in terms of recycling prehistoric and archaic metals, A.D.E. plastic, glass (sand and silica) as required for each production cycle" BUT WITH A REGULAR PAYCHECK so you can fake enough interview enthusiasm to get hired?

C: Start a damn DeviantArt account, offer to let "users" print a bunch of replications of these arts on some kind of non-Gutenberg machine/s, put ridiculously large payment requests on them to avoid large-scale funding?

D: Start uploading to YouTube to "do more" to appeal to the Google overlords that unpaid little nobody formerly from "way smaller than yours" market cap should be paid for something! How much of my writing have you indexed?

E: Revolt against all money, ensuring that the biggest, most dazzling color wheel shall never touch Instagram -- TTY fans of woolly Mastodon, metal of any genre, folks with enough logic to understand why if they have too much money from too expensive rents made duplicating bad temporary housing situations, people on the streets sleeping in flimsy "Made in China" tents are not what the IndigenoUS would want for its people.

P.S. *{{these are not adjectives, but distance descriptor dimensions -- remember the ocelots }} brilliant Ph.D's, doctors of Ph.D's, human factor engineers making technology translations and warnings more accessible for people who actually understand geology and paleolithic cycles amid spans of time.

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99 percent of corporations will not last an average human lifespan.

⟴ᒪᓕᖏᓕ_ᑭᖃᑎ: Lost one of my birth parents RCT_2004, and the other one RCT_2008 ⟴

Intel turned 50 more than
three years ago, while I worked there;
how few in decades a span of time
50 years is.

For the next 50, _Kaizen improvement needed
DO NOT FORM RELATIONSHIPS W/ PEOPLE OR COMPANIES THAT PRINT Facebook, Twitter, Amway, or Meta associations on their consumer goods or digital products.⟴

Such props and products can be used to date future landfills or non-RCT archives. THINK MORE LOCALLY.

WHY logic?

For people who do not *have* to follow tech news as closely as unemployed technical writer -- BEAT TO END RCT_2022: Is documented somewhere early RCT_201x ... Jack became obsessed with hiring someone to tell Twitter's romanticized "story" as it was way back when. "Damn, I could have crafted something better than what you got." Many technically talented people obsessed and jealous about followings. Jesus syndrome, or something like that. There's a YT video out there about engineer who quit FB as soon as he learned the CEO wanted to make it digital fentanyl level of addictive -- worse than booze.

And now you know why we disclosed invested some of those $USD into parent co- of YouTube.

Instagram and Twitter make people forget very well -- think of them as basically Amway 2.0; Twitter went private "soon" after being a publicly-traded corp when CEO of Tesla bought it this year -- presumably to market Teslas more effectively to enthusiasts of the Autobahn in Germany?

Instagram sometime in 201x let itself be bought by Mark Elliot 1984, "forever" trapping its founders and users in unhappy RCT marriages.

Software and virtual fantasy corps, such as Twitter, Instagram, Royal Caribbean Cruises? The IndigenoUS had enuff of your fantasy vacations!

Think carefully about where you expend your efforts, time and energy daily.

While Mastodon doesn't have a centralized mechanism for verifying identity, you can add a link to your Mastodon account, including the 'rel=me' tag, to a website that you control, then list that website on your profile. It should have a green check mark, verifying that there is an association between that website and your Mastodon account.

#Mastodon #Verification


Yay yay yay

when locally, all the
Indigenous, sand-kissing grandmothers and grandaughters of Islanders of Islands like Pacific Island-native as native as the bubbling volcano glass of Mauna Loa "University Studies NOT REQUIRED" kind of Pacific University-- ,
<"Hard to translate Asian-lang.mqe">bonsai soil engineers, refugees and scientists,

United Farm Workers, hey: iS POLITICAL MAN ON TV? IS OKAY TO TURN IT OFF. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS THE COMPANY SINKING FASTEST IS $RCL (anchors deadweighting at least 12 but more likely something like 17) and WHERE THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD TRANSLATE HAPPY LATIN DANCERS STUCK ON CRUISE LINES INTO "MORE" COLONIZERBERG PROFIT. Just remember -- Latin was probably invented for the VATICAN IN ROMAN CATHOLIC TIMES to delude victims in the (what is this thing called _coloseum? Again; these objects are not native.

What region south of Teopanzolco la familia estamos?)
Black & Brown Lives Matter! We rocked downtown PDX in a pandemic, see what happens when we make the
Desi lives, so much love for you too. We are not all alone in our wins against fascist dictators here.

Story on how a long-running Māori-led organisation (Kāpō Māori Aotearoa) is helping tāngata kāpō Māori find both support and solidarity. Kāpō is Te Reo Māori term for blind.

Nigel Ngāhiwi (Ngāti Maniapoto) tells of his challenges and those of others who whakapapa Māori and encounter multiple barriers in being true to their culture and dealing with Government resistance to inclusion.

#blind #disabled

54% of projects extracting clean energy minerals overlap with Indigenous lands, research reveals

Vast quantities of minerals are needed to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. Minerals and metals are essential for #wind turbines, #solar panels, and #batteries for electric vehicles. But Indigenous peoples have raised concerns about more mining on their lands and territories.

#Mineralogy #Mining #RenewableEnergy #indigenouspeoples


"Hey, Hillsboroian workers who commute from the big, expensive city/ies? WHERE U AT who brought leafblowers to defend protestors @ BLM Portland 2020? That was great. How about we show more ability to do

EVOLVE with this
~~~<generic format template>

put(s) __ RENAME __
replace "Germantown Rd"


And make it very clear to all the Germanic language translators from continents across oceans an seas that IVY IS NOT PART OF NATIVE LAND BEFORE INVASION. PUT IT BACK ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ATLANTIC"

Wintertime great time to pull those roots OUT OUT OUT."

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"Lithuanians have to be on RCT everywhere they look and go, globally. There no cruise lines with eager slaves waitin'."

"The maps reveal how those 'countrymen' wanna play 'enforce borders between and among neighbors and the big inupiaq waterways'"

"TWELVE LONG REVOLUTIONARY CYCLES AGO <anonymous.indian.mqe> escaped RCT numerals on those coloniZerberg apps, books, coins and buildings by focusing on the most marginalized_people_ that were being put-down and doomed as impossible alcoholics. That is the first prerequisite.

Drunk and looking for a bar? Go find a native sweat lodge location and who stole (or is currently trying to do "non-native government games") on the land ...


It was not a French or any European-languaged settler dude! <anonymous.indian.mqe> has no apologies for conditions made worse by patriarchies. Which is -- guess what -- almost all of them."

"My mother rescued her three offspring from the fire after she escaped the fascists who followed her to steal and colonize her children. If Google does not give indie back her WORKSPACE (remember she is a Class C shareholder -- that is a reasonable request! HOW IS FEWER THAN 13 GIGS USING TOO MUCH CLOUD STORAGE?) The survivable world may never know --"

"Oligarchs overfunded in Europe destroyed the most fauna's habitat maxed out with a vector of war toward at least 8 neighbors (including Poland) because the Queen Charlottes wanna vacation and do programs like

put(s) _name: "Charlottetown" on the

indigenoU.S. A


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YES there is work, hard work, a lifetime of work, in the technical and human decisions that surround that. And on the open internet it's definitely exhausting and hazardous to deal with the influx of spam, harassment, abuse, and conflict being sent around. And that means both better tech and also lots of emotional labor and real community-building and conflict resolution.

I, for one, would rather do that as part of an intentional community, rather than trust Zuck to do it for me. That's all.

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Remap for the indigenoUS, not RCMP or ICE

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any white dudes as a "Chief" Executive Officer. Get out of here and fix the problems plaguing Europe before trying to kill the indigenoUS Earth.