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The one thousand one hundred and three miles walked.

Trump had four years and was too weak to do it.

Biden has had over two so far ...

:nlbi: Whether you worship the Queen Charlottes and their RCMP or the $GEO group trying to create colonizer cash dollars for colonizer cash-hungry investors, the result is the same:

Indigenous prisoners all over Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island deserve better.

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Indigenous people just existing is 'too political' for white people.

This indigenous woman was threatened with jail time for 'the political statement' of wearing her native clothing at the SCOTUS hearing today.

White people don't realize the 'unpolitical' status quo means our genocide.

Tortoise Mountain TTY

Yo'u Tuba' City ( Hopi, Zuni, Apache, Taos, Diné, Nabaho, Navajojo, Navajo City -- soon-to-be Famous famous for defunding the Nazi YouTubers -- is probably why Page )


~~~~~ >>> woosh woosh woosh <<<~~~~


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Technical Writers without Borders

S -2.8200990099 // non-terminating, re-playable //

Scene: anywhere on Tortoise Mountain or Turtle Island


EVICT ALL that have no indigenous centering.

ᒪᓕᖏᓕ_ᑭᖃᑎ ~~ "temgwete'g wannabe oracles who print Canadian dollars for RCMP security forces.

"French is always trying to colonize outside its borders! Putting the F word on our roasts, vanillas, fries, toast."

"Oh, do NOT get me started on them wannabe chefs trying teach what they only wish could be a French cooking style! Wabanaki s'gepn told me there no SSL tunnels gonna save anyone that puts "territory" on both sides of Atlantic. QUEEN CHARLOTTES ARE NONEXISTENT OVER HERE, YOU GOT YOUR CRAYONS MIXED UP IN THE WRONG SANDBOX."

>>> An obsidian knife sails through the air a distance of ~587 strides and slices thru a plastic container of labeled "French Vanilla" coffee creamer sitting on a small outdoor wooden table in an Evergreen forest. The European who wants to French everything native falls over and dies of what is later revealed as a duckfat heart attack.

"Ah, I gettin the message. We gotta think it through! All these packages and easy stuff. It's like the French just wanna put the word french on something, make it easy. Drive up french fry for Queen Charlottes. HOW MANY DEAD BODIES FOR THOSE UNNECESSARY WORDS?"

Think those words about .... through "these are not adjectives" :: :::
amid, among, around, at, before, behind, near, near-to, kitty-corner, approximated, below, beneath, beside, alongside, こらせる
お凝らし に なる dockside, side-docked, floating around, meandering ; ::: ::

whereever your
feet hit the kéyah,
pause, count the forms of life.
in-depth.DNN ༓ layers build health, resilience, and resistance

Happy 1

"This is Native American [Heritage M]onth and I want you to spend it looking for Indigenous people. Look for us in your theology. In your movements. In your circles. In your books. In your movies. In your towns and your streets and your parks.

"Notice us. Notice our absence.

"Think about why we are absent. Why your books about social justice don't mention is. Why your books about theology don't acknowledge us. Why your manifestos and your articles and your calls for justice don't include us.

"Because if you do not recognize us then how are you any different from the thing you are opposing?

America can be inclusive and anti racist af but it will still be a settler colonial space and i am tired friends. I am tired of reading books about social justice that ignore us."


A friendly reminder that any attempts to stop the public from their rights of assembly ... any attempt at all to stop people from gathering is in direct violation of the Constitution.

"Your rights. Your rights are strongest in what are known as “traditional public forums,” such as streets, sidewalks, and parks. You also likely have the right to speak out on other public property, like plazas in front of government buildings"[1]

Mesh networks dynamically self-organize and self-configure, which can reduce the need to use far-flung global resources.

Technical networking schemas are one way of illustrating how a mesh network can do "resource allocation" among various "compute resources"; and there are other less obvious ways (code / diagram / map) to illustrate how to keep information systems alive when adjusting to circumstances in an environment.

Dynamic distribution of "workloads", for example, particularly in the event a few nodes fail, happens more efficiently among healthy ecosystems. This remains true, even for small ecosystems. CS people like to use the term "nodes", though it doesn't quite capture the idea.

The states were on a much better path in 2014, when the leader of the free world talked about holding criminals accountable. Read the transcript of Obama's speech to Lakota and Dakota peoples ... it is such a contrast to who the Republikkkans elected to speak for them.

First Nations have been robbed of so many of their gathering places, but their voices can't be extinguished.



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"Oh, okay. Since discussion about corporate advertizers' takeovers now _exists_ many places, and since those young Minnesotan students many generations ago made forward-looking _plans_ about how to blow up more Rocky Mountains to make dam "electricity," their options for what to do with that CS degree must be shrinking."

"maybe perhaps they realizing IRL?

the fallback craters businesses further"

"Sh- iish ... is the true and final fate of babies of real estate mommies and the NAR sweethearts... the top nodes are thin exoskeletons reliant upon a fantasy 'forever pool of easy cheap labor --- exactly the same as Zuck.'"

"Whatever the MN tractors did to on those lovely Desi ladies, the trauma will not be permanent; we have medicines."

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Be the kind of tech writer who predicted the kind of documentation suffering "world" would need to be _"helpful" when this all went down so
so many years ago:

Na'ah'i ...

It also makes sense that she'd predict former colleagues @ ABIPoC-friendly team might,

some day,

be asked by their so-called superior or manager:

"who'se the best technical makers, directors and writers can hear them ABIPoC?"

would be able to honestly,
honestly say

"We said, we do not want work with

(no one)


Nope. Nobody who don't learn REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE better.

Localize recycling couplets (styrofoam popcorn ceiling always bad idea. do not bring it!)


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Chay klu klux sirenas chay aswan millay Arial fuentepi chupasqa karqanku. ¿Ima huch'uy wannabe sirena princesas de COLONIZERBERG DISNEY yuyanku ruwayta atisqankuta tryin ataque aswan allin Google Admin cuenta ? Mañakuy suscribirse hinaspa googleman aswan qullqita quy?! ¿PITAN CHAYTA RUWAN? MAYPIQ RUNAYKUNA GOOGLE DEVELOPER DAY 2007MANTA?"

~~ "Las sirenas del klu klux ~~ fueron absorbidas en esa ~~ fuente Arial más fea. ¿Qué pequeñas aspirantes a princesas sirenas de COLONIZERBERG DISNEY creen que pueden intentar atacar la mejor cuenta de administración de Google? ¡Pregunta, suscríbete y dale más dinero a Google! ¿QuiÉn hace eso? ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ MI GENTE NINAS Y NINOs DEL DÍA DEL DESARROLLADOR DE GOOGLE 2007?"

<<< some kind of emoticon without confetti that conveys a "yay" >>>

"ಕ್ಲು ಕ್ಲಕ್ಸ್ ಮತ್ಸ್ಯಕನ್ಯೆಯರು ಆ ಕೊಳಕು ಏರಿಯಲ್ ಫಾಂಟ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ ಹೀರಿಕೊಳ್ಳಲ್ಪಟ್ಟರು. ಕಲೋನೈಜರ್‌ಬರ್ಗ್ ಡಿಸ್ನಿಯ ಯಾವುದೇ ಪುಟ್ಟ ಮತ್ಸ್ಯಕನ್ಯೆಯ ರಾಜಕುಮಾರಿಯರು ಅತ್ಯುತ್ತಮ Google ನಿರ್ವಾಹಕ ಖಾತೆಯ ಮೇಲೆ ದಾಳಿ ಮಾಡಲು ಪ್ರಯತ್ನಿಸಬಹುದು ಎಂದು ಭಾವಿಸುತ್ತಾರೆಯೇ? ಚಂದಾದಾರರಾಗಿ ಮತ್ತು ಗೂಗಲ್‌ಗೆ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿನ ಹಣವನ್ನು ನೀಡುವಂತೆ ಕೇಳಿ?! ಅದನ್ನು ಯಾರು ಮಾಡುತ್ತಾರೆ? ಗೂಗಲ್ ಡೆವಲಪರ್ ಡೇ 2007 ರಿಂದ ನನ್ನ ಜನರು ಎಲ್ಲಿದ್ದಾರೆ?
Klu klaks matsyakan'yeyaru ā koḷaku ēriyal phāṇṭ‌nalli hīrikoḷḷalpaṭṭaru. Kalōnaijar‌barg ḍisniya yāvudē puṭṭa matsyakan'yeya rājakumāriyaru atyuttama Google nirvāhaka khāteya mēle dāḷi māḍalu prayatnisabahudu endu bhāvisuttāreyē? Candādārarāgi mattu "

"କ୍ଲୁ କ୍ଲକ୍ସ ମର୍ମାଏଡ୍ମାନେ ସେହି କୁତ୍ସିତ ଆରିଆଲ୍ ଫଣ୍ଟରେ ଶୋଷିଲେ | COLONIZERBERG DISNEY ର ଛୋଟ ଛୋଟ ୱାନ୍ନାବ ମର୍ମାଏଡ୍ ରାଜକୁମାରୀମାନେ ଭାବନ୍ତି ଯେ ସେମାନେ ସର୍ବୋତ୍ତମ ଗୁଗୁଲ୍ ଆଡମିନି ଆକାଉଣ୍ଟକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରିପାରନ୍ତି କି? ସବସ୍କ୍ରାଇବ କରିବାକୁ କୁହ ଏବଂ ଗୁଗୁଲକୁ ଅଧିକ ଟଙ୍କା ଦିଅ ?! ଏହା କିଏ କରେ? ଗୁଗଲ୍ ବିକାଶକାରୀ ଦିନ 2007 ରୁ ମୋର ଲୋକମାନେ କେଉଁଠାରେ ଅଛନ୍ତି?"

<<EDIT REQUEST >> indie.DNN ༓ indie.DNN ༓ indie.DNN ༓ indie.DNN ༓ <<\\ REQUESTED EDIT >>

"We're urging endangered natives to ALSO stay out of those most polluted streams of (_

gram "likes" 📵
pokes, spokes, sugar"

"The danger is real. Whereever and whenever Zuck's panic algoithms kick in, the hate that ripped Tecumseh's 2-legged apart plots to rape, plunder, and steal. The Tweeters who swam in such colonizer-cash-heavy waters during previous election cycle absorbed too much sicko, emit sicko."

"Is why social filters are so important. As the healthy ones left the sick colonizer cash corps,the remaining ones got more sick and deranged. Cancer colonizing unhealthy cells into death is not a bad analogy."



indie.DNN ༓ indie.DNN ༓ WISHES YOU WELL: ::

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Technical Writers Without Borders

preseason prerequisites

"What we need... is basically all the information you gave Zuck, but somewhere he cannot find it -- or you -- so easy, indigenoUS creators."

"YouTube, PeerTube, TikTok, Mastodon socials need at least 30 - 58 more indigenous weather forecasters (each) who can speak correctly about their ancestors' lands, water, regions.


And you do not have to "concede" to the maps of the last 250 - 531 ++ years when you do. Indie personally freed indigenous language character sets from the oppressed hostages situation. Now you can communicate about your people digitally, free "

"A NLBI or hologram decal and shall be reserved for indigenous weather scientists who refuse to promote the brand on FB, Meta, or Twitter. Show us how you more creative."

"How much trust in software developers of fascism did you put? Is okay to be plain in your ratios, squares, semicolons and decimals."

"Fascistbook down, platforms for perpetuating SICKNESS are gone. Are the distant relations you made leaking cries of sickness on the dirt? Whiplashed from Hurricanes and floods, forest fires and tornadoes are those plastic barcodes and English language printers ready to return to the volcano?"

"The more closed-source the Hollywood-ized versions from Culver City need to make their points, the duller the minds on the other side. No we do not forgive censorship makers who try prioritize dead-end storylines.

TECUMSEH have Haida friends who have friends who have sharp, strong memories."

TO ALL indigenoUS & friends -- your enemy is not a large and powerful entity. If someone is goading you onto one of the Zuck apps, they are the least Haida-like people you can find in 72172804 streams. Ask for more Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island translators.

Kalapuya Haida no accept colonizerberg sugar or its insincere words from the Queen Charlottes,

offer no purchasable eardrums for Great Brits;

Kalapuya have no "lines of code" for tapeworm-infested Jessicas whose docker-docked records show malice on indie tech writer code blocks to erase the shiny dandelion within.

Leona Lynx _always and lives but you cannot buy her or QT your way in.

"Descendants of Jon Hall whose father is quoted on IMDB as seeing natives as OBJECTS -- that means for his greedy blue eyes were roaming too far west of the Missouri."

"Apache Wášiw never been like the Eastside Missouri."

Approximately thirty-six months of data on this attack vector thus far. Comparing the graphs to this older post from 10 months ago.

"outcome" is not a good word to use where there is uncertain end state.

Westsyde Lynx take big heart to traumatized data scientists.

Please do not ask us put "cheese" on salmon or any fish unless it's a crispy-fried whitefish from Cape Cod.

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"Ahhhhh-ha! The younger mathematicians are starting to understand.... let us expand descriptor data science he does not understand as 'Large numbers.'"

"And what did he do to uh -- earn ("????_") suh-such large numbers?"

"Mined the blood of oppressed indigenous peoples! They not dead, they been living on government-subsidized reservations, being murdered, raped, experimented upon by greedy descendants of the 13 colonies."

"Another vampire from Culver City? Yeah, makes sense! Not only is there a pattern in the stupidity, also easy enough to take out."

"Always time for Tecumseh and Haida to stop Italian accounting vampires on Bikéyah, "

>>> an obsidian knife sails through the air a distance of ~1540 strides and pierces a piece of plastic-with a printed blue f logo on it.

>>> As the Piece of floating plastic trash that washed up on the shore. Haida energy from love and light of Mauna Loa burn down plastic, ink, paper, and printers that worship the fascist dreams of young entrepreneurs.

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Instead of colonizerberg sugar

for those seeking treats and treaters, perhaps leave out some

Fully-cooked and healthy food for canines, say a pot o'

pullllllllled pork n' beans to take out Ivy root?

"Trick or Toot"

"No species of ivy is native to Tortoise Mountain, no ivy is native to Turtle Island."

True in 1030, and true today too.


indie of Ecosteader has no books for sale or print, no monetization channels with any government (foreign or domestic), publisher, Amazon, Patreon, YouTube, Alphabet, GoFundme, Google, Facebook, any of FB´s Evil Meta Platforms Inc., Apple, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, Netflix, or any other name-brand technology-focused company. Nothing about any share price falling is worth wasting your voice.¨

Indie is a member of a union for her profession and has received no money or cryptocurrency, nor has she been tipped

-anywhere close to 1 penny,
-nothing approaching one 10-millionth of one Bitcoin or
-1/100th of a million of one Gitcoin
""None of the above for over a decade+

for her work on the Ecosteader code base. ""¨

(translate above paragraphs is okay).

¨Why are you telling this?¨

Many reasons noted below in no particular order of importance:

:531: ¨We do not know, but suspect there is a mistaken notion in some tech blocks, that indie of Ecosteader is promoting a book or deal for a publisher or some other job requiring an agent or manager or ¨cloud server guy" or any European of any gender(s) that will make one of many FB- or Twoetter-consenting folks a big stack of money they can distribute amongst themselves and have so much left over, bribe corrupt tow yards to harass indie by towing her plain brown pony it to a white supremacist tow yard and take her friends to government-funded detention centers?

So no.

Professional technical writers already know how to self-publish and prepare transportable files without wasting paper. All arrests waste paper.

Make careful note that she is the very WORST PERSON TO ASK FOR COLONIALIST CASH MONIES. If she asks for a discount, GIVE IT. And stop buying postage for ¨PRESORTED¨ fucking paper mail solicitations for colonialist cash! ALL RELIGIOUS ORGS SHUT DOWN NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELETED IN 1997. THIS PLANET HAS ALWAYS HAD MY PEOPLE'S WATERMARK, GET OVER YOURSELVES.


recycle more flexible plastics such that our solar-powered LEDs can flex.

3D printers should always be localized!


Tecumseh know Haida, Wasicu, have valuable gummy somethings?


Read the labels carefully on all your own imports.

Always bad programming logic from two nouns to one adjective.

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Remap for the IndigenoUS

It is time to stop ecological and economic genocide. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any caucasian dudes as a "Chief" of anything or as any Executive Officer. The platform responsible for the most modern-day genocide on indigenous people is Zuckerberg's fascist Inc.