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Flooding coming up for many who cling desperately to the settler states.

Did you know that these "Atmospheric Rivers" can carry a volume of water 15X the Mississippi river?

Add to that all the heavy, heavy heavy snow over previously-waterlogged areas?

There is only one thing that can happen.

Not a good idea to plan trips to TX, AL, FL, GA, or any Caribbean islands this spring -- not a good idea to book luxury vacations, cruises, or anything involving a $META photo op for what is "guaranteed" to be an underwater AirBnB anywhere near what the 95 percent "white people owned" National Association of Realtors rent houses for income.

The evil landlord companies of what the landlords call "United States" don't know how to plan for floods. They know their assets are underwater and unrecoverable. They want you to be in that mess, and die so they can escape liability.

It is going to be a hard spring.

Why solar need decolonized?

"The Biden administration's Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act (UFLPA) prevents the import of goods produced using forced labor in China’s Xinjiang Province, including much of the polysilicon used in solar panels.

The vast majority of U.S. panel imports come from the four Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, but most contain materials and components produced in China. The Xinjiang region produced almost half of all global polysilicon output in 2021, according to U.S. Department of Labor estimates.":

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Aboriginal and indigenous people don't have big giant states representing them in this PAYOUT OPPORTUNITY resultant from

for FB's
surveillance capitalism on the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA, up to and including any use of biometrics on them.

But first we're going to talk about Larry and Sergey's intergenerational traumas; because unlike Zuckerberg,

Page and Brin had Ph.D.-level ethics at the time of their decision to incorporate, which $FB never did never had never will. These were people who cared about the brand they were incorporating, and took some extra time to do it right.

Since Zuckerberg's life was birthed on top of a giant pile of PHARMACEUTICAL MONIES DERIVED FROM TESTING ON AMIMALS IN LABS LIKE THOSE AT UC DAVIS.

Since Zuck and his StalinNet got so good at bringing medical and biowarfare on indigenous peoples, he never got a job or had to work for anybody but himself!

When he decided to appoint himself CEO as a freshman or whatever college grade he was, nobody ran any background or credit checks.

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no thanks! its more about

emergent autonomous behavior

Context: In order to register as a Multi State Cooperative Society in India, we need 50 members each from two states of India. We have completed 50 members milestone from Kerala. We are trying our best to get 50 members from another Indian state. Currently the state of Maharashtra is on second with 17 members. Details at

Update: We have decided that if we fail to reach 50 members from a second state by June 15 2023, we will register as a cooperative in Kerala and register as a Multi State Cooperative Society later when we meet the necessary requirements in other states.

The reason for this is that the registration will give us a bank account which will help us move the project forward by getting funds.

#coop #xmpp #prav #decentralization #freesoftware #opensource #mastindia

It's not green or eco or scrappy to ship popcorn from crab country.

The intersection of nada'a' and what nobody ever again has to call a struggle about ANYTHING EVER AGAIN, if you just quit and really invest in your own distribution channels.

Some employee of "New Seasons Market" ordered this Danbury CT-located popcorn factory for their shelves. Again, failure to add on the distance vector calculus in you so-called eco calculator!

Before franchiZerberging, New Seasons was trying (from what I understand) "trying" to be like a more localized Whole Foods ( grocery store, before it was bought by Amazon).

Do New Seasons owners have documentation people checking that you are fulfilling your company's vision and mission as planned?

When you insult even one kernel of corn and call yourself "scrappy" for "Likes" on fascist net?

E'e' && eh -- the indigenous Americans don't like that.

Aking no subscriptions or fees; people who need indie
instructor the most
across any wires
would be attacked
by too many middlemen.

Gut instinct is weary;
the oligarchs
want to wreak havoc

<> WAY TOO CLASSIST ELITE is a condition which exists in many developing countries. Is good to assume the "developing" descriptor could be exploited by non-native businesses </>

Teaching students "wrong way" could be accidentally, or as a result of colonization.

Most Desi need simply to be REMINDED about how awesome you are
to be the people on that tectonic plate
which flew off from Affricka
FLEE THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND && DO STOP puttage of MORE imperial Charlottebergs

on where imperial diamond and gold-seeking fascists from Germany wiped out the 🐘. But you saved many.

Split preserved some o' the healthiest foods lost w/ of previously-abundant "Sahara".

India, densely-populated region able to sustain life for the ages.

IBAPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _
AIBPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _
IABPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _
BAIPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _
BIAPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _
IABPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _
ABIPoC Ecosteader organic LANDBACK: <ntv_lang.mqe> _

Note: "I" for "Indigenous" also implicitly includes all 60 percent or more uncolonized "Aboriginal peoples" and any confused Latinx" that slave masters are trying to schedule for crimes against Italy in RCT courts.

<$GAXY> -- mathematical term as well as an educator providing services in India staying</$> "educationally open source" is GRANTED GLOBAL AUTHORITY
to duplicate some,
any content and
do "parallel distribution" for localized learning
anywhere the indigenous foods and their people are being exploited, Zuck photo booths or Trump towers with suits.

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Two conversations today.

I cannot express how much it means to me when my non Native friends make an effort to speak Mvskoke.

Part of keeping our cultures alive is language preservation.

Do I think they'll be fluent? No.

But someday I will and it will be due in part to them.

I have spent the last 18 years telling Google how many and which companies I don't want trying to put ads on my work.
It kind of worked, but the corp would have done with a motto like:

"All corporations eventually decay into evil, let ours be slow"

See, I knew that 18 years ago, and there are huge trail of evidence all over the Internet that proves I have been saying the same thing to smaller audiences.

You can give all the Charlotte jokes back to RCT, none of the colonizations of Charlotte, NC or Charlottetown in so-called providence something where KKKanadian police try to control the flow of natives on their own territory. Everything that is wrong can be stopped and should be stopped.

People whose maximum technical aptitude involves poking things on a screen or pushing buttons should not be locked out of making their own privacy priority, and you know that. What makes the Internet awesome and amazing is that things like Google help people learn.

But what turns out to be most valuable on the Internet is not "who is searching for what", but "who is searching for whom".

Zuck cannot go back in time and erase how many Realtors, Brokers in the NAR, so-called "property management companies" and other real estate barons his companies programatically accepted money from to inflate rents and perpetuate his hell to continue making genocide on elderly, Asian, Black, Indigenous, and all mixed-race PoC.

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"But people were having so much fun sitting in their fossil-fueled air conditioned cars on tar roads, waiting in line to be served cow meat, dairy from depressed factory cows."

McDonalds (malicious inflated cap? YES :powerup: $MCD corporation was deforesting the AMAZON RAIN FOREST AND RAINFORESTS in the RCT_1990's should not have ever been allowed to "extend" its life via more franchises. Does Zuck love that McD's uses his platforms to reach sick and diabetic natives?)

McDonalds being malicious inflated cap (yes, even with free wifi or RMD Houses for so-called philanthrophy you are not ever supposed to buy commercials to brag about on TV!)

The inflation of MCD's is direct result of fast food commercialism showed as Adspace on all those prime time TV slots, product placement in big screen dramas and sadist-directed teen horror movies and big budget firey explosion fantasies that need to start publishing PRECISE DATA OF HOW MUCH TRASH PRODUCED, WASTEBINS ON SET, AND FUEL YOU BURNED TO MAKE THAT MOVIE. WHO WORKED THE HARDEST TO MAKE SURE FOOD AND OTHER MATERIAL GOT RECYCLED OR COMPOSTED PROPERLY? WHO PICKED UP THEIR OWN MESS.

Meanwhile, is usually obvious who demanded the biggest paycheck to jet around burning fuel atrociously.

Locking down people's phones to get them isolated or MORE addicted to bad things is the definition of malicious, and that <> or whatever it was Installing facebook on someone's phone without their permission is malicious, TMobile.

Is why you never again have access to my cellular phone. You must have volunteered to be the biggest ally of Zuck perpetuating indigenous genocide, and we know he has many allies doing that.

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Since all the words ever written in UPPERCASE on should never be spoken in English (and should never be spoken in English first )

<ntv_lang.mqe> UPPERCASE translated into spoken English containing any sort of European dialect or accent must open their passport and reveal who signed off on their border crossing</ntv_lang.mqe>

Zuck being the cop who pulls over the native rez-looking car, asking for licence, registration, insurance. And while you're at it give him your credit card, so he can run a credit check on you too.

With his big pile of data and RCT projections, he plans to murder every strong native his algos predict would side with the indie from the East coast. He wants those natives isolated to his hell.

asking for ID is another genocidal move in his genocidal game of

Hazelnut must have some way to make a plant-based milk coffee creamer, and since these trees are quite prolific (perhaps with stevia leaf?).

Hey, we gotta start teaching everybody to ZERO SUGAR EVERYTHING. (Sugar as the coloniZerberg's insidious injection of non-native storyboarding which carries with it slave idiocy like Dutch Bros coffee, and how our native coffee stands will put theirs out of business.) They will try to come up with a world where it's okay for them to plagiarize a native menu --

but because the evil AI bots of $META and it's book of faces the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS who migrated west from Chicago didn't read the docs ....

<TBC . dum da dum!>

So by 'coffee', we also mean local plants like chicory, carob, roasted barley, vanilla or cocoa pod.

WHILE chatting about change

|delta| unicode:: U+0394
Delta Δ

There are two kinds of clothes "app" as in "Apparel" and uniforms that need to be TRANSFORMED out of existence;

(Note these transformations will have "net positive effects" upon humanity when factories and all of the Earth ceases to make these) && where the transformation is quantity like the "net intelligence quotient of the human species"


(As MIN where times a number that cannot be negative $NSAV) across countable human lives.

!! == << Q && A >> == !!


🙌🏿 :indig_hands: :redpeople: :indig2_hands: 🙌🏿

A: First type needs detrafficked and removed : "Sunday school clothes including all suits, ties, any accessory skirts and diamond or gold rings molded into psychological torture devices on unassuming suburban families."

A: Second type needs detrafficked and remove: "All city police and "Hawaii"-area military uniforms and their accessory components: tazer, baton, gun, badge, "cop car" (should have been decommissioned in 1973).

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(Hey I promised an excellent week for Wall Street! :)

🙌🏿 :redpeople: :indig_hands: :redpeople: :indig2_hands: 🙌🏿

When you join Ecosteader, we'll work on localizing our favorite coffee creamers. Like instead of fake dairy with fake hazelnut sugar, we will use all the local native trees for locally-owned indigenous-owned brands that do not put instagram, twitter, or FB logos on their product, because they are so successful they can afford to hire people who have developed their hobby skills into what should be a career that pays more than the inflationary rent of their neighborhood.

Please consider writing your hashtags in upper camelcase so screen readers have a chance at figuring them out.

#whyistayonmastodon sounds like an giant undecipherable mess of sounds.

#WhyIStayOnMastodon reads out "Why I Stay On Mastodon" 😄

(Reason #44 I stay here: my previous requests like this have been generally well-received, proving that most people are awesome.)

Unwalled Street
Reward post for long-term logicians : :::02_20_2023 ::: :

"Happy Indigenous Chiefs Day"

Forget "build the wall" this political season.


Indigenous chiefs gonna remind you AGAIN... you was never secure on native land.

Unpaywall everything.

No apologies that today's post not about a "Presidents' Day*",

Quite hard to believe in JUSTICE where a so-called "Supreme Court" has even one rapist from the rotting Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian style halls of Harvard.

Do not bore <ntv_lang -->decolonizing_lang note: "Bored to Death" is hyperbole on the Internet for being too isolated by bad network admins.

Let the world watch astonished as WE


we we we

as we finally -- after 400 years -- DELETE ALL THE RACIST PARTS OF THE mission and vision of the colonizers from the 1600s; the US was built upon genocide.

INDIGENOUS lands that are home to wild lynx.

Canadian lynx never wanted to cows, the DNA of the Earth was programmed for different animals to be eating different foods in her climate.

People who look at the Parliament in Britian and see insanity from industrialization more than 2 centuries ago, long-term brain damage and psychosis affecting large swaths of population in constant humanitarian crisis?

Since the RCT_1600's at least we have said CHARLOTTE and her self-important named landmarks need to stay off the maps.WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING, GOOGLE? DO I HAVE TO BE HIRED TO GET ANYTHING DONE THERE?

Where are the lynx in Ohio gonna hide or get their fish after that rail car exploded and spewed industrial chemicals all over the place? Stop worshipping the purveyors or madness.

$META MUST FALL FAR BELOW 9 billion MC. $RCL needs to drop below $1 billion MC. Cruise ships that lose 3 billion to hide the taxes of billionaires like Zuck who are trying to mine bodies from Jamaica, Ethoipa, New Zealand and Australia? We cannot just shrug this off as inflation.

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▓┇◤◤◤ ▓▓ :: ܀ :: ▓▓ ◥◥◥ ┇▓
☳☳ ☳☳
▓ ◤◤◤ ▓▓ ✧ ▒▒▒✧ ▓▓ ◥◥◥ ▓
┇▓┇ ܀ ܀ ░░ ▓✦▓ ░░ ܀ ܀ ┇▓┇
┇▓┇ ܀ ܀ ░░ ▓✦▓ ░░ ܀ ܀ ┇▓┇
┇▓┇ ܀ ܀ ░░ ▓✦▓ ░░ ܀ ܀ ┇▓┇
▓ ◤◤◤ ▓▓ ✧ ▒▒▒✧ ▓▓ ◥◥◥ ▓
☶☶ ☶☶
▓┇◤◤◤ ▓▓ :: ܀ :: ▓▓ ◥◥◥ ┇▓

Microsoft founder, W. Gates
did HOSTAGE &hostaged


to too many controls o' his "operating system" and its

But $INTC and open-source thinkers did a "remote fix" on that in the 00's and made a bigger, more fair Internet.

UNFORTUNATELY, Another malicious prog -- note the SIMILARITIES where Facebook founder's biz strategy was to hostage and override

mental health:

Zuck is responsible for more arrests, homicides and suicides than ANYONE ELSE NORTH POLE TO ANTARCTICA.

Formerly known as "Facebook, Inc".
("META, Inc." descriptions include Facebookistan, InStalkergram, StalinNet, coloniZerberg, AdvertiZerberg, StalinNET, MX(StalinNet).NET.)

Note on MC analysis

We cannot open-source more world-saving BLUEPRINTS until that god-damned Facebook founder loses hundreds of more billions due to the note from this decryption:


"Timeout is FOREVER" as long as $META market cap is 'even one penny' over 9 billion MC ""

He never had the hardware or the brains, is what Bertha would say.

<big wink tease for FINALLY AN INDIGENOUS UNWALLED STREET POST COMING THIS WEEK, celebrating Black Wall Street returning, along with..."

rollout:: <TortoiseMountain

<Ad by an amazing NLP writer whose paypal button is under web/accounts/1>

"Google, Baahashne' dooleeł _"

not same as

"Google baahashne' dooleeł."

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.