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Reading Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice has re-affirmed my commitment to anarchism.

I don't have to be a capitalist to launch the mesh network of my dreams, my cybernetic pet project. I can make a worker-owned cooperative and build dual power.

It has been very confusing doing business development. I am rubbing shoulders with telco veterans and government officials. Not my first dive into the system, but definitely the deepest and highest I've been. My personal principles and identity have felt compromised.

But it don't have to be that way. I have to sell out, true. But I can sell out to a public community, instead of private investors. Its not a pedantic nuance, its a gaping chasm that is worlds apart.

Forever grateful to the government for radicalizing me. Forever grateful to ecosteader and @indie for welcoming me to the fediverse.

But I'm not really a green thumb. I'm a black heart. And I need to be with my people.

Y'all keep growing.
I'll keep building.
Wᴀɢᴇ Pᴇᴀᴄᴇ
Solidarity forever!

@kris Glad you found another instance to post from. Your posts and presence will always be welcomed here; kudos for being one of the few who caught onto the early, if somewhat blurry, vision of this one.

Imho, we gotta fix the structural flaws in our current situation before the fun and (sometimes!) distracting hacker stuff can thrive; and it's enormously difficult to convince folks how to do both at the same time. Allies who can put all the ego sh*t aside and realize that our goals are the same can do this. The best thing about this tech is that we can and should shake things up every time we discover something isn't working, or that something else will work better for us.

Anarchy freaks people out because it comes with a lot of translation problems, especially for the default English language mindset, that wants to corral and compartmentalize everything. And anybody who has been conditioned (by work, schools, governments, or insitutions) to be in linear or binary thinking can have a hard time with the translations.

For me, personally, decolonization has to be the necessary prerequisite for effective anarchism, to keep things moving toward a sane, spiritually respectful node: Remembering native soil, its caretakers, the crawlers, flyers, four-leggeds and all the plant life that deserves consideration wherever humans impose their physical systems. The life that is not human does hear us, and it wants us to hear it, too.

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