off grid, cycles 

I'm about to be off-grid for another chunk of time.

Probably about two weeks, where a cellular network connection is 10km away, and solar is my only reliable-ish electric source.

Being apart from my partner and newborn is more difficult than navigating limited resources, tbh...and it is safer for them to be in a place with reliable services, so I'm putting every spare spoon into finishing the process of cutting through red tape related to our housing.

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building materials aid request, boost appreciated 

If you're in the valley or coastal region of western turtle island (cascadia bioregion, so-called Tillamook County), and have roofing materials to spare, I'm interested in talking with you.

We're building a "pump house", because that's how we avoid needing a 6-month geohazard survey delay among other red tape for permits.

And finances are...razor thin right now, so buying new isn't an option for most of the building materials.

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