Every single piece of art we share on facebook diminishes us and makes the enemy (Republican patriarchal society) more powerful.  Facebook needs Republican patriarchal society to continue the delusion that settler colonialism is okay.  Its entire business model is to actively censor and mute and bury our news and stories as it tries desperately to keep floating the dominant narrative of white supremacy. It wants everybody talking about the two-party political system, because thus far, white supremacy has been its biggest sugar daddy.  It knows it can't make money off displaced indigenous peoples exposing the corruption and lies in the system, so it silences us in sort of an echo chamber, where no news that matters can make it mainstream.

The National Association of Realtors is the number one partner of the Republican patriarchal society: landlording, fascist police evicting people, and unchecked corruption are all hallmarks of the fascists who have never stopped murdering the native inhabitants of Turtle Island. Everything becomes whitewashed underneath the false pretenses of American democracy.

Native democracy was different. Indigenous people, and those who support indigenous movements to take back the land need to operate outside of enemy territory if we are to preserve our unique ability to thrive in any condition. This is why I built and maintain Ecosteader.

Have I been largely unsuccessful in convincing people to leave enemy territory, or are they simply not able to understand that they can and should leave it? I'm really worried that the insidiousness of facebook's "business model" is making strong people weak. So many people stuck in that death trap.

People don't need facebook's network; it should not "own" any part of a person's or a group's or an organization's amplification. The more people who leave loudly and with all the logic of pure truth that we who are truly decolonizing can obtain, the weaker our enemy will become.

@indie I totally agree that facebook is 'enemy territory' as far as anyone with a mind to organize or live independently from the mainstream media and exploitative social currents.

The reasons why Facebook is still so dominant are many, but definitely includesthe 'have money to make money' cycle of capitalism. Facebook can run advertising on other media as well as pull eyes to their platform with live streams & charity events featuring famous/well-connected/profitable brands, which has a self-reinforcing effect.

I'd say besides that advantage of capital, the network effect also makes it difficult to switch to Mastodon. I don't know anyone irl who uses it. Everyone I follow here are random folx that truly, I don't know all that well.

For what it's worth, I picked ecosteader because I was on a solarpunk kinda kick at the time, but sunbeam.city seemed way too much like trying to be some kind of internet utopia with no material basis. Seeing as it imploded (still not sure how), I think I made the right choice with the more practical and focused vibe of ecosteader. Also I'm in the PNW so it's close to home.

Thanks, @kris; I'm really glad you're here.

:hacker_k: :hacker_r: :hacker_i: :hacker_s: .

I'll get ecosteader back into the more fun hackery ecosteading topics after the P0 threat of DJT/D is voted out or arrested or otherwise removed from office.

I spent some time in Utah, where "Republican patriarchal society" is a specific vein of Christianity known as Mormonism; it is the dominant culture, and anybody who tries to explore or communicate outside of that structure is essentially bullied into self-loathing or depression. The ones who do end up joining get to see the inside of a hideous monstrosity of men in suits touching young women as they "bless" them. Which is really a brainwashing to convince them men are more powerful than women and that they will never survive without someone from the patriarchy to take care of them.

Catholicism is basically the same thing under a different label, from what I understand. They're both insanity.

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