Have got 10/12 of the bell peppers I grew from seed transplanted :) hoping for some good fruit and to keep them alive over the winter.
Does anyone know good kinship plants to intersperse with bell peppers??

Updated for my Zola template.
Sections are sorted by weight, pages and subsections by weight or date (configurable).
- Size of pages is determined by optional preview pic or size of title + description
- Titles of pages (numbered) are shown
- Description pops up on mouseover
- Content is organized "dumbly" -- fill in rows, left to right (#/rows dependent on screen size) top to bottom. Columns condense to take up minimum space.
- Sub A shows how this can be used to make a right-heavy layout. Sub B shows a layout centered on the left. They're both dominated by the center page (A2/B2), but are still very different.
- Sections can include optional Links array that are listed as the last page.
welcome :)

Potential layouts for zola-radio section pages. Sections organize pages and subsections. Feedback welcome. :)

After losing too many seedlings in poorly insulated starter pots (thin plastic, egg crate, and toilet paper rolls I've tried 'em all), this is my new technique:
Wicking TP rolls and putting them in hydro planters with vermiculite around as insulation. Any that sprout will be transferred to their own solo hydro planter to have room to grow. And once it's springtime proper, to a garden plot to grow REALLY big.
I have eighteen California Wonder peppers potted right now. They can take up to three weeks to germinate. So in three weeks I could be very happy or very disappointed. Wish me luck!

I've been reading about Self Determination Theory to improve my head space for Uni. SDT essentially breaks down Maslow's "Mastery" tier of the hierarchy of needs into the need for connection (relatedness), competance (mastery), and autonomy.

I really love the framing and plan to incorporate it more into my mind set and work so I drew some symbols to represent what each one means to me.

Fun thing is, if you combine all three symbols you basically get a triple helix spiraling inwards and upwards, which is a perfect spatial metaphor for personal Mastery & purpose.

v1.1 instruction set to make a hydroponic planter from a 2L soda bottle.
These are actually crazy effective, the soil stays at a perfect moisture level and you only have to refill the reservoir once or twice a week.
Feedback on useability/readability/design very welcome.

Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

We are a tiny organization defending against the exploitation, hatred and greed of colonial empires and the monopolistic social media platforms they rely upon: Fascistbook and Twoetter.

Fewer than 900 Ecosteader decals exist.