"When it comes down to it, each one of us has a passion, a fire that can be lit inside of us, when we do something that only we can do. And that every person has something that they're on this earth, that only they can do, something they're meant to do, some way they can lift their spark back up to the divine."

I love you Johnny 5, but anyone can plant trees, and that's what we need to bring back heaven on earth.

That's the number one metric. Has more forest been cleared to feed, cloth, shelter, and fuel you, than you have planted? Over your entire life. 99% (myself included) could only answer "no" honestly. Humanity's first game, top of the ninth. We thought we put up points but we'll get disqualified on fouls. We don't get another game, Earth does.

It didn't have to be our responsibility, you know. This overwhelming task. Kind of a "you break it, you buy it" situation. Never content just to browse. We need to own it.

Own up to it.

v1.1 instruction set to make a hydroponic planter from a 2L soda bottle.
These are actually crazy effective, the soil stays at a perfect moisture level and you only have to refill the reservoir once or twice a week.
Feedback on useability/readability/design very welcome.

PDX, white supremacists 

Better names for "the homeless crisis" or "the housing crisis"

The landlord crisis
The speculation crisis
The private property crisis

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We're offering an award (guaranteed) of $575 USD for the artist who designs a new "Decolonized" logo for Ecosteader. With our new, more articulate mission as a B Corp., we're honing our mission to be of maximum impact in spreading Traditional Ecological Knowledge, or .

If you are from 99 designs, visiting the site for ideas on your logo design (login not required but you are encouraged to join!), please search the hashtags on the "More About Us" main page to see the topics.

The infographic included here shows an example of TEK as 1000X better for all inhabitants of an ecosystem than manmade broken, polluted ideas that have been poisoning America since the Industrial age began.


More About us: ecosteader.com/about/more

Interesting argument for the collectivization of farmland, rather than the current apply-head-to-brick approach of individual small farmers. Filled with interesting links too, one of them is to a twitter thread by Sarah Taber who points out that large plots of land come up for sale all the time, nothing is stopping us...

(*I have no intent to join a farming collective in the near or even distant future, but some might)


I quit writing an essay about the virtues of , and started writing a to make it happen with Althea software.
You say I'm a dreamer, but, no, I'm a doer.

Speaking of acknowledging rights: ( follow-on to @emsenn/103006608476297410 )


A recent Yurok Tribe resolution allows cases to be brought on behalf of the river as a person in tribal court.

"This summer, the Yurok Tribe declared rights of personhood for the Klamath River — likely the first to do so for a river in North America. A concept previously restricted to humans (and corporations), “rights of personhood” means, most simply, that an individual or entity has rights, and they’re now being extended to nonhumans. The Yurok’s resolution, passed by the tribal council in May, comes during another difficult season for the Klamath; over the past few years, low water flows have caused high rates of disease in salmon, and canceled fishing seasons."

Yay for the small victories 🐟

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