Melancholia n COVID 

Note - am not a Freudian or an expert on melancholia, feel free to correct me

Melancholia is a sadness that you feed into. It's almost self-indulgent. I think of as a part of depression, when you become so sad that you feed into it. Feeling depressed becomes almost more comfortable than happiness.
It's a part of mourning, but mourning for someone or something you cannot quite identify.
Let's apply this to COVID.
I think that melancholia is a good way of identifying our 1/

Melancholia n COVID 

@Cyborgneticz This is very real, I feel it in my bones


Avoiding the spectacle (mass media, intoxicants, etc) is the best response. Do as I say, not as I do.

Melancholia n COVID 

@kris It's really hard to not slip into, Or when you slip into it - to pull yourself out of it.

I need to get better at the intoxicants bit. They do not help me.

Melancholia n COVID 

@Cyborgneticz Yeah, it definitely is.

I keep intending to start fasting weekly from all aspects of the spectacle (mass media, processed foods, drugs unless I grew them myself, technology unless it's open-source and home built, slave-sewn textiles, etc) but it's so hard. We aren't raised that way. And my 'real world' responsibilities are always pressing though.

Its a different take on fasting. Some people think we have too much pleasure, convenience, ease. I do not think those are problems EXCEPT when they are sourced by exploitation and extraction. Technology and leisure are good. Its not wrong to enjoy life. But how is it sourced? In America, a deal with the devil.

Wishing you strength regarding self-moderation <3 you can always dm me.

Melancholia n COVID 

@kris Thanks bud, likewise.

I've been thinking about Francis' bit on digital world a lot recently in his newest encyclical

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