PUBLISH All The Facts:

Where anybody wandering by might see them.

For any town that became a city and decided to think about trails and paths and sidewalks ... are there any outdoor landing spots for bugs and pollenators ... ?

And what about refugees from neighboring spaces?

How many prisons and prison camps have corrupt Republicans opened?

We at the Ecostead would eventually like a more official yard sign for Mark Charles 2020 campaign, too.

@indie That link was a real horse pill. But the USA needs to wake up and take our medicine.

Wait tho, do you live in Clatskanie, Oregon? I know some people there working on interesting projects:


Horse pill, lol. Agreed! I think most service members have their hearts in the right place, and that it's not even ignorance that prevents most from, as you put it, "waking up"... it's mostly a matter of them being able to hear the reality of the history and what parts were deleted or mistold.

That's a neat link; reminds me of an old post I made on a community being frustrated w/their network ISP and building their own w/Ubiquiti routers in the trees.


@indie Yeah, Althea has put many a relay in trees! I love those photos in particular.

I have several good friends in the military, my dad is retired Air Force. I wish I could agree. Money is one of the biggest motivations for people to joined the armed forces.


The brokenness of the US government is hard to quantify.

Before the Internet, it was easier to see how people were more easily deceived into joining.

Now there's not any excuse.

Lies are more expensive to cover up than truths. It makes sense that liars continually try to buy their way out of things.

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